Starlink Mission (2020.10.24)

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On Saturday, October 24 at 11:31 a.m. EDT, 11:31 UTC, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launched 60 Starlink satellites to orbit from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Falcon 9’s first stage previously supported the GPS III Space Vehicle 03 mission in June 2020 and a Starlink mission in September 2020. Following stage separation, SpaceX landed Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which was stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The Starlink satellites deployed approximately 1 hour and 3 minutes after liftoff.
  1. 346UNCLEBOB

    I’ve been watching space launches for a long, LONG time, going back to when we couldn’t get Vanguard off the launch pad without it exploding.
    Technically, SO MUCH has changed, especially in the last few years.
    On a personal note, we NEVER used to hear a female voice.
    Progress on all fronts. Cool!

  2. TechTog

    Sitting alone in his darkened room, Jeff Bezos chews another mouthful of Tums.

  3. Raul Rubio

    The Future looks brighter for man Kind, and science, God Bless Elon Musk and all the fine people out there

  4. renaat100

    Congratulations SpaceX! You’re doing an awesome job!

  5. Airbeone Airbeone

    with all thoses performances (in video) one is missing : a close camera aside Just read The Instruction, to see Stage One arrival and landing

  6. Harry Melamed

    Some day I’ll catch this live. But enjoying the Same old launch!

    Thanks SpaceX

  7. MrScopeh

    Falcon Booster – Just another day at the office
    Me – Your amazing

  8. Jaybyrd Cybertruck

    Grats on 100 missions!!! every year gets more exciting! Thank you to the Spacex team for everything you do!

  9. Lena Farid

    Wooooo yeah baby, this is what I’ve been waiting for

  10. M3rover

    I like how they stopped painting the rockets and recovers ships… gives a nice look.

  11. Jimena Silva

    Felicitaciones!!! ✨

  12. Camilo Pasin

    that camera shake on the landing really got me worried.

  13. Yogi

    Smith: Ms. Anderson (4:00)…do you work for SpaceX!

  14. vasanth raman

    I used to come and watch only the return of booster 🔥. 😂

  15. roland kulet

    sa deviend un standard ces lancements !!

  16. Chris H.

    Drone ship cam mount from Amazon? lol Shaky AF Great landing, dead center

  17. Carlos Vence

    Congrats on this amazing milestone achievement!

  18. nemofish

    Most amazing is ordinarity of situation 😉.

  19. WeekendNacho

    i love that engine sound <3

  20. Hari P B

    I always wish I win big lottery.. and invest 95 % in Elons companies ..

  21. Darth Sidious

    Thank you, SpaceX for all you’re doing!

  22. Vishal Bagchi

    Jesse is an awesome host! Go SpaceX !

  23. 76ers

    14:53 – Did you see the extra glow as it broke through the clouds?

  24. Nicolas Marisi

    Great Job SpaceX team, as always! We’re so proud of your hard work and dedication, buy mostly, your passion <3

    P.D.: I love Jessica's voice and the way she performs the webcast :D Keep doing them please! :$

  25. Moomin Papa

    When will starlink become available in the US? Can’t wait, gotta short comcast now

  26. Miguel Henrique

    Parabéns SpaceX! Em breve estarei com vocês!

  27. Bogdan Ivan

    20:18 to 20:20 watch right hand screen,where the engine ends and the body begins….blown away instantly

  28. Jeremy Geeraerts

    You guys make it look so easy, on the other hand, ULA makes it looks so hard.

  29. Arjun Shinoj

    This is amazing each and every time I’ll wait for the nest one as well👍

  30. Luke

    The intro music is awesome and congrats on another great launch!

  31. Lunnaris01

    Droneship looks already worn out from all of those successful landings :D

  32. fr0zenintimeee

    Elon if ur reading this hi

  33. Steven Lovell

    20:10 I love seeing condensation coming off the vacuum Merlin.

  34. Whack bag

    I’m willing to bet if you broke out a tape measure that sucker landed dead center…amazing.

  35. Allen Daves

    We like seeing the first stage light up it landing burn and then when the first stage lands on the floating landing pad. 👍

  36. Dr mosfet

    Does this mean we’ll have to go through Microsoft to use StarLink🙄 not really much of a M$ fan.

  37. Philip Stull

    Elon and SpaceX take us to space and back again. How cool is that?
    And we get to be on one of the drone ships.

  38. Robert Phillips

    @SpaceX orbit is hard, yes. But those stage 1 landings never get old for me. Never taken for granted that reuse is the game-changer here. Would love to see the stage 1 telemetry as it makes its moves toward landing.

