Starship Update

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SpaceX’s Starship and Super Heavy launch vehicle is a fully, rapidly reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and anywhere else in the solar system. On Saturday, September 28 at our launch facility in Cameron County, Texas, SpaceX Chief Engineer and CEO Elon Musk will provide an update on the design and development of Starship.

You can watch the event live at approximately 8:00 p.m. CDT.

  1. Obi Wan Kenobi

    *Damn the future looks sexy* 😍

  2. Joswin Lobo

    “If the schedule is long it’s wrong, if it’s tight it’s right, The best part is no part, The best process is no process. ”
    -Elon Musk

  3. David King

    I dreamt that there would be a gas leak on the way to mars & also that they would find bone remains on mars of slightly different looking humans. Pray for this mission.

  4. Best4rtNiteClips

    I love how much detail Elon Musk goes into with each of his answers.

  5. LouSaydus

    54:17 Found him! Full flow staged combustion!

  6. ehfos

    “its tied down well though” lol

  7. Tagheuer Woods

    Having a CEO that knows his shit like that is mental, he’s not the usual corporate that landed here by climbing the management ladder and it’s way better like that. I hope that he’s the start of a new generation of CEOs that will think long-term global prosperity

  8. mah58455

    Simply amesome. Let’s go to Mars! Let our dreams come true!

  9. minehost

    *succesfully lands rocket*
    yah.. haha.

  10. S. Matthew English

    What is the music they’re playing during the intermission — what song(s) are that?

  11. Justin Paul

    They always use the most c-grade techno they can at the end of their stuff or during launch casts 😄

  12. Zod of Heaven

    My brain says ‘There’s no way’ and ‘Yesssss!’ at the same time.

  13. Anthony Cantu

    He’s dreaming of the Emprean welkin and 369

  14. Wyatt Nooodles

    elon: i hope you can hear what im saying

  15. Daniel Ly

    Because of Elon, we will be the aliens in a thousand years when we visit other stars ✨

  16. J T

    Elon is literally making spaceships that look like they are from old retro sci-fi comic books.
    This shit gun be lit

  17. Bazzralic

    8:26 wtf is there a MAN on that rocket¿!?

  18. TheAmberGryphon

    28:38 JESUS KRHIST
    WOW that’s amazing

  19. mix_42

    “The cows are confused”. Don’t know why that made me laugh so hard

  20. Pappy Clappy

    Who else is still watching this in 2006???

  21. ThinkTank255

    This is literally one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen.

  22. Hayden Blummont

    Idk why but “Ha ha… The cows are confused” had me cackling.

  23. jrw

    49:56 Hot girl in the background (cnn interviewer).

  24. Minecraft Gamer35

    8:26 that looks like a elon sized human slightly to the left of the center

  25. Papa Pink

    People down there are pretty lucky, getting to see the future with their very eyes.

  26. La lechuga voladora Del futuro

    Starship be like: me when i paint my car in chrome on gta

  27. Apollo

    In the future they will talk about this moment. And those of us who live to watch Elon succeed can say “I was there”, same as people do now with the moon landings.

  28. Stellular Nebulla

    34:33 this pretty much sums up why I love Elon so much 😂

  29. alwayslikeaboss

    MF has a giant rocket he built sitting behind him he’s trying to get to Mars and he’s talking about area 51 alien memes. What a time to be alive

  30. FaffyWaffles

    *has played KSP.
    “I’m something of a (rocket) scientist myself.”

  31. Ismael Ismael

    Who is waiting for the stream to come back

  32. Motorized Misfit - Artist

    Elon: “if it’s tight it’s right, if it’s long it’s wrong”
    Michael Scott: “That’s what she said”

  33. Slobodan Bob Đukić

    Just freakin’ awesome, amazing, astonishing, stupendous, spectacular and awe inspiring, fascinating, marvelous, stunning, wonderful and incredible, breathtaking, fabulous, phenomenal, overwhelming, staggering, astounding and miraculous!!!

  34. Mr Extraordinary

    31:58 always adds humor into his speeches no wonder why everyone loves him

  35. Pius Smetacek

    Real life *Tony Stark* , except he delivers a speech like me giving a class presentation. I love his weirdness💖

  36. Martin Wehrle

    “made on earth by humans” lol :) like

  37. Blobfish Gaming

    Burn the cow farts.

  38. Jane Doe

    33:37 ‘What are doing here?’
    ‘We are docking’
    ‘That’s impossible.’
    ‘No, it is necessary for Mars colonization.’

  39. IN A FLASH

    He’s the chief engineer, he knows what he’s doing.

  40. jvaara

    -Why is your rocket falling?
    Elon- It is landing

  41. awesome3dan

    41:00 and then they all just started to rave

  42. J Greenseed

    “Yeah, it’s wild”
    Yes, yes it is EM

  43. OLBastholm

    1:03:38 “Management by rhyming” 😂

  44. Alamda Ali Balqhin


  45. Leonardo Silva

    Really impressive that Elon built this in a cave using just a box of scraps

  46. Zodspeed

    Be careful, moon’s haunted

  47. Minecraft Gamer35

    1:14:00 elon talks about orbital dynamics
    *me play ksp*
    *i,m something of a expert in orbital dynamics*

  48. William Sacks

    I always feel inspired after watching Elon’s presentations. Makes me hopeful for humanity.

  49. Agua Joey Kolkia

    Elon Musk is practically the very important person of our time and the
    future generations to come.

  50. A G Systems

    “Everyone who has… (Must not say played kerbal, Must not say played kerbal)… knowledge of orbital mechanics”.

  51. David Wilson

    “Anywhere else in the solar system” that’s quite a claim to add as an afterthought.

