1. Nico6967

    Good luck being second to the ISS by over a year

    Just saying, it would have been cooler if it worked the first time

  2. econojon

    Where are my engines, Jeff‽

  3. Heuhaufen2


  4. Jack Warneckii

    I wish ULA could innovate like Spacex does. They should already have the parts in place equipment and talent-wise. Just surprised how they got laped so quickly. But this is still cool that it’s happening!

  5. Jim Patrick

    Isn’t this the rocket built around Russian hardware?

  6. YewTewbe

    Is this rocket landing on a barge at sea or back on the land?

  7. spacetaco1

    Good luck ULA and Tory !!

  8. lova Ravonimanantsoa


  9. Josh Harris

    I’m not worried about ULA, it’s Boeing that’s the sketch fest.

  10. leeprigmore


  11. Thomas Goodwin

    So, what numbers are everyone taking in the ‘Scrubs Pool’? Seriously though, good luck and Godspeed. I know the rocket is solid, it’s the payload vehicle that’s keeping the eyebrows up. Feels like the last solid thing Boeing built was the B-52.

  12. Stephen

    Tory Bruno has done a great job modernising this company and getting ready for Vulcan 🖖

  13. VonPredator

    Wish you a completely Nominal flight ULA!

  14. K John

    Competition is good, competition is American. Let’s go!

  15. Sofa-king-funny

    next strainer is unmanned ….. prove auto docking

  16. Desmond Dwyer

    John Glenn did it for his country and the advancement of manned space flight, these are only doing it to satisfy there ego, spend the money on building a hospital

  17. Joe DeGregorio - Southwes

    Hahahahaha, and still using Russian made Rocket engines… I’ll stick with SpaceX.

  18. B Blod

    Looking forward to it. Go ULA!

  19. Joe Mama Gaming

    Is this already rolled out I need to take pictures

  20. Fionn2200

    Rapidly Reusable Rockets RRR! it is essential to the future of spaceflight.

  21. Pratwurscht Gulasch

    the torch has been passed alright, to spacex :D

  22. Feel Good

    When is the launch? I want to synchronize clocks!)

  23. Agro Knerarz

    Starliner – a new error in human spaceflight…

  24. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    Hope this flight goes great this time

  25. harfaury

    ULA is go for launch!

  26. Dallas Ryan

    Kind feel like you should have spent less on flashy sales pitch and more on developing the Starliner software…

  27. imglover 13TH-GEN_PATRIOT


  28. Bcneverworks RBLX!

    Ula is the best!

  29. Panical


  30. Luna Does stuff


  31. Curiosity Space


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