Want to Relive Apollo 11 in Real-time?

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Song is Brittle Rille by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Martin McHugh

    Oh yeah. Sweet. Don’t know how many pizzas and beer I’ll need, but 3-4 days provisions should cover it (10 pizzas and 30 beers/person is about right).

  2. Abodi Abodi

    The speach of bad kid trump
    about land moon and mars
    is very laughing
    he will go to his airplane to pee on his chair

  3. kumoyuki

    GAH! this only appeared on my feed on the 23rd!

  4. Skrrrt

    Please link the song in description all Kevin Macleod asks for is credit

  5. John MacDonald

    I remember this clearly. I was stationed at Fort Knox at the time (back from Vietnam.) I knew that no one in my unit was very interested, so as the Platoon Sergeant, I issued myself a pass, and checked into the Brown Hotel in Louisville, got some beer and watched the landing live.
    It was INCREDIBLE !!

  6. Jenn Morgan

    I will be there! This time time, catching all the stuff I missed because I was a stupid kid and didn’t watch every minute that was made available then. I did see the landing and first walk, though. What a time it was.
    Next, NASA should do the same with Apollo 13. Now that, NO ONE ignored. The entire planet was on pins and needles for a week. What a tremendous human achievement that was.

  7. Tim Goodall

    Hi Amy. Why were there beeps in communication between earth and the astronauts after speaking?

  8. David Messer

    I was hoping that you would do something like this. I guess I’ll sleep when they did.
    BTW, isn’t that music used in Kerbal Space Program? If so, I commend your choice!

  9. Nick Kent

    Hells YEAH!

  10. The Exoplanets Channel

    I want !!

  11. AutoFirePad

    Thank you!

  12. Seagrave73

    Amy, Have you seen any of the Apollo 11 documentaries on Science and the Smithsonian Channel and which one do you like. There is certainly many to choose from. Looking forward to your Apollo 11 in real time.

  13. Rykiel Brando

    hey that’s me

  14. jack flak


  15. billyyank

    “In real time with a 50 year time delay.” What’s the hold up?

  16. UTubeGlennAR

    >^. .^< I was a freshly minted private in the US Army (less than 9o days) the night Apollo 11 landed on the moon. I had I believe 47 room mates and not one of them wanted to whitness the landing and walk on the moon early that morning but me, so I had a problem......... I was the bottom bunk of the standard double deck Army bunk bed, twelve bunk racks on one side of the room and 12 on the other of a WWII wooden barax building at Ft. Monmouth NJ, the US Army's main Signal Corps training base. So I took some extra Army blankets and tucked them in between the guy's above me matress and the bed spring frame letting them hang down 360 degrees all around my lower bunk. This basicly made a light tight box around my half of the bed system.   I had a 9 inch Sony B&W tv placed on teh top of my foot locker and probably had the volume just barely loud enough to hear out of respect for my 47 or so room mates so I could watched and listen to the first moon walk. Actually in 5th Grade I was a kid that asked the teacher, Mrs Parks in Farnum Elementry in Beverly NJ if I could bring in my 5 transistor Channel Master radio. She said yes and I did every time Mercury launched. So this strange venue and being all alone in the middle of near 50 guys was perhaps made the moon walk even a more unique moment for me not to ever forget......

  17. Abodi Abodi

    very bad and silly joke that
    iss international space station
    that is toy for kids too

  18. Michael Johnston

    Were the bacon cubes tasty? Man, now I want bacon cubes!

  19. Andrew Potter

    Music brings memories of playing KSP,,the version with the built in memory leak!

  20. Eanna McNamara

    I appreciate the ksp hangar music

  21. Juan Hidalgo

    This is going to be Awesome!

  22. Jason Ludlum

    I like when you do these!

  23. hornetluca

    I’ll invent the time machine

  24. Brian Spear

    you had me at bacon….

  25. Lewis Johnson

    I love the music wow

  26. Joe Krol

    Looking forward to this!!! Takes me back to my childhood!

  27. Bruce Wayne MD

    Can’t wait
    Thanks Amy


    Kerbal music !!

  29. Bald Guy

    This is going to be very interesting.

  30. Keith Swindell

    If I used Twitter, I would tune in

  31. Peter Harris

    some kind of tiddel gram 🕰

  32. Kip W

    Brilliant person..

  33. michael white

    No I want to ask you out!

  34. Ann Sederquist

    Yes please!!

  35. Logan

    we got a fresh one boys

  36. TheJer1963

    Amy do you really think we will be going back to the moon in 2024? President Trump seems to think so nut with NASA getting yet another budget cut it will be hard. Just wanted to know your thoughts. Thanks !!!! Last time we landed on the moon with Apollo 17 was December 11, 1972, my 9 birthday. What a gift to see.

