Space-Walking in Rocket Shoes

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  1. James Turner

    I hope there’s a lady that worked on Gemini who religiously watches your channel. You’re towing mad weight, effortlessly.

  2. PunkSci

    Need to add the Jaws music while Pete’s tail is moving around the bottom of the shot.

  3. Jeff McNally

    10:00 I can only imagine the astronaut at this point feeling a bit like Wile E. Coyote…
    Looking down at the Earth below & just waiting for the fall

  4. Tim Tebow's Left Arm

    Now visions of astronauts gliding in space to KC & the Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Shoes” is in my head.

    Seriously, great find & great knowledge, Amy!

  5. Dennis Walker

    I remember a early gemini flight that was going to test this in space. The space walking astronaut was unable to get to the rear of the ship where it was stored.

  6. Loren Sims

    Fun! I’m always impressed with the variety of ideas they came up with during the Gemini program where we really learned astronautics.

  7. brad hampton

    All suits should have at least minimal thrusters

  8. A

    Can you please explain propulsion and exhaust velocity?

  9. James K

    It’s near midnight, and I really should head to bed. See Amy has a video titled “Space-Walking in Rocket Shoes”, and suddenly sleep can wait.

  10. Robert Peters

    oxygen? were they trying to kill everyone?

  11. ed rosa

    The cat was pretty cool too.

  12. Tom Mosher

    Thanks for your presentation. I did not know the foot controls were tested on Skylab.

  13. Tom Newham

    Hi Amy. Great story but now I’m curious about how the jet pack came about and its operational use. Perhaps that could be the topic for your next video. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Christopher Reed

    In my brief (but highly memorable) time playing the tabletop role-playing game Paranoia, one of the gadgets I remember being available to players’ characters were “Rocket Boots”.
    While, at first glance, incredibly useful, they (like so many gadgets featured in the game) had a significant issue. In this case, the need for the player using them to perform regular (as determined by the game master 😁) dice rolls against the character’s dexterity ability in order to ensure that two separate rockets of considerable power stayed pointed in the same direction while firmly attached to the character’s legs…

  15. boredgrass

    Goes to show that more often then not the great idea is the first little step, it is diligence, tenacity and dedication to make it work, that turns it into an achievement. ;-)

  16. mark m.

    Cat-tails. I can’t make a salad, take an indoor picture, read a book, watch Vintage Space, or do my morning routine in the bathroom with cat-tails in my face.

  17. S R

    Amazing! Thank you! Cheers, :D London

  18. M Ban

    Thank you for this fun and interesting story. I enjoyed it very much.

  19. rodger Rodger

    Whew! I was worried about a number of things lately. The number of post’s from you and Pete sightings.
    I can see your still able to bring us more interesting stuff from the past, you’re okay, Pete’s okay, we’re okay. Thank you, stay safe.

  20. Ricardo Góis

    But more randomly now…jet shoes to walk in space where you have no weight: not even the stated advances in rocket science can forget woman shoes. Now imagine what we need to use in earth to achieve this where we have gravity

  21. Ricardo Góis

    Jet shoes for space its “very much wow” as a topic of a talk for vintage space.. getting proper means and small details like these are priceless

  22. Old Man Doing High Kicks

    If you fart in your space suit, will it propel you ever so slightly if you’re doing a spacewalk?

  23. David S

    And the truth comes out: Pete is really a ventriloquist.
    Great job, considering he has no opposable thumbs.

  24. david riley

    Still the Sound ! – Please someone who knows Amy better give her a nudge on this !!!

  25. Gunni1972

    Plateau, or high heels? I wonder. “not high enough”, i guess.

  26. craig leigh

    Thanks Amy, never heard this story before.

  27. BillyBobpeeps

    The colours of your cat’s tail (timeline 1.04) appear to match your dress. Was it part of the plan?

  28. Perry Spencer

    Go Pete. Great to see you guys. Love the great information.

  29. StickyTank

    Oh this is dope 😁
    Worked on a space game,few years ago. We “invented” something very similar to this xD

  30. Daniel Anuchan

    Did anyone else think of Maxwell Smart talking into his shoe phone?

  31. Daniel Zovko

    Great content, as always. I would love to see more videos about solving problems regarding astronaut movement while in open space. Also, I would love to see more videos you make, they are informative and they incite me to do some more research on the subject.
    Sorry for my english, not a native speaker.

