Inspiration4 | Splashdown

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After three days orbiting Earth, Dragon and the Inspiration4 crew– the world’s first civilian mission to orbit – safely splashed down off the coast of Florida at 7:06 p.m. EDT on Saturday, September 18, 2021, completing their first multi-day low Earth orbit mission.

Dragon performed a series of departure phasing burns to leave the circular orbit of 575 kilometers and then jettisoned its trunk ahead of it deorbit burn. After re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, the spacecraft deployed its two drogue and four main parachutes in preparation for the soft water landing.

Upon splashdown, the Inspiration4 astronauts were welcomed home by the SpaceX team and quickly brought on board the recovery vessel. SpaceX transported Dragon back to Cape Canaveral for inspections and refurbishment ahead of future human spaceflight missions.

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  1. fazy mousa

    I appreciate that Spacex shows as much of the reentry and recovery operation as possible

  2. Buil Dinit

    talk about a well run mission. the way a great man expects his people to run the mission. UNREAL. WHAT A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE

  3. K1NG BL1NG

    Somehow i can picture Elon singing to Richard and Jeff, “anything you can do, I can do better”!

  4. Prajakta Kudalkar

    this is witnessing history! hearty congratulations to the entire spaceX team for achieving an incredible feat! wishing you many more successes in the future!

  5. The Dark Gamer

    It’s amazing hearing the word “splashdown” being used again

  6. HLinda94 D

    Just brilliant 💖🌹。 Bringing so much inspiration into the world.

  7. Jackie Calderon

    Congratulations to Elon and the entire crew for a flawless mission and making history!!! And, thank you for the extensive coverage because it gave viewers like me the ability to live vicariously through the crewmembers and envision ourselves one day being the ones to travel to space. It brought tears of joy and excitement to my eyes. Love ya, SpaceX!!!

  8. Олег Чекаев

    молодцы, успехов и новых путешествий!

  9. Fatherson Diecast

    Suck it Bezos!! Elon could have put himself in “space” like you did (just barley meeting the definition) along time ago but he has a larger plan.

  10. Виктор Дулин

    Огромное спасибо за Ваш труд!!! Взаимность внесёт большой вклад в сохранении окружающей среды.

  11. Milo

    Outstanding Work for the Inspiration4 Crew and the entire SpaceX Team!

  12. ben clubbs

    Well done elon! As well the whole crew, staff, engineers ect xx

  13. SeraphArmaros

    There’s something amazing about them watching Spaceballs on their tablets while actually in space waiting to begin re-entry.

  14. Angelique Menoptra

    I loved everything about Inspiration, from prep and interviews of the crew and the nerve wracking launch to splashdown. Being one of the greatest moments in human history, I can’t help feeling the established media, their coverage of it was anemic at best.

  15. Danielle Kerley

    This is an incredible achievement.

  16. Derek Wilson

    Watching Spaceballs while prepping re-entry is epic AF! :)

  17. Snoozerpoo

    I love the inside of the capsule, just some easy chairs with one of the passengers taking pictures with their phone. And they didn’t have to do any flying, all by remote and it went amazing. The boats are practically under them as they land, perfect coordination. And the passengers don’t even have to get their feet wet.

  18. QUAG

    Next step: The moon base. Then Mars. And after that the Belt. The Expanse is coming soon.

  19. HashHero88

    Congratulations to Elon and the rest of the SpaceX Team- you all have changed the way humans will travel for the rest of our existence and that’s pretty BADASS! Keep KICKIN ass team!!

  20. kimejj

    Its just amazing! Awesome team work everything went smooth <3

  21. V Explores

    SpaceX: LETS GOOO
    People watching: LETS GOOO
    Jeff Bezos: NOOOOO

  22. HY:LY

    This was insaaaaanely inspiring. Thank you to the brave crew and all the earthly talents that made this possible. Tears.

  23. OldBillOverHill

    I’ve been waiting all my life for this. There were time I doubted it would be allowed. Thank you SpaceX team.

  24. VIGOR!

    Очень классные кадры! Очень круто, что обычный человек уже может посещать космос! Сегодня мы гости космоса, уже завтра космос будет нашим домом! ))))))))))))))))

  25. Georgian Research Space S

    This is incredible! Congrats to the Crew and SpaceX!

