Starlink Mission Control Audio (2021.03.01)

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  1. My Best Star #freeporçay

    Very good White wall

  2. Akash Verma

    Yup don’t know what this but it’s okay

  3. XYVK

    33:33 best moment ever

  4. Sian Daller

    When alone in a rusty lift, this might be right audio

  5. Nilesh Garg

    Nice video 👍

  6. KAFIR666

    Are you kidding!!!

  7. Weekly dose of everything

    hi space x

  8. idris özel


  9. Life Is My Opportunity -

    I lost my job during the pandemic
    I created my YouTube channel in faith, believing for myself, you and the rest of the world🌍

  10. Odelia Despina


  11. Fikri Ramadhan

    Why this video just grey screen??

  12. EARTH _


  13. Julian Stewart


  14. youssef idabdlahe

    200B$ company lol

  15. elon musk


  16. elon musk

    Good job

  17. Jose Tech

    Delete this SpaceX.

  18. thiago perazza


  19. 소행성25


  20. Bud Vegas


  21. ꧁ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ ⃣꧂


  22. Saul Quiroga vallejos

    Goku le gana

  23. Ejaay 001

    Who else,but new glenn…🚀🚀

  24. Brandon Neal

    Yeah scrubs happens they will attempt it again

  25. Xx_the haunted channel_xX

    I do not see nothing

  26. Mark Anderson

    What happened?

  27. Mr.T Brant

    keep up the good work! every error caught on the ground, is a error avoided in the sky!!

  28. Ethodica

    I say “watch it be delayed” it cancels

  29. Facterino Commenterino

    Today’s fact: Male, and not the female, seahorses give birth to the young ones.

  30. GustZ GG

    SCRUB 😔🐊

  31. K4ua Vi3ira

    Waldir Braz

  32. Lonely Pizza

    Press F in the chat


    Space x and Nasa xD

  34. Rafael Mantucci

    Abort message at 41:49

  35. Lonely Pizza


  36. Lamar Davis


  37. Soda Stain

    Oh well scrubs happen

  38. Shulkerkiste


  39. Mosa Alkablany


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