What Happened to the Missing Apollo Missions?

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This is a video revisit of my old blog post at PopSci: https://www.popsci.com/blog-network/vintage-space/what-happened-apollos-2-and-3/

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  1. apollo11guy

    I was an engineer on the Saturn V launch team at Kennedy and we referred to these flights as AS, not SA. My original countdown manual for Apollo 11 has “AS-506” stamped right on the cover.

  2. Apocraphon tripp

    Wow Amy… Rocking the classic look, very very elegant and classy. Im a gemini, intellect in a woman is something I admire and tend to compliment respectfully.

  3. minkymott

    Never thought of it. Thanks, now you piqued my interest. Great video. You made something that would seem boring, interesting.

  4. Lou Ferrao

    Amy, will you give your thoughts on the Artemis program? I’d love to hear your take on it.

  5. Bob longdickder

    I know you think you’re smart and your Genius and all that but there’s a difference between being lost and being cancelled the mission you are talkin about or canceled not lost genius

  6. Dana Latta

    Great job. Thanks Amy

  7. Stephen Irwin

    What happened to the Saturn SIII stage? We have SIC, SIi and S4B so why no S3 or SIII stage?

  8. Glenn Quagmire

    You look great, Amy. Your research is spot-on as always. We regulars know you love the Gemini program the most. However, you had to keep moving forward just like the space program itself. Including the details about nameing and funding are excellent pieces of knowledge many of your followers may not know about. A+ work. *:)*

  9. Andrew Clayton

    The first one to really catch the publics attention was A 8. Which left earth’s orbit and did a couple of circuits of the moon. The programme got exciting from that point.

  10. skeelo69

    SpaceX does similar with its prototypes, if the hardware is proven in flight you can skip the next iteration if it’s the same and move on to the more advanced version therefore changing the number order.

  11. American Philosophy

    Apparently, YouTube has decided that this could be misinformation so they put a context bubble on this. 🤦‍♂️

  12. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Mariner and Saturn, as to the Cosmonauts from Volstock to Soyuz

  13. Gerard Hammond

    Thanks for the vid. Fun Fact: Bettie Page’s 98th Birthday is 22 Jun 2021

  14. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    I often wondered why they skipped a few numbers.

  15. Diggy Dude

    Pro tip: You can use the Block Element function in uBlock Origin to remove YouTube’s inappropriate fact check thingy.

  16. Diggy Dude

    “Why am I seeing this?”

    Plot twist: Amy is a closet moon landing hoaxer.

  17. Mike O'Barr

    I love the long format videos you do but this was a nice snack size treat!

  18. Randy Neugent

    Amy, have you applied to NASA to become an astronaut ? You sure are a smart lady…very knowledgeable about your craft !!!

  19. Mini GP Racing

    Why is YouTube fact checking you? Sometimes I can only shake my head.

  20. TheHylianBatman

    I always knew it was because of the fire, but I didn’t know that they numbered them retroactively.
    Very interesting. Would’ve loved to see Apollo 18-20.

  21. Name is...

    Amy’s just as adorably cute as she’s always been & very bright minded. She knows the Apollo era in more detail than most historians studying the topic.

  22. DastardlyB

    Thanks for such a great breakdown!

  23. EEVblog

    What’s the deal with Youtube putting an Encylopedia Britannica entry over this video?

    Does The Algorithm™ think it’s misinformation or something?

  24. Matthew Black

    I will listen to *ANYTHING* Amy says. Always. *Sigh…*

  25. Brian Arbenz

    The state of Indiana for a few years had an official holiday called “Apollo 2 Day,” named in honor of its native Gus Grissom. It was chosen just after the Apollo 1 fire, before the retroactive naming of the 1966 missions as 2 and 3. It was meant to emphasize the renewal of the moon program, focusing on the goal for which Grissom gave his life.

  26. jkpole

    Your knowledge is outstanding … Thank you so much…..I love to learn such information

  27. Andy Hale

    “Setback” is one way of putting it.

  28. Kelly Herald

    I still find the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo era very interesting. I consider that era NASA’s golden age. Please keep digging up these nuggets of knowledge because they are very interesting.

  29. Graham Little

    Love to see Amy link up with Destin at SmarterEveryDay. Space nerd meets rocket scientist

  30. Jeff Sumner

    Thank you Amy for making this detail as interesting as you do. You’re an excellent presenter of your well researched material!

  31. Paul D

    *Scratching head* Hmm, I thought you had already done this video long ago. Perhaps it was a video on Scott Manley’s channel or perhaps it is just YouTube shenanigans with it reposting an old video and giving it a new timestamp.

  32. Nature and Physics

    Apollo test missions continued right up to Apollo 12. Apollo 13 was the first operational mission.

