The Vintage Space 2021 Preview! [Update]

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  1. chris laing

    Have a good, restful Christmas – Looking forward to the New Year :-)

  2. Eric Taylor

    If you need help, I could really use a part time job that pays a couple hundred dollars a month.
    I can do research, proof read, fact check, and write outlines. Basically, I can do the really borings stuff that burns you out the most. I can’t edit at this time, but I can learn.
    I don’t even need credit. Just a small paycheck.

  3. Paintnamer

    A talk about X planes, the insane ones! I did my best designs when I was 5.

  4. Cuttable Spark

    Yes Soviet side of the story and X-planes, been waiting for your take on these.👍👍

  5. JayVal90

    If you’re doing research on Soviet era space program, Everyday Astronaut is trying to put together a full rocket history guide for his channel. Collab would be epic, even if it’s just a reference.

  6. Jason D

    Latest videos have been GREAT. Take a break. We’ll be here when you are recharged and ready for 2021.

  7. Barry Walser

    Really looking forward to the Soviet space series! That should be very interesting.

  8. Russell Hltn

    Interested in the cold war stuff. My dad worked in a small corner of that.

  9. Aussiebloke0001

    Whatever you produce, we”l be happy to watch!

  10. jbuckshot01

    VP of napping. I heard that’s a special 2 yrs of cat college.

  11. Ricketik65

    Take all the time you need to recharge. A burnt-out Amy is no good to anyone, especially not to yourself! I love your videos, you are so dedicated and knowledgeable and I am looking forward to the new stuff, whenever you’re ready. Enjoy the holidays!

  12. RichardinNC1

    Everyone needs to take time off and recharge now and then. The U2 series was good, can’t wait for the Sr-71 stuff, my all time favorite plane and stories. Totally cool if you could interview Brian Shul, with his amazing stories.

  13. SciFiSurfer

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Amy. Be safe and have fun!

  14. james m

    Soviet Stuff Would Be great for Someone who Know Nothing about it. X-Planes Would great has well. Hope the Book Go Well

  15. Simon Goldenberg

    You’ve had such a banner year, so heck yes rest up a bit. Or a lot – you’ve earned it. Your work is such high quality it’s hard to remember that you do it all. I’m giving myself Fighting For Space for Xmas, and really looking forward to it. Have a great holiday break! Catch you after the new year.

  16. Michael Poley

    I wonder if it would make a good story, the mid-century US crewed space program from the perspective of standup comic Bill Dana, apparently he was a buddy to a lot of the astronauts

  17. Hicham Mohsen

    Take your time, we are waiting for you! By the way are you collaborating with Tim Dodd? He is doing a long dive into soviet engines.

  18. BMrider75

    No worries Amy. You regroup and recharge. We’ll be patiently waiting here for your next excellent Vintage Space offering when you’re rested and ready.

  19. Thessalin

    Amy, I’ve been with you this long, I’m not going anywhere. Hi Pete! Your momma needs purring loves to recharge. Have a good end of this fabulous year. Let’s make 2021 brighter and better.

  20. MrAlexwoolf

    Can’t wait for soviet space stuff, will you be able to search their archives?

  21. Tom Klock

    Great stuff and hope that you have a great Christmas and new year’s!

  22. Bobby Valentine

    Everyone needs a break Amy. Enjoy Christmas and New Years. Have some good wine or craft beer. Watch some movies. Relax. This gives me a chance to get caught up on all your older stuff. Love your channel.

  23. Richard Mourdock

    Enjoy some well earned time off. As a serious, serious history buff and author of a historical novel, I understand more than most of the stress and work that it takes to present historical facts in a way that is understandable and interesting to your geekish audience. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, May you and Pete have a productive and prosperous 2021.

  24. Pete White

    Looking forward to the new content Amy. Enjoy having some time to yourself. We’ll be here when you return. Take care and stay safe.

