SpaceX | McGregor, TX

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The SpaceX engine testing facility in McGregor, TX

  1. t6oberts

    Anyone know the song playing, Shazam didn’t…

  2. Vincent Karaboulad

    Space X is the end of dairy products.

  3. Trevor Bondi Media

    Those high dynamic range, slow motion shots are insanely cool.

  4. Jose Nivardo Concepcion

    For some reason, I was thinking about, kerbal space program… :D *needs more rockets*

  5. Sam Bonham

    i saw that Overwatch t-shirt that guy was wearing

  6. Pavan Kumar

    0:46-0:48 Where can I get a bag like that?
    Anyways, awesome video.

  7. Andy Casbo

    Can we have a happy Falcon Heavy new year? great job guys.

  8. Falcon 9 First Stage

    1:33 Look that’s me :3

  9. whiterottenrabbit

    Kudos to the media department, those guys really did a great job at hyping me all up. I too want to get a job as a toilet cleaner at your amazing facility!

  10. Matthew Nowakowski

    0:59 Is that guy in an overwatch t-shirt?

  11. osbely

    I could really go for a burger and some
    freedom fries. 🍟

  12. MCommandguy

    Wow… These rockets are pretty powerful.

  13. Shaylock Holmes

    This makes me want to apply for a job there. omw!!!!!! 🔥👌

  14. Andrea Zip

    Do you import the cows from Switzerland? 😂😂😂

  15. ATCr

    Just awesome. Keep up the good work!

  16. v2dragon

    Please do this for the Redmond facility!!!!

  17. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss

    I read in his autobiography that they have a cow cam installed to watch the cows run when they fire rockets.

  18. Markus Kuttelwascher

    0:12 hopefully your coffee mugs are reuseable too.?!.

  19. Fowl

    1:01 Overwatch Shirt HELL YEAH ^^

  20. Cygnus-X1

    when I saw the cows running infront of the rocket firing in the background I had to think about BBQ

  21. Sebastian Ferreira

    Where do sign up? I can bring you the coffee.

  22. Samhain Tollins

    Elon for Prime Minister.
    did i say Prime Minister, i meant Supreme Overlord.

  23. TheOneLifeRider

    Rockets and cows. Instant BBQ potential.

  24. Mateusz Bartosik

    SpaceX – engineering starts with coffe.

  25. v2dragon

    So wait, are they still planning to use propulsive landing for the Dragon 2?

  26. james lyddall

    I want space x to do my V8 engine build :)

  27. Crazy Funny Cats

    🍦💨🚀dammit Jim I’m a doctor 👨‍⚕️ not a rocket scientist!
    Bones ☠️🌹rip

  28. M4ster Chicken

    Guns,n rockets, What else doesn’t Texas have!

  29. Peace Guard

    From the thumbnail and video lenght I thougth some rocket has fallen again :)

  30. Luís Fernandes

    Didn’t like it.
    I bet the thumb down dudes work at the blue origin …

  31. Fleigenschnitzel

    Nothing like a hoard of Rocket Scientists that don’t mind saying Howdy and Y’all!

  32. Rishabh Sharma

    This is worthy engineering ..!

  33. Кирилл Осиюк

    0:38 Table from the rocket engine nozzle :D

  34. Pedagogic

    Quesiton isn’t space x located in Arizona or Nevada?

  35. PaddyPatrone

    damn this is great

  36. treblematic

    I volunteer for mars mission..

  37. Marush Denchev

    Man, you burn fuel per minute as much as my old chevy!

  38. Pedro Cab

    The person with a Overwatch’s shirt while building rockets is the coolest dude I’ve ever seen. xD

  39. JustWasted3HoursHere

    Those cows must be thinking, “Damn, that big ass bird sure is LOUD!”

  40. ItsNotTrue

    Jeff Bezos disliked this video.
    PS. If NASA made this video. It would be 45 minutes long, filled with long, montone speeches and long explanations. SpaceX? Nah! ROCK N’ ROLL AND ROCKETS!

  41. Анна Пузанова

    шедевр :)
    хотелось бы быть частью команды SpaceX

  42. _afk93owC

    Negatives: 24fps, film grain, annoying music.
    Positives: SpaceX.

  43. Stuart Young

    I’ve heard that SpaceX (and Tesla) employees don’t have a life…
    Oh hell! I don’t need a life! ;-)

  44. gliderrider

    Badass coolest company on planet 🌎

  45. Tourigny David

    Yo the guy with the Overwatch t-shirt could be me!

  46. Vishnuprasad Kuntar

    One question guys.. How many times dis u watch the same video? 🤔 😳 😜

  47. Over Kaizen

    Jus’ the right amount o’ badassery I say.

