Starlink Mission (2021.03.01)

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SpaceX is targeting Sunday, February 28 for launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The instantaneous window is at 8:37 p.m. EST, or 1:37 UTC on March 1.

The Falcon 9 first stage rocket booster supporting this mission previously flew on seven missions: the Iridium-8 mission, the Telstar 18 VANTAGE mission, and five Starlink missions. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be located in the Atlantic Ocean. One half of Falcon 9’s fairing previously flew on three Starlink missions, and the other half previously supported two Starlink missions.

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  1. Kerbal X

    If I watched this live it would have launched

  2. Alexandre Freire

    As the patron saint of the Maker community always says, failure is always an option. There are good science and engineering experience in failure. keep up the good work, guys.

  3. Jeanneret Imanishimwe

    You guys just MEAN BUSINESS.
    A lot to be learnt from you.
    Love the way you play YOUR GAME.

  4. fritz eder

    Remember Jeff Bezos who once said: every day is day one!
    It is very ambitious to stay 100% focused especially when it seems to get to routine! In fact it never gets to routine at each level.
    This than is called professionality.

  5. grandstar chief


  6. Snooooozel

    Hopefully my Starlink order to Germany will not be scrubbed. 😊

  7. Paul Jackson

    Am imagining some SpaceX employees vibing to the intro music in a Daft Punkesque setup a few minutes before going live.

  8. Who is Olli?

    i woke up at 2 am for it to be scrubbed 🥲

  9. Nigel Cockburn

    More valuable data gained at -1:24 sec. Good luck tomorrow.

  10. amrittam

    i like how this stream is so simple

  11. mllt


  12. Actarus

    Go Space X! Go Starlink!! 🚀👾

  13. Annoyify

    Uh Houston we have a problem…

  14. Krzysztof Domagała

    Watching spacex broadcasts i found out that event scrub is precious to look at…
    So damn proffessional 👍

  15. Miguel cedeño

    I just flew next to cape Canaveral at the moment of the launch, we were re-route because of the launch and I thought this was my opportunity to see at last a launch… at least I saw the lights of the launchpad…

  16. Thomas Slone

    every time something like this happens, space travel becomes a tiny bit safer

  17. factor eight

    Please call me when you actually going mars

  18. Scott Meister

    A 19 minute Starlink video?? That’s a negative, Ghost Rider…the pattern is full!

  19. Jagjit Singh

    Music at the end is amazing

  20. wemme

    I am always impressed with how transparent SpaceX is.

  21. Forgetten55

    Damn i wanted to see the birds on drone ship again xD.

  22. xXRenaissanceManXx

    Just waiting for that email from Starlink that says they are shipping my equipment! Internet here in the mountains of WV is just ass.

  23. helio dias

    fibra ótica no lugar de cobre para condução de energia!!!

  24. Sergo Wais

    Удачи спейс икс, и мне в том числе😎

  25. Владимир Забруцкий

    Ищешь комент на русском?типа что за винигрет?👍

  26. SooperMike

    Two things I’m really looking forward to:
    Recieving my Dishy (ordered Feb 09)
    Being able to invest in Starlink

  27. News Moto

    Me thinking March 1 is 4 days from tonight, then I realised it’s February 😂

  28. da3

    Intro music by Grimes 💗💯

  29. cali rose

    The minute I see Starlink…..anything……I click right away! I’m one of those rural people waiting for real internet to arrive in a box!

  30. Im1CrazyCow

    “NO DIMPLES NO LAUNCH” !!! Cow:-o)

  31. SpaceX Demo

    Bruh!!!I thought FALCON 9 exploded short video

  32. westtell4

    this guy just cannot get off the ground this is like the 5 or 6th time they have scrubbed this single launch starlink 17

  33. uany

    코리안 나와라 오바

  34. TheDemonation13

    hope it goes after dark might see it from st pete

  35. Spaceflight Inc

    “Scrubs are cheaper than booms”
    -Everyday Astronaut
    I really wish the best of luck to everybody on this mission. Good luck and Godspeed

  36. Jodi plays z

    Lego space kind of wish I was up there but I’m only nine

  37. steve02a

    Love the music they play…where can I get this at??

  38. Dhimasboizz

    GO GO GO….TO MARS :)

  39. Ottley

    I’m here for the rocket, but I’m staying for the Doge!

