Starlink Mission (2021.09.14)

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On Monday, September 13 at 8:55 p.m. PDT, SpaceX launched 51 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vendenberg Air Force Base in California.
This was the tenth launch and landing of this Falcon 9 first stage booster, which previously launched the Telstar 18 VANTAGE, Iridium-8, and seven Starlink missions.

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  1. doire aintu

    man I’ve missed the awesome space tunes, as well as these great launches.

  2. StreamAdvise

    It has to be said that Youmei Zhou has a really very pleasant voice to listen to when all this is taking place. She has a nice calming but educational manner of speaking. A real treat to listen to her explaining things while watching.
    So thank you (謝謝你) Youmei for your explanations and enthusiasm.

  3. freejvaK11

    My late father, an engineer for Aerojet, would absolutely love this.

  4. Piyush Chamoli

    Man! This is inspirational when you know how much you’ve to brainstorm physics & maths to get everything right. I know there are computers and all but still it’s an extremely difficult job made look so easy

  5. June Stewart

    My late father, an engineer for Aerojet, would absolutely love this.

  6. TimeBucks

    Congratulations SpaceX

  7. Ceebrze3

    Haven’t seen a launch in a good minute. Didn’t realize how much I missed it.

  8. Mr2 Reviews

    I love Youmei’s voice.

  9. CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Haven’t seen a launch in a good minute. Didn’t realize how much I missed it.

  10. Bribe

    this was beautiful

  11. Chabache

    Burton Benjamin “The Future is Now”
    SpaceX “The future was 19 hours ago

    Me in Morocco “The past is tomorrow”

  12. Mel b

    Excellent music, thank you SpaceX team!

  13. sLaDJaN

    Man…just seeing that rocket liftoff is so inspiring! Thank you Elon! Thank you SpaceX!

  14. Oscar

    Congratulations once again! Marvelous engineering!

  15. StereoSpace

    Thank you to everyone at SpaceX for everything you do, and have done, to improve the ability of humanity to access space, support the ISS, and gain access to communications.

  16. Mike Epps

    She explained the intro real well..spacex becoming natgeo/discovery real quick..the explanation of a body being in earth orbit was real easy for any one to understand.

  17. ChristianTDM

    14:10 I love how she speaks to us common folk, “Rocket go sideways reeal fast” :D

  18. Thomas Boomer

    I love that Starlink satellites are going into polar orbit. This will make the National Science Foundation happy. Starlink internet would be very welcome at South Pole Station which currently has spotty and relatively low speed satellite service.

  19. PleaseHelpMeReach 23 SubW

    Those landings never get old. Can’t wait to see Starship launch stacked with a payload of Starlink satellites

  20. Paul Here

    I love the way the commentator laughs/giggles, every time something good happens, like a landing on “Of Course I Still Love You”. She makes the experience, of watching the video, so much more fun and human.

  21. Parrot Raiser

    Watching flawless execution unroll shouldn’t keep on being compelling, but so far, it does.

  22. Kwo da hoe

    Hoping Starlink launches in South Africa very soon! We love this technology!

  23. Gennady

    what a great soundtrack !

  24. ParatyShow

    Love what SpaceX has and is doing! Youmei’s enthusiasm is wonderful, you can here the well deserved pride and joy in her voice. Go SpaceX, you are our future.

  25. w0ttheh3ll

    Man, I wanted to see the cannon shoot itself in the “getting to orbit” animation :D

  26. ABC DEF

    even I’ve watched falcon 9 launches for countless time. I’m still appreciated the information packed in the pre lift off section. I can imagine more people will be interested in rocket/space because of that.

  27. MsShirepony

    Just a complete non sequitur here but I wanted to say that gal doing the announcing this morning did a great job. Her voice has always had a very nervous edge to it which isn’t what you want in a public speaker, but today she seemed much more confident and clear. Good on her for improving her skills.

  28. Nifty 404

    Great commentary, congrats on your yet-another successful launch!

  29. g gamba

    As usual flawless, SpaceX is my bread and butter of motivation.

  30. Hoss Hosmer

    Can’t wait for Inspiration 4 launch! Now that’ll be a milestone for spaceflight, watched the documentary and the whole thing is definitely inspiring.

  31. Jim Bresnahan

    Cool to see a misty Vandenburg night-time launch. No live feed of deployment? SpX shy about showing any of the optical laser hardware or simply no ground signal at that point from the polar orbit trajectory. Also 51 satellites vs the usual 60, due the increased weight of the new satellites

  32. Magnamic

    Much like other commenters I didn’t realize how much I missed these launches.

    Congratulations EVERYONE at SpaceX!

  33. Michael Russ

    This never gets old. Congrats to all at SpaceX.

  34. Brian W

    Truly a miracle of modern engineering to land a rocket like that. We tend to take that for granted because Space X does it so good. Bravo Space X!

