Starship | SN10 | High-Altitude Flight Test

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As early as Wednesday, March 3, the SpaceX team will attempt a high-altitude flight test of Starship serial number 10 (SN10) – our third high-altitude suborbital flight test of a Starship prototype from SpaceX’s site in Cameron County, Texas. Similar to the high-altitude flight tests of Starship SN8 and SN9, SN10 will be powered through ascent by three Raptor engines, each shutting down in sequence prior to the vehicle reaching apogee – approximately 10 km in altitude. SN10 will perform a propellant transition to the internal header tanks, which hold landing propellant, before reorienting itself for reentry and a controlled aerodynamic descent.

The Starship prototype will descend under active aerodynamic control, accomplished by independent movement of two forward and two aft flaps on the vehicle. All four flaps are actuated by an onboard flight computer to control Starship’s attitude during flight and enable precise landing at the intended location. SN10’s Raptor engines will then reignite as the vehicle attempts a landing flip maneuver immediately before touching down on the landing pad adjacent to the launch mount.

Given the dynamic schedule of development testing, stay tuned to our social media channels for updates as we move toward SpaceX’s third high-altitude flight test of Starship!

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  1. Suicidal Animal

    I showed my mom this. She said “only in the movies”


    I am just leaving a comment on this historic landing.

  3. Radovan Stojanovic

    Rocket looks like some kid messed with AutoCAD.

  4. HYRI :3

    SN10: Well, I *did land* in one piece.

  5. Phillip Landmeier

    But it looks like a grain silo with ears! Yes, yes it does. Just wait a minute here and you’ll see why.

  6. Osmosis

    Imagine telling folks 10 years ago that we’ll have self landing space rockets. They’d laugh at you and likely consider you insane


    Congratulations Starship 🎉

  8. Mike Vegas

    Anyone else realize that they landed a big rocket in “Little Mouth”

  9. kensuke1991

    One of the most amazing feats humanity pulled off so far. I never thought as a 30year old man i can cry like a little kid. Great job Spacex , great job Elon!

  10. Evan McGregor Channel

    Holy crap they did it! Congratulations everyone at SpaceX for landing SN10!

  11. Patrick D

    When the engines fired on and it flipped right side up I was genuinely speechless

  12. Arizona Hobbies & Rec

    I bet Joe rogan will never hear about this

  13. Nicholas the Wolf

    SN 10: _lands_

    SN 10 a few minutes later: “My time has come”

  14. Julio Marin

    The coolest thing ever n can’t imagine whats next

  15. Tilledboss

    We had a successful “soft” landing. You can literally watch it just bop the ground

  16. Your Dream

    SN10: Successful landing
    Elon: *presses the self-destruct button*

  17. ClemensAlive

    YES YES YES YES YES…I’m not crying – you’re crying…

  18. a b c d e

    this rocket looked like that kind of rocket ship they would make for movies back in the 50s.

  19. huntingsthompson

    Can’t wait for the blooper footage of the boom, as the mantra of SpaceX goes: 4th time’s the charm

  20. Beep Boop


  21. Darmando Games


  22. Arjun Saji

    It’s like watching a Hollywood sequence when it does flip manuever and finally lands

  23. leokimvideo

    I think that hard landing caused the problem that made it explode on the pad.

  24. Magma


  25. Adrian

    That little bounce at the end, think she came down a fraction too fast.

  26. FS20 IF005

    in one raptor engine,the flame is blue while in other its red,that could be serious

  27. Judge NordFiero

    Just a bit more work on the landing and we’ll master this!

  28. Mohd Razif

    People: Hooray! Landed perfectly. No explosion.
    SN10: Wait, that’s illegal.

  29. Jim Urrata

    “Horizontal Mode” has to be a very real challenge given the CP/CG relationship evident in the test item.

  30. stavblock

    they finally managed to land when I watched the last explode

  31. YorkshireD

    THE most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life to do with space travel. Congratulations

  32. Kayne Craddock

    Every time I see these launches I feel like someone needs to say thunder birds are go.

  33. Jhon K

    It looks like CGI and cinematografic bullshit, but if it wasn’t for the regular folks who recorded this live from the proximity. I would not believe it at all.
    Im in awe.

  34. Matias Nascou

    show us what happened about 4 min after landing xD Incredible

  35. Lord Evans

    I guess they could have started the engines earlier, before touch down

  36. Arduino, IoT & Co

    we need a “how not to land a starship” video

  37. DerpyDoom

    The explosions about 8 minutes after took me by surprise and it jumpscared me pretty hard while watching one of LabPadre Cams.

  38. Alex Kendall

    And that’s why there’s a repeat 3 more times rule in experimenting.

  39. Exsecratus Sicarius

    I’m ready to go to Mars. Call me when you’re ready.

  40. Marco

    *10 minutes later *
    SN10: “Oh sh*t, I forgot to 💥”

  41. Elhady Saeed

    Elon Musk in the last 10 seconds after landing “ Cut off the streaming before this shit explode for God’s Sake “

  42. bharath shanmugam

    This will be the milestone of the journey to mars.🚀

  43. Lostmacs Failprofi

    the third raptor used tea-tab to relight (u can see a green flame)

  44. Remo Uherek

    What a historic moment. Loved to stayed up late for this 🤩

  45. Art Key

    Phenomenal stuff. I just wish they would show more telemetry, it’s hard to understand what it’s exactly doing based on visuals. Still phenomenal!

  46. DR Homestead

    11:43 This part requires a background music !

  47. Blaze Pascal

    The way those engines gimbal they look like the eyes of some gigantic beast inspecting the launch pad.

