The Post-Apollo Human Mission to Venus

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  1. Ninja dojo Nobi

    Imagine landing on Mars and finding Matt Damon sitting there.

  2. Wriddhi Pratim Roy

    Lovely dress. I love watching you in your stories, always informative and intriguing.

  3. John Murphy

    As burper2000000 commented. I just saw a news feed that Michael Collins has passed. Please do a fitting tribute Amy to the only man I’ve heard of who turned down a chance to walk on the moon. (In Slayton’s bio, T38). Gene Cernan should thank Mike. And may have.

  4. friendofcoal

    I always enjoy your stories….. RIP Astronaut Mike Collins. Godspeed to you for your final journey… may you be blessed at your destination.

  5. sprinter768

    If those missions had taken place they would have been doomed to failure. We weren’t ready then and we’re still not ready now.

  6. David Rodriguez

    Such an EXCELLENT job discussing the mission! You’re very knowledgeable and a fine presenter! Love it!

  7. Roy Patton

    I fully recognize the amount of work that went into making this video and I appreciate it, and you, for all of that work. It is so well written that I have no questions, even though I have never heard of the mission until now.
    Thank you for making it.

  8. Gary Chisholm

    Now I’m going to spend the next 3 weeks trying an Eve&Duna mission in KSP…

  9. Matthew Black

    Love you, Amy! (Yeah – I’m a Fanboy…)

  10. Jim Lang

    In depth look at Skylab would be nice.

  11. Tim Allen

    Thank you for educating me about more potential missions that I did not know about.

  12. kenny

    You are the ideal woman, you love space you also love history you are smart and also beautiful… what a package. 🙃

  13. jimmy

    Wow! I think she just winked at me.

  14. Thorsten Frank

    I just imagined what Ron D. Moore would have done with For All Mankind if he had the information stated here….

  15. Tony Sansom

    Listening to Amy while playing Spaceflight Simulator 😀

  16. Kartik Pathak

    Ma’am when are you going to make a dedicated Soviet space series? I mean they were the pioneers of Venus.

  17. Jon Sayer

    Showing off that stellar Canadian French language education at 2:10 (unless Amy is a secret Quebecois and I just didn’t realize it)

  18. David the Whiner

    Miss Amy, this was absolutely fascinating! In a the talk about a Mars mission, I had never heard of or considered the assistance that Venus could provide. Thank you for your work.

  19. SovereignSoul

    How am i only finding this channel now!? Subbed!

  20. sunguar

    Hi Amy,
    Could you provide a quick explanation of the Apollo “red” helmets, seen in your video? I always wondered about why they were first used, then seemly abandoned. Thanks.

  21. Eliot Brown

    Thanks, Amy! Had read about the plans but this is better realized.

  22. CyclingDale

    Wow you really know your stuff Amy. This video must have taken quite a while to put together–well done. Subscribing now.

  23. Jeff Sartain

    Superb presentation.
    RIP Mike Collins. G-d speed.

  24. Miguel Chafen

    I’d also like to see about the art museum on Apollo 12. Andy Warhol’s exhibit was a bit more juvenile than what he’s widely known for.

  25. Motorway2Roswell

    I’ve always felt bad for Michael Collins because people often forget his name. He also probably had the worst cards of the 3, being stuck in the orbiter. But what a view he had of the Moon and Earth! The pictures can’t even begin to touch the views that he saw!

  26. Will Moody

    So that’s how one pronounces “raison d’etre” 😃

  27. Trent Brendel

    Pete had to get a word in at 0:21. Just couldn’t help himself. Great video, Amy. Love your work. Hope to meet you at Spacefest sometime in the future.

  28. vaikkajoku

    All of this happened in some parallel universe. Those lucky bastards.

  29. Eliot Hochberg

    Thanks for leveling your camera/aligning with the background!

  30. L N

    This would have been such a great stepping stone. Imagine if we had done manned flybys of Venus in the 70’s. We could be much further ahead in manned spaceflight today.

  31. Ron Patriot

    You’re awesome, Amy. Keep doing what you do!

  32. Paul Nelson

    God bless Michael Collins, and family

  33. DooDoo Poop

    Love this channel. Always learn something new.

