Starlink Mission (2019.11.11)

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SpaceX is targeting Monday, November 11 at 9:56 a.m. EST, 14:56 UTC, for launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. A backup launch opportunity is available at 9:34 a.m. EST, 14:34 UTC, on Tuesday, November 12.

Falcon 9’s first stage supported the Iridium-7, SAOCOM-1A, and Nusantara Satu missions, and the fairing was previously flown on Falcon Heavy’s Arabsat-6A mission earlier this year. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.

  1. Jake Esguerra

    23:57 whats that magical substance?

  2. 2nd3rd1st

    23:56 Inside Liquid Oxygen tank Stargate

  3. World Trip TV

    Amo il fumo della partenza! ♡

  4. gs_vipin

    Entry : 23:21

  5. N꙯I꙯E꙯L꙯

    Que incrível mano.. imagina daqui uns 100 anos

  6. Doctalight

    What have you done spacex…


    Watching these missions launch and land just never gets old.

  8. Plasminium

    15:48 that camera reminds me of the Apollo launches.

  9. Antonio Lira

    My favorite part is 43:52

  10. guerrero de luz

    17:41 terraplanistas queriendose cortar los huevos

  11. hamza mostakim

    Is it True that Starlink Internet Speed Will be limited to 1Gb/s PER Satellites ? 😲 😲 😲

  12. Jesper Nygaard

    I wish you’d show speed and altitude for stage 1 as well (after seperation). The return/landing is almost more exciting than the primary mission….

  13. Sausage

    It never gets old watching those boosters land! :-)

  14. Hareth Aldebran

    My dream job ❤❤

  15. Nathan Hart

    This makes me incredibly happy

  16. 333gsp

    1:15 and 17 seconds, what is that? It’s so light it leaves a reflection on the SpaceX craft.

  17. Thibault Koudou

    I’m still waiting for Elon Musk’s conference where he announce “I’m IronMan”.

  18. Micheal After

    Ths launch was during my workday, I told my boss I was gone for a bit and ran out lol

  19. QueshasLovely Kids


  20. ttnnkk123

    at minute 24:35 something appears in the upper left corner of the left chamber

  21. Elon Musk


  22. Rafiq

    The hope for global SIM card right here

  23. Cawfee Catt

    20:59 Oof it broke

  24. yeider medina

    I like’ :D

  25. Julian

    18:28 fish eye lens backfired.

  26. gokunumberone

    Who saw the the starlinks? I was at laguna beach when i saw a straight line of lights in thr sky flying in a straight line. I thought it was aliens at fiest

  27. Bricks and Stones Productions

    5:00 you’re welcome.

  28. Casey Ray Harris. Esquire

    23:59 what a beautiful sight.

  29. k0walsk

    Cheering and clapping in my kitchen upon seeing the landing lol

  30. lightdark00

    That first stage angled landing was amazing. I was wondering if it would fall over due to all that mass being controlled so much.

  31. tyler mug

    I slept through it I could have seen it from my back yard

  32. SnowBaal

    Now THATS how you do a launch and get the public excited about space!

  33. Iván López

    1:16:21 —> UFO

  34. Prime Option

    19:48 10 seconds countdown


    eu vi em Ubatuba SP Brasil. muito assustador. foi dia 26/12/19 às 03:45. nunca mais vou esquecer! incrível!

  36. Sukhman Sheena

    When I heard Falcan I taught about Marvel 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Karen Louise Davies

    Feel like a little kid every time I watch one of these 🚀 thankfully.

  38. Marcus Choy

    1:15:17 is that the Moon?

  39. Javier Vazquez

    Jessica is so fine 😍

  40. Sharpshooter

    Wow! reminds this old fart of watching Mercury and Gemini launches in the 1960s.

  41. kedar patrekar

    14:52 for launch


    @15:00 another impressive and affordable launch into space :-)
    Well done Space X

  43. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Obviously 1k dislikes are from the following:
    Internet satellite companies
    Blue Origin
    And Flat Earthers

  44. Daniel Fandarac

    21:53 the new eminem

  45. samo Josai

    14:30 launch

  46. Niko

    This is almost too amazing to believe!!! What a time to be alive! Watching this makes you forget about all the negative stuff down here…

  47. MOLE

    19:55 LIFT-OFF

  48. Gabe Darrett

    This is what humanity is capable of when we prioritize science and technology!

  49. Dick 1011011

    20:36 good asmr

  50. William Copeland

    At 23:55, Please show more of the interior fuel tank camera!


    “Sixty separate separation systems”

  52. Don Giovanni

    23:58 aliens 👽

  53. Erik S

    *AT&T has left the chat*
    *Comcast has left the chat*
    *Verizon has left the chat*

  54. rodi nunez

    14:59 Lift off



  56. Austin Harter

    When will this be available ?

