Transporter-1 Mission

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SpaceX is targeting Sunday, January 24 for launch of Transporter-1, SpaceX’s first dedicated SmallSat Rideshare Program mission, from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The 22-minute launch window opens at 10:00 a.m. EST, or 15:00 UTC.

Falcon 9’s first stage booster previously supported launch of Crew Dragon’s second demonstration mission, the ANASIS-II mission, a Starlink mission, and launch of Dragon’s 21st cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.

On board this launch are 133 commercial and government spacecraft (including CubeSats, microsats, and orbital transfer vehicles) and 10 Starlink satellites – the most spacecraft ever deployed on a single mission. The Starlink satellites aboard this mission will be the first in the constellation to deploy to a polar orbit.

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  1. Shredded Alpha

    They don’t cheer anymore for stage separation, that’s how common this is now holy moly

  2. Your Subconscious

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Elon Musk and his team “stamped” a meme on one of the satellites

  3. David Zapa

    I cant wait the day we see this everyday like something normal in a lot of places

  4. John Cooper

    No matter how many launches I see, it never gets old.

  5. turto82

    Looked like the stream showed two different second stage engines, one with thermal wrapping then another without it, then another shot showed it with wrapping again???

  6. Ramakrishnan C

    Launching rockets almost every 4 days Once. That’s phenomenal.


    World: SpaceX has created record of launching 143 satellite at a time

    Me: How much my Space gets polluted nowadays !!

  8. Piano Raves

    Finally no camera out on a landing again! 51 really traumatized me

  9. Cariboo Ryan

    I can’t get enuf of this stuff, makes me all tingly watching the rockets soar! Again! Again!

  10. Hiroomi Takahashi

    I mean it’s just routine now…no emotion or anything just “yea we did that”…….

  11. zeebruh

    Anyway we can see the extended time with cameras of the sat or booster in space while we wait?

  12. Tirivashe Shamhu

    Flat-Earthers are still not convinced smh

  13. Locky

    It amazes me that in the space of a couple of years they have perfected this! Imagine the years to come! Biggest fan for years 😁👌

  14. Repti Lev

    This why I’m studying to become and aerospacial engineer

  15. A. Meise

    When I was a Boy, 36 Years ago, the Future and Si-Fi, sounds good to me and I wished, I could be there…..Now I am in the Future and some Si-Fi has become real but I am mostly scared of it.

  16. Allsafe Cybersecurity - S

    I hope Elon gets tons of money dumped into his bank accounts so that he continues developing humanity into a space faring civilization.

  17. Cuss word Sayer

    We’ve conquered the land and the sky and we are near conquering the stars, but we’ll never conquer the ocean below us

  18. Trevor W

    Everytime I have a question in my head this guy answers it lol. Not sure if hes working from a script but either way well done my man!

  19. Brendan Brewer

    Have a feeling this was just made for Mr. Beast, or he payed for it.

  20. Justice Vanpool

    what was that at about 1:11:26?
    It looked like a big swimming pool…

  21. XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrin

    I like that Musk is so anti sjw.

  22. Raymond LG

    “Space may be the final frontier but it’s made in a Hollywood basement”

  23. DaSkyTheCommunist

    Anyone see the piece of debris at 22:39 its on the left screen next to the left honey comb

  24. Kevin Finkel

    I wish there were more Falcon Heavy launches. Those birds are impressive as Hell!

  25. JS13

    Is that one of the Fairings that floats past the hyper sonic grid fin on the left side of the frame at 22:39? you see it just for a second…..or could it be a UFO?

  26. Daksha Cordova

    Why does this feel like playing KSP?

  27. Dany F

    This is how science fiction movies start. With an idea.

  28. Amber Hillman

    He sound like his in my state

  29. adrian helyar

    When is sn9 happening?
    I hope it’s tomorrow the suspense is killing me.

  30. Joseph Astier

    They really spun that second stage to fling the Starlinks out of the modified payload adapter. I wonder if that is what caused the unexpected LOS.

  31. Eddie Avinashi

    *SpaceX has entered the chat*

    _Flat Earthers have left the chat_

  32. William Yu

    Congrats SpaceX another great launch! Cool to see at 1:11:17 ice breaks off and gets left behind as Second engine starts up.

