1. nuclearcasserole

    So, all those millions of flakes of ice are travelling at a dangerous speed, sheesh! talk about a no fly zone! The space shuttle used to fly backwards because there was an incident where a flake of paint nearly compromised the windscreen. Good gosh! the whole spacecraft in this video was covered in ice when it left the ground, and the ice peeled off in a variety of sizes as they went along for the ride. Crazy incompetence!

  2. Lazurkri

    Cute, but SpaceX made this look better 5 years ago… and did it better too!

  3. MrMichaelXX

    Quite possibly the most beautiful launch ever. The Atlas V is an incredible machine.

  4. Freak80MC

    Actual real-time video in space instead of a stupid fake cgi graphics that makes it pointless to watch the stream when I could just be playing the mission myself in KSP, which also gives fake info whenever there are failures, what is this, SpaceX!? (seriously though this is a good thing keep it up!)

  5. Arashi Mokuzai

    sooo why did the rocket fall in the ocean? where is the boost back burn? and why didn’t it fly back to a landing pad?

  6. Jeff Arp

    Did anybody see what that was that flew by in the upper right hand screen at 5.30 it wasn’t a star unless stars have on and off switches. Somebody’s intrested in what we’re doing.

  7. X Y Z


  8. davidca96

    so badass

  9. Robert Buce

    My question might be this – Why do ULA’s thruster bell’s seem to collect so much ice on them resulting in a lot of ejected particulate matter, while SpaceX’s don’t seem to have anywhere close to that much on theirs?

  10. steen berthelsen

    Torrak ! Nuanneq !

  11. jabba da hutt

    Fantastic voyage

  12. gammarayburst

    What is CLFR jettison?

  13. Saeid Yaghoubi

    Good very good ok

  14. G Williams

    Anybody… What’s the snow at ~6:00?

  15. D Palmer

    Cool vid!!! But what were all those white things that were wizzing by?

  16. furile furile

    What is that object flying by at 6.31 min?

  17. chrisntheboat


  18. dan kuettel

    Isn’t it fascinating to watch objects in a vacuum? Awesome

  19. Futurist -

    This is how fast my college grades are going down rn

  20. Tim Shady Camp Osborne

    Doesn’t look like its traveling at 14k with all the ice slowly floating around

  21. özgür özgür

    as if going at sea🤔🤔🤔

  22. WeBeGood

    Great Video.

  23. Glenn

    Awesome, but you should live stream it during the launch.

  24. Rajesh Raghavan PM

    Got to say this is unlike any other video…reflection of fairing sep on shadow 👍🏼

  25. Biggest fan

    This is really cool

  26. Andréa da Costa Luvizotto

    Isso aí é um submarino????🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  27. Lou Caban

    Beautiful view !, what are the particles flying off@5:30 of stream ?

  28. Adam Ahmed

    Kind of a confusing cut near the end there, made me think the payload was deployed during the 2nd stage burn.

  29. G C

    Thanks for sharing!

  30. laneyfiola8

    GO ULA! We love you!! YOU GO ANDREW!!

  31. Christopher Lawley

    Love the live feed.

  32. Ian Durr

    Well done! I enjoyed watching the plum of the rocket widen as they got closer and closer to the vacuum of space. The shadow of the rocket in the plum is amazing. You can even see the fairings separate in the shadow. Thank you for sharing. ULA 🚀💯🧮🤓

  33. Donny Helvey


  34. Gary Lankford

    Congratulations for your successful launch and insertion!

  35. Marko R

    Awesome footage!

  36. Andrii Martynov

    That is one of the most beutiful launches I’ve ever seen!

  37. Erwin Tesla

    In regards to the 2019 Intern Rocket, will there be a video uploaded to youtube of the launch?

  38. Tyler H

    I love seeing the inter-stage camera before MECO, I can see the line on the right of the engine bell react to microgravity just before separation! On others you can see the same with the MLI.

  39. Mathew Kennedy

    Thanks for posting! Need more of these videos, could watch them all day (in between work and KSP of course :P)

  40. Lync Volt


  41. Javier Vazquez

    Great footage!

  42. 2nd3rd1st

    3:31 weird flex

  43. Mikołaj

    3:30 乁(♥ ʖ̯♥)ㄏ

  44. jimmyboy163

    Look, @ 6:30 you can see the ice wall on the flat earth……

  45. butthurt8

    Congrats! You are giving us a video that we wanted. Spacex style video!

  46. Eaglemotion

    Wow Thank you ULA for posting this! What a joy to watch

  47. Jacob Bryan

    Incredible video! :D The sun’s reflection on that exhaust plume as the fairing’s shadows split through them is amazing. :D

  48. Scott Manley

    One of my favorite rocket cam videos ever, glad to see it in better quality than the livestream allowed.

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