  35. Frank Willian

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  36. 2nd3rd1st

    Thank you, Youmei, for hosting this historic launch!

  37. Tom Morland

    Man it would be super cool if one day they made an automated tracking camera on the drone ships that could follow the booster as it re-enters. Also would be amazing if we could somehow get access to all the camera feeds at the same time on a live stream.

  38. Garreth Armstrong

    Got to tell you, EVERYTIME I see this, I tear up…. What a wonderdull time to be here…. hooray to the ABSOUTELY AMAZING GENIUS TEAM @ SRACEX.

  39. J M

    It was great to see a local launch from Vandenberg. Even being about miles away the view is amazing.

  40. Adam Collegeman2

    sweet mother of a life worth living right now! tears of gratitude for future visions worth living !

  41. mpendulo Jwara

    I love how the commentary is always consistent to provide all of the neaty greety details and information for new comers and all who sometimes tune in but need a bit of a reminder like myself 😂 I’m glad this “old timer” 😂 booster stuck its landing 🎯 and congratulations to all the teams at SpaceX for a successful mission! I myself and I’m sure many others, thank you for the amazing coverage of all your missions, always ❤

  42. trs4u

    No video from deploy? That’s my favourite bit! Loved the onboard booster sound – was that ‘ping’ at T+23s ice?

  43. Josh Conrad

    I live in a remote and rural area, I got my Starlink about 3 weeks ago, and let me tell you it’s amazing! Thanks to everyone at SpaceX, Starlink is an absolute game changer.. I’m happy to give my money to Space X, instead of some horrible telecom company..

  44. Francisco Torres

    This was beautiful to see from LA, it looked like the red comet from game of thrones except it was rising from the north west and heading south east

  45. Fernando Queiroz Popovic

    Absolutely amazing that it’s the 10th landing of that booster, may it get to 20 soon enough

  46. Well of Souls

    I always enjoy hearing the celebration of the SpaceX employees with each mission… they remind us that space is never easy, and even missions which may seem routine involve the hard work of hundreds of the industry’s top professionals.

  47. Andrew

    Always amazed when they can land on a tiny barge from that high up!

  48. fritz eder

    Congrats to the courage to risk a 10th mission. More goosebumps at every re-flight.

  49. Atharva Patil

    No bezos was harmed in the making of this video

  50. Rob Chapman

    I never tire from watching the Faclon 9 going up and then landing, and yet I’m constantly thinking, just before she touches the drone ship “She’s coming in too fast, she’s coming in too fast!”…She always comes in fast.

  51. Ivan Kuljis

    These Flights and returns to Earth NEVER GET OLD….Thankyou ‘Of Course l Still Love You’

    Always will Love SpaceX

  52. Ghosty

    Hughesnet currently has me in a chokehold… Can only wait until Starlink is active and they then have Hughesnet in a chokehold and free me from this hell. Can’t even do work on this shitternet anymore.

  53. MacGyver

    Space Lasers!
    And so the next important phase begins.
    Congratulations to everyone at SpaceX and thank you for everything you’re doing!

  54. Prue Phillip

    I have watched every single landing, and most launches. I can’t say they never get boring but even I am getting bored with landings now. And that’s a good thing – this stuff is now so routine, and should have been in the 1970’s.

  55. Gabe Darrett

    SpaceX should really number these starlink missions in the title. Great launch, as always!

  56. Pandemic Podcast

    Finally , after about 40 years waiting.. I get up every morning, excited about the future.. just like Elon said. Still can’t believe we are actually going back to the moon…build a base.. don’t dare to dream about Mars yet.

  57. Tim Nook

    These launches are amazing, they’re just unlike any other ones! It’s so amazing how SpaceX creates this amazing atmosphere, amazing commentary, just amazing hype!
    Go Starlink, Go Inspiration 4, Go Crew-3, Go Falcon Heavy, Go Falcon 9, Go Starship, Go SpaceX!! 🔥🔥

  58. Milhooz K

    Thanks Youmei, this stream was full of great information! Looking forward to the Inspiration4 launch tomorrow. Good luck to the crew and of course the SpaceX team!

  59. Georgie Tirebiter

    This is definitely an interesting time to be alive! I hope I can live long enough to see people land on Mars 😉👍😎🙏

  60. Hectillion

    Congratulations on Elon musk for never giving up because re-landing a rocket is insane and launching starship will be an even more ridiculously cool feat

  61. Shanghaimartin

    SpaceX, a truly remarkable company, making the future happen right here and now.

    Still can’t get a proper live feed in decent quality from a boat.

  62. Scott Slotterbeck

    My late father, an engineer for Aerojet, would absolutely love this.

  63. Georgiev

    The music is awesome!!! That’s is a great Trance guys!

  64. Steven Gulie

    Thank you, SpaceX, for bringing the future back. I missed it!