  34. Caleb Waddell

    I’m so glad we could get an in depth video about this. I love thinking about what could have been.

  35. JayVal90

    Missing video link at about 2:52

    EDIT: nevermind I clicked the video too soon :P

  36. TheHylianBatman

    What a story! I’d love for humans to be on Venus and Mars at some point during my life.
    I’m young, so they’ve got time.
    RIP Michael Collins.

  37. Rider Biker

    As always Amy, great stuff!

  38. nrviognjiocfmbkirdom

    I love the background music. I wish it was on Spotify

  39. Primus54

    Hello Amy. I continue to be amazed by the fascinating and somewhat unknown history you flawlessly research, script, present, record and edit. I’m a senior who watched Neil take that first step live and somehow I am catapulted back in time by your content. You are a North American treasure. RIP Michael Collins.

  40. Lois Quinn-Ortiz

    RIP Mike Collins…didn’t you get to talk to him about his underwear?☺️

  41. Miguel s Enriquez

    You fit the lofi description this is awesome. I Enjoy your work thank you Vintage 🌺

  42. Spud Eleven

    A dress without a spider theme! What a concept! RIP Major General Collins…. :-(

  43. Joe Temple

    Great post. I had never heard of this before. I would love to see you speak to the USSR Voskhod mission. I know it had a three man crew but nothing else.

  44. Wild Bill57

    Amy, another great video, if you did one every day, it would not be too much. Of course, you would not have a life. 😂

  45. Abbas Zaidi

    I once had a Nat Geo that described a possible joint Soviet Mars mission with a Venus fly by as gravity assist planned in the far off future of 2004
    The author- Michael Collins
    RIP Mike

  46. Eli Watson

    I’ve been waiting for a video on this for years, this is one of my favourite bits of space history

  47. Incaensio

    you are so dreamy

  48. Andrew R.

    Great video as always👍

  49. Andrey Timashov

    It’s amazing how ambitious space exploration plans was back in the day, both Soviet and US ones!

  50. The Dumb Gun Collector

    I was just thinking about this!

  51. Vincit Veritas

    Another great video Amy. Thank you

  52. Alex Landherr

    Thanks for the video Amy! Especially at this sad time…

  53. Mel Clifford

    So, closing up a Gemini capsule entails 3 guys kicking it? Who knew?

  54. Rik Marston Official

    Great episode! I would love to see a manned flyby of Venus in my lifetime. Seeing live footage of the planet Venus growing larger in HD using filters to drop the planet’s glare… still the plan to do it after Apollo… wow

  55. M2M

    Yet another well-polished video and presentation of the facts. Thanks, Amy. :)

  56. Martin Jørgensen

    Man just imagine if we hadn’t given up so quickly on pushing out into space.

  57. RyeOnHam

    This was a significant missed opportunity. Thanks for sharing. Would have loved to see Mike Collins filming under Venus light in the lab.

  58. Scott Theman

    Such a high level of professionalism equate to learning faster about complicated matters and deeper understanding of where we were. Well done Amy such, a beautiful way of honoring the space programs as well as honoring whoever made that dress.

  59. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    We should’ve gone to Venus Amy there’s a good video that has a good 3-D simulation about a whole Venus flyby mission you should check it out

  60. Born Again Maker

    These are some of the most interest videos for me. I spent a lot of time reading about the how and why they did things for the achieved missions but spent much less time on the proposed and “what if” missions until just recently.

  61. Space Art By Christopher

    This was cool, Amy. I’ve always had a soft spot for Skylab, and the unrealized missions to Venus and Mars via AAP. Cheers!

  62. Gustavo Bolson

    Sad to say I heard the news just before coming here. RIP Michael Collins and thank you for show us that even the most amazing people are at their core people just like us, who have the luck and grit to do amazing things.

  63. Karl Kastor

    I love the optimism they had.

  64. Richard Flaherty

    You got to read the two Stirling books. They’re basically an alternate universe ‘what if’ from this.

  65. wilgarcia1

    Awesome Vid as always. I’ve recently heard there where Shipps that where used to track space craft in the early days. Seems like an underexposed topic in space travel. Thought you might find it interesting. =)

  66. Hojo J.

    I watched Neil walk on the Moon live. And yet I’ve never heard of this Mission concept. Wow… Thank you so much for this.

