Starlink Mission (2021.05.09)

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SpaceX is targeting Sunday, May 9 for launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The instantaneous window is at 2:42 a.m. EDT, or 6:42 UTC, and a backup opportunity is available on Monday, May 10 at 2:21 a.m. EDT, or 6:21 UTC.

This will be the tenth flight of the Falcon 9 first stage rocket booster supporting this mission, which previously launched Crew Dragon’s first demonstration mission to the International Space Station, the RADARSAT Constellation Mission, SXM-7, and six Starlink missions. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be located in the Atlantic Ocean. Both of Falcon 9’s fairing halves previously flew on the GPS III Space Vehicle 04 mission.

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  1. Cyriton

    Why isn’t the whole world fascinated by this like they were with the first moon landing? Tiktok is nothing compared to this!

  2. HnTv

    I find it amazing how they’re using Starlink Network already to help provide better camera footage when the Booster lands. Also jeez ten flights that’s amazing.

  3. Farhan Bari

    The fact there is some kind of rocket launch every other week by space x is astonishing.

  4. Mark Narron

    This creeped me tf out cuz I didn’t know it was supposed to happen😂

  5. CharlieBarbarossa

    I love that you’re giving us Stage 1 telemetry. Keep it up!

  6. David Wolf

    Continued awesomeness folks! Thanks so much!

  7. Aurorithus Shadowstar

    I absolutely LOVE how these routine satellite deploy missions are getting close to a billion views in less than 24hrs! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️!!!

  8. Mohammad Shreef

    yusss a new starlink livestream equals more space tunes lol

  9. Jason

    As I watch the starlink mission videos, I noticed the music gets progressivly better with each video. This is the best one so far. These videos are perfect for studying to. Thank you!

  10. cember01

    I think that’s the first landing I’ve seen where the signal didn’t cut out just as it landed. Nice.

  11. Jason Carmichael

    TIme to make 25 more of this booster. Change nothing. It is perfect.

  12. Zedco

    They landed a booster effortlessly now. Congrats!

  13. Hugo Tron

    Wow spaceX with 4K and changing the world video???
    this is a whole new boos level man

  14. The Mist

    Spacex – crew music at the beginning is just point on. Today was a good day.

  15. Ryan Hamstra

    This booster has launched more times in the past 2 years than a lot of space companies. Amazing job guys!

  16. Aaron Morse

    This never ceases to amaze! :)

  17. Dana Oredson

    Woohoo! 10 landings and counting! Congratulations!

  18. Cooper

    Congrats spacex great job

  19. CyanAardvark

    8:00 first reuse in 2017. While it feels like they’ve been re-flying boosters forever, that’s only just over four years. Measured at the pace of SpaceX accomplishments, that’s forever ago. Keep up the great work!

  20. Gihan Chamod

    congratulations space x team 🇱🇰from srilanaka….

  21. rj31789

    It’s so awesome to see a core stage land in a predictable location without it being a guessing game.

  22. Nid Nev

    That guy’s voice is best for night launch narration.

  23. Scott Meister

    It’s amazing that SpaceX has cameras onboard a booster rocket…traveling at 26,000 kph…& *STILL* has better video than a store security camera!

  24. chemicalcorrosion

    With every launch, I wonder if these will be the ones covering my area. So exciting!

  25. Dumitru Langham

    Never get old! I say it every time you can’t imagine how wired it is to have almost daily Launch! Just like getting a commercial airplanes

  26. BH-21

    Every Starlink customer feels that we have a vested interest in every launch. :)

  27. DR Essex

    Thanks for the ‘Chad’stranaught! The SNL hosting and sketches were fun to watch. Chad’s sacrifice will not be forgotten 💛.

  28. Joseph Boutros

    I remember back in 2011 when they announced the recovery of the first stage, I was like that’s a very ambitious and cool thing to witness if they succeed! Now by watching this for the 83rd time, it’s like a routine never gets old.
    What a spectacular achievement for humankind

  29. Toy-Yoda

    The fact that they still get 800k views in 5 hours on a rocket launch is stunning.

