Vulcan Centaur Qualification Hardware Build in ULA’s Factory in Decatur, AL

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  1. theinsane102

    Obsolete before it’s even built. Sorry ULA Starship is just around the corner.

  2. Corey Taylor

    dont listen to the salty spaceX fan boys, they arnt actually fans of Aerospace, they just like shiny rockets that look cool at launch (and landing) and think that reusable is the only way to go.
    this is incredible and amazing to see the progress you guys are doing!
    its fascinating to see the exact manufacturing methods in creating these. whats most interesting for me is seeing you guys milling out walls of the fuel tank instead of welding the pieces of the bulkheads together. I wonder if you guys plan to send the milling scraps out to a recycling place to get a small amount of material cost back?
    good luck! I cant wait to see it launch!

  3. antonslavik2030

    Good job !

  4. Blade


  5. Silviu Stroe

    Quick question, how are the Oxidizer (LO2) tank assemblies welded together after being formed as panels? I totally missed it in the video.

  6. Louis Thetiot

    What’s the name of this job ?

  7. TheGalaxy Legend


  8. MrBen527

    Very cool fabrication footage! I never would have guessed you use a brake press for those panels instead of rolling.

  9. J CS

    More of these videos, please.

  10. Lion McLionhead

    Some kind of subscale oxygen tank.

  11. Darkstar

    No sound, or is it issue on my computer?

  12. Eyal Herlin

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  13. Samuel Robinson

    Well if I had know it was that easy… :-D

  14. russan58

    Шикарное видео! Спасибо компании!

  15. Buff Awesome

    You need the “How it’s Made” guy to narrate this for you.

  16. Javier Vazquez

    Can’t wait to see this rocket launch! I’m really interested on how this new reusable idea will turn out 👍🏻 Vulcan, Starship and New Glenn 😎 No other country will have better rockets then the US 🔥

  17. Dappdude

    That was really cool to see :D

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