  48. Jack Gamboa

    I love that little tiny bounce on landing, that’s one happy rocket xD

  49. Quentin Jericho

    The most incredible thing I have ever witnessed. Congratulations to the whole team working on Starship.

  50. MONARCH 60

    “Flip and burn her, massive decel, try not to stroke us out”

  51. enyewox

    When the landing engines ignited it looked cgi 😂

  52. Se Google Nutzer

    I’m glad I can witness history being made.
    Absolutely amazing!

  53. Tahami Khan

    Sn 10 lands without an explosion
    Us humans: cheers
    Sn 10: How do you expect me to stand tall ? (Proceeds to explode in a methane tank leak)

  54. Zahir Chavez Vlogs!!

    “3 engines relight”
    “Engine 1 and 2 shutdown”
    “Touch FUCKING down!!!!!!!!”

  55. KHPS

    Watching this literally made my day. Now i’m ready to push future on my own work.

  56. Elias W

    Since when did they freaking make a rocket after perseverance has landed

  57. Dank WorldDK

    It’s crazy to se how fair we actualy has come with the starship good work!!!!!

  58. quantumphaser

    The word “impossible” is found only in the dictionary of fools.

    – Dr. Hans Reinhart 1979

  59. lavapix

    Every time I see these starships I expect to see Buck Rodgers little robot.

  60. Maxime Bertrand

    it’s incredible. an impressive show of force. when will be next …

  61. A S

    Soft landing of SN10 was definitely went hard on “Jeff” who 🤣

  62. samid mirkar

    Man that landing looked CGI in the end, but was 100% real <3 Finally Starship landed.

  63. Edvard SailaN

    Congratulations to the Space X team.
    Rogozin: I wrote a new song

  64. Lego

    just shut up who talking about explotion. this is huge progress even Starship exploded.

  65. Nir Matt

    The footage near the landing is probably one of the best shots I’ve seen in my entire life!! Absolutely remarkable 👏

  66. madew

    Everyone: “Humans go to the Mars”
    Me: “Here is my list of people who should be leaving earth with the first ship”

  67. Simon 2410

    Who dislikes something like this?
    It’s incredible

  68. ً ً

    They really do the trick that was recommended by someone one twitter, I bet he happy cus Elon really use his advice

  69. Vijay kumar

    It actually blew up after 1 min of landing. Nevertheless, the landing was breathtaking. Congratulations team.

  70. dream 2

    It exploded about 10 minuits after land

  71. DrKillPatient

    11:53 This real event looks so CG, and Tom cruise’s CG looks so real.
    Crazy times

  72. Ali Ahsan

    Elon musk: i will never give up…never. even if am dead or completely incapacitated!!

  73. Ronit

    Space X is making more progress then my grades can ever make.

  74. Great Guy

    Finally !
    Made me jump of my seat and everyone around was giving me weird looks😂

  75. Pritesh V

    Starship free falling
    Everyone: What are you doing?
    Elon: Docking
    Interstellar theme intensifies

  76. allen maudlin

    One of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.

  77. el profesor

    When you drive a modern car and look back 100 years, imagine what this will look like in 100 years.

  78. Pritesh V

    After successive failures, Elon will now visit his dad’s old office, find old tapes and get some ideas:
    Still taking me to school

  79. Kevon Daye

    And SN10 was like: “Oh crap, I was supposed to explode!”

  80. Tasty Street Food

    Congratulations…always best wishes from india !

  81. Reinis Debners

    Rocket lands. No boom. Ongoing silence. Still no boom.
    No cheer in the control room, everyone looks at the mountain of a rocket and smiles satisfied. Nailed it!

  82. Ishan Goel

    “Third times the charm” – A quote the Martians will remember forever.

  83. RedKB

    Incredible. Congrats to everyone working on this!

  84. DeSinc

    12:12 is like that point in dragon ball z where the villain hits the main character with a huge blast and thinks he won only to be surprised when the dust clears and they’re still standing

  85. eelincahbergerak

    After seeing all the crashes, this was so satisfying to watch.

  86. Pikapetey Animations


  87. Turnah81

    😮…😦 uhhhh, so I would personally like to apologise to CGI artists on every movie I have ever watched, where a rocket has been animated and I scoffed at the screen.

  88. Pepperjack57

    My man Elon just did the world’s highest bottle flip challenge with a whole ass starship

  89. Elca Gaming

    Absolute Insanity, good Job SpaceX!

  90. Aryan Gupta

    Everyone: SN10, Do you want to land, or explode?

    SN10: Yes

  91. Cain

    It is nice to hear John Insprucker commentating on the early StarShip flights – just like when he did it for Falcon 1. He’s everyone’s favorite space dad.

  92. Der Gianni

    Can we take a second to appreciate that this is literally something historic that people will learn about as a turning point in Rocket Science in like 100 years from now and we all could watch that stuff live on YouTube?

  93. Electric Future

    It looks like CGI, so incredible it’s hard to believe it’s real.

  94. Ofentse Mwase Films

    I Quit my Career in Ant Farming, an became a Full Time Space X fan!

  95. The Racing Monkey

    Feels like I‘m watching a real-life Sci-Fi movie 🍿
    The explosion is just part of the blooper reel at the end.

  96. urlocalweeb

    SN 10: *lands successfully* “My work here is done, I changed the world… goodbye”

  97. AnimatedMau


  98. Rydax

    We just witnessed history being made.

  99. SaMiN M

    It looks something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

  100. DTeK

    Congrats Elon and spaceX !!

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