Starlink Mission (2020.01.07)

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SpaceX is targeting Monday, January 6 at 9:19 p.m. EST, or 2:19 UTC on January 7, for its third launch of Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. A backup launch opportunity is available on Tuesday, January 7 at 8:57 p.m. EST, or 1:57 UTC on January 8.
Falcon 9’s first stage supported a Starlink mission in May 2019, the Iridium-8 mission in January 2019, and the Telstar 18 VANTAGE mission in September 2018. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 45 minutes after liftoff, SpaceX’s fairing recovery vessel, “Ms. Tree,” will attempt to recover a payload fairing half.

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  1. 1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    Can’t wait to start gaming with my friend in Africa



  3. Jake Campbell

    Thank you Elon Musk, You’re the real life Iron Man we need

  4. Bass Tiger

    those dislikes are all those ISPs seeing their future washed up

  5. Skylar State

    CONGRATS GUYS! Great job spacex team <3

  6. StarkosGuy

    “Goonhilly Acquisition” yay for Cornwall!

  7. Digamas

    Drove up from Lauderdale to the Cape, quite cloudy but still caught the separation as it vanished into the night. Awesome.

  8. olivia Transistor

    It’s amazing that you can do anything using old fashioned measurements like miles etc.

  9. Budget Bikes

    Elon Musk and company is making history every day and the media barley covers it. Amazing times we’re living in. They are making insane progress. Really shows how inefficient government agencies are at getting things like this done.

  10. Andre

    I come here for the music, as well.

  11. D4NKO vids

    Keep it up space X 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Beezid30

    6:20 it starts

  13. Baylen Hall

    11:16 looks like a dyson sphere concept to me

  14. Eric Johnson

    Saw this in the morning without knowing about starlink, pretty cool

  15. Nickname

    80:07 something like meteorite or rocket part

  16. TheLegendSauce

    The music really giving me some terraria vibes

  17. Victor

    Man, this is a blessing for me (I live in a remote rural area)

  18. Parzivald Shiflty

    I love that the animation is basically lifted from kerbal space program. This feels like a playsession, cutting back and forth between the map and staging.

  19. Kamolidin Muminov

    21:45 dancing 💃🏻 🕺
    Elon Dancing
    Same, as he did in China 🇨🇳
    🇺🇸 🇦🇺

  20. Apoorv pandey

    The music in between is fabulous!

  21. Tariq Rahim

    I got two Elon musk biographies for Christmas (I don’t know why I got two) and I’m inspired to get into the aerospace business. This video was awesome!

  22. Adam Howard

    Thank you so much Elon Musk for taking space travel and exploration to a whole new level and making it just awesome!

  23. Quinton Bekeur

    I can’t believe Elon created SpaceX just so his fello South Africans can play League of Legends with sub 100 ping❤️

  24. P

    Eddie bravo

  25. Avery

    I can’t believe they made outer space into a real place

  26. MINI Gamer

    Guys seriously I saw an satellite train at night revolving around Earth in the clear sky it was fast as hell. I think it was starlink it was about 20 visible satellites In one line

  27. 4ip0lin0

    Похоже рогозин со всей конторой роскомоса дизлаки ставит

  28. changing sameチェンジズ


  29. Ben Campbell

    Love these. Every time everything gets better.

  30. Sketchap

    What should the first words be when the first astronaut step in to mars

  31. The Diamond Fish

    11:54 5 sec countdown nice job SpaceX

  32. MrStoney

    Video of the Stage 1 landing was fantastic. Well done SpaceX

  33. JohannesLauesen

    Funny how that parallel landing in the intro gets me every time… it was just so perfect you can’t help thinking it must be CGI… They really have it down to a science, deep respect!

  34. ieatmyownass

    congrats elon you’ve blown my mind again


    I’m sleep too, to get my dream 😁✌️

  36. Туман Войны

    you like that Rogozin ?

