SAOCOM 1B | Launch and Landing

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Sped up footage from an onboard camera during Falcon 9’s launch of the SAOCOM 1B mission – SpaceX’s first launch to a polar orbit from the East Coast. After launching from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Falcon 9’s first stage returned to land at Landing Zone 1.

  1. prod prod

    0:38 this is where the drum beggin XD

  2. Stinger NSW

    Absolutely amazing footage c/w sound. thanks SpaceX……Falcon 9 “Seizing the Future” 🚀

  3. Julius Seifert

    hard to keep in mind how big the booster is! it just looks so easy!

  4. Duane Raymond

    It’s about damn time we saw a video like this!!! What the hell took so long!!!

  5. Daniel MUGAMBI

    Watching this on big screen TV is so different from smartphone … Awesomeness!!

  6. America first

    Its just amazing how its all automatically land! Sounds almost like sciencefiction

  7. Jason Upton

    Excellent. Thank you for this. Love it.

  8. Anthony Camilleri

    thank you spacex a phenominal effort by all concerned good luck and cheers from avid fan in australia

  9. Richard Head

    _How often do you change the plugs on one of these?_ 🤔

  10. Steph We

    Nice! Love seeing it all from this perspective!

  11. Casper Madsen

    Awesome! Wish I studied engineering so I could help with this. This is simply too cool!! 👍🤩

  12. Space Nomad

    That was AWESOME!!!
    Now we need the uncut real-time footage. Please…

  13. Lyon E

    Thanks SpaceX for bringing us all along for the ride – love it keep up the awesome work!

  14. David Baker

    I’d love to know (actually, understand!) How the hell that is done!

  15. Quite Gone Jim

    Wait til’ the flat Earther’s see the white toy shark falling to Earth…

  16. Rick Deegan

    Watching, hearing, and visually imagining this magic vehicle returning to us while balancing on a column of fire takes me away from my tiny reality. Love you guys!

  17. German Chanique

    0:42 a tiny white humanoid running away from the booster! 👽😆

  18. Carja Adrian

    I would definitely pay for a ride like that!👍🔥☄

  19. Konstantin Kolomoisky

    One of the best montages!!! Amazing control authority!

  20. Jorge Diaz

    That’s just a COOL site to see!
    20 yrs ago who would’ve thought that you would ever see a Rocket return.

  21. Home made science

    Thank you for sound update it is amazing.

  22. TheBeardedBoofhead

    I love its ‘sigh’ at the end..

  23. Rodrigo Dias

    Wow! I loved it. It sounds like arcade games of the 80’s though.

  24. Moonlight The Folf

    0:43 on our left we have SpaceX’s ice shark

    Also is it me or were those the three sonic booms at the end

  25. Christoph Loewen

    This is an awesome view! Thank You for posting!
    Wondering if it’s possible to film this kind of round trip it in 4K or 8K any time soon?

  26. AJ Orbit

    Amazing job perfect accuracy

  27. Cruza

    0:43 what is that electric lookin thing?

  28. Paul Deavall

    Beautifully amazing – Well dome Space X

  29. RandyMarsh RA

    Thank you Space X, I could sleep to that awesome sound of Falcon Flight.

  30. E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    0:39 to 1:15 – the sounds I hear remind of me of an Atari 2600’s sound effects.

  31. Coyote One

    Seeing the grid fins in action with the vapor trails at 1:32 is pretty awesome

  32. Derrek Wilson

    Omg so beautiful, i just smile watching this.

  33. rex hua

    Amazing. Great software programming I guess. Hope for the upper stage too!

  34. Judd Goswick

    Gorgeous! I love the shot of the air grates catching cloud-cover.

  35. Steven

    Great footage complete with sounds? Amazing, thanks for the video!

  36. helder simoes

    0:43 my blind ass thought this was a human falling helplessly

  37. Peter Starowicz

    Amazing, love the sounds!

  38. Pablo Marini


  39. DickNickle

    The best trailer I’ve seen from the upcoming Space X Mars mission. Can’t wait for the Release Date. :P

  40. Sebastian Miller

    We’re one day in, I’m waiting for all the Flat Earthers to be like “How do they hear in space?” And then Elon will proceed to troll them 😂

  41. Ali Khorshidi Benam

    0:43 Astro-Lizard 🦎😂😂

  42. Rob Manser

    So cool, never get tired of watching these

  43. H E R O

    Pretty sure i’d never watched a recording like this, finally getting good at it. Good stuff

  44. Max H

    The most beautiful 360p I’ve looked at so far.

  45. The NotFlat Earth

    Sounds like that one guy on team speak with mic, fan and amp on at the same time

  46. Soul City Sawdog

    When those waffle irons come out, you know it’s game on!

  47. Ueberkombo

    0:33 this could be incorperated into a Rave or Dark Trap song

  48. Adam Kendall

    0:40 – sick moves, stick man!

  49. leovbernardo

    “The X marks the spot!” Brilliant! 👏🏻

  50. brianmcrock

    So smooth… they’re making it look easy! Amazing. SpaceX rocks!

