Revisionist Much? Apollo Historian’s Review of For All Mankind

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  1. ordanburdan

    its the ghostbusters of 70s, remade. aside from vfx which look awesome, the series is trash.

  2. Paul Crewe

    Thanks for the review. I will not waste my time on this one.

  3. Colin Jones

    The best mockumentary I’ve seen on alternate timelines is The History of Time Travel… available on Amazon Prime.

  4. Rob Babcock

    Awesome stuff, Amy! What If, indeed!

  5. Allan Scheirer

    Pete. 😍

  6. Francois Lacombe

    How do you reconcile your aversion to historical and scientific inaccuracies and your appearances on NASA’s Unexplained Files? 😉

  7. Sundance Kid

    SpaceCadets! Her eyes are not in the spider web!!🤓

  8. Judge jimbo Browntown

    Sweet Amy posted

  9. Just Me

    Very good and informative video —always look forward to them.

  10. Tom George

    Doesn’t the deviation start where Korolev doesn’t die?
    I thought that was one of the suppositions of the series.
    So he was able to push the Russian moon mission and solve its problems?

  11. hurtighansen1

    Your the sweetest space-nerd ever, thats why. And a good storyteller

  12. Stéphane Pierrejeu

    The music at the beginning sounds familiar

  13. Laser Wood Shapes

    I watched a video of the meaning behind the book 1984 by George Orwell. Revisionist History makes more sense now. Life sucks here in “Oceania”.

  14. Allen Marples

    Love your knowledge d, nuanced review

  15. MaestroDawg65

    Dealing with this history almost sounds like debates on professional wrestling. LOL

  16. tm

    It really bugs me that you use he same music as Kerbal Space Program does. I always feel like I have forgot to close the game in the background! 😂

  17. Hubert Figuière

    I love that show, but now I’ll watch it with a different eye.

  18. Super Sawyer

    In this alternate time line was the eagle called the Kelvin instead 🤔

  19. StarvinMarvin 324

    I would love to see a video abou the canberra tracking station.

  20. CGB Spender

    Yeah this show didn’t work for me either. I have to concur I’ve studied the Russian program in depth and there was no way that it was going to work, ever. On the other hand I have no clue how the shows main story would advance without it so it just doesn’t work. I think i’d like to see a show that had Apollo extended and how realistically the political will could have been found to make that happen

  21. deep lemmon

    Well done my friend! I absolutely understand your frustrations.

  22. Brian Day

    I grew up watching all of NASA launches, from Mercury to Apollo. I love watching ’50s era SiFi movies. The only reason I’m here is the fact that I like to hear you talk about space stuff.

  23. Michael Burke

    If you dont like kicking dogs, then for the love of God dont watch Chernobyl.

  24. Rob Yost

    Amy, Have you read the alternate history, First Cosmic Velocity (2019) by Zach Powers? It’s set in the Soviet Union during the 1960s space race. I won’t say anything else for fear of spoilers, but I think you would enjoy this one.

  25. Silver Surfer66

    My cat was called Apollo, when I lost him, I got another cat call Luna

  26. David Bischof

    Thank you for the review. I have not seen the program but it sounds much like The Man in the High Castle were in the Nazis win WWII. I prefer a show like Chernobyl were we actually learn the history of an important event.

  27. whatthef911

    The most intriguing part of the Apollo space program was it’s plan to keep going and create a permanent presence on the moon.

  28. dieseltinus

    I hope i’m still on the right timeline because I like this one

  29. Nick Thompson

    Valid complaints. I want the timeline where Korolev lived longer.

  30. Will Warden

    4:20 could they have landed in July 1969.? I would conjecture that with the design they had in hand they never could’ve landed and survived. The margins were too tight with the fuel they had on board any deviation from the descent curve and they are out of fuel. Regarding the Russian lander design of course

  31. ThanNinja

    Am I hallucinating, or is there Ksp music in the background?

  32. Lucifer

    I really, really love your stuff.

  33. Skunkwork Nault

    So happy to see you back! 🔥🇨🇦💚

  34. kjetil Bergesen

    I like to see when Amy gets excited.

  35. Dirty Wesley

    Love the shirt.

  36. Micky Daly

    as dramatised as it is i love for all mankind! it rlly takes off around episode 5

  37. Wilbert van Leijen

    My two cents: “For all mankind” is 2019 looking at 1969. There is a general feeling that the Apollo legacy was wasted: fifty years ago, we landed on the moon – lunar bases and Mars missions should have happened a long time ago.
    And all this because, to paraphrase Nixon “we didn’t fumble the ball at the goal line”.

  38. Alexander Downey

    Don’t kick dogs… punch Nazis.
    Got it.

  39. algi

    Hi, Pete!