  37. Ghrey

    Sadly I believe I will have to miss it. 😣

  38. Sean Ruddy


  39. Bill Campbell

    How are you handling this?

  40. Honey Bhosle

    I Love
    And You

  41. Frank Crawford

    It punched a hole through the atmosphere!

  42. ZiceLove

    NASA did something like this back in 2009 for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. There was a site that played all the audio in realtime and showed a timeline of events. It worked pretty well, given the technology of the time.

  43. Charlie Cross

    Look at that! A new vintage space!

  44. zbor41

    That would be so cool to remember the good old days

  45. TheCoding Seal

    Hi Amy, love your channel can we get your thoughts on seeing this please I am about to watch it now? Would love to know what you think about this. I made a video on making a classic Lunar Lander arcade game if you want to check it out hehe x

  46. Nathan Lewis

    How much video will there be in your live tweets? I have seen other historic events “live” tweeted. Video would set things apart from those other tweets.

  47. DeeBee Cooper

    I have always wanted to ask a question about the Apollo moon missions…and I finally found one. Maybe you already answered but……what happened to the third stages following TLI? They were also headed on the lunar trajectory…did they go that way or were they/ are they still in orbit around Earth ?

  48. Mr Burns

    This is gonna be awesome 🤗

  49. jimmy Ryan

    I love your channel but a trailer for a tweet, cmon

  50. Ferrariman601

    Let’s also note that the YouTuber Lunarmodule5 is uploading an Apollo 11 full mission series over the course of the 16th through the 24th. If you haven’t seen his work, you must – you won’t be disappointed.

  51. Archeomax05 Soli

    Amy, I want to relive Apollo 11 in _real life_

  52. no privacy

    Do you have the clip of an astronaut saying Tang does not taste like orange juice?
    I know it was from a much earlier mission, perhaps a Gemini mission.
    If you were not watching live, you missed it. It was cut from every re-broadcast of them interviewing astronauts after recovery.

  53. Gregory Dahl

    Where will it be ? On the moon ? We probably won’t be able make it but will it be on tv?

  54. Neil Harris

    After seeing it the first time around in 69 I’m in.

  55. dmpyron2

    You’re a lying shill etc. Happy now (read your Twitter feed)


    It starts 1 day before my bday!

  57. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    Oh Dude,my dream is go to the Moon,i have a dream that i was there some nights ago,is preety frightening but amazing at the same time…

  58. The Stuport

    ( With A 50–Year Time Delay ) Classic Amy Humor…..Always Out Of This World Hilarious WITH Knowledge!! Can’t Wait For The Live Tweet…..Cheers From Ohio and Neil Armstrong’s Stomping Grounds when not Orbiting Space!

  59. GlimmerOfLight

    Thank you, Amy. Proud to be a humble patron of yours.
    When I arrived in the U.S., back in October 1992, the first books I purchased were “Lost Moon” (now known as Apollo 13) and “Carrying the Fire”. Those were pre-web times: I had to order them at a Barnes and Noble store. I knew the day would come for me to celebrate the 50th-anniversary of an event that had a deep influence on me as a young kid. It’s bitter-sweet for many reasons.

  60. George Hampton

    Its kinda weird but real time of both 11 and 13 is very interesting. there are recordings where it the flight director talking to the experts and the fd flowing back to capcom. During 13 at point it got more direct where experts talked directly to the crew.

  61. Robert Mcalister

    Yesssss I’ve been waiting years for this

  62. Independent Rider

    If you haven’t already you should check out the Apollo 11 Experience on the Oculus Rift!

  63. Micetticat

    Wow! I look forward to it!

  64. Daniel Duskin

    Incredible! I can’t even imagine the work that went into compiling this. So cool!

  65. camo hawk

    You had me at bacon cubes and stole me with Mike Collin’s underwear.

  66. ShakingTwoTrees2012

    Awesome! While I was there for the original real-time back in ’69, I think I’ll appreciate it more the second time around. Thanks and keep up the great, informative work!

  67. Jay Dee

    I’ve been reliving my childhood over the last couple of months, as the 50th anniversary of the moon landing approaches. I’ve scored some of the original versions of some models I had as a kid. So much more background information is available now.

  68. Michael Clyde

    I’ll simulate it in Orbiter, thanks for asking. Besides, I watched it real time.

  69. Matthew Ferrie

    Love the Kerbal Space Program construction music!

  70. Sappy-Seaman

    I played the VR apollo 11 game on oculus. It was cool.

  71. Rajeen Nabid

    Not gonna lie, ever since I subscribed to this channel years ago after hearing that you livestreamed some missions, I’ve waited for this one.

  72. Garrett Cuthbertson

    I enjoy your videos. Great to have you back posting.

