Atlas V Mars 2020 Launch Highlights

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A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket carrying the Mars 2020 mission with the Perseverance rover for NASA, lifted off from Space Launch Complex-41 on July 30 at 7:50 a.m. EDT.

  1. B N

    ULA, watch some SpaceX and Blue Origin coverage of their missions, pls! This mission was lacking and somewhat *disappointing.*

  2. Chris

    Why so many people have to manually say “Go” why can’t it be efficient like Space X?

  3. BigCat


  4. Computerfreund

    When ur early and have no clue what to comment.

  5. lucas -


  6. Tom Parmenter

    Why didn’t you film the first booster landing? That’s my favourite part!

  7. Wayne Schenk


  8. CalMariner

    Beautiful video – very nicely done.

  9. Cat What


  10. •Tailess•

    Talk about going to Mars… Doesn’t space travel take years before you even reach a planet, or the moon?

  11. poochefmarowbe

    Awesome!!! So according to the flat earthers this is all fake right? Smh

  12. vonpredator


  13. John Benz

    Great launch. Voice muffled by overly loud music and other noise.

  14. Zach

    Go Atlas, Go Perseverance!

  15. *・『Kaguya Shinomiya 』・*

    Indonesia already early morning here

  16. Meyaka Brown

    Epic! 😳

  17. paul08211973

    That was a beautiful launch for a very important mission. ULA not only do you have AMAZING launches, but you put together AWESOME launch day highlight videos!!!

  18. Tractors Chemer


  19. Aracelis Nunez

    Nice!!!! 😍😍

  20. Computerfreund

    I love the Atlas V, just a beatiful rocket. but this was the last Atlas V that went to mars :(

  21. Tucker

    Wow… amazing. I love what you guys are doing

  22. lova Ravonimanantsoa

    😎 📹, Keep-up the good work and I’m taking this opportunity to thank all the dedicated engineers, technicians, scientists, innovators and researchers, who made this possible.

  23. Raw Space

    Brilliant job, Tory and crew! Bravo!

  24. Koen Roos

    0:08 Its so cool to hear that go/no poll. Another cool thing, you hear different voices from people who have been working on 1 thing!

  25. shivasai gunda

    Wat a video 👏👏 this video clearly shown how many last minute checks that a flight has go through.. GO ATLAS

  26. Space Enthusiast


  27. Christian Nilsson

    Please watch in 4K regardless of your screen! Gorgeous video!

  28. Javier Vazquez

    Great Job ULA!

  29. Jerry Jiang


  30. Phillipsturtles123

    I think this is the best launch highlights video ULA has done yet! NROL-71 was my favorite before this one

  31. Hicham Mohsen

    Inspiring beyond imagination! Go Atlas V go Perseverance.

  32. Andrew Bailey

    Looking forward to the rocket cam footage. I love the variety of launches we’ve had recently, and always enjoy a good Atlas V launch

  33. Arthur Branch

    Congratulations to everyone involved!

  34. Derek Huang

    Congrats ULA and NASA on such an amazing launch yesterday!

  35. Astro Liz's Lab

    Amazing!!! Gives me shivers watching and listening to this! Well done, everyone!!!

  36. Ankur Debbarma

    Amazing Launch Go Atlas Go Centaur Go Perseverance.

  37. Micah T.

    The ending literally gives me chills

  38. Hejjo_Moto

    The Atlas V is an amazing rocket! Congratulations to the NASA and ULA teams who made this possible!

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