Three Women’s Impact on Spacelab

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I’m trying out some new gear so bear with me as I dial it in. I feel like the audio is a little tinny and the picture is maybe a little flat? Also editing this one caused my computer to crash about fifty times… I’m working on it! We’ll get back to good quality videos soon!

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    Two of the missions that were canceled were fully paid for. I have been curious as to what happened to that money and why didn’t they go due to those missions already paid for.

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    We lost Apollo missions?
    Rocky Balboa is yelling, “Hey, No Apollo!”

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    I wish all videos of this channel had dedicated English subtitles. That would be very helpful.
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    Welcome back! It is so great how you find these stories that are so important to the overall story of NASA that just do not get the coverage they deserve. Looking forward to your next book!

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    I was selected to model in an Apollo suit in front of my high school back in the 70’s when NASA was touring schools. It was one of the commissioned suits but not used on a mission, no helmet. I remember the experience quite well but unfortunately the student body didn’t think to snap any pictures of the event so it never made it into the school annual/yearbook.

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    Welcome back, we missed you! Great subject for your return, the new show For All Mankind has an episode focused on female astronauts.

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    I came to this after watching “For All Mankind”. Could you please consider a few videos on space rescue systems from the shuttle era?

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    Whenever I hear “cargo bay”, I have to remind myself not to start thinking “cargo hold”.


    Thanks for the info I was getting worried you had retired.

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    I wish I could visit the NASA Archives! Do you need an assistant for anything? BC I WOULD BE SUCH A GOOD ASSISTANT. PROMISE. ❤️Amazing video! Yay, for women in space research! I would watch a whole doc just about this story. Spacelab is so interesting because it seems like the first time we really took the psychological impacts of space exploration seriously.

  87. The Stuport

    Outstanding video Amy! Always full of information and the fact that you explain it in ways that a knucklehead like me can fully grasp the concepts. My Dad was a 30 year USAF pilot and he was in Flight School with Gus Grissom and they remained friends throughout their careers until the tragic accident of Apollo 1. A rare moment for me as a young boy to see my Dad grieve for a friend. I’m ALL IN on getting your book. It will be a pick me up after the Holidays! Cheers From Ohio

  88. Danielle Elliott

    Hello Miss Amy , it is nice to see you again , love the things you find out , always something I didn’t know , you go girl ,, you look wonderful as always , Thank You for all the hard work you do and sharing it with us 🚀🚀🚀

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