NROL-108 Mission

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SpaceX is now targeting Saturday, December 19 for launch of the NROL-108 mission from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Saturday’s three-hour launch window opens at 9:00 a.m. EST, or 14:00 UTC, and closes at 12:00 p.m. EST, or 17:00 UTC.

Falcon 9’s first stage booster previously supported launch of SpaceX’s 19th and 20th cargo resupply missions to the International Space Station, a Starlink mission, and the SAOCOM 1B mission. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

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  1. blacksuner

    24:38 left corner/side. What is that?

  2. videoua5

    Гарна робота..! Good job..!

  3. ken hall97

    These days launching and landing rockets seem to be normal thanks you space x.

  4. BoostOnly

    Thats awesome finally got to see stage 1 complete telemetry!

  5. Oan Simit


  6. Richard Sweeting

    What would be really cool is telemetry data for stage 1 as it returns as standard and not just for the odd time when customers demand no second stage data.

  7. Forcemaster2000

    Awesome coverage SpaceX, thank you!

  8. Syn het

    The landing was perfect ! DAYYUMMM

  9. nealynealster

    What a wild year. Congrats on all the success and progress made!!

  10. ThisMakesMeThink

    any idea what the flying object is on the left side at 24:38?

  11. Jim Beshears

    I grew up with the space program, I was 12 when we landed on the moon, I’ll never get tired of watching this.

  12. Saeful Akbar

    That is SATISFYING!!! I just rewind it few times to see that landing

  13. MOLE

    The amount of launches is amazing we truly are in the 21st century THANKS to SpaceX

  14. Andrew Awakened

    I never get tired of seeing these boosters touch down successfully – it’s amazing every single time.

  15. gamler pro

    Anyone noticed that strange floating ring in the left picture at 24:40 in the clouds????
    Pls reply I really don’t know what this could be 🤔

  16. Christopher Ellsworth

    Way do go on another perfect landing!

  17. Stannis Targaryen

    24:38 What is that object on the left hand side of screen floating around in the air?

  18. Scott Leaf

    What the hell is that on the left screen at 24:42 drifting by???

  19. ༺Hoodsmurf༻

    Last landing of 2020! what a great year SpaceX, can’t wait for starship turn!

  20. Glenn

    24:38 anybody else see a floating snake on the left? o.O

  21. Martin Cumming

    Seeing that booster come into land never ceases to amaze me! It it is just amazing to watch.

  22. Ivan Henrique

    Look at minute 25:23 in the lower left corner a white object passes under FALCON 9

  23. Martin Halvax

    I don’t mean to be a dick because I’m a nobody, but those are not honeycomb structures. They are simple grids.

  24. Hardstyle Mix

    24:37 left screen! Wtf is that? :D

  25. Bravo Defeated

    Props to everyone involved in this launch, Thanks spacex for making space launch even more exciting

  26. George Jones

    It sounds like the NRO goes “WEE WEE WEE” all the way home.

  27. urlocalweeb

    Plot twist: Elon was actually from Mars but when a catastrophic event killed out everyone on Mars, he was able to escape by the closest of margins and eventually he quietly found a shelter on a planet called Earth, then he enjoyed his life here but then he got home-sick and got lonely because he hadnt been to Mars for so long and that he wanted to go back but the merely, weaklings of Earth didnt have the technology capable of bring him back home so he’s helping us make achievements we’ve never dreamed of before and starship is actually just the same type of and model of ship he took to escape mars and go to earth so he wants to make starship again in order to please him and to make him feel a little like hes back home.

  28. Entirely new gmail accoun

    Please include Stage 1 Telemetry on future launches!

  29. bozthe1

    24:38 What is flying there on the left?

  30. Jim Matterhorn

    min 24:38 WTF is that thing on the left, floating under the grid fin flap?

  31. stargot1

    Thanks , finally we can see stage 1 telemetry at descent ! Very interesting !

  32. An innocent child

    I really cant wait for the first super heavy landing!❤️

  33. Eug chriss

    Please next time, keep showing the 1 stage telemetry until the final touchdown. (not 5-10 seconds before)

  34. Вячеслав Штаферун

    Please, do first stage telemetry on all launches.Stage 2 right, stage 1 left.

