The Canadians Who Got America to the Moon

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There’s more on the Canadians who helped get Apollo to the Moon in my latest blog post over on Discover:

My blog archives has lots of awesome olde timey space, too (and I’m looking for a new home for it, too!):

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  1. Tom Hahnl

    Also many Europeans worked and still work on the Space-Program!

  2. gmcjetpilot

    Yeah Canada… canceling an over priced airplane soon to be obsolete as technology leap frogged past it. Thanks.

  3. James D

    That looks like a first edition 3 volume set of Shelby Foote’s “Civil War” on the shelf behind you. SWEET!

  4. Botond Keresztes

    I’m from Hungary and if I know correctly Ferenc Pavlics was one of the lead engineers when designing the lunar rover.


    I wish I had a Shelby Foote robot to follow me around and just tell me history stuff.

  6. bheagle65

    I would like to say, Been watching you since before the famous Gimble Lock episode…. May I suggest two things… 1) Keep doing what you are doing, you do a fantastic job! 2) style your hair like you did in the Gimble episode… LOL
    Great content…. Love your channel.

  7. Mr Scratch

    With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, I was wondering when we were going to hear from you.
    Thanks for the new video and thanks to the Canadians, and anyone from other nations, that helped with this achievment!

  8. Ian Winston

    I’m from (born in) a large country on the southern border called Texas. Coincidentally, it’s where Houston and Mission Control are. Grew up in the U.S. later on though!

  9. Terry O'Neal

    So Glad you are posting again!

  10. Linescrew1

    As a Canadian in New Zealand, funny how this exact Canadian contribution was talked about TODAY in our media. Thanks for mentioning it!

  11. Halldor sigurdsson

    Quite interesting about Canadians at NASA, anlso about the Arrow.
    And i am from Iceland.

  12. Robert Nation

    Any, you are amazing!
    Quite a story & one I’ve never heard before.

  13. Conradus ars humana

    We, tha Poles helped as well. :) Out of five aspects, the most significant seems Mieczysław Bekker’s work as the main constructor of the LRV in later Apollo missions. :)

  14. Dean Shaw

    United States: Hey canada we are going to the moon, wanna help?
    Canada: Hold my beer….


    your a great Canadian export. I cant decide who i like better: Amy or Dr Becky!!!

  16. Kieran Cavanaugh

    Amy, thank you for taking the time to teach us about everything space related!
    Much love from southern Canada AKA The Mitten State AKA Michigan!

  17. Steve Rogers

    Hey Amy, couple of quick questions for you (hoping you check the comments occasionally) –
    1) I was watching Nova on my local PBS station this evening. They were doing a program about the accomplishments of Apollo 8. One of the things they mentioned was that there was a point where Jim Lovell accidentally made the guidance computer think it was back on the launch pad. They kinda glossed over the details of how he managed to get the spacecraft back on track. Have you done an episode about this incident; if so, would you mind posting a link, and if not, do you know where I might be able to get more details?
    2) You’ve talked about a book on the Apollo guidance computer in a few episodes – what is the exact title of that book, and what is its ISBN?
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Robert J Hamilton

    I’m from Australia, and without Australia there would have been no live footage of Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon. Australia broadcasted that to the world

  19. Steve Skouson

    Jim Chamberlin, and Amy’s tattoo.
    Francis R would be so proud, as
    are hang glider pilots world wide.

  20. deezynar

    You misspoke, they were born Canadians, but became Americans. That’s how we roll here in the states. Other countries crap on their good people and we give them jobs here that make them feel appreciated and want to stay.

  21. warren rubin

    Thank you Canada. A brother from Mother Earth. Thank you Vintage Space for the information💕🖐

  22. Alexander Vlk

    The US response: “Oh, Canada”

  23. kyle wichner

    and I also got footage of a ufo on my youtube channel I always hear ufos flying around in space too and astronauts claiming they’ve seen one up there

  24. Carl DeLage

    The very best videos about space! Amazing storehouse of knowledge.

  25. sfcbjs1

    Hooray! Amy’s back. Thanx for the info. Didn’t know anything about the Canadian engineers.
    Also, your hair is beautiful that way.