  40. Drew Agan

    Amy – thanks for sharing your thoughts! I feel like I was able to enjoy the show more from having read your book and watching your channel. Therefore I knew what was revisionist versus what was alternate. I do think you’re right, that the average person would not know the difference, but I hope that it inspires people to do the research! I know it usually does for me with other types of shows like this. Hopefully if they do the research, it steers them toward your content

  41. mesonparticle

    Pete Conrad! ❤️

  42. uranusimploding

    Like Wally Schirra said about ” The Right Stuff ” ….. he called it “Animal House ” in space ….. nuff said 😝

  43. sirach walker

    I really liked this review, thank you for the time and effort you put into it. Please keep them coming :-)

  44. Eduardo Campos


  45. mfairchild30

    I watched just for the five seconds of Pete 🙀

  46. Adam Ladd

    Love the ksp background music

  47. ve2mrx

    Argh, gotta go back to my KSP VAB build something now! I already miss the music! ;-)

  48. Mack M

    I hear it got VERY Woke.. and it’s viewership is low..

  49. The Bruffy

    7:40 the sombre faces on screen? Look at the post Apollo 11 interview! It’s a wake!

  50. Tony Franke

    Fantastic review! You’re on point, Amy. That’s why I didn’t watch it after reading a synopsis. Their timeline DOESN’T WORK! This completely destroys the entire concept. I detest revisionist history. I love alternate history.

  51. Spyros G

    “Kick the dog” is definitely a weird old expression, but the Canadian expression of “shagging the dog” (meaning doing an easy, mindless task, wasting time) is a few orders of magnitude more weird. STOP MESSING WITH DOGS!

  52. carlc16

    This is among my favorite of your episodes now. I saw Ford V Ferrari and dig into two books to see how accurate. And it would have driven me nutso to read an alternate history book that doesn’t divert enough from original history to achieve the different outcome. Thanks Amy #neverkickanyanimal #sorryfornovelcomment

  53. PawelK198604

    09:15 it’s also make me mad because i love pets but i’m more into cats than dogs ;-)

  54. Christian O. Holz

    Sea Dragon as well :)

  55. Brian Bowhan

    Yay Vintage Space video! It’s been a long time.

  56. Darth Plagueis

    The Emperor of mankind likes the name for sure

  57. Jack Burgar

    Love that Kerbal Space Program music

  58. snappytoetapper6

    Amy, very enjoyable as always. It’s nice to see you on a regular basis again and a very short “hello” by Pete. My cat Spencer ( my smaller version of Pete) was beginning to wonder what happened to his hero Pete. I was verbally assaulted agian by some person over the moon landings again last night. He told me ( and the rest of the world I guess) that I need to get over the fact we never went there and we never landed on the moon. They cling to this notion like a baby baboon clings to it’s mother.
    Frightening! The wife and I wish you a safe and happy holiday season.
    Keep history and the honest achievements of all of those who made it all possible. Pete needs his own segment…

  59. Robert Weidner

    Keep watching, it does show a “US failure.”

  60. blackdreamhunk2

    I just want to say Amy you’re beautiful lady. Love watching your videos on space too. You also have cute cat 😛

  61. Mike Gallagher TV

    Yes my teeth would hurt too! Great Space review.

  62. Joseph Haas

    The fact that you played KSP music is amazing

  63. Ibakon Ferba

    How fitting that I am reading Breaking the Chains of Gravity rn :D I’m really, really enjoying it btw!

  64. Thorsten Frank

    Great recap. My thoughts were the same.
    BTW: did I here the KSP OST in the background???

  65. Steve Costanzo

    Do birds ever have dreams that they’re flying?

  66. Martin Heermance

    “The Imitation Game” had a similar effect on me. It was based upon history I am familiar with, and seeing real people completely mangled for the sake of narrative was annoying. Apparently it infuriated the decedents of some of these people.

  67. Eddie42023

    4:00 you earned my ‘LIKE!’

  68. Canadian wafflz YT

    Ksp music=instant sub
    Cat named Pete=instant like

  69. Trooper Stak

    I’m the same way when I watch “Man in the High Castle”

  70. Günther Seemann

    “Magnus von Fahrenstein” – Amy Shira Teitel, 2019

  71. Josh Brown

    I’ll have you know that we descendants of Magnus von Ferinstein are a robust and proud people.

  72. zapfanzapfan

    Happy Halloween!? :-)
    Sounds like an interesting show, maybe I’ll get around to see it. Give Pete an extra hug!

  73. Jim Allen

    Love a Pete cameo appearance😀😀 I’ll comment on the content after I watch the show

  74. Chris Moore

    Okay, where did you get that dress?!? My daughter would LOVE that as a Christmas gift!

  75. GlassTopRX7

    Haven’t watched the show. Having just finished Man in the High Castle which was initially based off of a Philip K. Dick book by the same name, I felt like it was playing of that success.
    I think something most modern writers lack over the older writers is a depth of knowledge in the subject matter. Many studied to be writers in school vs the older sci\fi writer which many of the greats were total geeks or from a STEM type profession. Granted they predate those terms but it still accurately defines them. Some modern stories like The Martian and Interstellar had these type of authors and created very accurate well grounded sci\fi. Commercially these stories have to be well written to be commercially successful and the bottom line is really all that matters today.

