Starship Launch Animation

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Starship will be the most powerful rocket in history, capable of carrying humans to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

  1. VivaDev

    1:30 And here we see 2 adult starships preparing to mate and have offspring.

  2. Rexor S

    And I thought the space age was hundreds of years from now

  3. Redstone Warrior Plays

    Wow I remember when I first took an intrust in space and it sempt like we gave up after apollo on going to other celestial bodies but low and behold space comes around and is going to get to mars in time shorter than the entire space race. Great work guys I cant wait to see what the future holds and all I can say is if I ever have enough money I would definately buy a ticket on the coolest rocket ever!

  4. cnan34

    Living in the time of mass effect

  5. Elizabeth Hernandez

    OMG😍❤️ I can’t wait!

  6. Abhijeet Manhas

    Marvel: We have Tony Stark.
    Elon Musk: Hold my rocket!

  7. Arin Arian

    When it’s happening they should play that interstellar music at launch site

  8. MaadCow

    Elon Musk i wish you all the best in makeing this a reality. I hope SpaceX proves to everyone they can do it.

  9. Ofer Krupka

    Remember when this was just a animation?

  10. ѧ STK8M ѧ

    *_Made on Earth by Humans_*

  11. Stu Reedy

    It looks like the future as imagined in the 1930s. Cool!

  12. jose salas

    I would love to see SpaceX use Daft punk helmets as part of a spacesuit, just imagine what that would look like.

  13. Smithnik

    This rocket is *T H I C C* af.

  14. DjTruchas

    Just remembered the Falcon Heavy render. Just to see it in real life short after.

  15. AeroR

    That’s wonderful would like to see this in person one day 🚀
    Have a great week

  16. Dan Chang

    Earth: *exists*
    Elon: *Ight, imma head out*

  17. Michael Brown

    Y’all are crazy
    I love it

  18. St Myles

    Cannot wait until this becomes reality! Thanks for sharing Space X.

  19. Baran Cısdık

    Kinda like Requiem for a Dream’s ending. If i were to erase that from my memory, overall really cool concept.

  20. Blasio Muhinda

    Wow. Just wow. Cant explain how this makes me feel

  21. TheDragonaf1

    Remember when falcon heavy had an animation – and then it actually happened? Well…all good things come to those who wait.

  22. Ranjodh Matharoo

    I’m am going to live to see this

  23. Luis The 3rd

    Elon you give me hope that one day I’ll be alive to make the journey to Mars, or points beyond. Just imagine that. Born on Earth, and alive to travel the solar system. Thanks for the dream!


    Awaiting to become witness of this live event… thousand times salute to Elon

  25. DamiGamerMx-Us

    I hope I can see that in penson and record it to show it to my future nepews, also im like 30 min away from the launchpad

  26. J6 XY

    one day our children will ask us how it was to witness the first starship flight

  27. atmbm

    We trule live in an amazing time. It’s so crazy.


    Elon and his starship❤️

  29. RestHeres ThePresent

    Love how ehts being built outside ~ proof that the conditions of our understanding of space and our technologies is changing

  30. Europa

    Never clicked on a video so fast. Just amazing. Can’t wait to see the actual thing. Thanks for everything you are doing for humanity SpaceX.

  31. ceci

    One of the few things that actually make me excited for the future

  32. sparrow boi

    Animator: *i am speed*

  33. Protagadox

    Where do I apply to become a moon geologist when needed?

  34. Venom Animation

    1:28 Mating system? 0-0

  35. Szymon Duniecki

    Damn, I was really hoping to hear Elton Johns Rocketman on this one

  36. ReefBeats

    I remember when the Falcon-9 launch and landing animation came out everyone laughed. Then he did it. Later the Falcon Heavy animation video came out. Everyone again laughed. Then he did that. Cant wait to see this launch in real life.

  37. Pontus Svensson

    When we land on Mars I am going to reply on this comment. 21:05 | 2019-12-10

  38. D3LT4 07

    I’ve seen thousands of CGI Spaceships in my life. But to know that this one is actually going to exist at least very similar to this simulation if not just like it … it is exciting and breathtaking like nothing i’ve ever seen before. And it is not only genius to use stainless steel, it looks fantastic, too!
    You guys get people excited all over the world, much love from germany!

  39. Hiblers

    The Starship without Stage 1 looks like a German V2.

  40. Johann Sebastian Bach

    1:30 reminds me that scene from requiem for a dream :D

  41. Stephane Nouafo

    I love the fact that SpaceX is so open and communicative with their iterations and progress

  42. Dio Brando

    I want to say something inspirational but, I just feel grateful to witness this


    you know its happening when they start rolling out the animations :)

  44. QuantumBullet ✔️

    Can we be on it when the next meteorite hits Earth?

  45. timmeah1

    This made me kind of giddy with excitement. Would I give up life here to go to Mars? Well, I think so. Such a big decision, but man it’s thrilling!

  46. H8ts

    I guess we finally know the real name of Zefram Cochrane, it’s Elon Musk.

  47. aditya banerje

    This is so exciting and cool. We,ll finally see humans reaching some other heavenly body after 50 years since the Apollo landings on the moon, however the most exciting thing about this journey that it will send 100 astronauts and 100 to 150 tons of cargo to the ‘MOON’, ‘MARS’, and ‘BEYOND’!