  26. SuperClons

    great video, would love to see a video about all the Europeans like Ferenc Pavlics and others who worked on apollo.

  27. Matthew Wadsworth

    Was just at the Johnson Space centre in Houston and saw the renovated 1969 mission control. It was amazing!

  28. AlanAlan2001

    You pronounce Sputnik like spudnik! The u in Sputnik is pronounced like oo in loot.

  29. kyle wichner

    thank you canandians! and americans!

  30. birther1968

    Amy did you go to Houston for the Apollo 11 amber say parties??

  31. Hernandez JR

    Mexico launch suborbital rockets just a few months after the Sputnik and and a few months before the Explorer 1 ( a private college launch the rockets, not the government). I know this isn’t about the Apollo program, but Mexico is a country that not many people think about when talking about space exploration.

  32. Eric Closs

    Check out the new Canadian stamp that honours Owen Maynard and James Chamberlain . If you have a PO Box I can send you some 🇨🇦🙂

  33. JBags72

    Long Island NY, home of Grumman and the LM! 🚀🌙 Glad to see new videos. 👍🏻

  34. Jeffrey Harris

    You’re Canadian too!! Beauty, way to go!!!

  35. Dwayne Green

    In other words, Canadian Government screws over a bunch of really smart and talented people, so they went south of the border! lol.

  36. Steve Doe

    Professional Engineers from Canada are highly sought after in an international market. Check out their rings.

  37. George Emil

    Yup, Conservatives are always cancelling projects. To this day, they’re still cancelling programs.

  38. McNulty's Sober Companion

    I remember watching HBO’s “From the Earth to the Moon”, and at some point early on there was a flight controller with a British accent, and Much Younger Me was like, “Wait, who’s this guy…?”
    So it was “John Hodge”.
    Just Wikipedia’d him. Thank you. :) That was a mini-mystery in the back of my head for some time.
    Appreciate the work you do here. Another interesting video.
    (and I’m just another American)
    (though I have relatives on Prince Edward Island, I’m “a quarter” Canadian)

  39. Ruedi Wolf Christen

    Thanks to your call, i did some digging what Switzerland did contributed for the Apollo programm.
    I just knew of the “Moonwatches” from Omega, but discovered there was a lot more, neatly gathered in a blog post from the swiss national museum earlier this year:
    – The Solar Wind Collector experiment, the only non-american research project on Apollo XI, it was returned from the Moon back to Switzerland, the data obtained from the mass spectrometer analyse allowed new conclusions about the formation of our solar system and the big bang
    – High-performance lenses for the four data acquisition film cameras, mounted on the command and lunar module
    – Precise theodolites, which served as drilling angle instruments during construction of the Saturn V rocket
    – All Astronauts were equipped with Omega Speedmaster chronographs (Moonwatch), Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster on board the landing module, since the electric on-board chronograph failed
    – Velcro straps for fixing various equipment in place, i just imagined what it would looked like, if they had to use duct tape :D
    – Eidophor projectors, for the large scale wall screens at NASA’s Mission Control Center
    – Cerberus electronic fire alarms, known as ‘fire noses’, monitored the air in each room in most NASA buildings after the Apollo I capsule fire disaster
    – Araldite epoxy resins for the thermal protection shield on the Apollo capsule
    – Copper sieves, used in the construction of catalytic converters
    – Synthetic sapphires for the construction of the solar batteries, and in the windows of the Apollo capsule
    – Gearwheels for the capsule’s nautical system
    – A thermo-analyser for material inspections
    – Electronic components for various satellites, which played a role in the television broadcast of the moon landing
    There was even more, like several high-precision tools and scales, used by NASA and their suppliers.

  40. Crazy Brit Nasa Fan

    Hey Amy. A great episode. I am British and my Grandmother worked for Avro over here building Lancasters.

  41. Tamas Demjen

    Hungarian Ferenc Pavlics designed the Lunar Rover. He successfully convinced NASA that it was possible to fit a vehicle into the existing lander, and he and his team completed the project in just 18 months. There’s an incredibly interesting interview with him on Youtube, search for “Ferenc Pavlics To the Moon” (v=My4sr87MlhM). He speaks slowly, but you can speed it up, it’s worth every minute for an Apollo fan.