  76. William Hostman

    Almost all alt-history authors totally screw up where the divergence actually occurs. In most cases, the real point of divergence is about 20 to 30 years prior to the author’s claimed diversion.

  77. Booyaka9000

    I can’t tell if this review either makes some huge assumptions about the divergence point, or doesn’t fully appreciate the concept of alternate histories/universes/timelines and how it relates to our real life time line. Like, I’m confused…

  78. Dave B

    Experts in any subject aren’t entertained by a Hollywood version of their expertise, because Hollywood thinks they have to sensationalize and corrupt everything with their spin.

  79. TheHandOfFear

    Nobody said our timelines were identical leading up to the first landing. It’s just the first _noticeable_ difference. In fact they are subtly dropping clues about how the timelines may have differed before that, and I think we may eventually find out more about what led to the soviets being able to land first.

  80. darren marchant

    you ………….are indeed my favorite space commenter!

  81. AttemptsAtFlight

    To be totally fair, I never took that day as the point at which the timeline deviated since it was never mentioned in the show (which also changed the Apollo 10 astronauts among other things) and just assumed it had deviated much earlier (at the very least that Korolev didn’t die, possibly much earlier). I caught on after the line about previously successful N1 launches, the lack of which I think is general knowledge for even casual space fans (but maybe not general audiences). I think the line from the synopsis was the work of the person writing it, and not necessarily reflective of the showrunner/writers’ intentions
    I was waiting for you to cover this series, can’t wait to see your thoughts on the later episodes

  82. Robert Keefer

    “How dare you kick my cat!”
    NASA FIDO guy:

  83. Sparky

    The “Kick the dog”, expression wasn’t a thing back then. I’m old enough to know.
    Some comedian in the ’70’s or ’80’s said it to illustrate & exagerate a feeling of frustration in a joke/story, and people picked up on it, but never used it in a serious manner.Something ridiculously over the top about being so frustrated or angry, where whatever situation made them want to go home & beat their wife and kick the dog). Some Millennial writer must have imagined, that it was a real “old school” saying, so used it in the script.

  84. Sparky

    They should have hired Amy as a consultant.

  85. Alex Landherr

    Finally; a proper analysis of the series.

  86. Zoltán Pósfai

    “It’s a small step for man… oh, hi Pete!” THAT would have been an alternate history :D

  87. Chris Drzal

    We miss your videos!

  88. Andyanajones84

    I want to change my name to “Magnus von Ferinstien” now

  89. Drævn Ëvans

    13:10 it’s reflective of cancel culture and norms regarding social media and diggin up past events to smear people.

  90. merlinthegray

    This happened with the Chernobyl show. Had my coworkers coming to work with “did-you-know” facts that never happened. The show does an alright job of historical accuracy but it is not a documentary.

  91. MortenErCrazy

    If you can’t stop your brain from going “but that’s not real!” just be happy you got into space travel instead of politics, hahah
    I enjoyed the review!

  92. Thomas Wijgerse

    so I rushed to close my ksp game at round about 0:16.

  93. bill baggins

    “My teeth are hurting” 🤣 The Apollo 18 movie is about as far as I’ll go for ..alternative history 😁

  94. Happymars

    Next episode: Communism works perfectly while capitalism leads to mass starvation in the west.

  95. L N

    “Wernher Von Braun is a real dude.” – Amy Shira Teitel, 2019

  96. quantumac

    The real history is far more fascinating than Hollywood revisionism.

  97. Toby Foster

    In some of the reading I have done around the show, Ronald D Moore has confirmed that the true point of divergence in the timeline was actually Sergei Korolev surviving what was supposed to be a routine stomach operation, I think in 1965 but I could be wrong.

  98. Nikita Woremsbecher

    I don’t think the show actually claims that June 20th, 1969 was the “Point of Divergence” of the timelines.
    If you listen carefully in episode 1, the CIA representative mentions that there have been multiple N1 launches to lunar orbit over the course of 1969 that the US (with relatively high, but no total certainty) assumed to be unmanned tests, but in hindsight probably would’ve been manned tests of the lunar modules.
    So the timeline clearly diverged earlier with secretly manned Soviet test flights, just that it didn’t impact the world at large greatly before the Soviets revealed their program.

  99. Pete Winters

    Forgot your cats name is Pete. When you said Hi Pete, I looked at the screen like 😲…. Hi Amy….

  100. Jordan Snowhook

    Hi Amy, I’m on the crew of “For All Mankind” doing Special Effects. There are a couple of fans of yours on the show. I can understand your frustrations. I have the same frustrations when reading the scripts. (I haven’t watched it) But, you have to remember that it’s a fantasy, not a historical documentary. The writers image that key Russian scientists and Cosmonauts did not die prior to 1969, in order to have a believable story.
    Also there wasn’t time to develop a back story under the timeline that the Producers demanded. The story needs to get to a certain point in order to have season 2 work.
    Yes, it’s too Hollywood. But so are most blockbusters these days.

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