  30. Edward Halpin

    Great job folks! 10 times that’s wonderful keep up the good work

  31. Tony B

    Staggering. So complex yet they now make it look so easy. From launch to 1st stage landing in under 9 mins! SpaceX have totally revolutionized space launches, and Starship will take it all to another level again. Bravo.

  32. Mikercflyer

    Never can get enough of the booster landing. I wish it was in day time.

  33. Jon Tait

    Thanks for the footage. Awesome stuff as always

  34. sleepkeeper

    Never gets old!! Thank you and congratulations!!

  35. Сергей Семёнов

    Хорошая работа! 💪 😎 👍
    Красиво видеть.

  36. Deadmau5_l

    We thought we were getting somewhere in the 60s. Boy were we wrong we only just starting now

  37. Ivy Stiles

    Congrats on a successful launch & landing of a booster, an amazing accomplishment for the many employees at SpaceX & Elon & Gwynne & the leadership team. Also, I just love looking towards the Florida Space Coast at night and seeing the grid fins deploy in the light from the 2nd stage. Thank you for what you are doing for spaceflight.

  38. Adipa Achintha

    That landing video is epic!!!

  39. Ka Nahn

    It’s pretty incredible that you guys nailed the Starship is landing on just the fifth attempt.
    So Good 🤩

  40. Matías Troncoso

    You are responsible of making this a daily thing… no more goosebumps

  41. A Bit Of Everything

    Congratulations for flying a booster ten times!

  42. Jeff Ingram

    My internet service gets one step closer every day!! Thank you again Elon Musk and the SpaceX team!!

  43. JULIAN 11

    So now the name is Starship Launch System. Now we can call it SLS!

  44. snuffeldjuret

    love the new rocket camera on these landings :). Congrats on historic 10th flight and landing of same booster :).

  45. Zvezdochka Code

    Спейс Х, вы супер герои! Вы вернули людям мечту о космосе!

  46. Controlledburst

    These booster landings NEVER get old. 83 times. Sci-fi.

  47. 9tn9ty 5

    The views are amazing!
    You guys are incredible!

  48. nubserver

    imagine you’re just trying to sleep at 2 am and boom a whole rocket going to space out of no where

  49. Harshil Mehta

    4K streams?! Hell yea!

  50. 9tn9ty 5

    This is really exciting stuff, congratulations SpaceX & to the man!

  51. Hero Guy

    Launching feels as routine as taking the bus these days. Amazing.

  52. Macsen Phloudio

    22:53 Amazing when they launch on a clear night. From the first stage engine cam, you can see the Cape, Orlando, Daytona, Lakeland, Tampa, Bradenton, even Sarasota and Fort Myers.

  53. SpookySem

    A 10th reflight of a single booster. This is amazing to see. We are truly getting towards some good reusability

  54. retread212

    I love the way Falcon talks to us. Xx

  55. Hinterhof96 96

    Never fails to impress… I wish I could see a liftoff and landing live someday…

  56. Jack Warneckii

    Love those shots from the boat!

  57. Ratul Deoun

    SpaceX launching Falcon 9 is becoming increasingly common. NASA might as well hand all the contracts to SpaceX cause they do an astonishing job at this.

  58. Jack Hammer

    Old me: this will never get old
    Current me: you have underestimated my power

  59. DK

    28:36 undertaker theme song starts playing

  60. Jojo x

    The guy commenting on the launch and flight is great, very few mistakes, please make him a regular as his voice is very soothing

  61. Sergo Wais

    Удачи Илону Маску и всей команде СпейсХ, респект вам и уважуха!!!

  62. Joey Sijstermans

    Nice it’s 4K now!

  63. Emil Cathalin

    Just when you thought deck landings were only the Navy’s domain….

  64. Onimirare

    could you guys add a “now playing” for the songs that play in the beginning of the streams?

  65. José Gerardo Cuadras Féli

    The good thing about missions at night is that you can see that “space dust” that collides with the rocket and cargo by the rays of the sun, a very crazy aerodynamic because it’s supposed to be almost in the “vacuum” of space.