  32. nkronert

    The cat! The cat! 👀 Sorry Amy, you were saying? 😺

  33. Bluswede

    @Amy: Nice video with good information and film clips…very professional and educational as always! Thank You!

    Now on to the tail that was seen moving about the bottom of the screen at the beginning: Pete, we know that you were just trying to help, and are appreciative of your input…Amy was, perhaps, somewhat less appreciative, as it’s difficult to make a professional video with ‘feline help’!

    Just today, I was on the phone with my doctor’s office and pharmacy about a messed-up prescription…then my internet provider about an outage of service. My little black cat, Elsie, (see my channel) was loudly arguing my case for me, bless her heart! All three folks with whom I spoke noted her presence. The nurse and Pharmacist both mentioned her on subsequent calls, paraphrasing: “I hear your cat is still helping.”.
    I also have a Ginger Tiger kitty who is known (video) for his very vocal admonition of the shower for daring to run without me in it!

  34. Steven Clarke

    Hi Amy, thanks for another interesting video, it was nice to see Pete making an appearance

  35. xiaoka

    Ok now we need a video on the mmu, which unfortunately is old enough to be considered vintage now. 🥲

  36. Michael Thompson

    Always fascinating stuff! Thank you!

  37. RedLeader327

    I never knew these were an actual thing. Man, the 70s had to have been wild.

  38. Galileo Chiu

    0:05 Wait, Matt Damon is force sensitive?

  39. jujenho

    The problem is that if the propulsive jet stream is not in line with the astronaut center of gravity, the poor guy will rotate. How to solve that? Will enough training condition the correct foot attitude?

  40. Vic Flange

    Rocket shoes not a success then ? 🤔 How about turbo slippers ? 👍🏽

  41. Nixon

    That’s amazing, never heard about this before, thanks so much for another great episode ❗️

  42. Pitch Lock

    Have to use your toes to control this thing would absolutely suck.

  43. Vincent van go


  44. Christopher Choate

    Really enjoyed that video. Thanks!

  45. Robert Schlesinger

    Very interesting and worthwhile video. I would guess these are rather obscure and rare video clips.

  46. Ray W

    So a space hoverboard.

  47. Lantern's Own

    Cool Amy! I wouldn’t mind have a pair jet shoes what about you Amy?

  48. Pygar2

    I saw a sort of space sled at the Wright Patterson AFB Museum…

  49. mark m.

    It is very good that you are back, Ms. Amy. Most enjoyable to view your interests, most of which I never considered, but provide me with much entertainment. thank you.

  50. barryhall7

    ‘Let’s make a space rocket for people’, ‘Great idea’, ‘well what do when we want to go outside in space?’… ‘FU*’INg SPACE SHOES!’
    Result 👍🏻

  51. Traveler 1980

    The jet shoes’ time will arrive in the 23rd Century when Spock will use them to rescue Capt. Kirk from a fall in Yosemite.

  52. stocchinet

    Amy grew a cat tail

  53. Don Matejek

    Supposedly, Mike Collins told Neil Armstrong, “When you get on the surface, you should scream and say…”What is that?” Then cut your microphone!

  54. Matthew Suffidy

    Thrusters are really most effective directed on the centre of mass, otherwise they are more like rotators. So that sort of works as long as you thrust along the vertical axis of the body. You would be best to actually pivot to a horizontal position to move sideways. So you could do that with rotation wheels on you or RCS. Probably an easier way instead of feet would be a 3 axis RCS around the upper torso…

  55. James Foley

    They should have tested in water with neutral buoyancy with a modified suit just for astronaut navigation/control testing. IMO

  56. AmericaDeservesBetter

    Makes you wonder what kind of maneuvering apparatus the astronauts use that go up in the X-35 to rendezvous with adversaries satellites?

  57. Screenplaya

    Fun and edu-taining! Thanks, Amy!

  58. GodPikachu


  59. Stefan Jakubowski

    Hey. In a similar vein, when I was a kid, I had a pre skylab book about space stations, it had odd tools depicted. A space hammer. And various plier type tools that worked on a scissor type fashion
    Any idea where those ideas came from
    The book described how regular tools would work in space

  60. yorktown99

    Came for the jet shoes. Stayed for the kitty!

  61. John Galt

    KISS won with the MMU

  62. kepler240

    Ed White’s unit worked just fine. Don’t know why they didn’t continue with it when Gene Cernan was nearly killed on Gemini 9 trying to get to his AMU.

