Starship SN5 150m Hop

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Starship SN5 completes 150m Hop.

  1. meggi

    but where is the starship? must be hiding somewhere behind the flying silo.


  2. Scuittri

    Wow, absolutely amazing. We need to keep spreading the word of the importance of this work, and the accomplishments this is for humanity. Great work!

  3. Furmeli

    These are things that make me happy being human. Awesome work SpaceX. Hopefully i can see one going to Mars some day :)

  4. IchLiebeDich99

    This is truly remarkable. Thank u SpaceX for ur hard work. Lets goooo to the moon and beyond <3

  5. Victor Breazzeal

    This is amazing I hope one day soon to do my best to help out

  6. Ian Dennis

    Well done SpaceX. I am so glad I saw it live on Tim Dodd’s Everyday Astronaut channel.

  7. Ionica Marian

    Wow, flying silo :)). I’m very happy to see this historic moment

  8. Aditotoro

    No One:

    Elon Musk somewhere in nowhere:

  9. Nico Autia

    Remembers me of the good old Grasshopper days.

  10. Nick Broadbent

    What was on fire at 0:37 in the middle the of Engine

  11. Jeff Kubel

    Finally, something in the news that gives me some hope for the future.

  12. metamaggot

    it’s good to see the engine works even when it’s leaking fuel out the side😂

  13. borat11

    I approve this 💪

  14. Dr Nooby Noob

    It is now obvious what Elon would do for a Klondike bar.

  15. Paul Raggett

    Congratulations to everyone involved. This is as exciting as watching back in the 1960’s. Thank you for sharing.

  16. revaneye

    This hop is my hope. Congratulations SpaceX, this is another “small step”!

  17. The Rocket Guy

    this is just perfection

  18. iamgolum

    0:37 Huge respect to cameraman!

  19. Magnus Sörensen

    Huge congratulations to SpaceX and Elon. Love what you are doing for the future of mankind.

  20. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Never thought to see a silo flying would be so epic

  21. Valmir Ademar Weide Knäse

    Someone very smart and visionary said once: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”

  22. Sven Leisegang

    C&C: It’s just a matter of time before they move a Command Centre towards more Tiberim to mine.

  23. Russ Milleson

    That was AMAZING!

  24. Sebastian Miller

    My parents thought I died when I screamed “YYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” in the shower.

  25. Casper

    So i took my farm. And flew it over there!

  26. Philip Williams

    “The Flying Coffee pot”

  27. Tim Greller

    Hell yeah, the can can fly! 🔥

  28. PixelShaded

    This remind me of lander game from ms-dos, now it’s real

  29. Alison Livesey

    Oh my god, I’m so happy it hurts!

  30. A Random Internet User

    Idk much but is the fire above the engine bell normal?

  31. Roving Punster

    THE uhm whatchamacallit HAS LANDED. 😁

    0:37 Cool internal footage of the lone engine firing with it’s vectoring gimbals active.

  32. Mobley House Video

    Dragon back with Bob and Doug: I am the BEST commercial rocket! I am!
    *Starship has entered the chat*

  33. The Brown Family Workshop

    Now would be a great time for Red Bull to get their logo on that can, I mean, it does give you wings.. :)

  34. liter

    The amount of technology that went into this is insane – but I can’t help but just see a flying trash can.

  35. packamcquack

    Think of this wonderful beer delivery tech, whole silos of beer delivered to your backyard!
    Even Homer and Duff beer would be impressed.
    Okay in all seriousness this is fracking cool, congrats.

  36. Senior Slaphead

    We all knew it was going to look amazing (and a bit strange with the offset engine) but that did not disappoint. Nailed it.

  37. LepriKon17

    0:37 the fire on the engine what happend?

  38. Marthinneill Apoi

    1958: 2020 will have a flying cars
    2020: *flying water bottle*

  39. Илья Черников


  40. Graham Knight

    🎵But I be done seen about everything
    When I see a grain silo fly 🎵

  41. TooManyRedstone

    I am very disappointed with this video, why did it not explode?

  42. zenigel

    0:38 that engine is burning.

  43. Ilkanar

    I’m just leaving it here to have a proff in the future.
    I’ve been there \o/

  44. UCHAI 7

    And that’s only one engine

  45. Mt. Erebus

    Dragon : returns two men from space station successfully

    Starship : hold my fuel line

  46. Turbo Fighter

    Wait it landed? Well well well we are witnessing history
    Edit:Some people: we are witnessing history
    Literally everyone else:Lol can flies in the sky funny

  47. Fishfinger

    Holy shit, the sound of only one raptor… imagine 30< of them!?

  48. Alex Landherr

    Headline: *Farmer’s Silo Unexpectedly Takes Of*

  49. John Borden

    It’s a bird!
    It’s a plane!
    It’s a …. silo?
    Yeah, that contraption looked odd, and we’re kinda making good-natured fun of it, but that flight was just so beautiful! Congrats to SpaceX!

