LIVE Lego Lunar Module Build!

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  1. Bruce Graves

    And you actually picked the color of those cabinet doors?

  2. Joey Martin

    Red pill: Man can never go the Moon honey.

  3. Norman Nauffts

    Did you Here The Noise 16 Tons Of cocaine Confiscated

  4. SpyerSecol 001

    I already built mine!

  5. Chukmil98

    Amy please go back to your old format …I found this unwatchable… and I like your stuff….have you been eating those majic mushrooms?

  6. J K

    always enjoy your building videos thank youooooooo!

  7. Blended Tapes

    uR BXxb5 r juicy nd big

  8. Харе Кришна

    You look like Shoot em up Monica Bellucci

  9. tim harincar

    I love the live build videos, especially the Lego ones, but I was really wanting to show you some other techniques for using the brick separator (yes, I’m OCD) :-) The struggle with the small plate at 1:05:00 is easy when using the *other end* of the tool – not the wedge but use the lever (put the tool on the studs, push down) to pop it right off. Looking forward to part 2!

  10. christian lluveres

    I love mine…..I enjoy the detail and functionality…its definitely fun…

  11. mythdusterds

    I like your laugh.

  12. RJ Rand

    You have a pleasant personally and you are very knowledgeable about Space. Maybe you should have a friend help you build your model so you can have someone to talk too. It would be more interesting to watch for 2 hours if it was a conversation and not just you, alone, talking to a web cam. Also, using an eithernet cable from your laptop to your router and WiFi, may help the video quaility too. Good Luck on the podcast.

  13. Norman Nauffts

    10y10m For Me Oh shit It Feels Like only yesterday

  14. Russell Clemmer

    Amy, have you ever visited the Glenn NASA center here in Ohio?

  15. Norman Nauffts

    You Could Have A Base Build Ing Contest

  16. Ajax SlamGoody

    That sure is a Yellow Kitchen, ‘Lil Hot Momma. (good shows though, just found you…)

  17. Ben Schilling

    So, it says 16+ on the box, so does that mean my 8-year-old-son could build half of it?

  18. Murad Indris

    It’s YouTube, not enough processing resources to produce her beauty digitally

  19. Jorge Schrauwen

    My build went fine, I just messed up a few black<>darkgray pieces and had to redo a few things.

  20. Marc Kloosterman

    Drinking game: every time you hear Amy say “okay” 🥴

  21. WacKEDmaN

    sorry…after 30mins i cant watch this anymore..240p is worse than old analog tv!…theres no point watching when i cant bask in your beauty! :P

  22. Chris Britt

    Hey got your light didn’t realize it was alive stream and I watched the whole thing anyway can’t wait to see the next part of that

  23. Simply Space

    Aw damn, I missed the live stream. How? I have notifications turned on and I’m following you on Twitter.

  24. Zoutsteen from Holland

    quote of the day: “We’re going to figure it out”

  25. Andy Law

    Love the 9600 baud video :-D

  26. kyle wichner

    i should get that lego space set then if i need help i can just watch your video again.

  27. Norman Nauffts

    I Gave The Queen You No The middle Finger

  28. Norman Nauffts

    They Will Prob Send ya A corvette no Joke

  29. KsJayhawker94

    So I wonder how many cat hairs you had in your final construct.

  30. Thomas Joseph

    You should make a Twitch channel for live events :D

  31. Norman Nauffts

    Your Gonna hafta Some More videos

  32. scuzzydirtbag

    Remotely related to your excellent post: I watched SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy
    launch in June 2019. When the side boosters landed I heard the triple
    sonic boom. How come I didn’t hear the sonic boom on the way up?

  33. Michael Rochen

    1:53:30 “[The lunar module] looked like it was made of tin foil.” They tried tin foil, but determined it was too heavy.

  34. Pgcmoore

    when i was 9 in ’69 during apollo, i put together a really cool sm / lander model set but the scaLES BETWEEN THEM WERE WAY OFF SO I COULDNT DOCK THEM ;-(

  35. Phizicks

    You need to run a speed test online and see what your max upload speed is like.

  36. saturn0660

    Are you on Dial-up?

