2021 Student Rocket Launch

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The 2021 Student Rocket Launch took place on Sat. July 17 at the Hudson Ranch Rocket Launch Site in Pueblo, CO.

  1. Alsabith. P. S

    Do “Atlaski V starbucker’ in KSP with patrick moore’s commentary

  2. Leonhard H

    That is just awesome

  3. Thomas Wijgerse

    Thank you for being an inspiration, ULA.


    Amazing video! Goodluck for the future of those students

  5. resheton

    For THAT budget palestinians could launch a little bit more rockets…

  6. B Blod

    Great job to all the future rocket scientists and engineers.

  7. Hicham Mohsen

    Tory’s rocket drawing is impressive. Can’t wait for Vulcan to launch!

  8. MrBen527

    Nice job!

  9. meu canal

    Uma pena no Brasil a gente andar quase passando fome e não ter dinheiro pra “brincar” assim

  10. Lukas K.

    Fun thing when this was first uploaded (3 h ago) ula immediately deleted it

  11. Thomas Wynn


  12. Dominik Kowalski

    Congrats. Good luck!

  13. Tractors Chemer

    2:38 So many rockets!

  14. Pratwurscht Gulasch

    thanks for cutting off the video every time it got interesting aka. the launches.

  15. ThinkingThing

    Wish my model rockets flew that straight! Lol

  16. David Smith

    Déjà vu?
    edit: it doesn’t end abruptly this time and shows the parachute deploying.

  17. Thiago Nunes

    @Scumfuck McDoucheface Got a little better now!



  19. Ee

    I love this video!

  20. ThyBountyHunter


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