Behind the Scenes: Recording my AUDIOBOOK!

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  1. Big AL


  2. Gino Giotto

    Great, keep up the good work

  3. subwarpspeed

    When I wanted to listen to your Breaking the Chains… I couldn’t find any audio version or it required some service I didn’t use.
    But found it on Google Play Books. I can read but prefer listening because easier to do while commuting. So I used Googles built-in Text-To-Speech!
    Biggest problem was it made ZERO pause after reading a chapter name and then continue with the text of the chapter.
    So having a real human, especially you, read this book will be awesome and I will take the effort to find it.

  4. MarcD

    Wow 11 hours.. look forward to listening.

  5. Barry

    Hi, Amy. I heard your guest commentary on PRX Siriusxm. I think you stole the show.

  6. Eric Girardet

    Can I buy your book directly from you with an autograph?!!! Please please!!! 😊

  7. Keith Butcher

    Hope there will be a UK release of the audiobook. I can only see pre-order for the hardcover format, no Kindle version either

  8. LucaZoneX

    Great news. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Ibakon Ferba

    I am definitely gonna get that!


    Thank goodness Amy. I have really been missing your videos. Looking forward to your new book.Thanks Ray

  11. Mauricio Micoski

    A video of you reading your audiobook, and listening your own voice. That’s a mix of channels

  12. Four Scorpio Productions

    Congratulations on your book, Amy, and on recording the audiobook as well! That’s a major feat — my wife Pamela & I have both done audiobooks (and engineered them ourselves), so we totally understand how much work goes into it. I just published my first novel too and will be doing the audiobook in the next couple months — just need to lock down a quiet recording space. I think having your book in your own voice was a great decision as all your fans can’t imagine hearing anyone else’s voice!

  13. Robert Butler

    That’s awesome!

  14. Icantdrive55

    Way to go Amy! 👍

  15. Headcrab

    If i buy the book, in print, in my inner ear I will still hear it in your voice. Hove imagination works.

  16. Joerg Behrendt

    When will your new book released on audible? My finger is on the buy button.

  17. Tsunamidelta

    Just preorderd your book! Looking forward to giving it a read.

  18. zapfanzapfan

    Damn, not in time for Christmas but it will be lovely hearing the book in your own voice.
    Come to Gothenburg book fair in September for the European leg of the book tour! I think it is the largest or second largest book fair in Europe. No need to translate, we can speak English good :-)

  19. Sgt Rock52

    Wish you could do more videos. I really enjoy your content.

  20. wilgarcia1

    Yayy woot woot :D

  21. d. kiovo

    Excited about the audio version. I have the audio version of “Breaking the Chains…”

  22. Michael King

    Congratulations 🥳 Amy fantastic effort. 🇦🇺😁🎉

  23. JeffDM

    I eventually settled on the narrator for “Breaking the bonds of Gravity” as being in your voice even though I know it wasn’t you.

  24. cgruttke

    What no Pete…un pre ordering ;) jk

  25. DC Long

    Are you going to be speaking near Simi anytime soon? Keep up the awesome work!

  26. noswonky

    This is great news. Your voice is what we want to hear.

  27. Craig L. Young

    Congratulations on the audiobook!

  28. Stephen Zumbo

    Thank you for this description of your experience doing the audio recording of your forthcoming book. I think I will enjoy hearing it read aloud by you. I have done some narration on radio of magazine and newspaper articles for the blind. Not quite the same as what you had to do but still challenging.

  29. Von Paraz

    Yay! Amy in the house!!!

  30. Thomas Rogers

    First of all you look amazing! Second I would have had to take several aspirin to sit and talk a book for hours.😲 But with your voice it will sell! 👍💙 Some books have terrible audio. Ha! Mis-sile us Americans say mis-sell. Love it! 😜

  31. Jeff Kamen

    Gotta change all those “a-boots” to “a-bowt”. :)

  32. ApolloMoonLandings

    Oh, so you “supposedly” are wearing too much makeup? Hmm…you appear to be the very same Amy which all of us have seen for years. Yeah, I am taking a jab at whoever said what he said.

  33. Just a Pilot

    Oh my, I’m so coppying that Rogallo tat.

  34. Robert McMillan

    As a fellow Canadian, I know you are pronouncing the words correctly. Don’t use the US pronunciation, use the correct one. SORRY if I have offended anyone :-)

  35. James Turner

    3:25 we KNOWWWWWW. Dont pressure yourself.