  63. Scott FW

    Always pleased to see a Pete appearance. :)

  64. Hicham Mohsen

    Bruce Mcandles was a capcom for Apollo 11 and you can hear him on launch and the EVA when he says okay neil we can see you coming down the ladder now!

  65. Lee Porte

    Yay Pete returns!

  66. Voidryder

    Always enjoy your videos, Amy. Just need more Pete next time.

  67. Bobb Grimley

    Thanks, Amy.

  68. Bobb Grimley

    5 decades later, the concept was reformatted, rebranded, and Air Jordans are now a thing.

  69. Si Walder

    KSP vab music 👍🏻
    I’ll probably still recognise that when I’m 80.

    Give me jet shoes and all I’ll achieve is kneeing myself in the mouth.

  70. Bert Blankenstein


  71. Hojo J.

    Invents Jet Shoes…
    Poses like Napoleon.
    Boss 😜

  72. Antonio Maglione

    Thank you for this video…
    The system they used was clunky and primitive. If a suit-level maneuvering system will be used one day, it should be miniaturised and fully computerised, with its own gyroscopes, able to dynamically keep stable attitude, and controlled – possibly – with both eye movements and a classic joystick.
    The human ability to stand in equilibrium uses the eyes and the ear vestibules jointly; in absence of weight, it can only rely on the sense of sight, which is badly impaired from inside a space suit.
    Again, thanks for your dedication to all things Space…

  73. m b

    I had ZERO idea that this was ever being considered??? I always learn something brand new about 50+ year old NASA stuff here.. :)

  74. edgalaxie

    I want more Pete!

  75. Ivar Tillotson

    WALL-E did better with a fire extinguisher. Again, cartoon tech.

  76. Rob Adams

    I’m glad you haven’t lost your Canadian spelling and pronunciation in all that time living in the states. :)

  77. InsideOutside UpsideDown

    I saw a cat tail taunting…

  78. RichardinNC1

    Not related to jet shoes but I hope you’ve seen the Wright Patterson AFB Museum Jacqueline Cochran displays. They had several story boards throughout the museum documenting her career and life.

  79. Morgenstund

    @0:55) You’ve got a tail, young lady.

  80. Quantum Inc

    TBH It is something I would associate with Looney Tunes first rather than NASA.

  81. 66kbm

    How about a “Behind the scenes” episode showing cameras, set up, lighting, filming and of course…Pete. We love Pete as well.

  82. Oliver Lane

    Why did they not test it in a pool where they could have tested all dimensions?
    Obviously they’d have to overcome buoyancy but I would have thought it could be possible

  83. martin foss

    I would want to be Iron Man.

  84. Howie B

    Very interesting. Pete needs some kitty style space boots. CATS IN SPACE!🐈🚀 Thank you and Have a Great Day.

  85. hellcat1988

    These shoes might have given Clooney a chance to make it down with Bullock.

  86. Bill23799

    Did the Rocket Shoes have lights on them?
    Shoe Lights were invented by a Shoe Salesman named Al Bundy.

  87. william gorham

    Yay new video 😊

  88. VTwin Builder

    Amy! So glad you’re back with a new video!!!

  89. sfcbjs1

    Very cool. I had no idea they tested this idea on Skylab 3. Had to watch a couple of times.

  90. Kenn Villegas

    I can just imagine Neil Armstrong wondering “How is NASA trying to kill me Today?”

  91. Mario Zuniga

    Nice video as all ways Ms.Amy

  92. Paul Vicory

    I think I’d want the jets as close as possible to my center of gravity rather than on my feet. I don’t seem to have any memory of this tech from the days it was being tested so thank you the info :)

  93. Muzza memes

    I like the new graphics, did you make them?

  94. Jonathan Camp

    Thanks, I was aware that they had tried out a jet pack in Skylab, but wasn’t aware that it was foot controlled.
    P.S. Nice tail.

  95. Gary Chisholm


  96. b.griffin317

    0:55 Pete is pissed he wasn’t chosen to fly with Bezos or Branson.

  97. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Something close to the 7 league boots

  98. AKIRA 408

    I just saw jet shoes in space by the vintage space and I’m like “I’m watching that first” lol

  99. O W

    Hi amy, what’s ur favourite space program?

  100. timmainson

    She said “jet shoes” and I said Bless you!

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