  48. Kalix

    Elon started learning Blender, this is his 3’d day progress :D

  49. Daniel M

    “What a time to be alive” never made so much sense

  50. Zeus Carter

    “Not because it is easy, but because it is hard”

  51. John Kravich

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 This will be amazing to see in my lifetime!!!!

  52. 00M1

    1:50 so I can actually watch a sunset from space, thanks for clearing that up

  53. Sheehan Sarder

    that looks like the omuamua interstellar asteriod thingy from a few months back

  54. Mr toppiston head

    It looks like a toy, when I was child I thought something like this or toy thingy thing will help us to explore space and as I grew up I thought how childish thought I use to have and now this starship is making it true.

  55. Keith Allver

    Imagine what a historic moment it will be when Starship lands for the first time on Mars.

  56. Angel Cold

    I have an interview on this facility
    I pray to God that I’ll receive an opportunity to be part of something historic

  57. Sai Kyaw Than Htay

    See spacex ship
    Me: tries to build in games
    Also me: why does it look like a squid?

  58. Sterling Archer

    The true visionary of our time… Thank you Elon for showing us that anything is possible!

  59. TheRollingDices

    1:22 And thus the male and female rocket copulate, leaving their offspring on Earth.

  60. Tubby J

    This thing’s going to be insane. Can’t wait to see it.

  61. Amber Stoney

    I love the music from the old ITS animation, they’re both pretty similar as well

  62. Wacky Wombat

    Just totally amazing and deeply satisfying to watch. Just the level of technology and ingenuity involved floored me. I did not want the video to end lol. How far we have come and how far we are going to go! Awesome.

  63. rybaxs

    i thought the title was “Starship Launch Scene” or SLS, then i remember Elon’s smile. hehehe

  64. Kyle K

    21:9 content on youtube? stop I can only get so erect.

  65. Joe Dinmore

    When you get hit by the realisation that you’ll actually be alive to see humans on Mars

  66. Jacob Collins

    A starship one night stand

  67. 100 subs with no videos

    I heard Marvel made a movie on him few years ago. They call it Iron Man

  68. Juan Benito

    -Starship 2019

  69. JTR

    Seriously hope the cockpit is laid out like they are in startrek

  70. Kerberos X

    NASA: We are under presidential order to land humans on Mars in 2033
    Elon: Hold my beer

  71. Mr. Omen


  72. Joseph Mathews

    star trek seems to be getting more and more likely… “to go boldly where no man has gone before.”


    “this seems dangerous, we could die” ‘YEA, ON THE WAY TO THE FKIN MOON!”

  74. G Jose


  75. M M

    Dating apps in 2040: ”You have gone through everyone on earth, would you like to extend your search radius to Mars?

  76. Angery doge

    kids who live on the moon in the future will be like “get away from me zoomer, i’m a mooner”

  77. CFO34

    This will be the most pivotal century in all human history.

  78. Braiden Robson

    Damn I wanted to see the animation of the the Starship performing the sky diving maneuver to land

  79. Mr Turbo

    In the future; “You wouldn’t know her, she goes to school on a different planet”

  80. Tmccreight25Gaming

    Man I can’t wait to see this thing fly…

  81. Gmoneyman

    “If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal”

  82. MrWarbisshop

    i really love the fact that the starship looks like the spaceships in all those old black and white movies

  83. The Exoplanets Channel

    *Beginning of the chills: **0:00*
    *End of the chills: **1:58*

  84. Stephen Smilie

    In the future, everything is chrome

  85. Joel H

    I actually can’t believe this is all happening in my lifetime

  86. AmarahJiwa

    In the future everything is chrome
    Damn they’re not kidding

  87. Guy Who Knows Everything

    I forgot this was the official spaceX account and I was like “hey that’s a pretty cool animation, shame there’s no chance of it becoming real…
    *Wait-* “

  88. mikeman7918

    Here we see the starship mating ritual. The tanker finds a wild passenger starship and uses it’s mating call which comes in the form of a docking transponder beacon. We see here that the passenger starship has responded and initiated final approach. With that, the tanker returns to the nest while the passenger starship begins it’s migration away from the mating grounds in LEO.

  89. NeoXenoZ

    Second stage: *Flies away*
    First stage rocket: Ight imma head out

  90. muppetnumpty65

    Holly crap I’m 55 years old, I was 4.5 when Armstrong walked on the moon, it’s my very first memory. I want to see humans walk on Mars, I need to see this, I just hope it’s not my last memory. But I feel we are getting very close thanks to Musk and the superhumans that work at SpaceX, please make it so.

  91. sari bsunt

    Spongebob was right: the future does indeed look chrome.

  92. Doctor_Whoey

    “Science isn’t about why, it’s about why not!”

  93. 1Lifeonearth

    can you imagine how advanced humans would be if there were 2 elons musks and not only one?

  94. Zeayd 454

    I’m going to relpy to this comment
    When we land on mars successfully.
    Until then i must wait.

  95. Nicolai Hals

    “Elon musk shot his car into space”
    2 years later..
    “Elon musk shot his house to space”

  96. DigikidForever

    When two spaceships love each other very much………..

  97. Tboneman

    Elon Musk got tired waiting for Star Citizen to be released so he started making his own ships instead

  98. Vector 99

    “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds aren’t in your favor”
    -Elon Musk

  99. Gavin M

    One day will people develop a mars accent. That’s wild

  100. PJthePlayer

    To the first astronauts to ride on this:
    Elon: “Don’t worry guys… it works in Kerbal.”

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