  37. Zie Hikikomori

    I hope alien watch this.. We have more satelite now. 😂 To find you

  38. Aloysius Diaz

    I was there watching the launch from my drive way, it moved in the north direction.

  39. Zachary Hutchison

    Who else was like, “???” yesterday for 44 seconds?

  40. AGqwgqwtq hhwyq21

    Thank you very much! We believe it. Hello from Russia

  41. Kieran Calder

    12th on trending… wait this isn’t Fortnite! Elon my friend you have achieved public interest!

  42. RandomDudeStuff

    Charter/Spectrum, Verizon Fios, CenturyLink getting put on notice – the future is now!

  43. Benjamin Lefebvre

    Lauren Lyons, I love how you say “That’s all sixty of those starlink satellites… on their merry way!”

  44. Sujay Sonwalkar

    this team is really an inspiration for future generations

  45. William Spoch

    Start Interstellar “Main Theme – Extra Extended” whenever the Countdown hits t-30 and you will always have an awesome experience.
    I’m not lying!

  46. Mckade Bright

    8:20 Sounds like what she was originally gonna say got sped up or reversed, as if she wasn’t supposed to say it.

  47. X-37 SFS - The SFS Space Plane

    I FREAKING LOVE SPACEX! (This is my first time watching Starlunk launch live.)

  48. Venceremos Allende

    I am a german, we finally will have internet.

  49. binaryian

    Great launch and coverage! The whole thing is done so professionally on routine these days. Loved to see Jessica back. She’s the best! 😘

  50. budder pop

    This better internet means…..

  51. Liam Brewer

    I saw the satellites fly over austin.

  52. Undomesticated Animals

    I ‘ll never grow tired of seeing these launches and especially with the amazing Starlink project growing with every launch.

  53. Jackiety

    Imma fight who ever brings mosquitos to mars.

  54. Captain America

    That droneship cam didn’t even cut out this time!
    Spacex launches keep getting better every freaking time!!!

  55. yusuf mirgoul

    I just have seen the starlink constellation in the sky an hour ago . located in the middle Morocco at 7pm on 13/01/2020


    I saw this last night while I was driving. I didn’t know what it was.

  57. flamencoprof

    SpaceX continue to impress me with yet another “routine” launch. 3 failures since 2016 I think.
    It is only with attention to every detail that these missions can succeed. I congratulate all involved in their continuing concentration on excellence of construction and execution.

  58. Mullac Koorbezalg

    I loved the music when they were showing stage 2 go over the world

  59. Sergi o Begambre

    2019 comentarios

  60. Christian Ivarsson

    Speech lady is back. She’s awesome :)

  61. Paul Passarelli

    One of the advantages of living in Florida was I got to see this one *LIVE* — It was like a big roman candle. Yellower than I thought it’d be.

  62. Mr Jamaican

    I want to find a planet for myself

  63. Drew Manupupule

    I really really hope Starlink will improve internet for South Sudan, My girlfriend is over there now and currently, the internet is super dodgy, sometimes its clear and other times is just echos and cuts out.

  64. Paul Woodhouse

    I cry everytime I see a liftoff and again when the booster sets down again…absolutely amazing engineering and technology at work here. More power to Elon.

  65. MasterChef 117

    these satellites scared my grandpa lol, he thought they were aliens in the night sky 🤣

  66. bsfatboy

    Yes; we need more ISP competition. I had enough of this Duopoly.

  67. Dennis Galindez

    Just imagine how whiter Elon musk got when he found out ww3 almost happened.

  68. Anyosa 9

    “Of Course I Still Love You”


    Jessica Anderson puts my heart in Max-Q

  70. Cuong Nguyen

    meanwhile Jeff’s figuring out stationed toilet for the employee

  71. Jonah Miller

    I’m glad SpaceX has vision to see mankind traversing the solar system. NASA talks a big game but has limited itself to research and exploration which can be better done from off this planet around another foreign heavenly body such as Mars. Keep shooting for the stars SpaceX.