  39. Terry McGeary

    Being able to get those things back down onto a barge with such accuracy is an incredible feat.

  40. Paul Armstrong

    I love seeing this young lady do the narrations, very enthusiastic, bubbly and obviously very talented as well to achieve a position like she has with a ground breaking company!

  41. Oliver

    Who even cares about the payload at this point? I’m here for the landing.

  42. 3K Falcon

    Falcon 9, Falcon heavy and upcoming Starship are my favorite rockets😍.

  43. BoostOnly

    So nice to see the beautiful jessi again 🥰😍

  44. Mare EV

    That’s cool to be in first place

  45. Arthur Kraemer

    Jessie rocks in these livestreams!!! Go go go SpaceX!!!

  46. JDS

    Well done on Mission 100 SapceX! It never gets old for me.

  47. Harrio ASMR

    I love how this never gets old

  48. Luca Aeschlimann

    One of spacex’s biggest pluspoint is the broadcastqualiy, beautiful and incredible camerashots, a lot of data and information, beautiful broadcastdesign, good comentary and much more. Its a joy at all time to watch all of the launches. At the other launches like from the Soyuz Missions, i really miss spacex. Great Work Guys💪💪

  49. Joel River Boat

    Jessica is a beautiful narrator:)

  50. Invin K

    Great job. Thank you Mr. Musk :-)

  51. CH40S Kappa

    Im Glad Jessie is back
    I thought she was fired over the starlink leak
    Favorite Commentator

  52. Anthony Sparapani

    This company is advancing humanity ! I love them!!!

  53. Doug Sarbon

    Jessie is my favorite host!

  54. Peter Sharps

    wow. landed perfectly centrally in the circle

  55. Lg Hammer

    “Deploy their single solar array & ion thrusters powered by Krypton” Ohmygod yes, 😃 Wooht-yeaah, happy 100 to all y’all!!! 🚀⭐✨

  56. Dominic Hadley

    Whats the Soundtrack that plays over the Position Coverage sections, I really like them :P

  57. Mothersload

    Congrats from Canada! 🇨🇦🐢❤️ Thanks to All of you…..for All you do… This is Amazing!

  58. CayPlus Connects

    Another milestone…

    Congrats, SpaceX!🚀

  59. Pipee Papofckgug

    T+44:38 “oh there it is” – that’s what she said. scnr.

  60. Chipmunk

    Well that was a quick upload, must be nice having a SpaceX internet.

  61. Filippo Franzato

    Congratulations for 100 successful missions! Keep it up👍

  62. Charlie Odom

    Crazy how these things can land on a ship at sea!!! I can’t wait to see fully reusable landings!!!

  63. elzar760

    Looks like the camera broke loose on “just read the instructions”

  64. Anna Fraley

    YEAYYY… We get the have Jessica Anderson for the Launch Narrative today, it seems they rarely let her do it anymore 😢🤭. Anyhow, GREAT Job, and a Great Launch 🚀, super Great Landing 🛬 and a Great satellite 🛰 deployment…😎👍✅

  65. David Hutchinson

    I’m so looking forward to becoming a Starlink customer. For people who live remotely or who are mobile this is a perfect solution.

  66. Braiden Robson

    22:24 Thought it had crashed for a second

  67. Josh C

    i love to listen to her voice and enthusiasm when talking about the mission. you can tell she really likes this stuff and her enthusiasm is infectious.

  68. Levi Voorintholt

    The droneshop ‘Just read the instructions’ could use a fresh coat of paint. Great launch never the less.

  69. Andre & Beth

    Awesome launch and recovery again!

    Some things I, and perhaps some others, would love to see in the future with these launches:
    * some interesting and educational information about SpaceX and rocket science before each launch including SN progress info;
    * telemetry data from the booster as it falls back to earth;
    * video of booster landing that follows booster from sky to drone ship;
    * video from the fairing halve(s) as they fall back to earth;

    Thanks for making my day with every new launch!

  70. zapfanzapfan

    Updated camera on the landing ship? Looked amazing, just a tad bit shaky! :-)

  71. TVPhuman

    180 satellites for 18 days

  72. Satanic Garfield

    Purely Amazing.

  73. tobicitas

    Why they don’t put some more cameras around the landing ship?

  74. Meet the Woo

    Jessie is the best host need her more often anyways congratulations space x on the 100th launch🎉

  75. Heiden Lam

    Congrats on the success of #Starlink15, SpaceX!