  25. walt3223

    Hold on there, the internet has corners and have one? Which one? The Amy corner of course. Ok, how many corners does the internet heve? That could be a good question for an exam. Nice video.

  26. almafuertegmailcom

    Regularly, I take 2-3 short vacations every year. 2020 was different, and I had not ventured outside my city since February, plus given the work we do, the pandemic quadrupled our workload. I just took 7 days off, got my dogs and my telescope, and traveled to Patagonia to see the Solar Eclipse. I came back yesterday, and I’m more than renewed. Time off is incredibly important! Enjoy it!

  27. John Hege

    I’ve been enjoying your content since the early days. I’m a 63 year old space nerd. I watched the moon landing live on a portable TV that had been smuggled into summer camp for just that purpose. Be sure that your program is some of the best stuff on the net.

  28. Michael Berthelsen

    Hey, never underestimate the usefullness of a VP of Purring, Amy.😉❤

  29. CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏ

    If hindsight is 2020, I’ll be happy to put 2020 in hindsight.

  30. Tim Chuma

    I got the same with photos since I was out at gigs every weekend since October every year for 10 years

  31. Stan Brown

    The. X plane series really sounds great. Have a great Christmas

  32. kineticdeath

    Hi Amy, most of the world takes this time off for a break anyway so dont feel like you are doing anything unusual by taking some much needed time off. Enjoy your rest and may 2021 be a better year for us all

  33. storm14k

    Take a rest lady. We’ll be here waiting for you to educate us. I’d personally rather you not burn out and abandon us than strain to produce content. I know about burnout. Enjoy that you can manage to take a break.

  34. Travis Hein

    I understand that burn out effect and need to recharge batteries by the end of the year. Rest up and find that recharge mojo!!

  35. James Austin

    I’ll be here to watch when you put something out, so take your time. Particularly looking forward to soviet space program stuff.

  36. SullyPlaysGaem

    sounds like an exciting year ahead, enjoy the holidays!

  37. Kevin A. Countis

    I am loving your presentations of the history of American Reconnaissance in the mid-twentieth century. Very much looking forward to the rest of the series! Be safe and get some R & R!

  38. mathtronic

    get some vacation. I’m stoked to see what you make when you get back into it.

  39. The Inscrutable

    I’d love to see some stuff about the Chinese space program. They are almost done playing catch up and may get ahead soon.

  40. Alexandre Adam

    The Soviet space program is gonna be so interesting. It feels like we always only hear about the American stuff.

  41. Frank Harr

    Do that. It’s time for you and Tom Scott and all the one-hominid shows to get ready for what we hope will be a better year.

  42. myplanet

    Wernher von Braun versus Sergei Korolev would be epic !

  43. Random Thoughts

    So glad I found this channel. I have been watching some of the older content and was amazed at the things I have learned. You rock this channel and YouTube. I look forward to the new year and the new content. Thanks for all you do and I wish you a good holiday and a very prosperous new year.

  44. Va1k1n

    Have a great time off. I will also charge my “batteries” for 2 weeks and then it’s back to work

  45. talldarkhansome1

    Hopefully it doesn’t mess with the algorithms.

  46. Ath Athanasius

    I’d much rather have a high quality, up to an hour long, video once a month than you burn out trying to keep a ~20 minute/once a week cadence going.
    Take care of yourself (and Pete) !

  47. Harold Smith

    I’d FAR rather see you take occasional breaks and stay motivated and sane rather than grind for years before having a terminal burnout. I’ve lost track of the number of Youtubers in all fields who’ve done the latter and either disappeared or come back a shadow of their former self. I’d like to think that the audience for more niche stuff like space/tech is older and less fickle than the stereotypical YT one, so I don’t think they’ll unsubscribe just ‘cos you post less often. Doing that doesn’t make much sense anyway.

  48. russchadwell

    Very curious to hear about Soviet “Von Braun”…

  49. Simitar Knut

    Did any of the Apollo moon astronauts father children after returning from the moon?