  72. Elon Musk

    18:00 Lift-off
    19:40 Max-Q
    21:05 Stage Seperation
    21:45 Fairing Deployment
    24:50 Stage 1 Entry
    26:20 Stage 1 Landing
    *Most important part : starlink deployment **1:19:58*
    Thanks for tuning with us

  73. First Last

    1K Boeing employees disliked this video.


    8:45 In the year 2525 – “Oh, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy were the nicest of those steampunk rockets.”

  75. Mohammed Merchant

    When I see space X liftoff
    I remember Elon musk saying : take risks and you won’t regret it

  76. RavenCrossguard

    There’s me thinking the Ubisoft game lol

  77. Amanuel Tesfaye

    Damn, I had the same idea when I was 8.
    *Elon stole it from my 2nd grade notebook*


    I’ve been making SpaceX year review compilations at the end of every year. At this rate the 2020 vid is gonna be half an hour of Starlink launches

  79. Amritesh Ganiger

    Now we can download more memes on Internet.

  80. DonJuan

    Saw this from my house. Man does that thing haul serious ass. Good job again Space X!!!

  81. V D

    they are designed to bump into each other, it’s okay

  82. Romi Mario

    I cant believe they used online gaming as a primary example for low latency

  83. Renáta Konkoly

    The satellites were deployed at 4:20am CET, nice 😂 Congrats SpaceX! 🚀🛰❤

  84. Point LoL

    Who loves Elon Musk?

  85. Maxim Nawangwe

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re living in the future, where space missions come with panache. What a time to be alive!

  86. Martin Beck

    I love you Elon, as someone who lives on a remote Pacific island, Starlink feels like a big middle finger to our lazy inefficient local internet provider who hasn’t managed to cover most of this tiny island yet despite being funded by the government through our taxes, may they run out of business, long live Starlink.

  87. cocaineinmyvein

    “It’s dark in space”
    Top notch commentary, SpaceX.

  88. De'Angelo F

    The intro music deserves some hip thrusting action.

  89. Volo

    When’s Crew Dragon abort test? I want to see a *”KABOOM!”*
    Ahem, scheduled rapid disassembly, please?

  90. Samuel Dysart

    When can I buy starlink internet?
    My internet is so slow.

  91. MrMattumbo

    Got to watch this one in person, first ever rocket launch I’ve seen with my own eyes after years of watching these streams!

  92. Cluration Station

    These ladies did great on the commentary. This was a pleasure to watch tonight, thank you YouTube algorithms for showing me this! Lol

  93. Rx7Tool

    The internet is about to get BETTER!
    Can you hear me now?

  94. The Moon is square

    Landing a booster on a little drone ship miles out at sea is still the most amazing part of these launches.

  95. Mossro

    I cant wait to cancel internet services from my local internet service provider! Now in just a year or so we will all have access to internet all over the world with a lot cheaper internet price than our local ISPs!!! CHEERS!!! and we can litreally use that internet anywhere in the world! (Even in remote places and forests)

  96. meh nah

    I can only imagine dislikes coming from flat earthers……

  97. Biniam Gaming

    Can’t wait to start gaming with my friend in Africa

  98. SquareEyes

    I can’t believe I slept in again

  99. Bismarck

    I always get a nervous feeling in the moments before liftoff.
    I want Space X to do well. to show humanity that we can still dare to dream. That Mars is a place we can get to, if we collectively put our minds to it.

  100. MyThirstForThee

    6:51 video actually starts
    8:50 Falcon 9 stage breakdown
    10:56 Starlink breakdown
    12:46 Falcon 9 breakdown Pt.2
    18:10 10 second countdown to liftoff
    20:59 stage seperation
    21:46 fairing seperation
    24:46 entry burn start-up
    26:21 stage 1 landing
    1:19:03 deployment of payload

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