Starlink Mission (2021.11.13)

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SpaceX is targeting Saturday, November 13 for a Falcon 9 launch of 53 Starlink satellites to orbit from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The instantaneous launch window is at 7:19 a.m. EST, or 12:19 UTC.

The booster supporting this mission previously launched Crew Demo-2, ANASIS-11, CRS-21, Transporter-1, and four Starlink missions. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the Just Read the Instructions droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. One half of Falcon 9’s fairing previously supported the GPS III-4 mission and a Starlink mission, and the other previously supported another Starlink mission.

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  1. Tommy Bombon

    Dramatic coverage feeds with the cameras! And Yoemi rocks! ❤️

  2. Benjamin Leong

    This never gets old… this launch through the fog is one of the best yet!!

  3. Knowledge Seeker

    Bravo! That has got to be the spectacular launch I have seen especially insane view of lift off,marvellous engineering! it seems like watching sci-fi movie scene, but this one is the best yet.

  4. Pappytron

    I love watching these missions. You know what I would love more? Watching the delivery of my very own Starlink system…that I’ve been waiting for, since January.

  5. Raimund Scheucher

    Fantastic: about a minute before the payload deployment, the Stage begins to rotate to let the satellites drift from each other.

  6. Ryan Woodhead

    An absolutely amazing launch, I love the launch through the misty morning fog, and the beautiful view of the Earth as the F9 heads to orbit.

  7. lasersbee

    Beautiful pre-take off views with the fog. Wish they could find a way to show the landing on the recovery ships without all the video breakup. Even an immediate recorded copy of the actual touchdown seconds after the fact. Like an instant video replay they use in sports. Congrats on another successful Mission. Love this stuff.

  8. LateNightWithRuskii

    i absolutely love space opera/travel books and movies, and this gives me hope for human kind.

  9. Old Man Stumpie

    Spectacular liftoff. What a beautiful planet we live on at the moment.

  10. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX

    WTF was that launch man, the fog man… so beautiful…

  11. Scott Slotterbeck

    I think it’s cute how she giggles when events get her excited.

  12. Jac Spring

    Amazing how routine this has become and I love how the components are recovered and recycled. I am looking forward to being able to use Starlink services here in Texas.

  13. Star A Star

    I love how the camera that’s about 4 miles away from the launch is shaking visibly from the power of the sound waves.

  14. Stinger NSW

    Any launch through the fog is truly an amazing sight, this is up there with the Vandenberg fog Launches, well done to everyone at SpaceX on what has been a busy week 👍🚀❤


    El 19:00 me causa emociones🤗😪😘 de FELICIDAD de saber que el hombre el ser humano es capaz de eso y más 👍❤️

  16. Sean J

    I love how the NASA broadcasts are forced to use 720p, yet SpaceX only streams are up to 4k.

  17. Roo Marr Experience

    Never get’s old, and the take-off view from a distance was spectacular (especially with the plums pushing out of the ground fog)!

  18. Jose Luis Pinar

    This never gets old… this launch through the fog is one of the best yet!!

  19. michGPAA Webwrangler

    I am so looking forward to getting my starlink hardware soon.

  20. Thomas Rogers

    Very nice launch and deployment, fairing popped off great. Love watching the engines heat up. Hoping one day they show wide framed camera views. 😎👍

  21. fhsgsfgsgv

    it is so beautiful to see the falcon 9 lifed off in the fog!

  22. Carlos O

    People take this for granted, but as I see the falcon 9 landing it never gets old. How one person with a vision and a team of absolutely awesome employees make history every time they land the falcon 9. How much money and resources being saved. Just incredible and awe inspiring.

  23. Annamária Pátkai

    Everyone just laughs at these broadcasts. I’m having fun too! Thanks!

  24. Mystery Mayhem

    That was absolutely beautiful to watch the launch and the landing never gets old to see.

  25. TAK Ism.

    that looked amazing, wow, just wow.

  26. Greg Simon

    Absolutely amazing.
    Congratulations on another mission.

