RocketShip Renaming Ceremony

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On September 27, ULA welcomed R/S RocketShip to the family. President and CEO Tory Bruno joined other ULA leaders in Decatur, AL to officially rename the cargo vessel that carries fight hardware from the factory to launch sites. ULA held the ceremony to honor maritime tradition.


    Always nice to see rich white people showing off their toys at the expense of the taxpayers. 👎🏻

  2. Andrew Kroll

    All old people… Disappointing.

  3. Josh Boucher

    Disappointing…. Keep these ceremonies relegated to private remembrance… Public doesnt care about this side project. Be different if you planned on landing on the ship…. Looks like cushy jobs tho.

  4. fastbike1977

    Maybe I might hold ULA in a higher regard if they didnt attempt to placate some Bronze Age mythical non-existent being in the process of advancing some of the highest technology on the planet. Lame.

  5. Cotton Pony

    You should have named the ship *_SPACEX_* More people would have watched the video…

  6. Michelle Larocco

    its called “Rocketship” saved you 11 boring min’s

  7. EliteGeeks

    Humans love to waste time and wine I guess

  8. Steven Thomas

    Just launched already obsolete 🍻

  9. theinsane102

    Ula has a boat named RocketShip. SpaceX has an actual Starship.

  10. Brendan Henderson

    Cool. While Elon is landing rockets on ships, ULA is launching ships! Are the rockets for getting the ship to space (to one-up SpaceX and Rocket Man)?

  11. Matthew O'Brien

    What was the old name?

  12. Naveela Ali

    Knowledgeable video
    #Different amazing videos

  13. Donny Helvey

    Great job ULA!

  14. manoj Kumar


  15. gammarayburst

    Like if you agree “RocketShip” means “Spacecraft”, so they’ve essentially labelled their cargo ship “spacecraft”.

  16. Twin Films

    ULA’s Starship update

  17. Jay Diggity

    Wonderful. May RocketShip Ship many Rockets.

  18. Ben Jacobs

    Would be nice to hear more from Tory on the Tubes.
    Don’t be a Bezos! :D
    (In fairness I wish all parties well)

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