  66. Matthew Lynch

    Awesome stuff. I remember when the industries leading expects sat in front of the US congress and said this would never happen… and now it has.

  67. Emanuele

    6:56 webcast start
    7:38 hello michael!
    12:55 Engine chill
    15:45 strongback retract
    19:00 falcon 9 on startup
    19:45 – 10 sec to liftoff!
    20:00 igniton and liftoff!
    21:10 Max-Q
    22:32 meco
    22:37 stage sep confirmed
    23:06 fairing seperation
    26:37 entry burn
    28:17 landing burn
    28:51 seco-1
    1:05:39 SES-2
    1:24:07 deployment

  68. Tim Dunn

    Am I the only one that still cheers ‘Yes!!!’ when the 1st Stage successfully lands? Still so breathtaking to see.

  69. Elias Alfredo dos Santos

    Bom dia a todos os guerreiros e guerreiras da espacex.

  70. Vib3s

    You’ve come a long way since Orbcomm-2, SpaceX. congrats to you all for the 10th launch & landing of a booster.


    You are early . The time stamp guy is sleeping now 😂

  72. Funken Gruven

    Congrats on #10! Falcon has earned the “vintage” designation…

  73. Live The Future

    Congrats SpaceX for your 10th booster recovery! Truly a great milestone on the path to rapid reusability and cheaper access to space!

  74. Nick Galen

    Idk why but the most satisfying part of every launch is when the Mvac engine ignites and the rings at the far end peel off

  75. Tmccreight25Gaming

    Number 10 for B1051! What a milestone!


    There Cameras are SOOOO GOOD like when the stage seperated I could not see any delay.

  77. Dr. Shoob

    Who knew spacex could make such a sick stream starting soon screen.

  78. Liam Robins

    Yet again SpaceX has achieved another booster reflight goal.

    Congratulations to Elon and the team at SpaceX

  79. MostToasties

    I love how frequent these are now. So good.

  80. Tcuel

    Congrats with the 10th landing SpaceX! Can’t wait for the first starship starlink/cargo launch :)

  81. space world

    Amazing congrats elon 💞

  82. bart dart

    That dude has a very soothing commentary. Please bring the dude back.

  83. cdrbmw

    Awesome view of the gridfins glowing through re-entry 👍🏻

  84. Golden FFC

    28:08 Beautiful Falcon 9 booster landing!

  85. Sir Derty

    Tight work.

    Get us some of those mars mushrooms ASAP.

  86. Starlight

    Other Space Industries/Agencies : Can you like um … take a breath for a moment to let the rest of us to catch up?

    SpaceX : No.

  87. Amin

    What once was thought to be impossible is a regular thing now. Another milestone achieved by reaching double digits on a single reusable booster. Respect to everyone at SpaceX. You lot have really pulled off something special.. This is only the beginning. We continue to move onwards!

  88. Perwiramuda

    Flawless landing view !!!

  89. NBR

    Congrats on the 10th booster landing!! You are an unprecedented life leader!

  90. Sciurus Niger

    I watched this live at 4K with zero interruptions thanks to my Starlink internet.

  91. Elite

    Very cool, and congrats for another successful landing!

  92. Timothy Devine

    Absolutely incredible engineering in those rockets. Well done SpaceX!!!

  93. RegularDex

    Thank you for the groovy space tunes.

  94. Fernando Esteban Rodrigue

    Holy frick, how did i miss this launch, i was asleep :(

  95. Finlay FinTGM

    And Elon still holds the record for the highest bottle flip…

  96. Wojtek Sykurski

    Great job + this is the best stream for landing on drone ship!

  97. A Tree

    Concrats. Just looks like everyday practice now lol.

  98. X RAiDxSTEEL

    Thank you for the amazing stream SpaceX!

  99. Poberaganser

    Another happy (10th) landing! Grats SpaceX!

  100. Starship SN10

    Congratulations SpaceX for successfully flying a booster for the 10th time!

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