1. Dust

    Awesome views!

  2. will2see

    You Americans should once and for all get rid of your miles, knots, feet, inches, and whatnot and finally convert to the metric system!

  3. lulutileguy

    fly United SEAT SALE

  4. Apollo

    How smooth was that.!?

  5. Nino Vitaliano

    very cool to see the payload separation ring deploy

  6. glidercoach

    Miles per hour?
    What are these things called miles?
    It must be an ancient dialect…

  7. Adam Harrigan

    Where are all the flat earthers? Im not one of them but I imagine they say “it’s flat, it only looks like a globe, but it’s flat like a frisbee…

  8. Leon Kernan


  9. Michael Domansky


  10. Aaron C

    Whatever happened to “nominal”. I guess “good” is more generally understood, but It was kind of a fun little quirk when listening to previous launches.

  11. Volodymyr

    Finally some decent streams from all the players in the industry :)

  12. niceguy666


  13. thebeardedgeordie

    This is the first launch that was visible here in the UK for a while! It was great to spot it in the North East skies after work

  14. bob beck

    Wait, this is fake, the earth is flat.

  15. Matt

    Very cool footage. Makes people excited about your company and launches, you should try and have a full stream live during launch.

  16. Danielisak

    Saw it fly over Iceland. Had no idea until later that night what i saw.

  17. Plunger 595

    Where is the landing?

  18. kidsmithree


  19. Andrew Radford

    Very nice!

  20. Paul Menear1

    Hi I have a video of this from Holyhead at Newry beach it was taken about 21.57pm bst. I am just watching a video the one above its 3 mins into fligh its doing 5600 mph and is at 5g at 47 miles
    Now can someone please explain how we can see this over Anglesey North wales when I took of from the USA. If this did actually take of from USA why don’t we see more of them.
    Or did It take off from an island of Scotland were the UK government has made a spacebase in partnership with Lockheed Martin to make and send satalites into space

    I just don’t understand how we could possibly see the atlas rocket if launched from the USA it would have already been in low earth orbit
    I do have a 2.27min video of this.

  21. Garrett Kiefer

    I love seeing the exhaust plume expand as it gets higher

  22. John Stitt

    You guys need have “Fuel” by Metallica play as the next rockets lifts off.

  23. VonPredator

    BravoZulu ULA!

  24. Hicham Mohsen

    Thank you so much for this amazing video! Say hi to Tory for us! :D

  25. m joao

    Great vídeo,,,,we hope to see more of this by ULA ,,,,,,open the fligts to the world webcast is the only way

  26. queazocotal

    Thank you for providing this great footage.

  27. Robert Pratt

    Where was the vehicle recovered for re-use?

  28. Friday Ray

    woof woof

  29. Avid Mario

    Where does the first stage land?

  30. Space Ressources

    Amazing, congratulations ULA

  31. Thomas Stuart

    What was up with the rich burn on one of the first stage engines?

  32. B Blod

    Closest experience I will ever have going into space. Looking forward to the next launch. Thank you ULA.

  33. Stephen

    Great job team 👏 👍

  34. Turing Wong

    Rain coat

  35. RB

    Well done, ULA!

  36. Thomas Wynn

    Awesome video!! Such fantastic views! Congratulations ULA on a successful launch.

  37. Marko R

    Awesome footage!

  38. Bee Sod

    by far my favorite views of launch, Thank you ULA!

  39. Elopeous


  40. Edoardo

    I would have preferred to see this live, but it’s still a great sight! 😍

  41. Julia Stargate

    Is this real? 😉

  42. heatshield

    Doesn’t go much better than that.

  43. Mcomplicated

    Why don’t they show the first stage landing back on earth?

  44. Glenn R. Frank

    is the second stage engine even firing? I guess it just never glows or has a visible plume?

  45. IsakTheSwede

    u el a

  46. Lunar Colonist

    One of the most beautiful rockets to ever exist

  47. the flying aussie


  48. Starship Boy


  49. Russian Military

    Powered by Russian Rd-180

  50. Spacespark

    Congratulations! :D

  51. SweeFlyBoy's Fish


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