1. syafsanai

    That Merlin 1D Vac is hauling

  2. Pleiadian 369

    Wow that’s amazing quick view 👌🏻😊

  3. Onkar Deshpande

    she : so where are we in this relationship ?
    me : 0:01

  4. spacex_sciencey_timez

    i watched it multiple times for their path. they are moving like ships

  5. Van Guard

    Very interesting viewpoint. Gives a sense of the speed as the second stage accelerates away.

  6. Joe McMullin

    Such an amazing view and perspective!

  7. TheCanadianBubba

    The futures so bright, I gotta wear shades !

  8. Karen O

    A *Smokin Trip* into the Abyss. *~- **

  9. John Klein

    This is so effing cool!
    Can we see it landing, or was it dark?

  10. Sebastian Miller

    I’m just praying they call starship Enterprise or something freaking awesome.

  11. Game zone

    Engine performing in vaccum of space and the red glow can be seen very easily.👍 For that

  12. Matvei Soykin


    The fairings fall on Squidward

  13. Passeron

    Love this stuff guys, keep it coming

  14. Andre Gulbis

    Omg. That is maybe the best space/rocket vid I’ve seen. Amazing!! So cool to see the second stage firing away, and the other half flipping off. Moar of this!!!

  15. onjoFilms

    That second stage really heats up those fairings.

  16. Guru

    This is lit af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Dutch Universe

    That fascinating finally seeing a side view of what the 2nd stage rocket plume truly looks like in the vacuum of space!

  18. Donald Smith

    That’s a great shot hopefully see some re entry footage

  19. PiDsMedia

    Very Cool.
    Surfing those back down could be the first interplanetary extreme sport.

  20. Magic Smoke FPV

    Aww, come Elon, what a tease. I want to see the whole video all the way down!

  21. D. Cypher

    Wow. That’s amazing!

  22. Nibin Mathew

    0:06 Going to singularity through a blackhole.

  23. x511100x

    I didn’t know it was so beautiful

  24. Alexander Kenway

    Yeeees HD release!

  25. Andrew Skow

    One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  26. Jackson Blade

    Sometimes I watch Starlink | Fairing Deploy Sequence just to feel something

  27. Doc Nathan

    When your car exits the freeway and you look at the window to see the other cars passing

  28. QuantumBraced

    0:03 So the fairing actually gets hit pretty hard by the second stage exhaust. I’m sure its heat resistant but some soot probably gets on it, I wonder how they clean that and how they make the components withstand being blasted by a giant flamethrower.

  29. Luke Smith

    And I thought going through the mass relay the first time in Mass Effect was cool. Man, seeing what SpaceX is doing is like a dream come through! <3

  30. Cycling Cycles

    You can actually see how fast the acceleration is for the second stage!
    And to be honest, years of Kerbal Space Program has made me think that it would go a *lot* faster.

  31. zomgthisisawesomelol

    Recommended playback speed: 0.25x
    0:00 Fairing separation
    0:01 Great view of the payload (starlink sat stack)
    0:02 View of the Falcon rocket stage
    0:03 The single Merlin vacuum engine firing
    0:04 A nice clear view of the other fairing half falling away
    0:05 Some interesting gas patterns visible from the Merlin exhaust
    0:06 Earth’s horizon is visible in the bottom of the video
    0:07 starting to tumble
    0:08 Falling back to earth

  32. ROKART


  33. Merle Patterson

    Can’t wait for the “First Time, Every Time” Fairing Recovery System to be designed.

  34. Morty112

    Give it up to the cameraman, thank you for risking your life in the name of content

  35. levitroydunn

    One of the coolest things we’re “allowed” to see

  36. QuantumBraced

    0:02 This is the first time we’ve actually seen a second stage with the payload attached from the side in space while firing. Pause and enjoy. It’s pretty cool, the payload is as big as the stage. And then at 0:03 you can see the engine firing in all its glory.

  37. Elon Musk

    Starlink is second priority after starship

  38. Raymond Saint

    Upwards, to the stars! Never stop, Elon.

  39. Andrew Y

    Thanks so much SpaceX for sharing that! It was a really cool clip. Could we maybe get a shot from the fairings point of view where it floats all the way down and gets caught by a ship? That would be spectacular!

  40. SnowFluffalo

    I never thought in my life that I’d be so fascinated by something such as this. SpaceX works wonders.

  41. energieinfo

    One of the coolest videos I have ever seen – please sell “seats” in the fairings and the first stage for “short time wannabe astronauts”!

  42. A Name

    It’s just amazing that a ten second clip gets so many views so fast..😂

  43. Loz

    I wish we could see more from the in tank camera showing the fuel, we sometimes get a brief look.

  44. Suhas Sankarshana

    wow, I can watch this all day

  45. Terry Lee Hornsby

    very cool, took me a few views to actually “get my bearings” on what I was seeing…

  46. Got Grapes?

    The acid is working!

