Rocket Talk: Atlas V Landsat 9

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Katharine Jacobs, safety, health and environmental affairs specialist is at SLC-3, at Vandenberg Space Force Base in CA, where the Atlas V rocket is in final processing to launch the Landsat 9 mission for NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Learn more about Katherine’s role as safety, health and environmental affairs specialist in the blog:

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    Thank you for the information Team!!!!!!

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    woah, SI units? thanks!

  3. Mr. Loop

    When’s the Atlas V 511 gonna fly

  4. Gama Aerospace

    Go Atlas ! Go Centaur ! Go Landsat 9 !!!

  5. Raymond Sanchez

    Is there a spot where the public can go and watch the launch ?

  6. J FO

    Vandenberg Space Force Base…just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  7. Chad Snow

    01:24 WRONG. 15 June 2007 Atlas V did not achieve the intended orbit for its customer. And I will add, Atlas V has a 100% failure rate on rocket reuse .

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    Wow go for launch

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    At least Tory can get stuff done. And he seems like a nice guy

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    👍Go for launch.

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    Cool when does it launch?

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    Declass the TR3B

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    Can’t wait for the launch.

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