  51. 3ATIVE VFX Studio

    OMFG… LOVE IT. ❤❤❤😎 Great to hear the internal sounds – MORE PLEASE !👍👍
    – This is much better than the team(s) screaming and whooping on the live streams. 😉🤦‍♂️

  52. Prince Ramos

    2:15 breathe of the dragon <3

  53. Loanword Eggcorn

    Absolutely incredible with the native sound.

    Best thing is the sigh at the end. Indeed take a breath after your journey.

  54. Big. R

    0:20 FLAT-EARTHERS Watching This Just Took A DUMP 💩. 😅😅😅

  55. don shields

    Holey moley…this is great! In my 70 years of life, this is one of the most fantastic scientific accomplishments. Wow…

  56. Red Meat 2nd Amendment

    Short, sweet, and to the point. One of the best videos yet. Great sound!!!

  57. Bert Neuman

    What a great vid… thank you so much for sharing, this is the stuff dreams (and a lot of hard work) are made of.

  58. Maryo_Nicle7

    0:43 Those flippin’ bird-like space creature is somehow creepy

  59. Solider Armatang

    Honestly the greatest thing i have ever seen in my lifetime, a giant rocket landing itself. That is amazing no matter what, and achieved within 7-8 years of development starting from scratch, purely amazing!

  60. Imagination

    Whenever I see something fall off I just imagine screaming

  61. Chris

    This makes me appreciate Interstellars spaceships scenes, as they look just like the real thing

  62. Steve O

    Thanks Elon!
    Got any room for human testing flights?
    I’m willing to sit still and let computers do all the work while just focusing on breathing through the insane G’s.

  63. hammerton510

    Incredible, thank you Elon and SpaceX. I was born the year we landed on the moon and was a teen during the early and exciting space shuttle launches. I look forward to every new test, launch and event that SpaceX hosts knowing we will see, and hear, things we have never seen before. Who needs science fiction!

  64. Surrealios

    0:42 the first space squid caught on film

  65. Elezer Puglia

    Amazing! Adds an incredible dimension to the technology show we‘ve got used to!

  66. Jim Austin

    It seems like a miracle every time it happens. Absolutely amazing technology!

  67. Nizzy10

    it looks so smooth and effortless. amazing

  68. TheNR04 Media

    1:30 the grid fins going through the clouds is so satisfying. 😍

  69. Nathan Dunkley

    0:42 Me trying to find my purpose in life.

  70. Owen Jones

    Amazing. love the big ‘sigh’ after landing. such a graceful monster. its alive.

  71. Khoa Nguyen


  72. LesB SoCal

    Would love to see the software plans for this escapade.

    That’s the real hero here

  73. Ace Max

    Hell yeah this never gets old to me 👌 can’t wait to see more super heavy though 💪😎

  74. Chris Effpunkt

    0:50 Evidence of God. You can see one of his nailclips in space!

  75. Urban Window Farmer

    I love when the grid fins pierce the clouds and you can see a visual representation of the drag they produce.

  76. John Altman

    0:42 The rare spinning space shark caught on camera

  77. wormhole331

    0:42 imagine having a spacewalk accident and you’re spinning like that until death.

  78. Ray Wood

    I was watching the grid fins moving at the end and realized my toes were doing the same thing.

  79. wehooper4

    The sounds of those RCS thrusters <3

  80. Gary G

    My kids say “Liftoff” whenever they fart after watching several of these launches and landing.

  81. Carolyn Blake

    Truly, one of the most magnificent films I have ever seen in my 70 plus years on earth!

  82. jaketus

    0:43 Looks like a cat fell off the Falcon and is spinning in zero-g to land on feet.

  83. Bane BlackGuard

    when i was younger i loved watching airplanes take off and land, i just never got bored of watching it. i’m experiencing something similar with watching these. no matter how many times i see it, i just am not getting bored of watching these things take off and land.

  84. MR M

    I’m so glad that space X has allowed us to come along for the ride. The documenting this event with video has open so many eyes. It is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you….

  85. E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    SpaceX: Can we have an ‘unedited’ full length version of this? (with the sounds from in the rocket)

  86. dht

    Nasa: we lanch every 10 years
    SpaceX: we launch Weekly.

  87. marco MAGARELLI

    Having the sound was just that much more amazing!

  88. Trash

    Flat earthers: *I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that*

  89. ch dn

    OH NO!! Somebody save that poor stick man!
    He’s spinning out of control!! AHHHHHHH

  90. Zero Neutral

    2:15 when it said “ahhhhhh” I felt that, so refreshing.

  91. THE LORD

    This the amzing landing i see in my life inever see the first stage do the flip in space thats amzing SpaceX 😍😍🤩🤩

  92. Rick T.

    No matter how many times I watch one of these boosters land, it still amazes me.

  93. Marc Goldfuss

    That “sigh” at the end, another successful day at the office.

  94. Pikminiman

    The fact that this is becoming mundane is incredible.

  95. Mike M

    0:42 Kinda neat to see that there are seagulls in space.

  96. pastuh

    00:41 – “That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”
    Hears Wilhelm scream in background..

  97. Rhal Hal

    That’s so cool at 1:30 the humid air streaming through the grid fins.

  98. David Gardiner

    Love the visible airstreams through those grid fins during landing.

  99. Antony Borlase

    To quote Alien “In space, no one can hear you scream…”

    SpaceX – “ Hold my espresso “

  100. jmactv


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