I Was Wrong in my TEDx Talk: a Self-Rebuttal

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Three years ago I was playing around with the idea of digging into the story of the so-called “Mercury 13” for my second book. It was at this most preliminary research stage that I gave this talk. I’ve since done a LOT of research and learned a LOT of things about the story. So, dear past Amy, here’s what you got wrong… *tugs collar nervously*

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My TEDx talk was done at the University of Rochester in 2017. Here’s the link to the full talk: https://youtu.be/7GgER2Uxmcs

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The Mercury 13 by Martha Ackmann: https://www.amazon.com/Mercury-13-Story-Thirteen-Flight/dp/0375758933/ref=pd_bxgy_img_3/134-3741673-5997065?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0375758933&pd_rd_r=2586f546-d965-42cf-a2f2-c93229a5d249&pd_rd_w=sS0R9&pd_rd_wg=iaZoz&pf_rd_p=4e3f7fc3-00c8-46a6-a4db-8457e6319578&pf_rd_r=TEPGNWVBSWKSYE3HH84H&psc=1&refRID=TEPGNWVBSWKSYE3HH84H

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  1. Asifa Farooqi


  2. crush537

    Must of us are full of it even when we don’t know it. Only some of us ever realize it.

  3. Kevin A. Countis

    Amy, this video is exactly why I admire you & subscribed to your channel. Your devotion to making sure that you address the facts about your subject, even after giving public presentations, shows how much integrity you have in this matter.

  4. Kieran Kinney

    more people like you who are able to self examine and self correct is a very good thing!
    especially in this current climate of toxic debate!
    You go girl!

  5. hector sewell

    I haven’t event watched this yet but well done you! Now I’m going to watch. Rather than say ‘keep it up’ which I’m sure is an expression that I don’t understand the implications of for a youtuber…I can say that I’ve very much enjoyed all your material and I’m very sure many others have too and hope to see more. Right…time to hit the Play button…x

  6. Vince Lamb

    Intellectual honesty and integrity for the win!

  7. Ar D

    I’m impressed that you didn’t just get mad and try to cancel yourself.

    Very mature.


    Love the channel

  9. ED4action

    i tell people, “don’t beat yourself up over every little thing….
    that’s what your friends and family are for”..

  10. LexieAssassin

    That moment when you just rattle off a bit of French like it’s nothing… Yep, Canadian alright…

  11. Vicky Mc

    Really good video, but there’s a big difference in the audio levels with you now and past you.

  12. Norwood Partz

    Saying this will get me in trouble, but seeing the long shot of you on stage confirms that you are not only bright but also gorgeous.

    Thank you for so many wonderful and informative videos and hard work and dedication.

  13. Awesomus Maximus

    Well done Amy

  14. Astronomy Films

    Great video, Amy!

  15. Alonso Quijano

    “Jerrie Cobb is qualified, and wants to be the first woman in space.”
    She was the Hillary of the galaxy at the time.

  16. Lessli Silverman

    Pretty hard to hear you.

  17. 6omega2

    You are so cute! Love you Amy!

  18. Dixie_rekd


  19. kek44

    Nicely done Amy. 👍

  20. Addison Martin

    Good for you for looking back at your past self and trying to improve!

  21. Petch85


  22. Lessli Silverman

    I’m curious (after all the self correcting you’ve had to do), how did you not get Booo’ed off the stage? Some of these people HAD to know of all the mistakes you were making, lol, i’m serious.

  23. Paul Horn

    Well,thats sign of a great personality that Amy correct her mistakes from back then! Not much people do this and as I said you have to be a great person to do such things!

  24. Isaac L-L

    This is the mark of a good writer. Criticizing your own work and being willing to admit to mistakes. More people (including myself) need to learn how to do that

  25. sulijoo

    I’m sure Past Amy thanks you. 😀

  26. Scot Fretwell


  27. soapbxprod

    Brava, Amy. Was it Bertrand Russell who said “When the facts change, my opinion changes”? That’s the way- that’s what science is all about.

  28. Biomecaman

    Hey u know. 2017 was a weird year.

  29. Keith Frost

    Well done and yeah, the media quite often is more interested in a good polished story.

  30. Almon-Joi Nye

    I just found this channel the other day and have been binging all the videos! This chick knows her space! Bless xx

  31. Francesco Pisani

    The biggest beef I have with that TEDx talk is those pants. YIKES! :D

  32. James Smith

    well, it was really shows a lot of integrity to clean up your past remarks and not many would do it, just hope you don’t get canceled now.

  33. Andy Porter

    Excellent video, Amy. Btw, is there a chance of you ever doing a video on other nations — USSR notwithstanding — vintage space programs? For example, Australia and the Woomera Rocket Range of the 1950 & 60s.