  26. Rob Cox

    Spaces employees what a fantastic success, well done to every one of you that made this whole mission possible.

  27. Zuckerkome

    Landing process timestamps

    1:08:20 parachute deployment
    1:12:21 splashdown
    1:41:40 capsule lifted out of the ocean
    1:50:00 hatch opening
    1:57:15 first crew member exiting
    1:59:15 second crew member exiting
    2:00:04 third crew member exiting

  28. Mosu Mantsie 585 Studios

    big up to the USCG for their contribution to the safe recovery of our crew….watching from Botswana. Coxwain Phill Mhlanga

  29. Finger Press Gaming

    Imagine looking back at this 60-70 years later and glad that we are here when it happen.

  30. Paulo Evangelista

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 amazing work by everyone involved in the program. A new dawn has aged, there’s nothing we can’t do 💪🏼

  31. Impostor

    this gives me hope that i might be able to visit my crewmates again

  32. William LoCascio

    “We are just getting started”
    It’s an exciting time to be alive! Finger snaps in NASA tradition woot!

  33. Marc Abelha

    25:43 That was a sweet commentary! You guys nailed it in every possible detail <3

  34. Miroslav Milan

    What an amazing thumbnail picture!
    Also great coverage by the SpaceX hosts, really enjoyed their commentary along the whole mission.

  35. Carlton Miller

    Thank you so much SpaceX for the incredible accomplishment that you shared with us. Truly inspiring!

  36. Enorazza

    Just incredible! Images from the reentry in atmosphere were amazing!

  37. Elogium

    Absolutely awesome! What a great all round journey, way to go SpaceX and the crew. Congrats on your successful flight and let’s hope many more. :-)

  38. Adam Loverin

    I love when Jessie Anderson is commentating these events. Her laugh is infectious.

  39. Sharon

    What an experience 🥰 I would love to do this. Well done 👏🏻

  40. Chris Schaller

    Flawless. Congratulations to all engineers, mechanics, programmers. Everyone involved in this amazing machine.

  41. Starship & Superheavy

    Unimaginable mission, well done to SpaceX for making this happen and to all who were involved in the mission. And a huge congratulations to the Inspiration 4 crew, this is just the beginning!

  42. Steven Lewis

    2024 is in reach!

    The book of Elon is gonna mean something else altogether in years gone by.

  43. Muraena Augusti

    Это так круто! Вот это называется : “мечты сбываются”! :-))

  44. ToMT07

    Absaloute brilliance. So inspiring! Well done to everyone involved!

  45. Strongboy 72

    What a time to have this occur in our lifetime with a genius of the likes of Elon Musk. SpaceX is an amazing team.

  46. MicromediaDirector

    An historic day for civilian space flight and the family extension of space exploration. Great mission name, Inspiration4 has definitely been inspirational. Onwards and upwards! Go Space X!

  47. Tony Shaw

    Elons missions are filled with so many smiles and laughs ❤️

  48. John Ellison

    Such a shame I missed the splashdown, I hope future missions have better media coverage, but well done to everyone involved, great mission

  49. Tatenda Astrid Chinyenye

    who knew that I would find something phenomenal to be happy about during the pandemic thanks elon and spacex you don’t know how happy I am right now thanks to the inspection 4 crew for such courage to participate in writing of history

  50. NTN Labs

    That climber that jumped from Dragon into the sea had the most fun :D

  51. Chris Brown

    This is incredible progress. Really batters my head why Jeff has spat the dummy out and suing NASA. It’s quite clear that blue origin are nowhere near ready for real space exploration when space X are. All Jeff is doing is just slowing progress down.

  52. Ігор Станіславович

    Молодцы ребята, двигают космос.

  53. domoredujordan

    Awesome stuff! Welcome back Inspiration4! I also have to say, imagine being the person that gets to ride the top of the capsule to the boat and then take a dive once there. How many people get to say that?

