Starlink Mission Control Audio (2021.03.04)

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  1. Robo Cop

    What time does it crash?

  2. Weekly dose of everything

    why is this taking so long!
    Its just blank!

  3. Erik S.

    Pick me for the mission around the Moon I’m your average person great job space X

  4. Yusa B


  5. Jess Lyn


  6. Helder Almeida

    A company like spacex doesn’t have better CGI. Great explosion yesterday sn10. I think the problem was fire extinguisher didn’t work properly. I only saw one instead of the 4 available on the landing site trying to close the fire on the side of the starship plus the landing was a bit heavy the starship bounced once on tarmac but at least it landed that’s a great achievement for everyone at SpaceX


    No I can’t believe that elon musk was banned from broadcasting the pitches so that the anomalies are not seen

  8. Mak Millionz

    CGI crap💩😂👌

  9. Lex Alex


  10. Joe Sutter

    Me too good morning everyone

  11. Opinión, Análisis y lo qu

    What happen

  12. Paul Oconnor


  13. takeshi kovacs


  14. Dean Su

    41:30 T-15 seconds

  15. bruhishy

    Wtf is this

  16. Sytali Yorulmaz

    5 yorum mu? (sixth)

  17. saulo perez


  18. A

    I got a great photo of my aged parents staring intently at the television last night as SN-10 made its launch/land attempt. All very exciting. Go SpaceX.

  19. Parker Parkinson

    Looks like I’m a bit late, shame.

  20. Adolf Hitler


  21. Lord Zeus


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