Atlas V Lucy // Launching Lucy, Continuing a Legacy

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ULA and our heritage rockets have launched exploration missions to every planet in the solar system… and beyond.

Learn more about the Lucy mission:

  1. Barack Obama

    Lucy’s in the sky with a diamond

  2. trevor bennett

    Lucy is so important to the knowledge

  3. Around Sobia

    Awesome upload dear friend thumbs up 👍

  4. Captain Ahab

    When is the launch date

  5. Gideok Gim

    name is lucifer????
    go up and fall
    Atlantis never comes


    GO NASA GO ULA GO LUCY GO ATLAS GO CENTAUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck

  7. Thomas Wynn

    Go Atlas! Go Centaur! Go Lucy!

  8. domeright1

    Lucy’s in the sky, gonna bring home the rock.

  9. Rocket Cello

    LET’S GO

  10. SixSilverStones

    Very excited

  11. Dirks Gently

    Let’s go Brandon!

  12. Neven

    Beam Me Up Scotty,ops wrong Company🤭

  13. VonPredator

    Go Atlas! Go Lucy!

  14. Ken Lendener

    Spacex to buy ULA in 2023

  15. imglover


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