  33. What's Up In Space?

    Great little bit of space history trivia

  34. eatthisvr6

    Kerbal music!

  35. Akram Khan

    Hi… Amy ….I Love the way of your presentation, the historical data you acquire is simply mind boggling…. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy…

  36. Noosa21

    Thankyou and you always have inspiring historical content. Hope you ca do some of Australia’s space history one day.

  37. YumLemmingKebabs

    Definitely in the things I never knew I wanted to know category… Like a lotta your stuff.

  38. John C. Bojemski

    PS: As a “mid century” product myself I can’t tell you how much I appreciate YOUR interest and devotion to this time period of that extraordinary century which, as he pinned the medal on Alan Shepperd which he had just dropped on the ground, President John F.Kennedy said “…It’s my pleasure to award you this decoration which has, lijeb you, now gone literally from the ground… up!”. LOL!
    An unscripted but masterful moment by a consummate politician and inspiring leader we lost tragically much too early!

  39. John C. Bojemski

    Always heard that CHRYSLER had “Built the engines for Apollo”… but nobody EVER detailed which ones or when before you just did! THANK YOU!

  40. conchfritters01

    God Speed your nerdy space program historically accurate blessed heart.

  41. Kevin Wells

    I want to be part of a cocktail chat that I could bring this up, and then – even more fantastically (love making up words) – someone could follow along! I’m old enough to have watched all of these missions, and even been part of the space program whereas we had a shuttle mission to White Sands. Thanks Amy! More postings please! I thought I was subscribed but I must have messed that up. Great video once again.

  42. Michael Thompson

    Awesome stuff as always and hope you are well!

  43. Vincent Cleaver

    They laid man-rated Apollo rockets out as lawn ornaments…

  44. Beez

    Thank you for making your great content, it always makes my day to learn something new from you.

  45. pawley media consultants

    Great Video. Call me crazy, but it seems that you have actually touched on this topic once before, a few years ago :) Only this time, the added videos and graphics were much more informative. Great Topic.

  46. Randy Watson

    Clear as mud but I think I mostly get it now. Thanks for another great video.

  47. Conrad Spoke

    I had no idea they once flew an LM *without legs*!

  48. S S

    U R amazing. I guess I should say your vids are amazing. I am an old guy. I remember coming home in 60 or 61 and finding the newspaper at the door will the picture of Yuri Gagarin spread out on the front page. Everything happened real fast after that. I was a model builder and already had a cabinet full of experimental aircraft and X-planes. Do u ever have a live Q and A? I will have to play this vid back a couple of times and make notes

  49. NAGJRC JasonBower

    Thanks! I have always been confused about the “jump” in numbers… Love your channel!

  50. leeprigmore

    Amy,my fav apollo know it all! great vidya

  51. Bobbys Enterprises

    Seriously though. I love these vids and your books.

  52. beresford thompson

    Another extremely well presented video Amy. I love your channel and the way you present the content of the topic. You have us glued to the screen, not wanting it to end. Your knowledge is extremely impressive and the way you present it to us keeps us coming back for more. Keep up the great work Amy.

  53. Chris Rasmussen

    Amy, your the best! I love you!

  54. Charles Tony Finney

    Bravo, you give a great program. We love it.
    My Uncle was the safety director at Huntsville Marshall Space Flight Center during the Apollo Program. He says to tell you you are safely batting 100%. Keep up the good work :)

  55. ste kra

    For we fly high again my ther not be any missing Artemis missions.

  56. Jaberwoky

    Just caught you on The Agenda – What do we know about UFOs.

    I didn’t know you were originally Canadian. Love your content.

  57. Robin Reedy

    I enjoy the Kerbal music between segments

  58. Mike Parker

    Thanks Amy. It’s a good day anytime one of your videos drop!

  59. truthsayers

    you are absolutely my favorite tech/space/engineer topic youtuber!!! absolutely the best at presentation and knowledge…

  60. Kirby Murdstone

    SA-209 was designated as the “lifeboat” for both the Skylab and the Soyuz missions. When I was a Kid we went to florida on vacation. we took a bus tour of KSC. SA-209 was on the launch pad atop it’s milk stool. It was in the middle of the last skylab mission January 1974. the memory of getting off the bus to go inside the VAB and seeing the rocket off in the distance is one I’ll never forget. These were amazing machines.

  61. Ranked Midget

    I have had this question since I was eight. Now I’ve had it answered, and I’m pushing thirty. Thanks!

  62. Mr Smith

    Always informative, always interesting, always excellent!

  63. FandersonUfo

    rocking the darker locks Amy – looking good as always – ty for the new vid – 🛸👽💚

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    Thanks, I was really needing something to take my mind off things and this just popped up.