  57. MrFRDW

    telemetry data for stage 1 deorbiting would be nice as well
    such as altitude and speed atleast like for the whole thingy

  58. QuantumBraced

    Everything about this mission was 100% SpaceX, literally and figuratively.

  59. Taylor Heidel

    23:23 IT HAS LANDED

  60. Dan Helios

    Can’t wait to be deciding on which satelite internet plan to choose from!

  61. Mija The pupper

    “With 250,000 pounds of thrust.”
    “Lip smacks”

  62. Super4Jet

    By far the best video on the trends! Good job for being #6!

  63. kipling1957

    Never get tired of watching “The Falcon has landed.”

  64. siraj aldeen anmar

    I am waiting for you. I want to try the internet….. I am from Iraq❤️🇮🇶🇺🇲

  65. Caleb Finley Bronson

    Wow. I tear up every time the Falcon lands. Simply incredible. Also, anyone know what song was played during the animation of the globe? Digging it

  66. adiefender

    I live in the mountains of Colorado and would LOVE to be a tester!!

  67. Dirk Walker

    If I had seen this as a kid I would have gone into rocket science as my career.

  68. Aleksandr Halas

    when and how it will be possible to access the Internet through running satellites and what will be its cost


    eu vi em Ubatuba sp dia 26/12/19 03:45 fiquei em Pânico!!!! estava pescando no caisao!!!

  70. vasyasmanager2you

    23:56 – Something i’ve never seen before. Nice internal view of draining F9 systems (or fuel tanks of second stage)? I personally like the color.
    :-) Way to go Spacex 🙂

  71. Troy

    23:56 If you watch carefully on the lest screen, you’ll see a white thing accelerating toward the left side.

  72. Gayle Cheung

    Bravo bravo bravo nicely done, I remember 1969 very clearly when we landed on the moon 50 years. there is a major difference now, so glad someone took on the challenge for next generations great job 🚀🌎🌑

  73. Трешевые приколы

    21:53 Она жена Eminem?

  74. Dan Soethe

    I look forward to having internet without phone and tv package.

  75. Samuel Chaparo

    This is so amazing, im so proud of this humanity

  76. Daniel Kokotajlo

    I like this presenter! She touches on the important points and also gives us some technical details and also she seems to be genuinely excited and friendly.

  77. Happyvirus 016

    I bet jack ma is still sayin I’m not interested in Mars or anything related to space.

  78. Timur Akimov

    For anyone wondering like i did: Music author is “Test Shot Starfish”

  79. Reborn-Shade

    I trust Elon so much i’ll might even switch when Starlink goes live to the public

  80. MostlyAmethyst !

    If you get to mars but don’t bring a rover modeled after Wall-E I am suing.

  81. Kenzie’s Toy Box!

    I LOVE how genuinely excited & passionate the presenters are! 👍🏻

  82. Norris Mckay

    1:16:33 an asteroid just fly by

  83. James Bell

    696 TESLA short sellers gave this a thumbs down !!!

  84. randy Grindle

    No more. Expensive phone Bill’s and limited coverage awsome

  85. 0x4D

    Amazing how smooth that landing was. Never imagined that one day landing boosters from space would feel so routine :)

  86. SeSSioN

    “Internet for hard to reach and rural places” The future is looking bright. Great Job SpaceX!

  87. Samuel W

    We’ve come a long ways since the cold war… Elon Musk is a living legend.

  88. Adrian Serrano

    i saw the satellites this night passing above the venezuela space area. just amazing to see!

  89. Nisden

    *Imagine if we would spend the money we waste to kill each other on science and exploration, ending poverty, cleaning the oceans and replanting trees.*

  90. Jan Burda

    Lift off at 19:45
    Stage separation at 22:37
    First stage landing at 28:18
    Starlink satellites deploy at 1:21:14

  91. Artem Trubnikov

    “Of Course I Still Love You” never gets old :D

  92. One Whostudies

    1st stage reflown 4 times: meh.
    Payload fairing reflown 2 times: meh.
    Uninterrupted droneship video feed: OH MY GOD WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!!!! THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED!

  93. SomeNavySEALs

    These boys parking rockets from suborbital smoother than any airliner lands.

  94. Liam Smith

    As a farmer I’m relying on this mission to get me from 2-500kbs and 700ms minimum ping to anything better hahaha come on Musk!

  95. James Ewing

    You know, when you say “First in SpaceX history” it usually means “First in world history.” Just sayin’.

  96. BRB_BOY

    Crazy how a trailer for a scooby doo movie is trending more than major space accomplishments

  97. Who Am I?

    Elon just wants to watch hentai on a connection his mom can’t monitor.

  98. Randall Moore

    I cannot wait to cancel services with my local telecoms. I hope they cry.

  99. DerpyDoom

    21:53 a new Eminem was born

  100. Twotter54

    Dislikes are the telecom companies scared about future easy internet access for the world thanks to starlink.

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