  42. Chance Belcher

    so the US was just standing around with its hands in it’s pockets while the whole time while the rest of the world did the real work.
    thanks, world

  43. Donald Holben

    Nasa hired the engineers that worked with titanium for the SR 71 as well.

  44. CHAS1422

    If I ran the NASA Apollo mission I’d invite Vintage Space as a candidate to be an astronaut. Great videos!

  45. Michael Thompson

    Greets from New Jersey, USA – home of the transistor!

  46. Dave H

    And so, 50 years ago today, Apollo 11 left Launchpad 39-Eh bound for the Moon.

  47. Frank White

    Don’t forget it was actually The German Scientists and Their highly advanced ground breaking Rocket Technology that put the USA on The Moon !!!
    Dr Wernher Von Braun and Dr Hermann Oberst were the prime movers.
    Please note Dr Wernher Von Braun was The Designer of The Mighty Saturn V Rocket along with the infamous A4 / V2 Rocket – Which was the beginning of the Space programme and the first man made object in space!

  48. Jimmy M

    Canada, like our little brother that helped us put together our model. :)

  49. Cornel Kaelin

    As a fellow Canadian, I have been waiting for this video for a while now. Thank you!

  50. riforgiate74

    6:35 “CENTRE” 🤯🤯🤯🤯 Take off, you hoser!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  51. Matthew Millar

    You are immediately my favorite person for doing a video on this subject!!! Thank you! Have you seen the 1:1 model of the Arrow at Wetaskiwin?

  52. cerealfamine

    Thanks for acknowledging us Canadians!

  53. Catlin

    Great video! I knew a bunch of that stuff because of my obsession with avro and the arrow but hearing some more facts was wonderful! Keep up the great work!

  54. Edd Jordan

    Although America bank rolled it and had a lot of clever people them self’s it really was a massive effort brain wise from nearly the whole world. got to love Apollo.

  55. zapfanzapfan

    What, no Canada arm on Apollo? :-)

  56. Brendan Berg

    Germany. That’s an easy one: Operation Paperclip which brought Werner von Braun an his to the US!

  57. Dennis Doherty

    One person who seems to go unnoticed in developing space technology is Dr. Robert H. Goddard. His contributions are significant to modern rocket technology that is used by all space programs around the world. He invented the liquid fuel rocket, multiple stage propulsion system, guidance system, mounting engines on gimbals. Might be a good idea to do a deep dive video on him and all that he achieved for space flight.

  58. Wesley Kicker

    Here’s my contribution. Actually, I was a beneficiary of the Moon Landing. I was 18 years old and was in the US ARMY stationed at Fort Jackson, SC.
    Actually, I didn’t know that the Moon Launch was scheduled to take place this week. Nor did I know when the Moon Landing was scheduled. However, the NASA Space Program of each Level were ALWAYS on the top of my list!
    I followed the Mercury Program. I followed the Gemini Program. I certainly was tuned into the Apollo Program. As a kid I built every model I could get my hands on. (Wish I had those models today).
    But this particular Launch was not written in on my Schedule. But I’m sure glad that the POTUS remembered to make a notation for me.
    You see, President Nixon, penned my name in the schedule himself. I did say that I was in the US ARMY didn’t I? He actually did notify me of the Landing date. He really did!!!
    I did mention that I was Married right? I’m sure I mentioned that to you!!
    Let’s see. Where was I ? Oh yes at Fort Jackson in the high summer temps, in the South Carolina sand! Training was called off early on July 20, 1969. A quick formation and we were told that beginning today we would begin a 3 Day Pass! I’ll take it!! They told us busy Trainees that President Nixon had ordered us to have a 3 Day Pass so we could go home and be with our Families and celebrate the Moon Landing! Now I get it!!
    So off to Home in Mississippi to spend 3 Days with my Bride and my Parents. We were Married on June 6th, I left for Basic Training on June 17th, and here I was going home on June 20th to see the greatest accomplishment of mankind.
    It was an uneventful weekend that is if you call the Moon Landing and spending time with your wife on a 3 Day Pass uneventful!!!
    What a wonderful time to reflect on my and my Wife’s young lives and seeing the Moon Landing. I realized just how Blessed I really was back then. I just counted another Blessing this past June 6th. My wife and I Celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary!
    I’d say that the Space Program has been good to me. You see two months later I was sent to the United States Army Missile and Munitions School and Center. It is still located at Redstone Arsenal, AL. That’s where NASA began the Space Museum that year! They tested the SATURN V ENGINES every night. The windows would rattle and th night sky would glow from the tests. What a great time to be an American! I urge you all to be thankful for what you have in this Great Country! Don’t let anyone take it away from you! God Bless!