  65. Fred Bloggs

    03:35 Intro
    04:16 Start
    10:59 Gen-2 satellites have comms lasers
    12:45 Gravity turn explanation
    18:04 T-30
    18:55 Sound feed from rocket?
    21:11 Meco
    25:24 Entry burn
    27:18 Landing (sort of)
    38:24 Why you won’t see the deployment
    44:34 Confirmation of deployment

    Music by ‘Test Shot Starfish’.

    Update: The music has its own channel right here on YouTube

  66. Timothy Corimbelly

    So exciting to the the host being as excited as I am about SpaceX even after these many launches and landings!

  67. عدنان البورق القميشي

    Thank you, Starlink, for this wonderful launch of this service. We hope to operate it and send us its tools in order to use Starlink in the Arabian Peninsula, especially in South Arabia (Yemen).

  68. suresh nishtala

    I never get bored watching space X launches.

  69. Gamemeh

    They say there’s nothing normal about Spaceflight… I think SpaceX has pretty much nailed normality now with these Falcon 9 flights. Long may it continue and may there success with the Falcon series transfer over quickly to the Starship systems and beyond. I am for one so happy to be able to witness the collective achievements for SpaceX. Reigniting interest in Space Worldwide.

  70. putin's playground

    Lost my marbles, got to see it irl. First launch I’ve witnessed. Many more to come God-willing :)

  71. Grant D

    man I’ve missed the awesome space tunes, as well as these great launches.

  72. Brian Haygood

    12:45 Great explanation of the gravity turn and what it means to “orbit.”

  73. Jacob Creech

    Watching this in 4K via Starlink here in NZ. Love it. Great work SpaceX team.

  74. GrayJay

    Thanks for the story about the pilot school getting internet access – I will repeat that a collation of these on a separate channel would be a great addition to Starlink stories

  75. ꧁༺ɖօռ'ȶ ʀɛǟɖ ʍʏ քʀօʄɨʟɛ༻꧂

    Here it completes another launch creating 100% success rate. Unbelievable ❤️

  76. Poberaganser

    Chief of Vandenberg: “Thank god, those guys doing it right!”.

  77. Dustin Meier

    Those landings never get old. Can’t wait to see Starship launch stacked with a payload of StarLink satellites.

  78. Frank Benlin

    Love the noises the host makes when she’s controlling the urge to scream and shout with the rest of the team.

  79. Peter Clancy

    I can watch these launches all day

  80. Adventure explorer

    I live in fresno, CA and witnessed this launch with my own eyes. Thankfully it was a clear night and was able to see the exhaust plume glistening in the sun. It was surreal.

  81. Tim Hernandez

    I never get tried of seeing these incredible launches! Godspeed!

  82. DeralictVet

    my father and i saw it from my back yard !!! So cool🌠

  83. BRAD3000.H2

    Great to see more Starlink launches – hope to see my Dishy soon, its been ordered 7months now…

  84. dbreardon

    The way the engines lite up all that fog and condensation in the air at liftoff, I thought it exploded until they showed it above the fog…LOL

  85. Game Maker

    13:00 A lesson to be learned by the other fledgling space companies. Bezos only knows how to go straight up, but not very far. Branson doesn’t really know which way he’s going to go ;)

  86. Matt Howard

    Could see this from my hometown. Wow that was cool!

  87. Lidia Santoro

    Congratulations to all those employed by SpaceX – you are all making history in a stunning way!

  88. Jonathan Mitchell

    It is always so cool seeing the CA launches IRL! Caught this one at a family members place & pulled them outside for it, did not disappoint

  89. Seth Gillott

    I watched the thing reach the stars in vandenburg my dad worked in that rocket! I’m sure bezos is screaming and kicking while throwing a tantrum watching this!

  90. Swirox

    Not one company or country in the world other than SpaceX has managed to land and orbital rocket booster even once, and here they are having a second booster achieve 10 flights and landings. Absolutely nuts.

  91. Gary Slentz II

    When will they get back the great pictures of the booster landing on the drone ship? It was perfect that ONE time

  92. 01NS pihsratS

    Congratulations SpaceX!! 100th successful mission in a row!

  93. D

    Haven’t seen a launch in a good minute. Didn’t realize how much I missed it.

  94. Actual SpaceX

    This was just another day of work, SpaceX!
    Good job

  95. lightdark00

    Damn, I’m here before anyone added timecodes for everything.

  96. Dan Blevins

    Fogenberg strikes again. 😂 Congratulations on a successful launch and recovery.

  97. Siddharth Prabhu

    Missed this so much! The booster landing for a 10th time like it’s nothing…the Falcon 9 is truly an amazing machine.

  98. GhostlyBanes

    This is the first rocket launch I’ve seen with my own eyes. Thank you, SpaceX. And on my birthday too! Thanks for the birthday gift!

  99. Jack Whitlock

    Never gets old!

  100. Jack Whitlock

    Those ground shots were amazing!

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