  37. Oz DeaDMeaT

    Holy shit, what internet connection are you using?

  38. randy marsh

    Your hair looks like valentina kermin’s! Lol ya look great. Nice shirt btw!

  39. Anonymous Freak

    15:20 – This is the quality YouTube content I count on Amy for!

  40. Rob Dedrick

    Hey Amy Love Your T-shirt Loved The Creature Movies .

  41. joaquin perez

    Tuned in only because you are so pretty and perky

  42. Joe Krol

    I am so sorry I missed the live feed! We are moving my son to Alabama over the next two days to attend US Army Flight School so I was busy Packing.

  43. Karl Muster

    If you drag the playhead cursor, you get a nice time-lapse of the build.

  44. mythdusterds

    Come on flat bite. I feel like you are rolling a dice saying that. The plural of LEGO is LEGO.

  45. Rastian

    I just want to know (I guess it is, but haven’t seen a video about it)…. The first step in the moon, was erased by the blast of the escape thrust?

  46. Cactus Jones 2.0

    Just realised you look like Erin from The Office.

  47. NEY Industries

    Youtube completely destroys videos if they’re longer than 10 mins.

  48. SidNightWalker

    I’m sorry I missed this, cuz you rule Amy!!!!

  49. R GIII

    I wish I watched this LIVE.
    But I still watched after work. Ugh I hate delays. Thank you for doing this.

  50. mavos1211

    Sorry Amy I missed you but will watch the stream now. ( better late than never I guess )

  51. Hoosier Daddy

    Hope you got to watch PBS Chasing the moon. American experience series. Looking forward to your comments on it. I really enjoyed it.

  52. Shifa Rehan

    Hey good to see you here, sorry we missed your live stream. Hope all is well!

  53. Norman Nauffts

    I Went For A Walk Today Exercis= Great something popped In My Head Bernie Clause

  54. Jj Stewart

    Think of the end product! Can you picture it ! It looks good don’t it .:)x vertues lil lady

  55. Michael Rochen

    It appears that the LEGO Lunar Module Kit is not NEARLY as organized as the LEGO Saturn V Kit was.

  56. Norman Nauffts

    You Said Newt and Guess What Popped The mighty hercules

  57. Randy G

    Also I’ve rediscovered, to use a “Cupcake Baking Pan” to keep the various parts separate and fairly easy to locate when assembling 🐱

  58. cb_spock

    I put my LEGO LM together this past weekend, its such a great kit. Can you do a video on how the Saturn V stack was put together, how were the stages locked together and how long it took to assemble a Saturn V rocket

  59. Gregory Stoner

    How do i send you a picture of my collection i have a lot of the Executive series models.

  60. Aaron

    Holy crap, a hot girl playing with LEGO’s. I might pass out. 👍

  61. Jari Kinnunen

    All, what i been wait for! I can simulate Apollo missions. Yeah.

  62. plushoom

    Im gonna start building a vintage space girl in lego

  63. Alex Thomas

    My Saturn V Lego is arriving tomorrow, I can’t wait! Was going to get the Lander as it’s new but thought I can’t have that without getting the Saturn V first!

  64. Stephen Badamo

    NASA needs you as their trouble shooter! Thanks for sharing your adventure! I make the old Aurora plastic model kits, mostly the Monters, including The Creature 👩🏼‍🚀

  65. Richard Mattingly

    Hmm..if the Moon Landings were faked does it mean the kit is as well? Pete’s approval shows that Amy’s model is as real as the actual Lander since he can’t be bribed by just any Lego pieces at hand. As Vintage Space’s most valued advisor he earned his stripes and Amy’s space related collections earned every cat hair/sniff they have because Pete is a AstroCat to the core.

  66. Ryder Spearmann

    You’re adorable… thanks for you

  67. gast128

    No cat stealing LEGO bricks this time?

