Inspiration4 | Q&A with Inspiration4 Crew

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Inspiration4, the world’s first all-civilian mission to orbit, is targeted to launch no earlier than 8:02 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. Watch the crew discuss their mission from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

  1. Peter Robins

    Love the big beaming grin on Hayley’s face during lift-off! Pulling 3G’s and grinning like a Cheshire cat! Wonderful!

  2. Harley Watkins IV

    Congratulations on an amazing launch, so beautiful from here on the Space Coast!

  3. LSU Health Shreveport Com

    This is such an amazing moment in history! Congratulations to the entire crew, and safe travels! To our alumna, Hayley Arceneaux–we’re watching at home and sending you tons of Louisiana love!

  4. irrefudiate

    The crew absolutely look like the cast of “Inspiration 4 – the Movie” and graphic novel, soon to be a TV series.

  5. Azamat Ashenov

    I doubted before, but now I understand that Ilona Mask’s companies are indeed the most influential innovative companies in the world, including Tesla.

  6. Bonnie Johnson Batten

    These four individuals are so deserving of their dreams! I am actually astounded at the people who feel the government would be more successful or prepared than the private sector that actually employs the talent, brains skills at a cost.. These people are the best hand selected roles ever!

  7. Framryk

    The mission and crew is an inspiration to us all. The question on the environment was a tired trope, unfortunately. But the response was excellent. Loved seeing Chris G from NASASpaceflight and Tim Dodd.

  8. Excaliber X

    I have followed Elon for years he is a down to earth genius, I do have some questions for the I-4 crew 1: how you gonna deal with being confined in that capsule for 3 days, 2: do your suits have a built in waist system? what are you taking for meals

  9. Chad French

    Elon is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of genius and I’m glad to be alive while he is making magic happen.

  10. Coenraad Loubser

    The incredible hard work it takes to survive in space, should give you pause and appreciation for the miracle of the paradise we get to live in on Earth.

  11. Maria S.

    I really would like to be one of that guys. Maybe in a few years, when this kind of travelling or experience has become usual. I have no words. Elon, I love your dreams… Love and appreciation.

  12. Jenni Monhollen

    I’m completely OBSESSED with this HISTORIC and INSPIRATIONAL MISSION is going to be amazing!! Good luck and godspeed and God bless to the AMAZING CREW, you and all of your families are in my prayers!!

  13. RarestAce

    I absolutely love Benji reeds reaction when he saw that Tim Dodd was up for his question. It really shows how much respect there is in the Space community for him and what he does as the Everyday Astronaut.

  14. Bunny

    We are living in the future! I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. I can’t wait to watch these guys lift off and look up to the stars knowing they’re up there!!

  15. turfoid

    Imagine if they found life up there and filmed the whole thing.

  16. Mike Petersen

    It’s so cool to see that even while the interview is going on SpaceX is still working on the Falcon 9 in the background.

  17. Julian Jones

    This is truly an exceptional crew. I’m so excited for this launch!

  18. TheDudeSvU

    So cool that your doing microbiome testing in this unique mission!

    Jared your the man, an inspiration for any entrepreneur!

  19. Emanuel Feliciano

    What a great time to be alive! Wonderful events like these shine bright on the dark times the world is living through.

  20. jasonlajoie

    I love how Elon could have launched himself into space like a couple of other billionaires we know of but decided instead to quietly continue his movement of helping make us an interplanetary species (rather than stroke his own ego).

  21. paulson thomas

    Tim dodd from Everyday Astronaut always have great questions no wonder is the go to choice for many space exploration companies.

  22. Ayush Kumar

    This led to beginning of new era of space exploration. SpaceX have again made history by starting this initiative. Will be remembered forever as long as humanity survive in this planet and beyound. Now we are sure that humans will be multi-planetary species one day.

  23. Lihizz

    Benji’s reaction when he saw Tim. Best part.

  24. AA M

    Absolutely incredible. Good luck!

  25. Egroj Arom

    I’m so excited for tomorrow, it makes me so emotional thinking about the importance and the legacy this crew will leave to mankind. I’ve always have dreamt about going to space and it is almost unbelievable how close we are to comercial space travel. It’s truly a dream, it feels almost magical. The best of luck to this amazing crew! The whole world will be watching!

  26. Julian R

    I geared up multiple times during this, such an amazing opportunity, and we’ll simply inspiration. As a physics student whose biggest goal it is to one day live on Mars, you 4 are a huge motivation to do better then ever in my studies and to join you among the ranks of astronauts.

  27. Kolyn Findley

    I just want to say thank you for the major inspiration!! The Moon is definitely not the only one we will be going too! Mars will be next and i can’t wait till a flight like this is the one to Mars! Thank you to the 4 hero’s sitting here today and congratulations!