  48. Leo D. Astoria


  49. Clorox Bleach Chan

    Waiting for this to hit #1 on Trending…

  50. Zaj lord

    Wow. Xspace is amazing and that edit was buttifull ;D

  51. Jace Francis

    Lived in waco until early this year, really miss hearing those engines rumble

  52. Epoxa83

    Where do I apply?
    I can scrub floors, drive forklift(Never crashed into anything.. important) and make strong Swedish coffee.
    Please take me!

  53. Jan Hoyer

    SpaceX, I see you as the RL-version of Roberts Space Industries :D

  54. Light Bender

    Awesome vid. Question will the dragon v2 use the super draco’s for OMS?

  55. Henrik The G Man

    I volunteer as a test subject for mars colonization. MSG me

  56. Oliver Immich

    Amazing! The ppl working there are living a childhood dream!
    Keep going, guys and girls!

  57. Apple Juice Simpson

    *_I live a few miles away from SpaceX, in a suburb of Waco._*
    When they test their rocket engines, everything hung up on the walls of my house starts to shake, the windows start rattling, and you hear a low rumble from outside. I think it’s pretty awesome honesty, and everyone else around here doesn’t seem to mind either.
    *_That’s Texas for ya!_*

  58. Flavio Salatino

    Elon Musk, the person that can make space look badass!!
    GG Elon, you are making space interesting for the masses again

  59. Thomas Holland

    OUTSTANDING! All yall should be very proud of your efforts.

  60. stratpac

    Bloody impressive SpaceX – I love this Company – inspirational!!!!

  61. Conor McGregor

    There is only one McGregor!!!!

  62. quincio rangel

    Why do I wake up every morning ?
    To be more like Elon.

  63. Pandry

    That’s a-Mei-zing (*wink*) (I hope u get the cit.)
    1:01 – 1:11

  64. Youtuber

    Ellon can be president of the our Solar System

  65. 157 239n

    Perfectly awesome, as all things should be

  66. Leonardo Stark

    And this is how all rocket videos should be

  67. Josue Parra

    name of the song?

  68. Matthew Lee

    Music is ‘Gyom – Renegade’ for those who are looking for it

  69. The Student Official

    I’m no rocket or engine expert, but I want to help Mars colonization with hydroponic foods

  70. ParanormalDoctor

    *O R G A S M I C*

  71. Practical Engineering

    Heck yea

  72. Fiskn

    i wanna be that cow…

  73. Morfiti

    *Kerbal Space Program* in real life

  74. papadoc711

    Did a complete 180 on private space travel because of Space X and Elon Musk.

  75. Macko

    Those mach diamonds at 2:46 ….. EPIC!

  76. Clorox Bleach Chan

    Elon Musk you beautiful man.

  77. Phil da cubing guy

    When people ask where you want to work when you get older

  78. JBass14

    Those cows are all deaf

  79. David sandin

    2.5 years until i can go a University to become an engineer with an additional 5 years, and by that time SpaceX has probably already started colonizing mars🙃

  80. Kojak Durham

    Cows are like, “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

  81. xspager

    Texan space cows!!!

  82. TopTenTuesday

    I though corner McGregor partner with space x XD

  83. mahchymk93

    This video is Texas AF

  84. Connor King

    Dude, where do I get some of those cups?

  85. VentusMaster

    If Elon Musk will ever get cancer he will found cure for it himself, that’s the type of guy he is 😎😎

  86. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss

    Zip2, Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City. This guy is incredible.

  87. devwreck127

    Cows, spaceships, country rock, farms, guns, steak and potatoes, Texas, apple pie, freedom … damn it’s good to be American.

  88. Fizizy

    Who’s ready to vote Elon Musk for president?

  89. Virtual_Edition

    They have the cows so they only have to pay agriculture tax instead of commercial tax on the land they bought but aren’t currently using.

  90. leokimvideo

    Can you employ me as a toilet cleaner..I’m not smart but I want to hang out around really smart people who play with rockets ;)

  91. liquidbraino

    2:27 That cows like “Bro… do you even science?”

  92. DannyDuker

    Damn this looks way better than Disney land😋😂

  93. Darkaan13

    Those Kerbals look weird

  94. Charlie Clumsy

    That’s where the magic happens.

  95. Clayton

    We asked Elon for rocket porn, and he delivered

  96. Jorge

    2:22 *The team of SpaceX’s cows ready for being exchanged for alien technology!*

  97. JerryRigEverything

    Absolutely epic. Fantastic editing

  98. Bobby Duke Arts

    A-mazing. SpaceX, making rocket science sexy.

  99. ender

    NASA: half hour speech about how their things work
    SpaceX: Rock and roll with rockets and satisfying clouds of smoke

  100. Pesterenan

    Is this a recruitment video? *BECAUSE BABY, I WANT IT!*

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