ULA Paving the Mars Highway

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You saw NASA’s Perseverance rover land on Mars, but did you know ULA’s Atlas V rocket powered the 293-millon-mile journey? ULA President and CEO Tory Bruno talks through what it took to make history happen.

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  1. Anakin Skywalker

    On behalf of Space X I’d like to apologize for all the cringe comments. Just ignore them they are the fake fan boys. The real Space X fans will give credit where credit is due and congratulate ULA for this mega mile stone for all! Amazing accomplishment ULA team!

  2. massimorofl

    Bravi !!!

  3. WrenPhoenix

    It’s not reentry if it didn’t originate there.

  4. Lilyjean B52

    Man, I get 7 minutes of terror on waking every day!🔭🌟🚀🚀🚀💫

  5. Owen Keller

    You should redesign the interstage. It should be longer and include hardware capable of returning and landing the booster (retro thrusters on top). Then you could offer both expendable and reusable flights on Vulcan. The detachable engines thing doesn’t seem like the best approach.

  6. Josh Niedens

    Whoever down voted this video doesn’t get a ticket to Mars. Lol

  7. Der Auditor

    I can listen to Tory Bruno for Hours.

  8. Richie Thach

    Those SpaceX simps in the comments man.

  9. GWIvid

    As for consistent travel to Mars, I think SpaceX might beat you. We’ll see

  10. Tom Parmenter

    It’ll be quicker to build an concrete highway to Mars than it would take ULA to get someone there!

  11. Tom Parmenter

    It’ll be quicker to build an concrete highway to Mars than it would take ULA to get someone there!

  12. M Roch

    Tory responding to my tweet is still a highlight of my life. Love you guys, great work from this team!

  13. life sentence sux so does

    I love the technology….dont really know what humans are gonna do there but its still cool

  14. thasickest

    There’s some flying water towers in Texas that disagree wholeheartedly. Solid boosters are instruments of war and an excuse to fund antiquated unusable tech, convenient for governments to keep nukes stored on for rapid launch but not the best conveyor to space for colonization mission. Rapid re-usability is a must.

  15. Stephen Mortimer

    0:50 what is this crap REENTER Mar’s atmosphere ?? YOU NEVER LEFT IT !!

  16. mountedpatrolman

    Strange that SpaceX seems to be doing all the heavy paving….

  17. Administrator

    HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You actually believe you guys are taking us to Mars? *points at SpaceX* You boys are DOOMED.

  18. lova Ravonimanantsoa

    Outstanding 👍🏽

  19. heatshield

    In about twenty-five years when we’re actually making roads on Mars, this video will be considered a bit click-baity.

  20. Philipp Anzböck

    Congratulations ULA!

  21. Onalenna Sehume

    Congratulations Tory and ULA team

  22. Owo Uwu

    Pls don’t brag when it takes 3 tries to launch a delta 4



  24. Nathanael Ritz

    Well done, team space!

  25. A F


  26. Alberto Cammuso


  27. A Wild Pufferfish


  28. Joaquín Eichhorn

    Amazing job! Congrats 🇦🇷

  29. Marinus Brix


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