  33. Emil Catalin

    Every succesful Space X launch can be summed up like this: Finally the 21st century. No more amazement just at seeing solid rocket boosters parachuting into the sea…

  34. Winfield Scott Hancock

    Decades ago this space flight would have gotten the entire world’s attention. Now its routine. Civilians routinely going into orbit is not that far off.

  35. Evan Nibbe

    Oxygen sus, I saw him vent.

  36. Dieter Müller

    Every time I see this rocket, I have to imagine all of those pieces of pure engineering .

  37. a1175779

    Well done to all of the engineers and team that made all of this possible. Each successful step forward is bringing us closer to our calling to space.

  38. Noah L

    When are we going to see more Falcon Heavies?

  39. Gohta Shiraishi

    That double shot of BOTH fairings on deck is pure “butter”! Well done SpaceX team!

  40. IBRanger

    Maybe SpaceX should take over the USPS?
    2 wks to get a letter delivered 500 miles?

  41. Kilikus

    Its ok Falcon 9. I still lose my shit every time you land on the barge. <3

  42. tramsgar

    T+1h – ‘looks like’ massive warhead deployment.

  43. Rodrigo

    Bring the rockets to equador line then you will reduce 40% of fuel

  44. luatmyalvin

    That’s the best launch camera view I’ve ever seen in my life

  45. TimePro

    They don’t cheer anymore for stage separation, that’s how common this is now holy moly

  46. MrBBrunning

    This is amazing. Would love to see Stage 1 Telemetry, especially on re-entry burn! You guys should add that to the casts if available!

  47. domoredujordan

    Intro always gets me hyped. Fun seeing Gwynne cheering.

  48. StormP666

    Would be nice to see the 1st stage speed and altitude, too.

  49. Michael Gilbert

    Okay, now they’re just showing off! ;)

  50. J R Moore

    When they show the flight path, there is a blue line indicating where it’s going and a thin gray showing where it has been. There is also a heavy gray line. What does that represent?

  51. Rhyzome Russ

    I’ll let you or whomever do the space exploration. I like it on the ground level..if you will, Elon.

  52. Matthew Robinson

    I can’t get enough of these launches.

  53. Seth Jansson

    I wish you could see the speed of the booster as well. Especially as it falls into the atmosphere.

  54. Id Ris

    I’m always here just for the booster landing 😁

  55. etbadaboum

    Looks like they lost signal over Russia more or less. Is it because the US haven’t any station there?

  56. CtNJ18

    More Fuel SLOSH!!!!! so relaxing and serene..

  57. Joseph Boutros

    Never tired of that spectacular landing, inch perfect 💯. Recovering the second stage would be mind blowing!
    Good luck with SN9, this is truly inspiring!

  58. Grubbbee

    Were we seeing a little shimmy on the payload there right after fairing deploy?

  59. John Theux

    Rocket Lab: intensely sweating.

  60. Creator

    Days after crash and pandemic
    The mandalorian : where’s my Helm and suit🙃

  61. Sam Beck

    Had anyone else came for the music?

  62. Tim

    This never gets old. SpaceX makes rocket launches so much more interesting.

  63. Dean Fw

    @22:39 on the left side of the screen – is that the payload fairing on its’ way back to Earth?

  64. Starship Gazer

    The future belongs to SpaceX!!

  65. Jonny Stolpe

    Every single time I see that landing it just makes me proud of where we are in our space exploration program and more likely proud of how SpaceX has taken the reins over space superiority….
    Excellent job SpaceX. SO proud of you guys. 👏👏

  66. SiNoningenium

    The 564 people who dislike this:
    eSpaCe iS nOt ReAl

  67. Rodrigo Pereira de Souza

    Fantastic this project is innovation and shown where the humans is possible arrived

  68. Pete Griggs

    I’m amazed every, single, time!

  69. Wadii Ben Haddej

    22:39 on the lower left corner of the first stage screen something caught my eye, I am a newbie here so can someone tell me what it is plz? (just curious)

  70. Mister Itchy

    19:23 The announcer dude says that the fairing halves separate, exposing the satellites to the vacuum of space. I think they already were, otherwise, the fairing separation would be a lot more dramatic!