  59. footynutguy

    Here in the Uk we are told that our most important contribution was the invention of the fuel cell.

  60. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    The mythical super plane, the Avro Arrow was, in fact, nothing of the sort. It was a very ambitious program for Canadian aviation but it was inferior in almost every aspect to the F-106 Delta Dart. ICBM’s made it obsolete overnight. The mythology that has surrounded the aircraft over the decades is staggering.

  61. oseo943

    Italy – Rocco Petrone! (Italy was also the 3rd Country, after USA and Russia, to put a satellite in orbit with the San Marco project)

  62. Freeman Lowell

    Canada rocks, love from the US.

  63. Edward Cabaniss

    John Diefenbaker and his government, who will be forever remembered for killing the Avro Arrow, also killed the Canadian aerospace industry in that same act. It’s a shame because, with the production of the Arrow, Avro could have become one of the premier aerospace companies of the world! As an American, I appreciate the massive contributions these excellent Canadian engineers made toward the American space program, but I would have loved to see what the Canadian aerospace industry could have done had they been allowed to grow and become players on the international stage! And I would have loved to see how the Avro Arrow would have made its mark on aviation records and its impact on military aviation.

  64. Alfredo Garcia

    Hola from the small state of Texas! Thank you for posting this, I don’t know much about the who, what and how of the Apollo program, only that it got me interested in space. Since then I always look into heavens both day and night and wonder the unknown.

  65. C. Wildeman

    See, we Canadians learn about the Avro Arrow in school, and of course it’s a Part Of Our Heritage™, but we never learn about this part of the story, which is equally cool, if not moreso.

  66. Mervyn Partin

    Britain had the TSR2 bomber which was cancelled and by government orders, everything, including all the jigs, destroyed so it could not be put into production. Sounds like the Canadian Arrow. An industry destroyed and another country gets the work. I am not convinced about the integrity of politicians.

  67. Noel Rabina

    Filipino 🇵🇭 engineer invented the Lunar Jeep 🚙 first used by Apollo 15. Eduardo San Juan. Modeled after the Jeepney or Jeep from WWII.

  68. WanJae42

    I’m from Japan. We supplied Pocky.

  69. thekaxmax

    Australia; we handled the video of the actual landing

  70. John Chui

    As a Canadian working in the USA (Manufacturing automation for automotive, Michigan), this feels like a frequent norm for us to come from Canada to find opportunity in the USA. I believe the current derogatory term for it is “The Great Canadian Brain Drain. “

  71. Jennifer Kneller

    Sadly not only was the Arrow, cancelled, so was the Iroquois. It was engine that was supposed to power the Arrow. One can only imagine the where Canada would be aerospace wise if it both projects had not been shelved. I 100 percent believe we would have a manned space program of our own, if not for the demise of Avro. They had some very funky innovative projects for their time.

  72. Anonymous

    The country everyone’s gotta thank is Germany

  73. Brian Arbenz

    “One small step for eh, man…”

  74. Icantdrive55

    🇨🇦 as a fellow Canadian I have read much on the AVRO Arrow and I knew many of its former employees ended up in NASA and various plane and spacecraft manufacturers. At the time Canada had many of the best and brightest engineers around. It’s a shame the Arrow program was cancelled due to politics. Canada ended up buying missiles, that never worked properly, instead of the Arrow and then quietly bought some American planes that were barely supersonic for almost double what it would have cost to build 100 Arrows. What a shame! As it turned out, Canada didn’t get a plane but NASA got to go to the Moon. Yeah Canada 🇨🇦

  75. Douglas Wegener

    Most of your videos the requests for me are 2 years old? Do you still make videos? I’ve subscribed to your channel but I would like to join as well. I would just like to know if you still make newer videos? I see this is three weeks? Newbie and absolutely am amazed at how great of a job you do. Not one thing bad to say about anything. Again great job and keep up the great job.