  27. Thomas Bramwell

    The earth is beautiful.
    Its like every one us has the biggest most amazingest halo above our heads. 🌍 😇

  28. Sebastian Soria

    One of the best lunches from a rocket ever

  29. allan churm

    wow what a view at lift off.. and the lady narrating this launch had such a lovely way about her..well done

  30. Scott Parnapy

    It’s hard to imagine how something that’s quickly becoming so routine continues to be so spectacular and in different ways each time. That wide-shot, hazy launch was breathtaking…

  31. ramosel

    Thank you Elon Musk and all those at SpaceX/Starlink. My rural internet just keeps getting better! It’s nice having a somewhat reliable home phone again as well.

  32. SeattleDan R

    Was it just me, or were the views unusually beautiful this launch? Ground AND orbit! Wow!

  33. B Blod

    The rocket exhaust displaced the fog, amazing!

  34. 森林

    As a futur Electrical Engineer specialised in telecom, fiber optics and network architecture, it’s a dream to work for Space X. GG Elon , you da man !!

  35. Marcus Rendon

    That’s gotta be close to a record from launch to deployment.

  36. planetsector9

    This was by far the most kino Starlink mission, from the foggy liftoff to the smooth shots of the booster ascending and descending and the final deploy sequence, great views all around of the beautiful Earth, the spacecraft and the satellites!

  37. Lerk

    What a chill mission ☺️

  38. Bear Lemley

    Thank you SpaceX for sharing your work with us. Congrats on the success of this mission with your new satellites.

  39. Noah Boddy

    Congratulations on another successful launch and recovery. The fog shrouded view of the launchpad is memorable.

  40. HydrocityDP

    There’s something special about seeing Falcon 9 arise out of a bed of fog.

  41. GalacticGlaze

    Finally a triple header! We haven’t had one of these in a while! Let’s go SpaceX!

  42. Michael Aguilar

    In 3 day Space X has sent 2 rockets into space and splashed down a crew all for less than half of what the overall cost of Nasa would have been. This stage 1 will be cleaned and repairs made and take another load to orbit. Bravo. SpaceX is killing it.

  43. Vladislav Evdokimov

    Yeah the weather makes this launch one of if not the most spectacular to date!

  44. stryngh

    Amazing and inspiring as usual.

  45. Brian Mortenson

    22:06 concave Earth confirmed. Take that, flat earthers!

  46. Yukit

    14:48 This looks soo amazing!


    20:33 O3 zone at the left side is super beautiful!

  48. Sassquatch H

    Really enjoyed the commentary on this launch cast. It wasn’t just a repeat of the usual tidbits – there was some new stuff.

  49. Mark Finley

    Looked like there was a little wobble there just before MECO. Otherwise, spectacular launch!

  50. Alex Landherr

    If it wasn’t for the description this could’ve been Vandenberg AFB…

  51. The Flying Eagle

    *That liftoff was sooo good. Easily my favorite Falcon 9 launch so far!!* Glad I was able to watch it live. 🤩

  52. dmanc85

    That was the most photogenic launch I’ve ever seen.

  53. Edge Fan

    Wow, what an amazing show. Well done SpaceX. Always astonished by the precision of the booster landing. 👍😎

  54. MonsterSound

    Glad to see the telemetry for both stages are back, with arc timeline too. FoG is a bonus. WoW! 🚀😎👍🍁

  55. Andrew Cousins

    The views of launch were amazing. The view of Earth throughout deployment was absolutely phenomenal. Fantastic launch!

  56. Sabbir Talukder

    That launch view and angle are most beautiful, just like a sci fi movie scene.

  57. Tom New

    Insane view on liftoff, hope someone had camera closer.

  58. Sayli Birare

    This is more than insane and very very impressive!!!😲🔥

  59. Mahkus

    That launch was fricking awesome!

  60. SFS Gamer - Official Chan

    So the Falcon 9 just launched in the amazing clouds. That the one of the BEST

  61. Michael Donnelly

    I absolutely love SpaceX and ALL they have done in such a short time compared to both the established space giants like Boeing and Lockheed Martin and the wanna be space start ups that refuse to take risks in developing their spacecraft – I’m looking at you Blue Origin.