  68. Paul van Lieshout

    When the connection isn’t that good to start with, a lot of data going in (chats) really has a negative effect on the outgoing data.
    That’s the reason why the stream got worse and worse, since more and more people started to leave comments…
    Outgoing speed is very important when streaming…

  69. Darren James

    Dooooood! That kitchen! What!? That’s AMAZING

  70. John

    It may have been the video quality, but it looked to me as if you missed a part or two in step 27.
    Also, it looked as if you attached the camera to the top of Q4 in step 48 and then continued upside-down.
    I hope this is not to late to help.
    JANGBRICKS has done two build videos of the Lunar Lander which may help with the trickier parts
    Pure real-time build video:
    Speed build version:

  71. scuzzydirtbag

    Remotely related to your excellent post: I watched SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy
    launch in June 2019. When the side boosters landed I heard the triple
    sonic boom. How come I didn’t hear the sonic boom on the way up?

  72. Ted Fineran

    If this is HD, you must be using Lego-sized pixels….

  73. drastar1

    She has such a beautiful laugh, a beautiful smile and a beautiful view of the stars above and such love for things that have to do with space. That’s so awesome

  74. Mark Susskind

    Peteconrad the Cat was too shy for the livestream. “Sowwy, hair not did.”

  75. Ben Schilling

    So, it says 16+ on the box, so does that mean my 8-year-old-son could build half of it?

  76. Matt Erbst

    Dear Vintage Space, even Chinese news is excited about Classic NASA news:

  77. #1 Tako

    Looks like someone has been watching some Scott Manley lately… 😏

  78. Luke Daigle

    I got the LEGO Saturn V for my birthday and was sooo excited to build it!!! They did such a great job making sure the stages are secure for stage separation.

  79. Antony Morello

    Love your content and your enthusiasm! Also just an FYI for you and anyone else that is interested there is a HD re-release of the HBO miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon” dropping on July 16th in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Just found out about it and had to let you all know!

  80. Christopher Chadsey

    It’s like watching the beautiful Audrey Hepburn putting legos together.

  81. Norman Nauffts

    Shitwha Was You Maki g Aging ^*☆♡aBase Great

  82. Steven Sykes

    Sorry I missed your live stream Amy! I love watching these I just got busy 😭. Definitely going to watch this later. Please keep doing this when you get a chance they are so much fun

  83. Jack Smith

    and a short skirt with high heels !

  84. Norman Nauffts

    I Ga:e The pope the Fingerto > wished Him Happy Birthday First

  85. Mike Hagen

    Picasso couldn’t have cubed you more beautifully. Love your channel Amy!

  86. Why Soitanly

    You know, of course, almost all your attentive viewers are MEN.

  87. rappi gonen

    you look beautiful and amazing <3

  88. Thomas Powers

    Is it just me, Or does Amy become more adorable as time goes on?

  89. zapfanzapfan

    With the generally crappy internet in the US, Starlink will have many customers :-)
    Don’t knock Space Cowboys, that is a really funny movie! Geriatrics in space ;-)

  90. Codeck

    The resolution of video gives the stream an extra vintage layer ;-)
    On a serious note awesome to see new videos coming out.

  91. Victor_ Silva

    I admit I was most of the time rooting for Mr. Pete make a messy appearance. I love cats!
    Cmon Pete! Don’t chew the plastic!l

  92. danielthesantos

    Don’t fall for this fake moon landing scam. The whole thing was filmed on the surface of a neutron star.

  93. Penultimate Hortator

    I really think you should pursue an engineering degree. You’d be fascinated by the physics behind why some of this stuff works.

  94. Ricardo Velozo

    Ï’m broadcasting from the Moon in 1969, deal with it” LOL you’re great!

  95. Astro Shlibber

    Have you left your laptop on in SLEW mode ?

  96. Danielle Elliott

    I adore your videos Miss Amy , you look so lovely today

  97. Astro Shlibber

    You get your Canadian sorry from us Scotts ……….. sorry
    Ps get yourself a spudger, way better than the Lego takey aparty thing

  98. Fly-High

    Even in pixels Amy remains amazing

  99. Fred Wilson

    By the year 2020 pick 1 of these 3 things you prefer:
    1) Flying cars.
    2) Mars Bases.
    3) Watching cute girls playing with space Lego.

  100. Dave Thompson

    my favorite pixelated nerd =)

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