Atlas V Starliner OFT Mission Profile

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A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket will deliver the Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft to a 98 nautical mile (nmi) sub-orbital trajectory on its Orbital Flight Test (OFT) to the International Space Station.

  1. Nathan Agar

    Wish it was better coz ula is sooooooooooo expensive and space x is so cheep

  2. Mach Gaming

    SpaceX is better, change my mind.

  3. Konstantin Kuchinskii

    How long will the whole journey to ISS take? I’m still amazed how russians manage to do a rendezvous in just 3-6 hours while Cargo Dragon takes 3 days

  4. Space OdJobs

    I think ULA were using PS2 graphics for these

  5. BVEsun sun

    KSC LC-39A is not on US soil

  6. Jerry Jiang

    Why does the star liner ride on atlas v not falcon 9

  7. NPC 69541

    Learn from spaceX! Production value, motivational music, enthusiastic announcers.
    Your doing important work but your so lack luster. My 4 and 5 year old LOVE spaceX launches and videos. Your stuff feels like homework even to me.

  8. Nathan Agar

    Wish we would see dule engine centur more often

  9. Jonathan Nicol

    lol, you just drop the booster in the ocean? noobs

  10. V 14

    RD-180s…. Well, that would make Putin happy and give the head of Rosscosmos one more opportunity to say how useless and dependant on Russia the US is . And while Putin is strangling last remnants of the free speech in his own country, Americans are finally getting off Soyuz, to go to space on their own except for one huge problem – it is still the Russian engines.

  11. JFlight16

    ULA Rocking 2002 graphics. Try turning the detail to “HIGH”

  12. Chmee

    Why do they not eject the boosters right after the burn out? It looks like the Atlas holds onto them for like 10 seconds after burnout. That’s alot of dead weight to carry!

  13. Vozze

    These guys are still using sim software from 2001

  14. ROADNii

    I’m looking forward most into the return journey, i’m pretty sure ula and Boeing could easily launch it into space but the landing is much more complex and more nerve-wracking afaik. hoping for the best

  15. Snugg Hug

    Now my first question is why their isn’t a nose cone.

  16. Nathan Agar

    Love it.the atlas v is a amazing versitile 🚀 love it (falcon series are better)

  17. Javier Vazquez

    Graphics could be better but this is what I was waiting for 🔥

  18. Charles Bates

    So for 75 billion plus dollars your refurbished the Apollo capsule design & you still can’t get it to dock? SpaceX beat you to it for a lousy 150 million dollars.

  19. Aldo Raine

    Boeing, uh oh, are all of the safety features available only through add on purchase?

  20. ky le

    obsolete before its first operational flight – not very innovative using 60’s and 70’s technology in the 2020’s

  21. fs2728

    When will it return to earth?


    I hope things go well, but there seems like more things to go wrong with so many things being jettisoned ,,Nasa once again has over complicated things and opened the door for more things to go wrong,,like they did with the shuttle

  23. S Cos

    waist of money

  24. Peter

    Anyone know if the Atlas V Starliner OFT launch will be visible from the US east coast beyond Florida?

  25. The normal player IDK

    Why does the simulation look like a more performanced Version of orbiter 2016?

  26. jack ritoli

    When ???

  27. Donny Helvey

    Love ULA!! Keep it up!

  28. Eduardo Santos

    Spacex 1 x ULA/Boeing 0 😂

  29. Kirk Claybrook

    Gotta hate those off-nominal insertions

  30. antonio montana

    Let’s do this OFT is here!!

  31. yannniQue 17

    1000000 and 0.5 pounds of thrust or 1500000 pounds of thrust?

  32. Steve Dittman

    Hey Boeing! Move out of way now and watch SpaceX on how orbital insertions are done!

  33. H B

    Wrong Orbit a fail. I guess the space station will not be getting it’s dinner..

  34. unknown person

    More space junks well done

  35. Sivana Souza

    Awesome eagle

  36. Charles Byington

    Hope it goes well Boeing and NASA!

  37. T4L0N57

    I still, and always will prefer SpaceX’s launch system, and crew capsule. However, I’m still very excited about this mission. If not for historical reason, then for all the new tech, and procedures.

  38. Happy 2020 from The Mr. Pete Channel!

    Hopefully it will work.

  39. Kickmemes

    Atlas RD 180, Beoing 💩

  40. AndresPlayz

    On its trip to no where

  41. TLI 69

    I can’t wait until tomorrow

  42. Borce Ivanovski

    Great flying machine!

  43. HKG5sentsp

    Maybe the most informational launch profile video from ULA

  44. Matthew Ferrie

    Does Starliner still have enough fuel to catch the station?

  45. Mysterious Argonaut

    The more it jettisons the more it begins to take on a _familiar shape._

  46. CrappyIce

    Much respect to both ULA and SpaceX. Love you guys!!!

  47. Uたーん

    Oh, I thought this is a Kerbal video.

  48. Jack Armstrong

    I’m so excited

  49. Doug Badgley

    Much smaller than I had originally thought.

  50. Leifdoe Tech Industries

    Can’t wait for the launch on Friday!

  51. Aluminum Oxide

    First time in decades where the Centaur upper stage will be fitted with Two RL-10 engines

  52. Sir Billy Ritchie

    Oh I can’t wait for this flight

  53. Munkey

    I want to get off Mr. SRB’s Wild Ride

  54. Ya H

    You are – a pimple on America’s body, die as quickly as possible.

  55. fs10inator

    This is getting more and more interesting, especially with the amount of detail mentioned in the script being basically on par with current ILS Mission Profile videos.
    Also, first ever Atlas Mission Profile video in history to mention orbital inclination.

  56. exospace man

    Can’t wait for launch
    Good luck!

  57. Feel Good

    Ok! Now let’s add some real atoms and molecules to that model December 20th! )))

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