  71. Evan Ross

    I wish you also showed the Stage 1 Speed & Altitude during the descent split-screen

  72. Zahidul Hasan

    Launching rocket is so easy, when Spacex doing it and recoverng is so easy when spacex only does it.

  73. J T

    Extraordinary Mission = everything is ordinary

  74. scottym3

    I never get tired of seeing launches. I live on the Space Coast of FL, about 20-25 miles south of the space center. I can go out my front or back door and watch it coming up over the trees, then depending on clouds and trajectory I can keep watching for 5 – 10 minutes afterwards. We feel the ground shake and hear the rumbles when they take off and when the rockets (and the space shuttles when they were flying) came in at the space center we could hear and feel the sonic booms they produce, windows in the house would shake and rattle. So great living here. Ohhh, and if I’m not mistaken, they plan to put around 64,000 of those little satellites in orbit in order to bring service to parts all around the world.

  75. Joshua Bonner

    Every SpaceX launch and landing shows how behind NASA had become and how greedy and incompetent ULA is.

  76. Eduardo Breton

    Congrats, and thanks to spacex for another exithing experience.

  77. Pinochet

    The new Test Shot Starfish tracks are pretty fire 🔥🔥

  78. Dan Severns

    The comment sections on SpaceX launches have become a rubber stamp fest.

  79. MTran0708

    Theres more rockets going to space nowadays than flights to North Korea

  80. Sathyapalan Chandroth

    400 satellites on a starship is now looking much closer cant wait:))

  81. Roan Brand

    please show both stages’ telemetry, not just stage 2!

  82. Richard Nightcore

    would love to see the altitude and speed of the booster rocket too :D

  83. Gideon le Roux

    What is that shot of at 1:11:29?

  84. Richard Nightcore

    i miss the lady saying go spaceX go falcon

  85. Tech TL;DR

    SpaceX will be doing 3-4 launches a month this year, love to see how far they’ve come!

  86. Leonard

    Congratulations for this record setting launch:
    143 (!) satellites on a single rocket

  87. Lee ellis

    So those lines mean it was a tracking path? If so it went around the Earth 2 times?

  88. zapfanzapfan

    1:11:28 Liquid oxygen in zero g I guess. Mesmerizing.

  89. CeeRstar

    I’ve seen so many of these that I feel like a part of the team. I actually know the terminology and how the rockets are built and how they work. Thanx Elon.

  90. Mr.ulalla

    landing seems pretty easy now…

  91. Ben Garrison


  92. Colin's Gaming64

    Its so massive,
    The future is now!

  93. SKM

    This happens more than I get out of my house

  94. Hutch5321

    Watching the booster land never gets old.
    Bravo, Elon! Bravo, SpaceX!
    Makin’ it look easy!

  95. CrazyEyedGamer

    Up next sn9

  96. Chan Eric

    2:57 Intro
    3:39 Webcast starts
    9:27 Engine chill
    11:57 Strongback Retract
    15:27 T-1:00, Startup
    16:27 Liftoff
    17:43 Max-Q
    19:04 Stage separation
    19:26 Fairing deploy
    24:19 Entry burn
    25:13 SECO-1
    26:09 Landing
    48:09 Falcon 9 booster on ASDS
    1:11:22 SES-2
    1:11:25 SECO-2
    1:14:50 Deployment start
    1:29:04 Fairing on recovery vessels
    1:47:42 Deployment
    1:49:00 Webcast closed
    1:49:50 Live stream ends

  97. Arjin Veysanoğlu

    This is Awesome

  98. Shourya Bose

    Congratulations to SpaceX for a new record: most number of satellites to orbit (143) on this flight. Previous record was held by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) with 104 satellites in a single flight.

  99. Finlay FinTGM

    That mission was an act of satisfaction there. Successful launch, booster lands right on the centre of the drone ship, two fairings caught right in the centre of the nets on each ship and successful payload deployments. No wonder why this is so casual! Can’t wait to see SN9 fly and land tomorrow.

  100. Dan Abrer

    This has become more casual than me getting out of my 🏠

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