Starlink Mission (2020.08.07)

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On Friday, August 7 at 1:12 a.m. EDT, 5:12 UTC, SpaceX launched its tenth Starlink mission, which included 57 Starlink satellites and 2 satellites from BlackSky, a Spaceflight customer. Falcon 9 lifted off from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Following stage separation, Falcon 9’s first stage landed on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship. The BlackSky Global spacecraft were deployed about an hour after liftoff, and the Starlink satellites deployed approximately 90 minutes after liftoff.

  1. l. chittori


  2. Akutenshi

    Wow so coool

  3. Astro Viator

    Glad to see another launch.

  4. Mauricio Montano Espinoza


  5. Lofi Wurld

    Norminal AF

  6. MrMatt1138

    Never gets old.

  7. AttitudeAdjusterAA

    ahh just another Space X launch… yawn…

  8. Deawuide


  9. Daniel Salvaggio

    Am I the only one that admires Elon Musk and everyone at SpaceX like crazy

  10. Chad Lee

    I like her voice.

  11. Kiwi

    Did they catch the fairings

  12. jeff brown


  13. Clyd e

    Helo world!

  14. BialyBrC

    Now it’s looks like video every thing it’s look so easy.

  15. Fanaticvandal

    Incredible what SpaceX is doing, congrats guys, loving it.

  16. Franco Gonzalez

    Lo que el desarrollo del ser humano ha llegado, es impresionante. Viendo esto me siento un pendejo 3er mundista ingenuo

  17. Justin Tremblay

    the musk legacy is a massive step for the humanity all coming from a single powerful brain!! inspiring af👌🏻👌🏻

  18. Marthinneill Apoi

    After months of scrubbed,it successfully launched

  19. masterchi is ded

    Nice work spaceX

  20. mill101

    Fantastic. Well done SpaceX.

  21. Jo Jo

    Omg that commentator needs a drink

  22. She loves Gaming


  23. She loves Gaming


  24. Riccardo Licari

    It was good the flight

  25. Manaj Sarkar

    what is ‘offcorse i still love u’ ?

  26. Greg J. Green

    Excellent 👍

  27. Harry Seldon

    where is Jessica?

  28. Lusici Lusci

    Elon, please make a skyhook.

  29. Tim Bryan

    How did the fairing catch attempt go?

  30. علي شهيد

  31. Siddhant Nandagaoli

    Great job by team spaceX and visionary Elon musk

  32. daniel oliveira

    I noticed a way less accelaration than usual

  33. Gum up gamer

    Was this 1 month or minute ago?

  34. Constantly hungry

    Love the landing Falcone 9

  35. Renderizado40

    You are a true inspiration for me

  36. Diego Cardenas


  37. jon snow

    Any luck on star link internet on rural india on this year?

  38. Nate Mate

    INSPRUCKER INSPRUCKER INSPRUCKER!! hes my spirit animal. spacex make this look so easy.

  39. 62cripple

    America ….a land of extremes….go star link….and all lives matter….💖

  40. YoshiPeach Mario

    Working on a SpaceX launch and landing must be part of every new employee’s induction now.

  41. Venom Animation

    aaaa…. casual!!

    We need Ranked

  42. Artemis A-24

    Go SpaceX! 🚀

  43. Pro Venture

    it is everytime as cool as the first time

  44. Fredy Fred

    Oh Lord, the demons are here to bring us to hell😱

  45. Peter Hirschoff

    Can we get another altitude display for the first stage while landing?

  46. starducky72

    Congratulations again to a safe and successful launch SpaceX team. Thank you for bringing us back space.

  47. YoshiPeach Mario

    John Insprucker has one of the best “And here we goooooo” voices. In the same league as Bruce Buffer and Murray Walker.

  48. RM1178

    Hey SpaceX, how bout a playlist?

  49. Vineet Pathak

    2050 we will be on Mars

    Are you ready ???

  50. Dr. Respect

    I’m glad the comentator still loves me.

  51. NCTr

    dude those audio guys just got no emotion when they saying compare with early Falcon flights 😂

  52. b101aa2 (Drew Blair)

    Thanks for the grteat show from across the water in titusville.

  53. Larry David

    529 Starlink satellites in orbit now, seriously incredible!

  54. J.A.Ratt85

    Wow a good sounding launch out of Florida for once.. that’s amazing.. Typically all you can hear is people talking and screaming over it. I just want to hear the roar.

  55. Daniel Mckeown

    This is just the coolest thing ever space X congratulations

  56. DeVouR Playz

    always love watching these launches

  57. Ashish Chaudhary

    I m watching for the voice of this lady😊

  58. Noah posiedon

    LOL. Thought this was years ago from today. haha. realized just hours ago.