  73. nesa1126

    It is like World War 2 real time and The Great war. I wish someone done it for whole space program thing, week by week when it started and one episode of everything before it.

  74. Brien Malone

    (Music) Brittle Rille by Kevin MacLeod

  75. Chris Peele

    Thank you Amy. You do great and compelling work, and such a beautiful radiant light of a personality. I’ve educated myself fairly well when it comes to space exploration, (Yes, even the abominable.. not yet vintage.. Space Shuttle Program) 🤣😂 but to hear it in your words, with your bright and infectious mannerisms.. I find myself smiling and dorking out along with you. Always a joy!!!! Thank you!!!

  76. Dsdcain

    It would be so amazing if NASA did another mission to the moon with the technology we have today. I imagine I slept through most of Apollo 11 considering my age at the time.

  77. Jack Sainthill

    Everything from Freedom 7 to Apollo 10 would have been good too, but we’ve missed the boat on those, of course.

  78. john smith

    Hi Amy, i have a question for you regarding Apollo 11. I’ve just watched the Documentary film again (so fantastic on a big screen) and a question popped into my head. While the landing module was down on the surface of the Moon, the film shows Mike Collins going around the Moon awaiting rendezvous; the film shows the Command module and it casting a shadow on the Moons surface.
    How did they film this? I can clearly see the Moon footage is shot by a camera on a tripod with a big cable, moved out after landing. But what was orbiting above the command module to get the film of it orbiting the moon & casting the shadow?
    My only thought is possibly if it was the shot form the assent module, if the module had to go above the command module to synchronize orbital positions to dock with the CM. I don’t know anything about the flight plans though.
    EDIT: in the documentary film, it comes just after Armstrong and Aldrin have returned to the lunar module to rest and the film cuts to Mike Collins being the ‘loneliest man in history’ with a 30 second shot of the command module passing by shadow cast. At around 104 mins in the film.
    Any answers or help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, I love you channel and keep up the good work.
    All the best John.

  79. glamourdaze

    absolutely brilliant idea. I was 5 when it happened in reality. After the ‘slight’ disappointment of First Man, which really does not deliver, in an emotional sense, the experience of going to the moon, this life stream idea will make up for it.

  80. Joshua Warchol

    Looking forward to this, but I can’t help thinking Twitch or YouTube should have hired you to produce this as an epic livestream event. It could have been so cool.

  81. Perry Brown

    In Australia, 9 years old – the entire school crammed into the school library trying to get a peek at a tiny B&W TV to watch Armstrong take that first step. I grew up in an amazing time :-)

  82. MVJB

    I’m still trying to find the audio (found the transcripts) of the Apollo bag ordeals of Apollo 10.

  83. Kevin Meredith

    Such and awesome idea, I’m a big fan of Real Time World War 2 on twitter so this will be awesome. Must of been a lot of work to prepare for it.

  84. Jerry Rupprecht

    It’s like we’re aliens living 50 light years away

  85. soapbxprod

    OK, so let me get this straight… Bacon cubes, AND Mike Collins’ underwear, AND 1201 and 1202 alarms? My pouch of Tang runneth over… or more accurately- OUT?

  86. Bobby Adams

    Is it true that Apollo astronauts left on the moon a memorial for some Russian astronaut to died?

  87. AFNacapella

    Why do I want to build space ships now?

  88. Snyper1188

    That’s one of my favorite KSP soundtracks!

  89. S.E. Sander

    Will you become an expert on the Artemis Program coming up fast, such as you are on the Apollo Program?


    . . . . . . Please be informed that the Galaxy is FLAT !
    Actually it is relatively Flat , and the Earth is Round , it goes around the Sun , and Men landed on the Moon in 1969 . So There . :)

  91. hoytoy100

    Could you cover how the Saturn V was transferred from the crawler to the launch pad and how it was supported on both?

  92. AlPowers53

    I always wondered if Buzz Aldrin was the Lunar Module Pilot why did Neal Armstrong land it?

  93. Gordon Freeman

    We’ve been waiting years for this, you can’t deny us a livestream :(
    Twitter will be meh, for this.

  94. bobpeters61

    One think I’ve been wondering about Apollo 11: Since Aldrin was the lunar module pilot, why was Armstrong the one to land it on the moon?

  95. Craig Corson

    Sounds like fun, but there’s no way that it could live up to seeing it live as it happened. That was, and will no doubt remain, the peak experience of my life.

  96. Arthur Schwieger

    Tweet? How about a live stream! :-)

  97. Matt Lowne

    Sick tune

  98. reasonablebeing

    I was nine and watched it live on my parent’s black and white TV.

  99. Aaron Hilton

    I honestly thought I left KSP on in the background lol

  100. TheJimtanker

    After hearing that music I feel like building a rocket in KSP.

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