  62. Fanaticvandal

    SpaceX is incredible, what you guys are doing is just light years ahead of the rest, and in such a short time, congrats on a beautiful and successful mission

  63. Pearl Lee

    Wow. The other day, splashdown of crew 2. Yesterday, lift off and docking of crew 3. Today, deployment of starlink. Spacex does really make hard looks easy.

  64. Leah Koepp

    Great launch and coverage as always. How beautiful the earth looked in the morning light.

  65. AutFox

    I Love these livestreams!!

  66. K Wick

    Love those daylight launches!

  67. Alex

    87th succesful landing….yeah….this is basically the norm around spacex now….awesome!

  68. Moshe Nativ

    Beautiful launch and views from space. With 23 successful missions this year, we can say we live in the Space Age. Kudos to everyone involved.

  69. BibiBobo Channel

    Crew-3 mission, Ship 20 static fire and starlink now… Congrats Spacex….

  70. jonfarrah

    Always amazing…blows my tiny mind every time. What a thrilling SpaceX & NASA week!

  71. Benjamin Smith

    Also in agreement, that was one of the greatest launch shots ever. Already made it my desktop background. Would love a higher resolution shot if possible. The people at SpaceX are bringing some amazing ideas to life. Soon . . . To mars!

  72. Lance Stewart

    I always thought it would be cool to put a camera facing outwards on the rocket so you can see the blue fade to black as the rocket climbs, I hope they do this at some point 😍

  73. Hyper Hype

    finally the 10ms ping I always dreamed of having.

  74. S. E. C-R

    This never gets old… this launch through the fog is one of the best yet!!

  75. Gentil Gedeon

    From Africa, Elon is the future of space exploration. I have always wanted to see people start to explore the moon and mars and I can’t believe Elon is doing that. I hope this satellites will ease communications more. Mars is the destination. Keep it up, Elon, young people all over the world are behind you.

  76. Daniel Roden

    ive seen most of these. still amazing every time!

  77. fr4me01

    Having been lucky enough to watch one of the Shuttle Launches when I was young I can safely say if you have not watched one of these in person you are really missing out. Though this is a beautiful view with the fog.

  78. Agraj Yadav

    That’s the coolest F9 launch ever

  79. Prasanna Kumar

    Landing of stage 1 though 😍👌👌👌, Perfection in engineering 🔥.

  80. RMF

    It’s crazy all that just took 16 mins.

  81. ptschafer

    It’s hard not to root for everyone at SpaceX, they literally bring imagination to life.

  82. Abdelaziz Ounzar

    From Morocco to Elon Musk, Thank you for making the impossible possible 💯❤️

  83. 21kimwo

    What a brilliantly informative commentary.

  84. WILLS

    One of the best launches yet. Amazing

  85. Oleksiy Slisenko

    So happy that arc info along with other widgets is back !!
    Way to go!!

  86. Re noX

    In launch industry, no one can’t do sucessful launch and booster landing day after day.
    So impressive SpaceX.

  87. A K

    Most beautiful F9 launch. Heavenly. Pun intended.

  88. Tyler Weems

    It’s Bob and doug’s booster! That’s awesome!

  89. fletchcro

    Never gets old! What a week SpaceX!

  90. Lunar Colonist

    That HAS to be one of the coolest looking f9 launches

  91. Dr mosfet

    That got to be the most beautiful launch I’ve seen, something that sci-fi movie might avoid because it doesn’t look real enough.

  92. Guruprasad Devadiga

    Hey all how are doing, congratulations on the launch,
    It’s very fascinating to watch ,it’s unreal

  93. Oscar Díaz

    They took 15 min to place those satellites in orbit
    And I’ve been in my bed for 1h 27 min trying to get up.

  94. VoicyZA

    I love how they’ve managed to turn the impossible into the mundane.

  95. Poberaganser

    I was really missing Starlink missions. They’re great as always!

  96. cynbloxy

    The liftoff shot at 19:00 is so gorgeous!
    I think this is the coolest looking F9 launch to date.

  97. Splendid

    That was the most beautiful launch! SpaceX rocks

  98. SirBanji

    WTF was that launch man, the fog man… so beautiful…

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