  50. Lukas

    0:37 is that specific part of the engine supposed to be on fire? :D

  51. Brianna Gordy

    0:39 This would be erotic to Everyday Astronaut lol. I can’t get over him screaming “YES! SHOW ME THOSE LANDER LEGS!” 😂

  52. Chris

    That was just amazing!

  53. Robert berty

    And that’s just one engine! Lol wow.

  54. gogpoydi

    “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

  55. Cretium

    Imagine people in the late 1940s seeing a stripped down prototype of a Boeing 747 fly for the first time.

    This is the 2020 equivalent of that.

  56. BOBO

    Imagine going to Mcdonald’s with this


    We’re in the alternate timeline

  58. Adrian Susanto

    “And the Falc- *[brief pause]* Silo has landed!”

  59. Rommel Reyes

    Blue Origin…hmmm time to “hire” Space X engineers 😈

  60. Ahmad Haruman

    🚀 Future Quote: “I’ll take a ride across the ocean on a SpaceX flight” says my future son that hasn’t been born yet. 🚀

  61. SlyTV

    Congratulation.😭🤭❤️ Elon Musk is the man, who makes visions real. Thank you.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Harry Mack

    I love the adorable little landing legs.

  63. Chip Mcdonald

    Something positive in the year 2020; that in itself is amazing.

  64. Shin godzilla2016


  65. Don Koh

    116 viewers who officially called it a 155m hop thumbed this down : D

  66. Krasser 1

    The popping out of the lanting legs was satisfying

  67. Dwayne Harris

    Where’s Scott Manley when you need him to handicap this hop for me in his red bathrobe???

  68. Bio Void

    0:38 🚀 Hoppy: Use your legs, son! Legs!

  69. Deven Grace

    So if one raptor engine is able to lift almost half the entire rocket imagine the 31 that are planned to be used during launch. It will be so beautiful.

  70. Biggie Boi Stuff

    This basically looks like my rockets in Kerbal Space Program. Except the fact that they don’t go as high.

  71. R Kramer

    “Jeff who?”

  72. Chuka Pawaki

    SpaceX engineers: Hmmm… how about we make a flying soup can today!!

  73. Elon Musk

    I love the smell of successful exhaust products in the morning

  74. Zues teh birb

    I love how when something goes wrong with SpaceX Elon be like: aight that’s ok we’ll figure out why and launch tmrw

    Whereas NASA be like:
    Oh no space engine angerry we scared no launch

    I love that Elon just gets in there and gets things done

  75. Johan Falk

    Thank you to BocaChicaGal for crawling inside the silo to give us that shot of the engine and landing legs.

  76. Jonar K

    1930s: Making sci-fi movies using bean cans as starships

  77. 6YJI9

    When you see someone’s water heater start flying after watching Flubber…

  78. Matt B

    GG. Look at the size of the cars and buildings in comparison to SN5. It’s like a building jumping up and landing again.

  79. telldem1

    Who keeps watching this over and over again? 🙋‍♂️


    “That’s one small hop for a cans, one giant leap for mankind.”

  81. Christoff87

    It’s incredible what farmers can do with grain silos! 😂

  82. Bill Farina

    That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in forever!!!

  83. MethaLox

    rip launch mount xD

  84. for the new lunar republi

    0:10 explosion under Starship

  85. minty threetwentysix

    This is how I want my mail delivered

  86. Jessica Corah

    Unreal! This will be rivaled only by the first belly flop landing. 😁😁 Can’t wait for the 20km flight 🤞🤞

  87. Jack B

    SpaceX: Cutting the Train middleman out of the Grain Transport business.
    Farm to Table.

  88. Erel Herzog

    This is the most high-tech silo I’ve ever seen

  89. ARRO Astronomical Researc

    0:37 Those landing legs are AWESOME!!

  90. Jessica Arverne

    Fist time in my life, I’m happy seeing a tank fly.

  91. Aayush

    “one small step for can, one giant leap for cankind!”

  92. Jann Cruz

    The take off platform really said “peace out 😗✌🏼”.

  93. Péter Kovács

    Elon: “Let’s build a missile silo!”
    Engineers: “Oops, sorry Elon we thought you’ve meant a silo missile.”

  94. Mavé Babbs

    We are literally witnessing history.

  95. Randy Kreps

    I’m old. Didn’t know I could hold my breath that long. Congratulations. Now…hustle up. Need to be on Mars asap. Remember, I said I’m old.

  96. Dyamy

    Spacex: historical accomplishment in space flight

    Internet: haha water silo

  97. Lex Blazer

    Gosh that’s a big canister….

  98. Karl Epps

    Texan farmer to Elon at a local bar: ‘Hey Elon, I need to move some grain silos, any ideas?” – Elon, ‘Yep, let me have a look’!

  99. ptschafer

    Critics: “SpaceX will only succeed after cows fly.”
    Elon: “Hold my silo.”

  100. John Spartan

    Someone really wants to get to Mars before they die.

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