  59. 「Đanieł」

    We have a new engineer on this streaming!! Wellcome to the great SpaceX webcast team!!!!😁😁😁😁

    (And of course we have great John!😉)

  60. Sobaan Naseer

    bye bye astrophotography

  61. Darth Revan

    Awww WHAT, I missed this? ☹️ Nahhhh…

  62. Bad Boy

    Looks like a supervillain projekt lmao… he’s a cool dude tho

  63. vinomus

    I want to see Starship launch to this track: E-Mantra – Xibalba
    And while in deep space use this track: E-Mantra – Sleep

  64. Revtune

    Love the sound track.

  65. YoshiPeach Mario

    SpaceX’s week:
    – Demo-2 Crew Dragon splashdown
    – Starship Hop
    – Starlink deployment

    Boeing’s week:

  66. Mr. 2 minutes

    25:21 remember back then they scream in joy when it land?

  67. Alisio Ardiona

    Well done with this mission again.
    The new commentating lady has clearly less presenting skills and can’t transmit her emotions as well as the previous commentators.

  68. Jamie Baker

    God I feel like I have missed seeing Falcon 9. It’s an amazing rocket and that first stage landing is always the icing on the cake.

  69. Rohit Kumar

    I like how normal it has become that we get more exited about the landings than the people who have engineered it.

  70. Ebubekir KAŞDAŞ

    1:19:18 Starlink and sun awosome view thank you space x 👏👏👏

  71. Diarmuid Phelan

    Incredible week guys, and awesome commentary today too. You’re an inspiration in every way. All the best:)

  72. Flat Plainstone

    The depression is ower. SN5 flew successfully, starlink 9 successful deployment and we saw Daddy Insprucker, our favorite host.

  73. Meyaka Brown

    “Affordable commercial space flight is impossible.”

    Elon: Hold my blunt. 😜

  74. BAD GUY

    they now don’t even get that much excited at stage 1 landing.. 😂 became so casual..😎 i still get so excited seeing those vertical landings..

  75. Jedd Joseph

    Is there any fairing catch?

  76. Dhiren sati

    Those were some sick beats in between

  77. Ram Minne

    SpaceX gives me hope for humanity

  78. DJULTRA7

    someone grab that lady some water please

  79. Julie McMahon

    WOW! Thanks Elon, for making 2020 a year that will be remembered not only as one of humanity’s most tragic, but also as one of our most triumphant. You truly are a magical human being 💖

  80. Biniam Gaming

    They finally fixed the camera on the ship🥳🥳 Greatest engineers on Earth 👏

  81. DTM 15

    She sounds like she’s about to cry

  82. Caleb Begly Fun & Tech

    I never get tired of watching SpaceX missions.

  83. Annika Johnson

    Congrats, once again, to SpaceX for another successful mission!

  84. Dr Nooby Noob

    so much emotion from the girl narrator. last time I was that excited, I was at the DMV

  85. Harshit Tagore

    Elon Musk is my Inspiration!! 😇

  86. David Peganyee

    Seeing these frequent missions is really giving me hope for humanity

  87. Sherylin

    Seen the landing. That is good enough for me. :)

  88. Finlay FinTGM

    Seriously outstanding just how casual this has become. :) (2)

  89. ShadowTech

    Alright this was cool

  90. Kanthad Kuharuangrong

    25:00 another uninterrupted live stream of first stage landing
    Nice work as always SpaceX!

  91. ItZmrMaN35

    Yay now hopefully i can get more than one bar of internet connection

  92. Andrei Osypchuck

    Each time a booster lands I gain a bit of hope for humanity

  93. Smarty Gaming

    “The beginning, to a new frontier.”

  94. Dangerboy 3624

    Remember when in the past we said in the future space launches and flights will be a common thing nowadays.

    Here we are now experiencing what they just said.

  95. Mob_Abominator

    When you’re more excited to see the landing than lift off. That’s SpaceX for you.

  96. Cyprian Orgodowczyk

    Wow, this becomes a casual thing now

  97. Gnome Party

    These commentaries just wouldn’t be the same without the “NAAARMINAL!” guy.

  98. Sam

    2000: In the future space flight will be common like plane travel.
    2020: Yup, the begining.

  99. VJ Dominado

    16:40 – T -10 SECONDS
    16:51 – IGNITION & LIFTOFF
    20:18 – FAIRING DEPLOY
    1:18:40 – GLOBAL 7 DEPLOYMENT
    1:23:56 – GLOBAL 8 DEPLOYMENT

  100. paulson thomas

    SpaceX: Rockets are Easy
    SpaceX: Orbit is Hard
    SpaceX: Fixing live stream of Stage 1 landing hardest
    👏 👏 👏 But, Finally! you fixed it. Congratulations 🥳

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