Mast Mate to Vulcan Centaur Mobile Launch Platform (MLP)

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A timelapse of the mast mate to the Vulcan Centaur Mobile Launch Platform (MLP). This MLP was designed and built to transport the Vulcan Centaur between the Spaceflight Processing Operations Center (SPOC), the Vertical Integration Facility (VIF) and to the launch pad at SLC-41.

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  1. Johnny J

    Looks like a giant vertical printer.

  2. scdecade

    On rail tracks nice

  3. Robert Pettigrew

    On top of everything, I think you have by far the best names of any of the current space systems :)

  4. Donald Trump


  5. Donny Helvey

    Love ULA!!

  6. Jeffrey Bue


  7. Jerry Jiang

    Looking good!
    Hope to see the rocket being built soon!

  8. Mr Derek Huang

    Can’t wait for Vulcan!

  9. sbfarmer 8

    hey, after we get this 14 stories up in the air lets paint some stuff. no boy, lets walk around the fence and paint it all.

  10. Josh Boucher

    Very cool to see. Amazing height, cant wait to see a rocket on it.

  11. Corey Taylor

    all of this rocket development updates in such a short time! I dont think I can handle this much excitement!

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