  34. Kevin Kingston

    Are you going to give a new TED talk based your book ?

  35. Michael Sullivan

    Good on ya, kid! You’re a treasure.

  36. Bitchute is better than Y

    I love debunking myself. Its one of my favourite things. It happens less and less nowadays, however building on my knowledge and constantly learning is great. Most people dont know how little they know, or how ignorant they are. Yet they will argue with you till theyre red in the face. But people often hate being wrong, and can be very stubborn

  37. Jttv

    Holup. You were in Rochester!!! How did I not know this.

  38. Eric Gollinger

    I think I’d like to do a movie of this!

  39. Icantdrive55

    🇨🇦 We love you 🇨🇦 Great episode!

  40. Chuck

    A new The Vintage Space video?! Click like, then click play.

  41. Pyriphlegeton

    Wow. I respect this. A lot!

  42. Christopher Farley

    love this

  43. Bill Welch

    Amazing bold video….. Watch your old video, and point out your flaws… I applaud you. CNN could learn a lot from you, ALOT

  44. Steven Sykes

    This is brilliant. Well done Amy!!!

  45. stevensonrf

    Wow Amy, Total respect! A+ for integrity! Glad my thumbs up moved this video to 900!

  46. John Clark

    Now Amy sets Past Amy straight and still gives some props! Enjoyed review and update. Lots of research to get to this point and well captured.

  47. Shawn Elliott

    Please fix the volume and re-upload this video. The new parts are very quiet (some almost inaudible) and the old parts are very loud.

  48. Leland Rogers

    I am currently listening to your audio book on my daily walks. You do a great job.

  49. Sandcastle •

    ‘I didn’t I call him randy, no one calls him William’
    You are really good at nit picking on the internet.

  50. John Owens

    You’re awesome Amy \o/

  51. Darkchylde50

    I was not expecting Amy to have a booty! 😝 😎 💯 🔥 🔥 That Tedtalk was worth it on do my fronts & backs xP

  52. Orion Riley

    It’s available as an audiobook? Definitely gonna have to buy it now! Probably as both :P

  53. Johnnie Walker

    Coming soon (three years from now): “A Rebuttal of the TedX Talk Self-Rebuttal”. Oops… I did it again…

  54. Lessli Silverman

    I just figured out what’s been bugging me about your bangs, let them grow down to your eyebrows, just starting to cover them, you’ll thank me.

  55. Nich Lounds

    Great rebuttal. That Tedx talk kind of put me off from your book. Glad you could self reflect and talk about the research and knowledge you gained since this speech.

  56. Richard phillips

    Yeeeaah for you, thanks for being real.
    Have been subscribed for years,and will never leave now

  57. Andrea Scordia

    Ok… i bought the book 🤗. I am sure it will be as good as the previous one!

  58. Allen Marples

    AAAAAAnnndddd.. I am back to being a really huge fan

  59. michaelfink64

    I really enjoyed this, Amy. Glad to hear someone really analysing their previous assumptions and interpretations and coming up with an honest self-appraisal. There should be more of this in the world.

  60. Charles Bunnell

    Amy, I enjoy your info very much. Thank you for sharing it. Very enjoyable and entertaining to watch. Thank you~💫

  61. Eric Taylor

    Well, you got my sub… 4 years ago!

  62. Ian McCombs

    As always, you are a professional and a historian. Thank you for being awesome.

  63. kachnickau

    And this is, Amy, why we love you :) <3

  64. Anthony

    You’re still our favorite Amy! Take some Tylenol and walk it off haha. ☺️ 👊🏾

  65. nick loughren

    👏🏼 I am glad to see that you are willing to correct yourself as you discover new information contrary to your previous knowledge

  66. SJ Schauer

    Great video, it is always good to go back and review your old material, we are our own worst critics, but to openly critique your own product shows a great deal of personal strength, and is admirable. Makes me like you even more.

  67. Drefooty Studios

    RESPECT! Great integrity to admit mistakes and come back to explain what happened and update with the correct facts. So few will do that these days.

  68. ulysisxtr

    I feel so happy seeing Amy doing what she loves :) Stay safe… We love you

  69. Danstaafl

    I remember watching this originally and wondering exactly what Amy had against the mighty Jackie Cochran?
    okay, now I get it.. :)

  70. 2660016A

    Pretty difficult to watch this at home late at night with thin walls when the original vid clips are so loud they begin to saturate and the newer stuff is at a normal volume.

  71. Chris Rasmussen

    Amy, thank you so much for doing such great work! I really enjoy watching your videos and reading your book. I think you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself because you did a great presentation with the little information you had at the time. Then later you were able to continue learning, giving us a great book with more accurate information clearing misconceptions we have about the “Mercury 13.”