  40. Anakin Skywalker

    16:30 LOX Line for sure blew

  41. Sonmi 872

    another abort on evening launch. i hope they figure it out and could easily launch anytime

  42. A Schiavello

    God Speed 🙏🏻

  43. Species 8472

    Skip to @4:55 to avoid the splash screen

  44. Wells Shewench

    A dragon mission? How globally discouraging?

  45. Nover 05

    Video was a tidbit longer than it really needed to be.

  46. Randy L

    I wonder if the satellite is onboard that will connect me?

  47. Scuba Pasta

    *_Today’s my birthday and I got to see this… Ahh- Must feel good._*_ :D_

  48. scalethemachine

    Why was I expecting him to say “fly safe!” at the end

  49. Sylvia Else

    All the same, their dispatch reliability seems higher than many an airline.

  50. My favorite Martian

    It takes 10,000 things to get it right and only one thing wrong to cause an “Oh, Shit!”

  51. satinderjit4

    Just a typical day at SpaceX

  52. Lightning Rod

    im still pretty excited about the whole space thing,…

  53. Break Heart Orchard

    Send me my starlink. We have nothing out here except my jerry rigged cell phone booster.

  54. lightdark00

    “Healthy and remain in good health”
    Saying things twice scares me 😟

  55. soulure

    Spoiler Alert: There was no crash.

  56. LIM EE RAIN Moe

    This buy be the fastest Starlink video

  57. Vinicius Hendges

    Don’t worry, it happens! And good you are cautious!

  58. lightdark00

    Why no camera on this rocket’s first stage?

  59. Pinochet

    The new Test Shot Starfish x Everyday Astronaut track is pretty fire

  60. Ian Irizarry

    Whoever picked the music for this has good taste

  61. SconesForTea

    SpaceX has the best intro music

  62. ShiningSiren

    They obviously aborted to match the flight time as starship sn10

  63. Sasquatch


  64. Gravity Falls

    It happens)

  65. Joe Rogan

    My Starlink Package is on it’s way. After all this time I can’t believe it’s finally here. Thank you Daddy Musk.

  66. Kaleb R

    Welp, good I suppose for me, I didn’t see the notification, I’ll be sure to tune in live next time

  67. mjcanada

    Wow I missed this launch and only wasted about 30 seconds out of my day by doing so

  68. Wyatt B

    Aborts are cool.

  69. Tertion

    Ahhh come-on….the first time I catch the live stream ..damn

  70. ꧁ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ ⃣꧂

    SpaceX🚀, Hi👋🏻.

  71. Prince Kumar

    EY yo Elon bring this Starlink to India

  72. G4ming ME

    this caster need a pay-raise

  73. Cymon Condecido

    4:57 Webcast start
    10:43 Engine Chill
    13:53 strongback retract has begun
    16:33 LOX abort started(scrubbed)


    Maybe the same sea gulls were waiting on the droneship😂😂

  75. www88888www


  76. David Tilley

    Never heard the second stage LOX load closeout call.

  77. Stephen Hudgens

    A+ for safety

  78. Carter Johnson

    I missed the stream by 7 minutes

  79. Kishor Kumar

    We are gonna go to mars, too excited for it. Love and respect to elon musk, spacex and tesla all

  80. Captain61 games

    sorry everyone i finally caught a launch live it’s my fault

  81. Mike Lezan

    Scrubs are cheaper than booms. Hope tomorrow night goes well.

  82. misfit satanas


  83. N' agrom

    03.30 in the early morning, missing sleep to see the launch; delayed. ouch

  84. RUBLAX

    I watch whole live and the launch was aborted

  85. Emmett Reis

    WHY:( :( :(

  86. State of Missouri

    This caster guy is pretty good he handled the error pretty smoothly

  87. Jake McKee

    The launch was scrubbed

  88. SKM

    We all hope for launch tomorrow!!

  89. Sohan Ahmed

    Everyday ok?


    16:35 Launch Abort 😢

  91. Rafael Mantucci

    Abort Message at 16:50

  92. Low End Gamer

    Streamed 5 days ago

  93. SKM

    16:31 Scrub Callout

    17:27 Countdown goes back to 15:00

  94. Florent REQUENA

    tomorrow gonna be ok !

  95. Ethodica

    way to kill it
    just as I was watching it and I said “watch it be delayed” and it cancels

  96. Lonely Pizza

    This really stonks

  97. mishal321gaming

    to the moon 🌚

  98. César Scheid


  99. Anderson C

    F indeed.

  100. Marcin Miąsko

    first! :D

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