  36. Snipedog1978

    I am so glad to see u back on you tube. Keep the videos a coming, maybe more LEGO builds

  37. Sean Ehle

    Thanks for giving the narration a go for our (your fans’) sake. I’m glad you enjoyed the experience. I look forward to hearing the results.

  38. Mir Hammal

    That’s a good news. Thank you for your efforts Ammy. Keep rising and shining.

  39. Jeff Treseder

    We LOVE your pronunsciations! More fun than when ChrisFix saying wudder instead of water.

  40. thebatmanover9000

    I love you Senpai Amy!
    You are smart and beautiful!

  41. David Blanton

    looking forward to the new book. Glad you did the audio book … ! Hope we get to hear a water drink or two :-) …. jkust kidding. I know we wont lol

  42. TheGrace020

    Dear oh dear Amy how i have missed you

  43. Jeffrey Yoder

    You’re Canadian so by all means speak as a Canadian! I love it!

  44. luckie 17

    That couch is pretty dope !
    And this is pretty cool !

  45. Ashe K

    Boo shirt!! 😆😆😆

  46. Ian Wilkie

    Your new book comes out the day before my birthday! Going to ask for a copy from my family. Signed copy would be ultimate. I’m not much into audio books. Guess I’m old school. Glad to see you back on FB again.

  47. Rob's Backyard Astrophotography

    This is super cool! Thanks for sharing, Amy! I can’t wait for the release!

  48. TheMightyZwom

    That reminds me: I haven’t read your first book jet, even though I planed to… And that brings me to the question: Where should I buy the book to maximize your revenue? My thought behind that is: Amazon would be the simplest way for me (obviously) but I would imagine it also means the least money goes to the author that way…

  49. TheCimbrianBull

    Shout out to Pete the Astro Cat for making a cameo appearance. 🐈🐱😻

  50. kingjimsixsix5

    Great work Amy, congrats on the audio book, looking forward to the new book coming oot, breaking the Chains was a fantastic read.

  51. ben Sella

    Congratulations 🎉🎉!! Will definitely bye it on audiobook when it releases!

  52. Robin S

    I’m from Wisconsin. I haven’t noticed any accent!

  53. oolou04 Cobra

    Congratulations Amy!!! I cant wait to get the audio book and listen while on my drive  to LA from San Diego :)

  54. 2gnospam

    Great! I pre-ordered the audio CD on Amazon !

  55. tickle me and I'll Hurt you

    I’m so happy you narrated your own book Amy Elmo loves💖 you

  56. TheMarglue

    congrats! I was looking for another audio book. i’m on it! BUT THAT SHIRT!!! so awesome

  57. Green Eyes

    Getting the e-book kindle edition when it comes out! *edit* Just pre-ordered! Can’t wait!

  58. agentcrm

    Love your accent, that will make the audio book more interesting.

  59. kranzonguam

    Yay! Amy is back! The book sounds amazing, and in your own voice! Like a long Vintage Space! Happiness!!😁😁

  60. Prasak Manitou

    X-mas :D … Take my money! Where can I sign in? Hmmmmm Mmmmm done!!!

  61. b. griffin

    3:00 it’s called not being 29 anymore. 😁 🤣

  62. GlaucusBlue

    need audible, shut up and take my money!!

  63. likwidchris

    we missed you!

  64. ביזיון להיגיון

    I loved the “breaking” book, cant wait to read this one :)

  65. gary schraa

    You’ve always been aboot your passion for this material . hehe
    Oh hey that was a great  ‘angle’  of you in the  booth   :D

  66. SmittenTheKitteninMittens

    hey Amy i LOVE your At the drive-in vaya hoodie!!! they are my favorite all time band!!! Good luck with the audiobook too and Greetings from North Wales!! xx

  67. Justin Steiger

    Glad we’re going to hear your voice with your words. I bought the first book (audio form), and it was fine, but would have been nice to have your voice. Good job.

  68. MrJackHackney

    Perfection. I like when a story is read to me! (Like a child)

  69. Matthew Creech

    There’s my fellow historian!

  70. NW Monk

    (take my money meme) seriously, you’re fantastic.

  71. The Stuport

    Absolutely looking forward to getting my mitts on this book! Loved The 1960’s Style Couch too!! I’m sure more details on The Horizon as February 2020 comes into focus! Keep Us All In The Loop……Cheers From Ohio

  72. HTCS

    Hey guys ! I started to do small videos about space :) if you have some time I would really appreciate your advice !
    Hope to see you soon on my channel !
    Love what you do Vintage space ;)

  73. b. griffin

    3:45 so all in one day? 🤔 geez.