  50. Gaylen8

    Thats the nicest dress ive ever seen

  51. Phil Hartley Music

    Have a great rest Amy , can’t wait for the soviet era series
    Your amazing and beautiful as ever . Merry Chrimco as we say in Liverpool .
    Will be finding your twitch channel to.

  52. Michael King

    Have a great relaxing break and can’t wait for 2021. Take care and wishing you a merry Xmas and safe new year. 🎅 🎉 🇦🇺

  53. MidwestNerd

    I’m so excited for this coming year! A bomb lineup with Everyday Astronaut releasing USSR engines and you doing the Soviet space program.

  54. Jim Dougall

    🇨🇦 Enjoy your time off. We’ll be here whenever you get back. Stay safe. 💚

  55. C W O

    Just post some snapshots of your toes in the sand, or a tropical drink in you hand. Go have fun and recharge. We all need it. Love what you do. Happy Holidays!

  56. Helium Road

    Thumbs up just for the Pete appearance.

  57. Andrew Cragg

    Your flat looks a bit wonky, have a good break, don’t fall over!

  58. ragaloft

    Please sit on Amy and don’t let her get up for a few weeks. She may need some napping pointers.
    Thanks buddy.

  59. Hope4Today9 Now

    Merry Christmas … Just ordered “Fighting for Space” for both my daughter & daughter in law.

  60. Dave Cawthorn

    Amy, we love what you do; the effort, research and passion that you bring to the era that’s well known but not that well understood. Take care, look after yourself and meet us all on the other side when you are ready.

  61. Carighan Maconar

    Honestly while the upcoming content sounds amazing, health and personal relaxation always come first. If we get things late, or in fact if we get *nothing at all* that’s perfectly fine! Stay safe, more so with the pandemic. 😃

  62. Jesper Olsen

    just to get the rage, we are opening ohur perssents on the 24 of decmber.

  63. Jacco van Schaik

    Take all the time you need and enjoy your time off. We’ll be here when you return.

  64. Douglas Barr

    Enjoy your well deserved down time. Vintage fans, such as myself are happy to consume anything you put out there, whenever you have the time to do so.
    Look after Pete!
    Proud to be a fellow Canadian.

  65. chris laing

    I hope that when you cover the interesting side of the X planes you cover the Miles M52 (not that as a Brit, I feel we were robbed :-) )

  66. derDavid1996

    That doesn’t sound like that much of a vacation to me.
    Take the time you need to relax and recharge. Don’t worry about your viewers.
    We will be here whenever the next great video is ready.

  67. Edward Thompson

    To me, the non-US space programs are really interesting. We just don’t get much coverage on them.

  68. MrKdr500

    Everyone has holidays from work every year so you’ve earned a break.

  69. Technical Support

    Amy looking fantastic as always… Everyone needs a break. enjoy Merry Christmas from me in the UK with Christmas trees up, lights on, presents under the trees, still waiting for snow. its been one crappy year for everyone

  70. Joe Smith

    Pete is executive producer and show runner of The Vintage Space.

  71. Richard Giese

    I’m excited for the Soviet series! It’s so hard to find deep details on it. I know you’ll do your homework and give us some great content.

  72. cdstoc

    Everyone needs to recharge once in awhile. Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to next year’s stories.

  73. Thomas Donlin

    Amy, I may be wrong but I thought there was a book called “Inside Soviet Space Disasters”. If that exists, I’d love to see you do something on that. Thank you! Merry Christmas 🎄

  74. Dan’l 56

    It’s time to take a clue from Pete, and chill 😺 ! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you 🎄🎉.

  75. Timothy Jones

    I’m looking forward to “Amy explains X-Planes” :)

  76. Daniel Andersson

    Have a merry Christmas! I’ll be patiently waiting for whenever you come back!

