The “Invisible” U-2 Immediately Became a Political Nightmare

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I’m Canadian and I grew up bilingual English/French. This is how I pronounce “reconnaissance.” Deal with it!

Part 1 in this Cold War aerial espionage series is right here:
And the blog for Part 1:

  1. William Hanna

    A fascinating history.

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    How about those Foos over DC?

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    No spiderwebs today, just a nice floral prin…um…oh, you are a tricky young lady!!
    Love your deeply-researched and deftly-delivered videos!

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    POW signals ignored… thanks sat bird…

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    More pictures or videos and less a video of ones self. Graphs and maps or interviews, what not.

  6. John Demeritt

    Amy, I thoroughly enjoyed this second in the series, but “Lakenheath Air Force Base”? Really, Amy?

    “Air Force Base” (AFB) is a term that applies to US Air Force (USAF) installations in the United States (including Guam and Puerto Rico). Installations outside the US where the USAF permanently stations and operates aircraft are “Air Bases” (AB). Consequently, the USAF base in Guam is known as Anderson AFB, while the USAF’s 18th Wing is stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan.

    Airbases in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, are referred to by their host country names: thus, the base at Lakenheath, UK, is known as RAF Lakenheath, not Lakenheath AFB. That designation (AFB) would that Lakenheath is on US soil.

    Otherwise, thanks again for your typically great content!

  7. Henry 12 Solstice 21

    Riley Martin was born in the 50s.

  8. skeelo69

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    I was thinking about U-2 earlier today and so comes a new video about it. Not super coincidental since I probably think about it quite often.

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    No such thing as conspiracies… all cover stories are fine … right to today.

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  15. Jim Lang

    I just don;t understand how you spell out every little detail, which should be boring, but somehow you make it compelling, interesting, and you usually tie those details into an overarching narrative that brings home a larger point. Bravo!

  16. Henry 12 Solstice 21

    I had my share of the Burnt out Burbank Airport…. now I am totally VEGAS. …. I bet yuri knight will be back.

  17. Coach Hannah

    That’s “Nev-A’-duh” (“A” pronounced as in ‘cat’).

  18. Roger C

    Radar operators knew 📡 ✈

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    PhD dissertations defenses typically include less information and detail. Well done, Amy.

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    Great videos. You are extremely good at this.

  23. stampede122

    The SR-71, via Archangel, is being developed in 57-59

  24. Tom Gillespie

    Very interesting thanks for the great video Happy Holidays

  25. Roland Lawrence

    And ironically Curtis le may was worried about not starting a war! I was having a fun chat with ex soviet military guy. He said if you hold your thumb up arms length and the mushroom cloud is bigger than your thumb you are screwed. The over flights were seen as target acquisition for pre emotive nuclear strike.

  26. iklutah

    Great info for the workhorse U-2!

  27. James Turner

    X-15 has a wild crazy story. Maybe you could cover it? Come on Canada. 🤷

  28. Armydude

    Hey Amy, I’m a Cold War veteran, things they didn’t tell us 👍 🇺🇸🇨🇦

  29. Walt B.

    Amy, can you please enable Closed Captioning for your videos? Thank you.

  30. Phil Dee

    Was the “Narrow-Gauge Airline” maybe a C-54 rather than aC-57?

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    Great data on the moon. A great home soon…

  36. Chris J

    13:00 the coffin corner comment is a little more complex than implied. Coffin corner describes a high altitude performance phenomena where increasing altitude and decreasing airspeed of supersonic shockwave formation(high speed buffet) reduce the operating range of airspeeds that can be safely flown. The higher you fly the narrower your buffet margin between high speed an low speed buffet (stall). As you mentioned 6 kts is very narrow margin (and that would be scary) but would only be experienced at the point in the flight envelope when operating at the highest weight and highest altitudes. The buffet margin charts that describe these limitations show the weight/altitude/airspeed/temperature combinations and literally depict the flight envelope narrowing into a corner at the top. An airliner’s buffet margin (coffin corner) at a safe cruising altitude can be as low as 25 to 30 KIAS. Any aircrafts margin could be 6 kts or zero knots if flown in the extreme edges of the flight envelope. However unlike the USAF test pilots most of us dont do it daily on purpose. ;)

    Great video as always Amy! Cheers.

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    Amy, your videos from the very beginning have been informative and well-produced, yet they seemingly keep getting better. You’re a real pro. Happy Thanksgiving! 👍

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    Fun to see the old soviet footage of skylab. Now I’d spy on that chinese back side probe.

  48. cjheaford

    The U2 took a lot of photos, but it still hasn’t found what it’s looking for.

  49. Andrei Chita

    Are you going to talk about the hydrogen plane that skunkworks never built

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    This is a fascinating series, and I rarely devote this much time to YouTube videos. Well done, Amy.

  57. Adrian Colley

    30:25 The U-2’s altitude may have kept it out of range of Soviet interceptors, but they couldn’t have thought that the U-2 was out of range of Soviet missiles.

  58. Stone

    Wonderful. Thank you. I’ve been admiring these planes for a long time but had no idea about any of this history and intrigue. (BTW, don’t you mean, “discourse”?)

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    Surprised to hear about U-2’s being at Atsugi. Been on that base many times and never heard about this.

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    The u2 does not get enough love! The sr71 took too much of the glory

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  69. Ali Syed

    Hey there I have a question that I think would make for an excellent video:
    as I’m sure all the viewers of this channel know, Space exploration got a head start, decades in magnitude, thanks to The Cold War and the need for the superpowers to demonstrate their ICBM capabilities.
    Who do we have to thank for first marrying the two industries and what other examples are there of civilian programs being funded for strategic military purposes?

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    Oh, I didn’t realize Edwin Land was involved with the U-2…pretty interesting the fact that he was also the inventor of instant photography and polarizing filters…Hence the Polaroid Land Camera.

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    Actually a more accurate tittle would be “Aggressive American Overflights”. Some of the flights they did with bomber aircraft converted to recon were both secret and stupidly aggressive.

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