  35. Jack Williams

    Absolutely astounding every time. SpaceX, a startup, unbelievable what they’ve achieved in such a short time in history.

  36. Thomas Van Dorpe

    <3 Thanks SpaceX teams! You have made the hopes and dreams of many come to life and do it so well! Thanks so much!

  37. Jesus Asiahin

    27:44 That engine re-light jolt, oof!

  38. Jameel Ja

    They should always launch in the day, what amazing footage.

  39. rmars

    Perfect landing, i hope the same can be done with Starship then were in business for space exploration if its all reliable.

  40. NightLight Sounds

    This guy makes it sound like a regular passenger airplane flight… what a time to be alive

  41. Ban Me Again Susan I Know

    21 stories building? That’s taller than what the biggest city in my Province have. Yes. I’m from a 3rd world country. 😅

  42. Kyle Street

    Love being able to see the separation from the ground camera.

  43. billy the dead

    That’s so cool to watch and I watch with awh everytime

  44. John Chebon

    Space X is doing business with a superior customer!!!
    He shouldn’t be called a customer, 🤗🤗🤗

  45. Rick Monza

    Great work. But I’ve got a question: what is the object that we can see on the left at 24:37 – 24:45?

  46. ryan murphy

    Absolutely Beautiful! Such a sight! Can’t wait to see how many times these rocket can be used!

  47. Noman Ahmed

    Is it me or it is the best video coverage of the booster recovery so far?

  48. Aldo

    that has to be one of the smoothest landings to date damn

  49. Matthieu Regnauld

    So SpaceX basically sent in 2020, on average, one rocket… every 2 weeks! Madness!

  50. Ricardo Juliet

    Elon’s watching this in a ten-gallon hat with a big plate of brisket on the table. Wahoo!!!

  51. Scott Meister

    *Ahhh, I love the smell of rocket fuel in the morning!*

  52. treborrelluf

    @10:17 “this mission is constantly ‘viligent”” Ouch!

  53. ActionCam Media

    No matter how many times I see it , watching that booster land is -Freaking amazing !!

  54. dapoussin

    Awesome to see stage 1 telemetry, thank you! :) I didn’t realize how much air resistance was slowing down the booster!

  55. TechyBen

    World “It’s too difficult to reuse beer bottles…”
    SpaceX “Hold my rocket booster…”

  56. Gunjamed C.

    We need to launch a rocket every day.

  57. uspittbullbreader

    Seeing the vapor plumes on the 1st stage was amazing.

  58. AnthoProg

    Awesome ! We have stage 1 telemetry on landing!

  59. ukemike1

    Love that they showed the ground perspective all the way to the stage sepraration and the boostback burn.

  60. Frank Staats

    Finally! Stage 1 descent and landing telemetry. Crazy to see the speed it enters the atmosphere and the way the speed is decreased with the entry burns. Why did they cut off telemetry during the last few seconds of landing?

  61. Tomy Tomy

    Congratulations SpaceX ending 2020 in a direct target! High hopes for the company given the strong track record in Aerospace industry. Happy holidays to all team members at SpaceX!

  62. John kopy

    Rocket fuel and coffee in the morning, what a great time to be alive.
    Good work!

  63. Kakha Khmelidze

    Ohh, man, that entry burn, landing burn, and that insane landing is absolutely outstanding,. I can watch it a million times.

  64. Trevor F. Smith

    Ground tracking of the first stage was amazing!

  65. Austin Stephens

    I love the smell of liquid ox in the morning…smells like the future.

  66. Micaela Silva

    Best landing images ever!!! I hope the next ones will be as good as these were! Thanks!

  67. Martian761

    Finally a good footage of the landing. What a crisp landing that was!