  76. JFK64 Kennedy

    I love how the plume of the rocket changes with the lower atmospheric pressure as it rises, then into space, pretty cool to watch it blossom

  77. RedstoneCraft Minecraft

    Soace X has read the instructions for this flight 🚀🤩

  78. Bevan kumar Valluru

    Congrats spacex for ur successful 100th launch.

  79. Gamer_wings YT

    Tho I’m a fan of nasa I support spacex a lot and I am proud of you =) and I just subbed

  80. Meghanshu Verma

    Wait for me so that i can be there at launch in future as engineer.

  81. Jollystorm GT

    22:27 that gave me a heart attack

  82. Addicted Pöoler

    The Liftoff this time was Breathtaking, Camera angle was stunning!!

  83. William Ellars

    U know, everytime I watch 1 of Ur launches, it’s always the same thing. Ignition, lift off, max Q, meco, separation, 2nd stage ignition, ferrying deployment, entry burn, landing burn, landing on drone ship, AND IT NEVER GETS OLD!!! GO SPACEX!!!

  84. Paul Dean

    Merlins – just another day
    Me – goosebumps

  85. andy clement

    Anyone else absolutely love Jessica’s voice?

  86. rj31789

    13:04 The words we all love to hear

  87. Teri Johns

    This never gets old😊

  88. AcidAcid

    First time i see a launch: :O
    100 times i saw a launch: :O

  89. Юрий Р

    … а в это время на космодроме “Восточный” продолжали воровать..

  90. s diggly

    I still get really emotional when SpaceX rockets take off

  91. ORIN T vee

    remember when spacex got started and all those trolls said the booster recoveries were faked? 🤣

  92. Shardul

    They need more ducktape on that drone ship camera mount

  93. RoguellVoid

    Booster landing never gets old

  94. Sytho Holwerda

    14:53 Rocket burns a hole in the cloud

  95. incub8

    Significant milestones on this (2020-10-24) SpaceX mission mentioned at the end of the broadcast:
    This is the 100th successful flight of the SpaceX Falcon rocket since 2008;
    The Falcon rocket booster has been landed 63 times;
    Boosters have been reused 45 times.

  96. movax20h

    The landing is so unbelievably precise. The liftoff and landing never gets old.

  97. ZioDres

    I thought that booster had crashed, but I got trolled. Well done SpaceX.

  98. Kitten Sausage

    I can’t tell you how many of these I have watched and it still gives me goosebumps when that that first stage nails the landing. Especially at sea…

  99. Finners

    Congratulations SpaceX on the 100th launch! Can’t wait to test Starlink.

  100. Finlay FinTGM

    Here is a timeline of the mission if you are late.

    3:06 – WEBCAST INTRO
    3:48 – WEBCAST START
    7:05 – ENGINE CHILL
    13:04 – FALCON 9 STARTUP
    13:53 – T- 10 SECONDS
    14:03 – LIFTOFF FROM SLC-40
    17:28 – FAIRING DEPLOY
    20:26 – ENTRY BURN
    22:10 – LANDING BURN
    23:49 – WEBCAST BREAK 1
    57:06 – WEBCAST RETURN 1
    59:33 – WEBCAST BREAK 2
    1:16:10 – WEBCAST RETURN 2
    1:19:36 – WEBCAST END

    NOTE: The First Stage booster on Falcon 9 has previously been used on the GPS III Space Vehicle 03 mission in June 2020 and a Starlink mission in September 2020.

    NOTE 2: Earlier this week, Ector County Independent School District in Texas announced their participation in a pilot program to help local students and their families access high-speed, low-latency internet. Similar to other rural communities, many residents of Ector County have limited to no connectivity. This issue was brought to the forefront for the school district earlier this year when COVID-19 forced school building closures and nearly two in five students did not have access to reliable high-speed internet at home. Starting in 2021, Starlink will connect up to 45 households in the community as part of the pilot program. As network capabilities continue to grow, it will then expand service to an additional 90 households in the school district.

    (Text above from SpaceX website)

    NOTE 3: This Falcon 9 launch is the 100th launch of SpaceX history since 2006!

    NOTE 3: Apologies if some times stamps are too late or early, I used a stopwatch to track each event during the stream and my internet is not fab today! I did not use the online SpaceX timestamps on their website since they may be inaccurate and it would be a hassle to add it up with the events before the timeline starts like the intro and webcast start timestamps. Plus it’s much quicker. I do sometimes edit the timestamps a bit if they are very out of range so please don’t worry. EDIT: I HAVE SUCSESSFULLY CORRECTED THE TIMESTAMPS, ALL I DID WAS COUNT THE DELAY FOR THE FIRST TIMESTAMP, THEN APPLY THAT TO THE REST.

    Have a great day!

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