  67. Aggro Mando

    Loved Breaking the chains of gravity! Love your channel!

  68. Space Enthusiast

    Rest In Peace, Michael Collins <3

  69. Johnny Wednesday

    Thank you Amy :) hope you’re well

  70. Travis C

    RIP, Michael Collins. Thank you for helping Apollo get there first.

  71. Matthew Coleman

    it is amazing how they planned to do this with apollo technology

  72. Anonymous Freak

    RIP Michael Collins. The loneliest man off Earth. (For a short time.)


  73. Ivar Brouwer

    @vintage space, Thnx, highly enjoyable!
    1 – with the knowledge of hindsight, were these missions too ambitious for their own good considering our knowledge of the requirements now?
    2 – any opinions/reactions on Netflix Stowaway?

  74. K Johansson

    This wednesday just got more informative and better! I always learn new (old) stuff from your videos!

  75. Robeight

    Love your videos. What do you think of the Artemis program?

  76. Perry Spencer

    So intelligent, so classy, and passionate. The perfect vintage Lady. Thank you so much for the content, love seeing you again.

  77. Burgerlord 24

    Hey Amy! I Just Wanted To Say I Seen You On The History Channel The Other Day And I Thought That Was Cool. Great Vid!

  78. Graham Simons

    Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth,
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings.
    R.I.P. Mike Collins, Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot.

  79. George W.

    Venus is too hot. Mars is quite cold. It’s good that the two not meet. Lol!

  80. Roger Elliott

    I’ve missed you Amu. Love all you do

  81. Silver Surfer66

    fair well and god speed michael collins

  82. Yeolde GamerSteve

    RIP to Michael Collins. another of my Apollo heroes lost. :'(

  83. Walter Kennedy

    Could you do a video on early space telescopes Like OAO and the Apollo UV telescopes?

  84. Gary Greene

    The Mariner 4 mission closest approach was July 15, 1965 – i stayed up late to listen to the JPL reports. It was launched on Nov. 28, 1964.

  85. Chris Britt

    Another great video keep up the good work and I love both of your books I’ve read them both and they’re both excellent

  86. William Cox

    Very interesting. Liked and shared. Thanks for posting.

  87. dawg_gone

    Love this channel’s work ethic. It makes a difficult subject accessible.

  88. Will Hartsell

    Yay! I’m glad you did a video on this..I discovered the plan as a teenager in the 80s and thought it was the craziest idea.

  89. ernesto mininno

    And I love your videos. Regarding 60s NASA and its today dark twin, it seems incredible how we’ve been able to go backwards, quite like from Roman Empire back to Dark Ages… I have great expectations for SPACEX, but if I could make a choice between Public and private, I would always support a public structure, for the good of all man Kind, not just the very rich.

  90. Technical Support

    Just read…
    Astronut Michael Collins has died at age 90..
    Rip sir


  91. Matt Horkan

    Its like columbus sailed to america, planted a flag, took some sand, and went back to europe and burned all his ships haha.

  92. Maura Brecht

    gorgeous dress <3

  93. Caonabo Javier


  94. Dragoninthewest

    This could be what happens in season 4 of For All Mankind

  95. John Wojt's Videos

    Hi Amy, will you be preparing any sort of commemorative special honoring the passing of Michael Collins? And please don’t refer to him as “The Forgotten Astronaut. Be alone up there i think makes him one of the bravest. Best regards an Astronaut want to be.

  96. DME EMD

    Thank you Michael Collins for the millions of people you inspired and will continue to inspire!
    The true sad part with his passing, is knowing that people like him should have already been to Mars, etc. by now..

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying this video! This is a story that is not told often enough! Awesome job as always 😊

  97. johnecoapollo7

    We should drop this video to the For all Mankind production team. I want to see this on my screen

  98. Melcíades Filho

    RIP Michael Collins!I wish God put you in a good place!Good afternoon for all

  99. burper2000000

    RIP Mike Collins, American hero.

  100. Aiden 22

    Man, I love this mission concept, wished this happened!

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