  54. dean olley

    I have lived through the Cuban crisis, moon walks Falklands war , the collapsing of the Soviet Union , the collapse of Apartheid its been a very diverse lived experience. Now this this is awesome the USA is the only nation on Earth that could enable a thing of such magnitude today. All done by young blood in the space industry. Dankie for Elon Musk.

  55. Ted Cameron

    I like how they finished the broadcast just after the 2 people pushing the trolley of glasses and champagne walked across the view behind the control room :~) Gratz guys and you lucky lucky four

  56. Shawn van Rooyen

    2:00:22 Fastest switch from a fist-bump to handshake I have EVER seen.

    If the incredible success of the entire mission doesn’t show off SpaceX’s professionalism, this guy sure just did.

  57. Богдан Колос

    Seems like captain was influenced by zero gravity a bit more than the rest of the crew members but I am sure he will overcome that effect in no time. Once again, congratulations on successful completion of the mission from Kyiv, Ukraine!

  58. Gregory Kitchens

    “They are professionals”
    *Yeets himself into the water from the top of the capsule*

  59. Stuart Porter

    This news is a breath of fresh air. Thank you SpaceX for a flawless mission and gripping coverage of it.

  60. Jo LiMag

    At some point it would be really cool to have a small satellite device flying parallel and giving us some recorded footage of the exterior of a reentry and all the plasma stuff going on…. Like the Chinese selfy cams dropped on Mars from the Chinese rover.
    Also I can’t wait for the first / then the first manned starship to return from an orbit…. way to go SpaceX

  61. A

    I like how Elon Musk didn’t go to space himself, he gave 4 civilians a chance to

  62. Sergio Jimenez

    That’s was an awesome landing! 👍 It must be a strange feeling to experience gravity after being in space for so long 😮

  63. ConsciousAtoms

    Congrats to SpaceX and the I4 crew! It’s great to see that missions like this are now possible and are even becoming routine. I couldn’t help thinking about Soyuz 11 and Space Shuttle Columbia before the re-entry and landing, I’m happy and relieved the mission was a complete success!

  64. Peter Althoff

    Kudos to the Inspiration4 Crew. Thanks to Elon, Gwynne and the whole SpaceX Team making this happen. You are amazing!

  65. TheMightyKinkle

    13:12 I love it how Chris is watching Spaceballs in space!

  66. Jon Tait

    This makes Jeff’s rocket look like a cheap firework

  67. Christian Breitenstein

    Now that’s a weekend trip worth talking about for the rest of their lives! :-)

  68. Yeshead

    Congrats to the entire SpaceX team and the Inspiration 4 crew. A job well done all around. Onward and upward!

  69. Drew - AZURE Perth West A

    Showing the world how it’s done ! Congrats on a nominal mission.

  70. The White Recluse

    I like how their first experience with gravity upon landing is on a rocking boat

  71. Kent Slocum

    I appreciate that Spacex shows as much of the reentry and recovery operation as possible, even when there’s not much happening. It’s not made into a commercial or advertisement like Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic.

  72. Factnomenal

    Can you imagine going back in time, 10 years ago, and telling people that civilians will be going to space?

  73. nacongamer 555

    Thank you space X to film this missions with so many cammeras, drones… . You give us a very great inside of your company. Thanks :)

  74. PiDsMedia

    Bloody Brilliant! Well done to all involved in turning Science Fiction in to Everyday Fact.

  75. Human

    What I love so much about this mission is that SpaceX put a lot of new coverages that never showed to us before. I.e : live feed inside the capsule during launch, re-entry, and splashdown.

  76. Max Shepard

    This moment goes straight into textbooks of space exploration: first all-civilian crew, highest ever orbital travel on a private spacecraft. Go SpaceX! We are indeed just getting started!

  77. LostJedi26

    This is so extraordinary! Only wish I could be on board one of these capsules!
    maybe someday? :P
    in all seriousness: Well done, SpaceX, Inspiration4, all engineers and other people I couldn’t hope to know how to name! This makes it all look so effortless.

  78. Ислам Аннаниязов

    Молодцы, только успехов в дальнейшем.

