Atlas V Landsat 9 Mission Profile

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A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V 401 rocket will launch the Landsat 9 observatory into a near-polar, sun-synchronous orbit for NASA’s Launch Services Program. Liftoff will occur from Space Launch Complex-3 at Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.

  1. KayAndroid

    This is going to be awesome to watch tomorrow.

  2. Overall General

    Amazing launch. Waiting for Vulcan.

  3. David Chandler

    I love the Centaur, it is capable of so much crazy wonky stuff and manages to surprise me with a new trick every time. Centaur III, the finest upper stage in the world!

  4. Michael Ulrich

    Do you think you can see it from Oceanside ca??

  5. Sushil

    Congo ula (•‿•)

  6. Anton Egerland

    It’s cool you finally show us the deorbit burn :)

  7. Dalek Caan

    I love Atlas 5 400 series. It just looks more rockety than the 500 series.

  8. PalosRob: TMRC

    Final burn to complete the mission. Just a nice way of saying de orbiting so it can fall into the Indian Ocean launch vehicle graveyard. Just say it, complete the final burn of the mission to de orbit and burn up in the atmosphere with the remaining parts falling into the ocean. But they’re too scared to say that.

  9. Honeydew •

    401 my beloved

  10. Bhern Emiel Navarro Ramos


  11. Avid Mario

    Where does the first stage land?

  12. Mr. Loop

    When’s Atlas V 511 gonna launch

  13. MaikHD2004

    love these previews

  14. Ahmad Haruman

    No mention as to when this mission will take place in the video or in the video description. Why? At least put it in the video description. That can easily be edited if needing to change the launch window. 🤦🏼‍♂️ SpaceX understands how to use social media and how to use YouTube. Why can’t other rocket companies do the same? Am I asking to much? I think not. ✌🏻

  15. JM Studios

    670km orbit? That’s quite a high orbit. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to insert into a lower orbit and use a transfer or it to ascend up to altitude?

  16. antriksh tv india

    Good launch

  17. JM Studios

    401 is OP for this mission lol

  18. Rob Speed

    Can’t wait for Centaur V.

  19. M

    I still say this guy sounds like the scientology guy!

  20. Benedikt Breitrainer

    I love the 401!

  21. Thomas Wynn

    Great video! I can’t wait to see it launch!

  22. Hicham Mohsen

    What happens after the 4th centaur burn?

  23. B Blod

    Looking forward to the launch.

  24. youcrackmeupdude

    Delayed again. Now Sept. 27, 11:11am local time.

  25. Mike 12222222222222

    Love the preview of the telemetry and orbit parameters

  26. Daniel Kintigh

    Atlas V? I sleep. I want Vulcan

  27. benjordy2

    Cant wait for the launch!

  28. Richard Calvo

    Luego de mucho tiempo veo una configuración 401, buen video

  29. T65Bx

    401 config. Nice and simple, a classic.

  30. Spaceflight

    Cant wait

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