  52. Nishanth

    i actually love his speech,and feel like its better than scripted speech

  53. 613

    That was a good point about the aliens and defense funding, I’ve never heard that angle before.

  54. Palkab

    “This is a raptor firing”
    I cheered at that vid, hot damn

  55. Adam Torok

    “Hahaha The cows are confused.”
    -Elon Musk, 2019

  56. Mylintis LIETUVĄ

    He is living legend!
    In 100years, people will worship him more, than Albert Einstein!!!

  57. Fernando Felix

    Quem tá assistindo em 2020? 🙄✌️♥️

  58. Alex Ng

    38:30 Most inspirational reason why we should really spend and invest time into science and space travel.

  59. Vault-Boy Dan

    24:50 LOL he’s so funny when he corrects himself XD.

  60. KittenMarkV

    55:05 I love how Elon actually knows and likes The Everyday Astronaut now. The space community is truly special.

  61. Gaming with Trey

    Elon Musk: “Earth has a thicc atmosphere”

  62. LabGecko

    33:37 – Two rockets coupling and exchanging fluids. We officially have rocket porn.
    On an unrelated note, thank you so much @Elon Musk for giving humanity hope for the future!

  63. Zain4s

    Its actually so cute how nervous he is and how bad he is at public speaking

  64. NarDawg

    My favorite thing about Elon is how he talks to us as equals without all that BS business/politician speak

  65. Daniel Fennec

    Thank you Elon. In a world where billionaires hoard their cash and die having achieved nothing real, you have truly broken the mould.

  66. Johnston Steiner

    In latest news: Starship will release their comeback single: a remix of “we built this city”
    Oops wrong starshio

  67. Paresham Tewari

    Elon : “Soon we will rename mars to Elon 1.0”


    Through Elon Musk it feels like we are actually living in the future. Mars will help the Earth one day.. as he said


    Elon’s definitely an abandoned alien building an army on earth to destroy his old colony on mars.

  70. OPBlue

    I love that he is a bad public speaker, it just makes me trust him more

  71. Ding Ding

    “Advertise steel to me“
    Elon: 26:02 – 26:24

  72. carl rankin

    I wish I could live another 100 years to see where we get to 😢
    Best of luck spacex !
    You’ll make all of our dreams come true one day 🙏

  73. Austin Selner

    SpaceX will be the Ford for Spaceships
    Meaning they start a trend for spaceships (like Ford did for cars) and other new companies spring up improving cars slowly

  74. icyfyer

    This is a moment in history. It’s like seeing Howard Hughes introduce his aircraft. Incredible time to be alive.

  75. HerrXenon

    Elon is obviously a time traveler who is having fun messing around in our timeline

  76. Gary Kerney

    “I wasn’t expecting it to be this windy” apparently he has never been to south Texas.

  77. Tony Blighe

    “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
    Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  78. No Name

    15:56 Aliens come to witness this great moment in human history
    “So these dumbasses finally got together and worked it out!”

  79. Paresham Tewari

    Go to : 40:20
    Elon: “Mars could help earth one day….. You know”
    me : I heard you Supreme Leader

  80. אש אש

    “Hahaha, the cows are confused”
    -Elon Musk

  81. Silus Greystone

    Best thing about Elon is if they didn’t set a time and cut him off he would talk about the project all evening on thru morning. You can really tell he loves the project and he wants everyone to be excited as he is.

  82. Hakon102

    3-4 Month for building a Spaceship. … that not crazy, this is ludicrous speed.

  83. Rob Hawk

    I’m old , have never done anything to be remembered for , never witnessed anything historical(watching a screen don’t count), but I say now if I can see anything with my own eyes . When they launch humans I’m going to do all I can to be there .

  84. Ikaros

    12:36 When it said “made on earth by humans” on the car launched into space , it brought a tear to my eye

  85. Henden G

    I love how it’s like school show and tell. Elon be like: “This is really cool I gotta show everyone!” Looks at the crowd. Stage fright…

    “Wow, it’s really windy!”
    😂 Glad Elon is more of a do-it than a talk-about-it kinda guy.

  86. Armando Vallejo

    I’m 25yo and I really want to see a permanent and self-sustaining base on mars in my lifetime, then I could die in peace.

  87. Magnum #is my real name

    “You can dive a Tesla on Mars no problem”
    -Elon musk 2019

  88. Bob Martin

    Me: You built a starship, out of several DeLoreans? This is heavy…
    Elon: No actually, it’s lighter than other materials at the same strength and heat resistance and cheaper!


    Public- smokes weed they get the munchies.
    Elon- smokes weed and builds a star ship 😆

  90. Yakko

    We need to protect ELON MUSK at all cost

  91. Allen Mathew

    The cows and flat earthers are confused

  92. Grace & Grace

    My senior quote is now going to be “hahaha the cows are confused”

  93. morpheus

    Does everyone realize that this man not only built a car that summons to you, but also made this shit…… straight out of star trek. How different this world would be if there were just 10 of Elon’s out there.

  94. fireoil

    ” Honey, what is the tonight movie ?”
    -” A starship update my dear”

  95. reezlaw

    I’m watching a guy saying we should become a multi planet civilisation as soon as possible and we should do it now, waving his fist, and behind him there’s a huge ass spaceship that he built.
    What a time to be alive

  96. abcdfghijlnopqrst

    Jeff Bezos: “I think the best way for me to spend my winnings from Amazon is on space exploration”
    Elon Musk: “I love steel”, “lol the cows are confused”

  97. richard g.

    This man is flying to mars while everyone is busy laughing at anime references in the desert

  98. Tokeson

    Flat Earthers: This is all cgi

  99. HappyHenzo

    I swear his brain thinks too quick and his mouth cant keep up with his genius.

  100. Joe Gregory

    Elon Musk – both the worst and best public speaker of all time.

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