  68. SKM

    19:45 T-10 Seconds
    19:55 Liftoff!
    20:47 Stage 1 Throttle Down
    20:55 Super Sonic
    21:05 Max Q
    22:16 Main Engine Cut Off
    22:23 Stage 1 Separation
    22:30 Second Engine Start Up 1
    22:34 Stage 1 Boostback Startup
    22:45 Fairing Separation
    23:11 Stage 1 Boostback Shutdown
    24:09 The Speed Goes Up For Decent
    26:27 Stage 1 Entry Burn
    27:40 Stage 1 Entry Burn
    28:06 Landing
    28:11 Landing Legs Deployed

  69. David Watches YouTube

    They really need to start naming these boosters if they’re going to make repeat appearances.

  70. elforeign2

    wow, that has got to be the smoothest landing of a booster i’ve seen yet. What an incredible job SpaceX!

  71. Sarvad Paygude

    The most Badass rocket in the world is……..any guess? : shows falcon 9, says Starship.

  72. Superfunhappytime

    It’s funny how routine this feels now.

  73. Sumudu Maduwantha

    They launch Rockets more than airplanes in my country these days.

  74. Jean Bonnefoy

    Thanks to the shyness (or desire for secrecy) of today’s customer, we’re gratified with a full first stage reentry and landing back on land. Perfect and highly enjoyable!

  75. John B

    I was so happy to see the telemetry from the first stage!! I wish they had run it right to the end and landing.

  76. Zephyr Tek

    I love the HUD and relevant info and metrics.

  77. KLH

    Still one of the coolest thing I will ever see.

  78. no name

    I love how the landing is something we can always count on now not just luck. :)

  79. DeepBlue

    Yes! SpaceX kept bring us good news in such a miserable year.

  80. András Csák

    At last, first stage telemetry all the way back to Earth! It’s very interesting to see the actual speed data of the reentry. It looks as if it was nothing extraordinary, but the actual speeds are enormous! And the gentle touchdown after such rapid deceleration is an engineering marvel.

  81. velkoto1

    19:51 if you are here for the actual launch

  82. Dee

    Everyone: what a great time to be alive.
    Me: don’t jinx it 😷

  83. Tycondaroga

    every time I watch a cast I say to myself “shit’s about to get real” when the telemetry data gauges appear on screen. gives me chilles

  84. John Mackay

    I never get tired of this. Its the closest thing to Thunderbird 1 becoming real. If only Gerry Anderson was alive to see it.

  85. 2xbarret

    Landing a Falcon 9 booster for them just became a weekly routine

  86. A Bag of Dead Squirrels

    JESUS! I’ll never get over how awesome that separation to boost back burn looks from the ground camera!!

  87. Mike G

    15:32 “…meeting and exceeding expectations…” Shows a meeting. haha!

  88. Fejzo Farizi

    I think the goal of space x is to make flights and landings till no one claps

  89. K B

    Stage 1 telemetry combined with the full view of F9 makes this so damn interesting to watch. 148km apogee, 1000m/s delta v on boost back burn, 57km height for reentry burn, 22km when drag increases significantly. 😋

  90. Jameel Ja

    That fact that this has become so “mundane” is a testament to the great work of SpaceX employees.
    What a great time to be alive.

  91. Off the Grid

    Great to see telemetry from the booster.
    Can we have this on future launches. Booster on the left second stage on the right.

  92. 卂Ҝ卂丂卄

    This has become more casual than me getting out of my 🏠

  93. Harold Miller

    Drinking Game: During the NRO video, take a shot whenever a sentence starts with “WE”

  94. Hooves

    Cant get over how fricken cool that re-entry is.

  95. Marc Harrison

    I love how something thought ridiculous just 10 years ago has become routine…

  96. Eric Hood

    I like how we got to see the speed/height of the booster — descent — this time.

  97. George Mihal

    When I was a kid reading all those science-fiction magazines about spaceflight this was the type of landing they described in most instances. I never thought I’d live to see the day when this was common practice. Makes my heart swell with pride I live in a country that makes this possible. Thank you so much SpaceX!

  98. William L

    In 2020, SpaceX launched more times than I went to grocery stores.

  99. Shahrukh Ahmad

    Is it just me or everyone feels tremendously happy on these successful landings of the Falcon 9 booster?

  100. Patrick

    These have a higher success rate than my parallel parking attempts

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