  79. dfolt

    I have been witnessing the Apollo missions as a child, and our generation was thrilled by this conquering of the new frontier, which required all the best scientific and engineering capabilities of a whole nation.
    And now I am witnessing this seemingly effortless space flight, manned not by the right stuff, but obviously ‘civilians’, who have just finished a flawless spaceflight that has mostly gone unnoticed in the media. I am flabbergasted ( and a little bit nerved by the continous hysterical laughter of this lady commentator).
    Well, my hat off to Mr. Musk!

  80. Tesla Trekker

    I’ve been telling people for over a year “because of spaceX, I will be able to afford to go to space this decade”, and then I see this and smile!

  81. Altamash Javed

    1:41:03 now that’s a jump. I am so impressed with the recovery team.


    Perfect. Totally amazing! Congratulations to everyone involved.

  83. Kathy Ferguson

    I felt such excitement at this momentous splashdown…it reminded me of the same when I was a young girl (I’m 69) and the astronauts were our national heros. We now have heros again and they are our children. Thank you Dragon, Thank you SpaceX.

  84. Sunsaver FromNHH

    Amazing> May God bless you ALL! Sincere amazement and adoration, “congratulations” (to say the least) to Glen Shotwell, Elon Musk, The Inspiration 4 Crew, and to every single person working to make the shared, SpaceX dream of a “multi-planetary species” a “real reality”. Wow!

  85. Holy Christ

    Congratulations to Elon and the team at spaceX. Am glad to have witnessed this in my lifetime.

  86. stryngh

    Awesome coverage. Everything so professional with hints of levity and humor. I’m so excited for all of SpaceX, for civilian space adventures to Earth orbit, and for human colonization beyond Earth. Go SpaceX!

  87. Drew Made New

    I’ve spent the past 20 or so years disappointed that I was born a decade after the last Apollo mission. It seemed like the glory years of space exploration were already behind us, but SpaceX has shown that the best is yet to come. The moon was an amazing achievement, but as the first all civilian astronaut crew reminded us, “We are just getting started!”

  88. Mr Man

    Space X has perfected this art. As far as Falcon 9 and Dragon is concerned, they’ve perfected the art.
    Starship is next. I believe in them.

  89. Barry Nunes Vaz

    Well done everyone! You’re all absolute legends! How is the entire human race not watching this?! Super excited for the future, Go SpaceX

  90. Joe Banks

    Huge thank you and respect to Gwynne Shotwell, EM, and the entire SpaceX team: compassionate and selfless VIPs and folks who put others before themselves and work tirelessly for the betterment of mankind. ❤

  91. Jean Roch

    13:20 watching *Spaceballs* in space. That’s one hell of a baller move ! I endorse this choice of entertainment !


    Let’s also give some love to the engineers and programmers.

  93. Ismail Yusof

    The most amazing thing is that this SpaceX livestream was able to cover a successful orbital spacecraft return from space to crew egress in two hours! Confirmation of SpaceX capability of strong mastery of space exploration technology! Well done SpaceX!

  94. Cyndi D

    I missed hearing about this launch somehow. Went out for a space station fly by & saw the rocket & 1st stage separation…where the space station was supposed to be heading. Weird trajectory from other launches, but spectacular!! Hazy night. So looked very mystical! One of the best launches I have seen from home about 2 hrs south of the cape. Fantastic!!

  95. Matt Jay Watson

    Elon was laughing behind his desk while Virgin and Jeff were playing their little edge of space games.😁

  96. Kyle Wade

    So cool how excited everyone gets at each event and to show the emotion. Watching the recovery crew is cool how excited they are to be there and be apart of all this!!

  97. Taurus

    This is the sort of thing that gets me excited for the future :) Next up Moon and Mars!

  98. Feel Good

    Huge congrats to Inspiration4 and SpaceX teams! You are the best!!!

  99. Leo H

    Shows the perfection of Spacex: A whole flight with absolutely no flaws. Great work everyone! On to the future of a spacefaring civilization.

  100. Oort Cloud

    The end of the mission, but the beginning of a new era. Congratulations SpaceX and Inspiration 4!

    Chris enjoying some last minute Entertainment before atmospheric entry 13:08
    Dragon Cupola view 24:37
    View of Dragon during entry 1:05:05
    View from Dragon of chutes 1:08:31
    Splashdown at 1:12:17

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