  74. SavageTactical

    You do have a good speaking voice.

  75. Tommy Petraglia

    It’s good to hear you lost the vocal fry, your voice has greatly improved. You have a good voice “for radio”.
    I’ll be ordering your book

  76. Michael Rochen

    Is there any chance that you’re going to do a book-signing tour? Any chance you might be coming to the Houston (TX) area? I would love to meet you and get an autographed book.

  77. watchth1ngs

    So where on Earth (hahah) have you BEEN?!?!?! Hey, Canadians are cool – we NZers think of you as kinfolk

  78. mrwilsox

    So cool — congratulations Amy!

  79. Ayush Anand

    Hey Amy , *It’s totally unrelated* … Can you do a Vintage space video shedding more light on the strange radio signal that Apollo 10 astronauts picked up while they were orbiting around the dark side of the moon.

  80. DeathToTheDictators

    You studied ‘voice’? Can you sing? Also, i’m Canadian and i sometimes say ‘miss-eye-al’, too lol.

  81. Gary Morrison

    Off the top of my head, I can’t recall the name of the voice actor for Breaking the Chains of Gravity, but I think she was a good choice, because (best I can tell) her pronunciation of German and other languages was (mostly) quite good. But perhaps you could have done even better?
    Although I have never narrated an audiobook, I do make, mostly just for my own educational purposes, audio quizzes (mostly on microtonal music systems or Mandarin-language vocabulary). I use a somewhat similar studio setup (good to hear that the pros come to a very-similar solution!).
    One interesting difference though: You mentioned saying “sorry” when you make a mistake. I do something very different: I clap my hands! Why? Because that is very visible in on the computer graphics of the recorded “sound bites” (usually in Digital Performer studio software)! In other words, by clapping, I can very quickly find where there is something to correct in the audio.

  82. One4All All4One

    I waited so long for this bombshell that I forgot I was subscribed to her.

  83. sulljoh1

    “We have not discussed foreign rights” 🤔

  84. Gary Chisholm

    When you sit down on Thursday to start and they say, “we noticed your energy level on Wednesday after lunch was distictly lower, we’d like you to reread chapter 8 first,” did your eyes roll back in your head? :]

  85. SnorgonOfBorkkad

    Congratulations. This is a really cool achievement.

  86. daffidavit

    5:26 “Oh my Gawd, yes”. LMAO

  87. Marc Arndt

    Cool, Amy, glad to know you’re narrating your new book. I loved Breaking the Chains… but after watching your videos, missed hearing it in your voice. Looking forward to it.

  88. Robert Steich

    3:28 The editor really must love you. Because they know where you messed up by the Canadian “sorry”. Very simple way of seeing it. Good job. Lol

  89. Todd Teagarden

    I’m excited! If it’s on Audible I’ll pick it up for sure!

  90. Greg Hartwick

    Aaaaa. I wanted to hear you ‘cus like a sailor’ when you made mistakes. I know, ‘family friendly’ Amy. ;-)

  91. Paul Carpenter

    +1 for Audible (It’s only showing the AudioCDs at the moment on Amazon) because TAKE MY MONEY…

  92. porkrind

    We need a super cut of every time you said “soory” during the recording.

  93. Ben Dornie

    Pronouncing “Missile” to rhyme with “mile” is just fine – Americans didn’t invent the English language and so aren’t the arbiters of how it should be spoken. Your accent is great – if it feels good, say it! :)

  94. Jacob Duran

    I love your Canadian accent! Can’t wait to buy it on Audible, I’m gonna listen to it all day, urry day gurl! Heh sorry for the flirting, I can’t help it. 😔

  95. Jim Allen

    Love the old logo.. haven’t seen it in a while!!

  96. Joe Smith

    I’ve never seen Amy so giddy.

  97. Paul Carpenter

    When I listened to “Breaking the Chains of Gravity” I’ll be honest that my brain heard it, then re-talked it in your voice, so no harm, no foul :D

  98. Michael Skinner

    I’m glad the book is in your voice. I wouldn’t worry about your accent. I think a lot of people find it endearing
    Even if you have issues with words and have to take a sip of water, the fact that an author is reading room book I think is just invaluable.
    Think of it as your personal touch

  99. Justin Hughes

    “Because I’m Canadian I say sorey.” Truer words have never been spoken. 😄

  100. Paul van Lieshout

    I love audiobooks narrated by the author. It gives that extra dimension. 👍🏻

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