Books and Women: My Interview with Author Francis French

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**Also, we filmed this months ago so don’t worry, we’re not not social distancing.**

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Francis’ beautiful tribute to Al Worden, who passed on March 18, 2020:

Into that Silent Sea:
Falling to Earth:
In the Shadow of the Moon:

  1. Scale Modeling USA

    This channel used to be good….now not so much. Unsubscribing.

  2. RedemptionSoS

    I don’t do identity drama…

  3. Xmanhoe Bill

    Great interview Amy and Francis . No social distancing 😷

  4. Eric Wood

    It’s time for a trans-trans-transgender astronaut so it’s keeps us guessing what the hell is going on.

  5. Rob Gibson

    Um… Social distancing?

  6. TheCimbrianBull

    36:40 he came here to see Pete the Astro Cat. 😀🐱🐈😻

  7. GlassTopRX7

    I will say this opportunities to learn are so much better today. I grew when PBS and school films were the only media outside of books. Today there is likely a professional that has a YouTube channel with whatever you might be curious about like this one. I wouldn’t trade my genX experience growing up for one today but I can only imagine what it would be like with all thats available today.

  8. nesa1126

    it is wahmen.

  9. Billy Kotsos


  10. Yamagishi San

    38:00 hmm

  11. Bill Welch

    A quick scan of the comments…. and no Democrats watching? Haha… I’m sure they would have complained of lack of social distancing…. good stuff as always Amy!

  12. Jeffrey Galeski

    A great interview Amy . . . thanks. BTW go for you private pilot license, it gives you a unique perspective on life.

  13. Musicman81Indy

    Amy This was EXCELLENT. This was a VERY good interview. Francis is SO interesting to listen to. I could listen to him tell stories all day long. This was very intriguing and it really held my attention, as do all your videos. Thank you for doing this. Keep it up.

  14. Beach&BoardFan

    Great vid, great guest too!

  15. Fred in the Shed

    Thank you.

  16. Corey S

    Jerry’s low-pitched voice seems artificial, forced.
    NASA would have been irresponsible to put an unqualified *person* into a position like that.
    Pete such a big boi.

  17. Tejas Patil

    Love your content Amy ,u look cute and keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the book.

  18. beachbum77979

    I’ve enjoyed your videos for a while now. This one is for me, at another level. What a fascinating interview, such interesting insights shared with us. Inspiring role model women of the time for sure, probably especially for girls, but boys could learn the value of independence and tenacity as well. And aspiring writers, presenters, take at look at Amy and Francis. Follow your dreams, keep striving.

    Thank you both for what you’re doing. Take care, stay safe, God bless…

  19. James Frangione

    Terrific conversation Amy and Francis. Time well-spent. Really really good.

  20. Mugen Steel

    Super coolness! May I add, they really dress nice too. Sorry I keep editing I write what first pop’s in my mind (good thing it’s so tiny).

  21. nick loughren

    🤩 thank you for sharing this, it was awesome

  22. Mafalda Goncalves

    Beautifull…legs..even coronavirus resist.. 😂i still Love you.i m in portugal.LISBON wait for you for meet you and Larry whith you.. maby i m old..42 years 😎😃

  23. fewwiggle

    Another BIG milestone — Amy/VS now has over 1/3 Million subscribers!!! :-)

  24. Luke Bruner

    Great post! What do you think of “modern space”? I live here on the space coast….one week to go!

  25. Luke Bruner

    Great post! What do you think of “modern space”? I live here on the space coast….one week to go!

  26. Luke Bruner

    Great post! What do you think of “modern space”? I live here on the space coast….one week to go!

  27. Michael Althauser

    Enjoyed the interview quite a bit. :)

  28. Peter Anderson

    39:20 That isn’t any random person. They’re drawing Professor Martyn Poliakoff of Periodic Videos fame.

  29. NLAlchemist1

    Love the channel very informative!!

  30. Rob Young

    Thanks for uploading. Very interesting. I’m sure, as time moves on, this will help inspire new generations.

  31. jwflyaway

    I made first solo flight with female
    instructor, great pilot.

  32. Astronomy Films

    I had NO idea you worked on that! Love that book, great job.

  33. Technical Support

    yes more vintage :)

  34. Mark Whittum

    Fascinating, informative talk. Both of you communicated in a fun, pleasing way, and I really think I learned something.

  35. Francis

    Thanks Amy, always fun to talk with you!

  36. Alex Landherr

    Fascinating story, the closest I’ve come to a rocket launch is a static fire test near KSC at 1 March 2017.

  37. space1 2

    Is that a space shuttle in the bottom right? Were did that come from.

  38. spacenerd23 !

    Literally skipped on doing my chemistry homework to watch this 😂😂

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