The CIA’s A-12 was Basically Obsolete Before it Could Fly

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The Full Cold War Aerial Espionage Series!
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  1. Gabriel Urias

    History well told, in great depth, and definitely worth the wait; And allowing the content facts to tell their own story respectfully even if it requires another video to do so is why I’m looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work…. And, as usual, those bangs look great👍🙂

  2. Mico Mrkaic

    Yours is by far the best airspace history channel on YouTube. You do an amazing amount of research.

  3. Don R

    I probably wouldn’t have noticed it but I was stationed at Kadena AB, Japan and saw the SR 71 fly A LOT… The US pronunciation is Ka-Dean-ah Air Base. Just my Internet 2 cents :>) Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Clement Martinez

    In what order may I see all the grand sights? And where do I begin. Many thanks and stay safe and God bless.

  5. Tim Chuma

    The most important thing about these project is that they actually go into production but that military contractors get billions of dollars for the economy.

  6. galagachamp

    Great work, and thank you for making this! The A-12 and SR-71 seem crazier and crazier the more I learn about them. 🤯

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    Great part 1. But the old div recce soldier in me kept cringing every time you pronounced reconnaissance with a loooooong second ‘a’. :) I think I’ll have to make a drinking game out of part 2!

  13. Rog

    I’ve missed seeing your beautiful self, and equally missed your content ❤️

  14. GoSlash27

    The answer to your question is “yes”. The A-12 Oxcart was necessary because Corona was still unreliable and we had a need for strategic photo recon that the U-2 couldn’t handle. Even in the later decades when Corona and Keyhole had worked their bugs out, satellites were still too predictable and easily fooled to bank on without verification. The Archangel aircraft overflew every hot spot in the Cold War and brought back vital intel, stuff you can’t get from satellites.

  15. Nick Thompson

    Can hardly wait for part 2.

  16. Alan Harris

    Holy crap, I just now heard your Canadienne accent…Ontario? (Californian here who has been throughout the commonwealth for various reasons)

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    It’s crazy we still have U2s to this day.

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    I would like to know more about the Aerobee sounding rockets. Do you think there is enough history to make a good video?

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    What new information is in the paperback? I’m reading the hardcover right now

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    Great video Amy. Love that you are branching out. Spy planes are very fascinating.

    “Loving” all the comments from the armchair historians who retroactively know better than everyone ever did back then, or even know.

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    A great plane that had no job after all.

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    We needed it ! It flew many years! Cloud cover beats all cameras anyway.

  40. Jared Snyder

    Thank you Amy. My father was an engineer at P&W during this time period. He also went on a trip to USSR in 1962.

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  42. Steven Clarke

    Hi Amy, love you videos , it’s a subject that I’ve always been interested in, but it’s difficult to find people who share the same passion. I’ve just read your book “breaking the chains of gravity “ great work as always, a good read, thanks.

  43. Bitchute is better than Y

    Renaming it Area 51 really took the shine off it. If they stuck with the old, friendlier names i cant imgine many people would know of it now

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    Pete the Astro Cat would have made the perfect A-12 pilot. Fact! 🐈

  45. Chris Vogtmann

    Reconnaissance pronounced differently.. have I been wrong all along like how she explained the correct pronunciation of Gemini in regards to the space program? Or is that just a regional difference with reconnaissance? Lol

    It sticks out so strongly for me, I’m born and raised in Michigan.

    Not trying to be mean, or make fun, just curious lol

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    Am I right to believe that much of the titanium used in those planes came from the Soviet Union through rather complex chains of indirect procurement?

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    There are two people on YouTube who are able to hold my attention throughout the video: Amy Shira Teitel and Scott Manley. They show what it’s like to make a video with passion and a desire to share it with your audience. Please never become those individuals asking for likes or subscriptions. Keep doing it with your heart, and even if you don’t get countless compliments, know that a hell of a lot of people admire your dedication.

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  63. Captain Robert April

    While I was in the US Air Force in the mid 80’s, we’d hear stories about a little something called Project Aurora, that had already rendered the SR-71 obsolete. Amongst the tales was one about an SR-71 being passed like it was standing still, with only a quick radio message, “Don’t worry, we’re friendly.”

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  66. YankaRonin

    Love how you mention Myasishchev Design Bureau. That place held, IMO, the most advanced spacecraft project of their time (and possibly all of the current space era), M-19, or Gurkolyot. It was, reportedly, discontinued due to it “having no competition”, as the design was like half a century ahead of its time. They had functional mockups and good tech documentation by the early 1980s. Instead they settled for a Space Shuttle lookalike.

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  80. Rich

    Military aircraft are always obsolete in some form by the time they enter service. Operating them at all is an exercise in obsolescence management.
    Is it a useful tool? Yes? Then use it. Success.

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  85. Ernest Mesa

    I beg to differ it wasn’t necessarily obsolete, it was a different airplane it had a larger camera than they SR71 actually had better performance but the SR-71 had a larger payload capacity and in time had better reconnaissance sensors but photographic intelligence the A-12 was actually Superior in the in performance to the SR-71 but the A-12 had to directly over fly a Target

  86. Chris Bullard

    Amy, are you going to cover Eric Schlosser’s book and documentary “Command and Control”? It’s interesting how everyone lionizes defense decisions that, in reality, are like any other business decisions in a bureaucracy: compromises caused by poor judgement and groupthink.

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