  65. Can Aqua62

    It is said that in the beginning GOD created the heaven’s and the earth…Then Amy came along and really explained it all… Thanks for that Amy!

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    Thank you, great content as always :)

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    Thanks again for your awesome content, I always enjoy your videos and learn something new!

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    Total awesomeness!! Another fine job, Amy! Thank you!

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    great look Amy :)

  70. Weago Nadie

    As always amy-zing!

  71. Traveler 1980

    With all these designations and naming conventions, I’m reminded of the Ed Harris quote from Apollo 13: “Tell me this isn’t a government operation.”

  72. Gear Whine

    It’s even more potentially confusing when you try to keep track of individual components/stages with similar naming conventions, such as S-IVB 503, etc. NASA has a great condensed written chronological history of the whole program and individual missions as well. Too much to link to.

  73. MM Goodwings

    Always fascinating!! Thank you ❤😊🙏

  74. Dsdcain

    In the early 80s I went to a “middle” school that was built/designed around the time of the major space programs. The school included a planetarium as well. The building was divided into 4 “Houses”. Each was named after major space missions. The four were Mercury, Gemini, Ranger, and Apollo. I put middle school in quotes because most areas of the US consider Middle School Grade 7 and Grade 8. This was set up from 8th grade to sophomore in high school. Mainly due to school overcrowding. So you could attend your fist two years of high school in a “middle School.”
    All that to comment there was a focus on space in science class, but not so much on these Apollo missions you’re talking about.
    Myself, I knew quite a bit about Apollo 1 because my dad was an engineer and ended up working with someone who was directly involved with the Apollo 1 disaster. It’s amazing to me now how much info was kept back in the 60’s that we all know now, or could find online. This guy told me straight up what it was like when they finally opened the capsule after the fire. To this day I kind of get a lump in my throat when I watch the movie The Right Stuff and Gus Grissom is mentioned.
    PS: I’m in my 50s, and I apologize for the rambling comment. 😎

  75. devikwolf

    Interestingly, I never thought about the jump from 1 to 4 before now.

  76. Francis Pitts

    Shhhh don’t tell anyone but yes I’m a bit of a nerd at heart. I love your channel and how you present topics. 😊

  77. Nikki Smith

    Great video, thanks. It would be interesting to learn more about the unmanned Apollo test flights? So much of space history focuses on the ‘glamorous’ manned flights, but we had to get to that point somehow. Real parallels with the iterative design & testing programme down in Boca Chica at the moment

  78. Joseph Stevens

    Amy – nice explanation of the mission numbering. Can you do a video on the lost Apollo “I” series mission. From what I understand, the I-missions were supposed to be manned lunar mapping missions. There isn’t much info out there on these proposed Apollo missions.

  79. Lloyd Arsen Balbas

    Seems quite a long time since the last video! I was just wondering (maybe I missed it either on this channel or on Facebook?), but I don’t think I saw any mention about Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins’ passing from Amy?

  80. G0K3001

    Great content !
    Thank you Amy-

  81. Simonize41

    “A question you didn’t know you had.” Haha, love that. Great video Amy, and thank you.

  82. Ruben Ruiz

    Loved the book!! Reading for the 3rd time!!

  83. Vincent Harris

    Who voted this down? Shame on you.

  84. Camber Dived

    I haven’t seen any of your vids in a while, space history is so cool 😎🚀

  85. G Daddy

    As I saw Alan Shepherd fly and grew up deeply immersed in the space program. I wonder where we’d be if the latter missions hadn’t been canceled and we kept pushing the limits of our technology.

  86. Garrett Green

    Thank you for this video! I always wondered what the mission profiles were before the Apollo 1 accident.

    Also, I read somewhere that interior components from Apollo capsules were reflown on later missions. Is this true, and if so, can you make a video about it?

  87. m b

    Great video. It was a bit difficult to keep up with the re numbering of the Apollo missions for sure.

  88. Benson

    Ooh, I love inside information! Thank you, Amy!

  89. TryAdaptLearn

    Naming conventions for most historical machinery have a interesting background. Thank you for taking the time to research and explain this for vintage space missions and rockets.

  90. Hojo J.

    Always excellent!

  91. 195511SM

    I was born in ’55……and remember watching all of those earliest launches from Mercury & Gemini……up thru Apollo. At 13, I was sprawled out on the living room rug……glued to the television, watching Neil & Buzz walking around on the surface of the moon. EXCITING times!

  92. Steve A Murray

    Thanks Amy, great info.

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    What an unsettling feeling knowing you’re just barely in space with your mission and continuation of your life depends on getting a Chrysler product to crank up and stay running.

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    Imagine using 6 RL10s today, the cost would be insane!

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    You had me at “Apollo-era spaceflight”

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