  76. Scott Prazak

    I’m from murica. Not sure if people know this, but we contributed by accepting all the credit.

  77. Watta World

    Did they serve Maple Syrup aboard the LEM? I didn’t see the picture where the astronauts slap shot a hockey puck on the moon.

  78. Greene Fieldmann

    Oh no, we got a Canadian talking about the Avro Arrow…

  79. blacklight

    how to get Canadians excited about your video mention them

  80. RaisedByCats

    I remember hearing when I was a kid growing up in Montreal that the LM’s feet were Canadian-made. At the time I remember feeling very proud, but also skeptical. Fast forward to 2019 and I find out it was true after all. Canadians love helping, and we couldn’t have better neighbours in the US. Very nice internationalist vibe on this channel.

  81. J Shepard

    “We helped!”
    Isn’t that the Canadian national motto? 😂

  82. shyF0x

    it should be their official motto ” we helped!

  83. Ricardo Becerra

    Landing leg where made (designed in the USA) in QC canada
    (Canadian- Héroux-Devtek) fun resulting fact is that the first object, on a maned
    Mission to touch the moon was made by the French Canadian, well the paint coating in the leg is US :)

  84. Mike Kent

    Don’t forget the country of Grand Fenwick – As told in the documentary The Mouse on the Moon, Grand Fenwick paved the way for the United States by landing on the moon first.

  85. AstroGuy034

    out of curiosity, are you going to be at the Ontario Science Center on July 20th for their apollo 11 landing anniversary?

  86. Larry M.

    The Apollo program, in particular 11, existentially was inclusive of the “the good people of earth” as spoken by Jim Lovell. It was a time of bonding in a world of derision.

  87. Comrade Eva

    New Zealand: we got the video of the moon landing flown over from Australia on a tape because we had no microwave link to the rest of the world then.

  88. Doug M

    Dang illegals overstaying their visas again :).

  89. SFM

    Why does any thumb down these videos? They are researched well, produced well, and Amy is a very good presenter. Are some people just negative about everything?

  90. Christopher U.S. Smith

    Many thanks to *all* the 400,000 people who helped us get to the Moon. While we celebrate our friends from north of the border, eh, let us not forget the handfuls of Brits and Aussies who also contributed, as well as the core of ex-nazi German scientists led by von Braun who designed that incredible Saturn V rocket.

  91. Tiisiphone

    I’m from Belgium. This is not about Apollo 11, but Apollo 15″s commander left a small aluminium sculpture on the Moon to honor those who died in the pursuit of space exploration. This small statue called The Fallen Astronaut was created by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck.

  92. exeqt

    I´m from Sweden, Hasselblad camera made the photos from the moon, i believe there is still left on the surface.

  93. Jonathan Matthews

    The Arrow cancellation still stings.

  94. Joshua Snyder

    Some say Canada gave us a hand…actually it was an arm!

  95. Jim M

    I didn’t realize you were a fellow Canuck! LOL

  96. mokmo23

    Canadian parts got on the moon: the feet of the lander modules were all made in Montreal.

  97. Quintin Krivacek

    Being American I feel an immense amount of pride for the accomplishments of the Apollo program but you can’t forget all the international involvement. Watching the Apollo 11 film, something that stood out to me was all of the national flags on display at the viewing area for the launch. Apollo was a human achievement more than anything.

  98. Dangermouse

    Australia, home of the ‘Dish’ radio telescope at Parks, and responsible for relaying the Apollo 11 lunar landing. 👍

  99. Kevin P

    How do you have such a clean black shirt with a cat?

  100. jonathan lavezzi

    Hey we always have Canada To thank for Amy 😉

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