  72. HIYU

    I learned so much from this self-rebuttal video, thanks for making it! ^^

  73. David Smith

    You’re still gorgeous.

  74. M Markovics

    You are an amazing, beautiful, and when you speak your voice and personality and intelligence just flood the room. Your parents should be proud! And you should feel very blessed ! God bless you Amy, and thank you for your chanel, your books, and for showing young ladies of today that hard work and having passion for your work is not only rewarding but can also be sexy as all get out!

  75. John Simpson

    9:36 You did it again, an “Ace Pilot” is someone who shot down 5 enemy airplanes (United States standard).

  76. Agent Waldheim

    Amy, what would be your reaction if i told you that my Father is a 84 year old Gemini astronaut whom has followed you and watched every video you’ve posted 3 or 4 times each and he has come to the conclusion that he would love for you to say yes to his marriage proposal? He is serious, or at least i believe he is, because he loves the fact that you are such a huge fan of his area of expertise when it comes to the classic exploration of space….? Pls do not respond as it will encourage him, LOLL, He has stated that even if you deny him his dream, its OK, he told me that he would love to give you a tour of the most secret facility at Cape Kennedy that even you dont know about….! respectfully, a fan

  77. maddogmcrae

    You have earned the respect of many more people by admitting your mistakes! Good job, eh?

  78. James Frangione

    So refreshing! Gives me hope! We learn every day. Admitting when we were wrong…or when we’ve learned more and found a different truth…that takes courage, humility, and character. I really respect that. Classy. Nicely done, Amy. 😊

  79. Artin T.

    I laughed all way, not at you, but to your reactions, loved it. We love you and your Chanel ( our channel) thanks

  80. NUKE

    2023: I was wrong in my “I was wrong “in my TEDx Talk” talk” :P

  81. A l'air libre! Ins Freie!

    courageous, honest, good historian… and as always well presented in a way that never gets boring… once again.. big respect

  82. Rob's Backyard Astrophoto

    The key to any academic work is honesty! Thanks for making this!

  83. SpaceApe Oakie

    It’s OK, shit happens. You’re still awesome and we still love you!!

  84. Cronista Mundano

    I have been a subscriber to this channel for some years now and now I can see I have been right all the time for doing so. Carry on your great work.

  85. Dave Forsyth

    You’re a class act, Amy. And a heck of a role model. Thanks for this.

  86. Gravijta

    In other words, don’t believe everything you hear at a TED Talk.

  87. Jeff K

    From an engineering standpoint you could make the argument that women would make better astronauts. Smaller, lighter, and slower metabolism has a lot of benefits for building a spaceship around.

  88. Jeff Sumner

    This is very brave- I too cringe to see myself- and your self-reflection is awesome. Thank you for being so honest!

  89. Harold Henderson

    Glad to see you “own” your errors. That is very tough to do for most people. Kudos to you.

  90. Daniel Balkwill

    When you stopped to correct Past Amy about “Walter” Lovelace, I thought it was also going to correct Past Amy saying Walter “selected” the Mercury 13.

  91. András Csák

    Wow… From now on, I have much respect for you, Amy Shira Teitel. You have the courage to publicly refute your own previous claims for more than twenty minutes although this might have been quite unpleasant for you. I admire your honesty.

    (And, btw., Frankenstein, the first science-fiction novel was written by a woman, Mary Shelley.)

  92. Vincent Groenewold

    Doing it before the Internet, such a good move. :) Self criticism like this is amazing, it’s so good and should be normal I’d say.

  93. Kev

    I think it’s really commendable that you made this video. I’ve seen a lot of politically-charged people online jump to cry sexism over any topic without understanding the full context. It’s refreshing to see someone be so open to reevaluating their views and clearing up the misinformation. Great vid!

  94. Astro Shlibber

    This is the most Canadian thing I’ve seen this year

  95. Radio Active

    “One of the great challenges in life is knowing enough about a subject to think you’re right, but not enough about the subject to know you’re wrong.” Neil deGrasse Tyson

  96. Leo Staley

    Ooh, I love when people disagree with their old positions!!

  97. WhereWhatHuh

    12:37 … Actually, German sausage is *literally* the wurst.

  98. Sparky

    At first, I was annoyed by so many people doubling down, rather than admitting, that they were wrong. Now I’m numb to it, but it’s very refreshing to hear someone correct themselves. …I love and trust Amy the more for it!

  99. Flying Skyward

    Love people admitting they were wrong. Makes me feel I can trust them more. Appreciate it!

  100. Steve Jeffery

    Good for you. The key to good science, and history, is being prepared to admit you were wrong in light of new evidence and/or more thorough research. It’s the people who refuse to admit they’re wrong you need to watch out for.

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