  47. rupertd


  48. Feel Good

    Was a half damaged at this moment or while landing?

  49. Hira Öztürk

    Really, NASA is very important to me. This passion, which started only when I was in the news at the age of 8, has been going on for 7 years. And I’m already working hard. I think I will fit everything to be an astronaut. All I want is that my dreams are not destroyed. I learned 3 different languages ​​just to study how. I also watched countless space-related films and series. As I watch these things, my interest in NAS grows even more. There is one thing I would like to say if Nasa is seeing this comment. I think that if they give me a chance in the future, I will consider it really well. and I believe I will succeed.

  50. ky le

    took a few plays to figure out what was going on, then I watched it about a dozen more times

  51. Ben Goldfeder


  52. Nick van der Kroon

    Looks amazing!

  53. kemfic


  54. The Hh

    0:05 Hyperspace

  55. FutureMartian97

    I love how they took the launch number out of the title. It was Starlink 7 😂

  56. Ferrariman601

    This is *so* goddamned cool!

  57. Ya Boy Hippy

    That Merlin is nasty! I loved hearing Bob and Doug talk about how powerful the second stage felt/preformed!

  58. juicy420jam

    at.5 seconds in, is the bright light on the left a Go-Pro on the other fairing?

  59. subliminalvibes

    I can here it now…

    “Hellooooo. Scott Manley here…” 👍😅


    When I’m at a light in my sports car and the mini van next to me suddenly has something to prove.

  61. Nathan Smith

    Woah! That is the weirdest looking Tesla I have ever seen! They really out did themselves with this Model Y

  62. John Kelfy

    0:02 the shape of the earth mfw it’s not round

  63. vanillaswirl87

    Twitter got their wish. They actually uploaded it to YouTube!

  64. Stone Mask

    ahhh i can smell the engine

  65. Scott Manley

    10 seconds of some of the the most amazing footage ever.

  66. NocturneInNeon

    “My God, it’s full of Starlinks!”

  67. Duffy James

    This is straight out of Sci-Fi

  68. Mo's Studio

    Short & sweet, but beautiful none the less

  69. Garrett Corbett

    When you’re so early there are more likes then views

  70. check4twenty

    Holy cow…incredible view of the vacuum Merlin flame and exhaust plume.I wanna see the half re-enter!

  71. Tom K

    0:05 all I could think was “PUNCH IT CHEWY!”

  72. german garmendia

    When I see someone with good feelings to me. Nop :p

  73. Raghu Chowdhry

    Thought this would have em catching it

  74. cerealL

    I am a simple man, I see spacex I click.

  75. animowany111

    Wow, looks like a special effect for a wormhole or something from some old sci-fi show!

  76. Based Bidoof

    I love how you can see the fairing flexing around

  77. Ada Chu

    that’s an amazing viewpoint!

  78. Brian

    It’s like watching a badass Olympic diver do a perfect backflip.

  79. NeohNightmare

    What a fantastic POV during a launch! I hope fairing recovery will eventually be a thing so we can see more videos like this.

  80. Adolph Masaki

    Yeeesss, Finally i watched this early!!!

  81. WhosieWhatsum

    It’s always great to get a different perspective in flight. You get used to seeing it one way only.

  82. Fabian Reschke

    Just saw it on Twitter, nice that it’s here too!

  83. Harsh Grover

    0:02 – Looks like the second stage turned on its hyperdrive

  84. Kris Foro

    Best 9 seconds of my life :>

  85. Keavon Chambers

    It’s great to see little clips actually posted publicly to the official YouTube channel instead of being lost to the compression of other social media sites!

  86. Yeet

    Me as a kid when we drive past McDonald’s

  87. Alpha Echo119

    Never knew that I wanted to see something like this in my life. Pretty cool.

  88. Nick

    Lol recommended 5 seconds after posting

  89. Marcus Scrivens

    That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you SpaceX.

  90. Twenty Øne Piløts Addict

    I didn’t know that 9 seconds of video could be this cool

  91. Zachary Crespin

    After seeing this I’m wondering how many other “secret” cameras are on their rockets

  92. Leandro Bettinelli

    Beautiful and rare view of the second stage in space.

  93. Galactic Gaming

    It’s so amazing to see views like theses. Just goes to show how amazing spaceflight is

  94. Elliot Burack

    Wow You don’t get to see a second stage in flight very often . Right through that beautiful F9 plume !

  95. Gryphon

    This has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen

  96. Andrew Siegel

    I wish these clips could be on the live stream

  97. Alden O

    At 0:06 it looks like the fairing is at warp drive

  98. techno hiarcy

    That just the coolest thing I’ve seen it’s like out of a si fi movie

  99. smally1986

    I want to see the footage as the fairing gets caught by the ship.

  100. Wyatt B

    Can’t wait for Scott Manley to breakdown what’s in the fairings.

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