  77. David Huff

    “VP of Napping and Looking Cute” 😄 Finally…a career goal! (OK, the “cute” part is a stretch goal for me, but still…). Happy Holidays, Amy!

  78. hugo flores

    Don’t forget “14 minutes to start” when talking about the soviets and space!

  79. Sappy-Seaman

    It would be interesting to discuss the circular material science that led SpaceX back to unpainted stainless steel for spacecraft. Incredible how the more things change the more they stay the same.

  80. Belilgaril

    Rest up and stay healthy. We will be here when you return. 👍🏻

  81. Tony Ennis

    “I need a break, so the next video is in 3 weeks” lol that isn’t a break.

  82. Benjamin Carter

    Appreciate the update, really looking forward to the cold war reconnaissance episodes. Keep up the good work, I love the space race content but my main historical interest has always been the cold war as the subject’s impact on modern culture seems somewhat understated in the modern lexicon. Please take your time in getting the new releases ready, I’d rather wait for some thoughtfullly researched and reviewed content than have you feel pressured to release additional content. You are seriously the best and most refreshing content provider on the web so please do not change a thing.

  83. Justin Schreiner

    Take your time you show my daughter’s you can do what you love. And even they need a break there 8 and 5 and we watch alot of your videos together. They wanna meet you some day. We agree enjoy your self and Marry Christmas. Hazle and Avery and Dad an Mom

  84. Dog Walker

    Merry Christmas, It was a cool surprise when you were on SciMan Dan.

  85. Highly Polished Turd

    The U2/Gary Powers vids were great. I love the Cold War stuff.

  86. Trent Dobbs

    Take some time off, reset and recharge. Everyone will still be here when you get back.

  87. MoonDustLisa !

    Enjoy the hols Amy, definitely get some sleep in that “recharge” and we’ll all be here ready for what you have in store for us in the new year! Holiday “literal distance” hugs

  88. Vincent Groenewold

    Totally understandable Amy, love it you simply acknowledge that, something many don’t do and it does have consequences. Your content quality is so good, it makes we stick around no matter what, even if it’s just 1 video every 2 months or so. :) Good luck, best wishes and can’t wait for 2021!

  89. Neil Beattie

    I’ve loved the longer U2 videos. Time off to recharge is totally deserved but thanks for giving us the heads up. Happy holidays to you and Pete and I’m looking forward to the new content in the new year.

  90. Mike's Tropical Tech

    Amy, no guilt recharging your batteries. We’ll still be here when you jump back in and we Patreons are always chipping in to keep you going. P.S. I saw your tweet about the comments on your hair – please don’t take them to heart, we’re happy with whatever hairstyle you’re rocking! – Former Toronto Boy.

  91. MrWolfishungry

    …and we are all gonna pretend she is not looking Spectacular .

  92. Robb Loeb

    X Planes and Soviet stuff is EXACTLY what I’ve wanted to see!

  93. lesnyk255

    I’m psyched! Especially for the upcoming info on the Soviet space program. Take a break, recharge, let the well refill – pick a metaphor, you owe yourself the time a helluva lot more than you owe us! All the best!

  94. GURken

    Happy Holidays, Amy! Reboot yourself for a better year.

  95. Tony Sansom

    Your time is YOUR time, Amy. Do with it as you see fit, you don’t owe anybody anything. Anyway, you know what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder!
    Merry crimbo! x

  96. Dewm Online

    Take a break when you need, love the content. Will be here when you get back.

  97. FandersonUfo

    good content takes time Amy – have a nice holiday – Merry Christmas

  98. Matt Stamm

    Everyone needs a vacation. Enjoy your time off. Do yourself a sold and ease back into it when ready. 😎🤘🤙👍

  99. Flying Skyward

    Your channel is really high quality, so it’s doubly impressive that it’s all one person. Look after yourself!

  100. Chickenkeeper

    Wooo Soviet stuff! Will definitely watch out for that 😄

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