  28. Robert Backman

    The Netflix documentary had me in tears this interview was all smiles. So proud to be a human, you are going for all of us!

  29. Nigel Cockburn

    FANTASTIC: But, with a couple of lame questions (as always) and 1 similar answer, To see Tim was instantly Inspiring. To hear him ask 2 very sensible questions must inspire other journalists & presenters to do very much better. Great answers, Great mission.

  30. Chris Brown

    I really enjoyed this livestream. Benji thanks for leading this event. Thanks to this lovely crew.Their stories & answers to all the questions posed were interesting & yes Inspirational. Not long now till launch.Good luck, safe flight, enjoy the mission & God Speed . Inspiration 4🚀 of course , thanks to the SpaceX family for dedication,devotion & their passion for what they do.

  31. grace muller

    We as a family cannot express how excited I am for tomorrow. It’s going to be really indescribably amazing mission, and all the tests gonna be done up there in space……thank you Jared and Spacex you giving all this opportunity……..God’s speed and good luck to you all from Cape Town South Africa

  32. forem101

    Here’s to a successful mission, so excited for you all!

  33. Factnomenal

    So excited for the team and proud of Elon for not caring what anyone thinks. Sometimes you just have to disrupt things a bit

  34. cprogrck

    This is why spacex is doing so well. They just “get it”. Compared to Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic this is way cooler and this is a great group of people. These folks deserve to go to space and they seem so much like so many people I know. Godspeed y’all.

  35. Murad Cebeci

    “We will have three dragons in orbit!”
    That sounds awesome 😎
    🐉 🌍 🐉 🐉

  36. Brandon Dittmar

    Just wow!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s launch

  37. Pat Cassidy

    Heroes are people who face danger for a higher purpose than stroking their ego.
    Opening new doors, making new rules and stepping into an unfamiliar environment … not only for St. Jude but for the entire Human race … make them genuine heroes in my book.

  38. Otto Rodriguez

    To me, this mission is one of the most inspiring moments in the history of mankind for all the symbolism it implies, and as important as the first spaceflight that landed humans on the Moon in 1969. Godspeed to the Inspiration4 mission!

  39. John Gibson

    All I can think of is Elon looking at Branson and Bezos and saying “Space means ORBIT, not just crossing a line. Here let me show you the future.” Goodluck guys!

  40. JAFO

    Awesome Q&A! What a fantastic group of people to be crew for this historic mission!

  41. Charles Stewart Jr.

    Such a great program and perfect location. I love the idea of this mission and the astronauts chosen. But who thought having a background so bright that you have to blind the subjects with the key light was a good idea? Also, maybe hire a sound mixer next time. Outside of that thank you SpaceX for doing this and good luck to the Inspiration 4 crew!

  42. Jhon Saint Paul

    I love and am so inspired for what you’ve done Jared and what this entire crew is doing to raise awareness and fundraise for St. Jude and the children going through childhood disease. I’m sure they will be inspired that nothing is impossible! I’ve always loved everything about space and to see everyday people going there… It’s showing that the future is bright ahead and, well… inspiring. I’m an electrical Engineer and definitely will get on the track to work in the space industry. Can’t wait to watch the launch tomorrow and Godspeed to all the crew. So glad to have seen two happy faces there in Tim (saw Benji’s reaction?! So awesome) and Chris. Go SpaceX!! Go Inspiration 4! To the Heavens and on to the Future!!

  43. Ismail Yusof

    Maybe it’s not too obvious but this all civilians mission to space has a very important role to gain SpaceX a huge groundswell of trust in the general public. The value of the trust is incalculable but it’s going to push SpaceX, their mission and Elon’s dreams so far ahead. It’s a very high benchmark for SpaceX, and indeed the world, I really hope that it all goes successfully. To the stars!

  44. Liam Live

    its so amazing that the crew is diverse. it makes a major difference to the mission

  45. Steve Munier

    I’m a 64 year old man that is so inspired by this mission. I watched the Netflix series (twice) about this mission and could not hold back the tears with my wife. We will be donating heavy to St. Judes tomorrow . The real inspiration to my wife and I is Elon’s vision and his “Grey matter” that is making mankind so much better here and beyond. Side note is that he had also made us so much money in the stock market with Tesla stock. In the last two years he has also also changed our financial life as well.. Our stock portfolio is 98% Tesla and we will never sell a share of it. We live and breathe Elon every hour and can’t get enough of him. We are so blessed and yes, INSPIRED.
    Steve & Lynn Munier
    Goodyear, AZ

  46. Jason Deal


  47. Melanie Marfiga

    Wow 1hour flew by! I love the crew and love hearing from them! I know it’s been said so many times but they all really are inspiring. To be able to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, to be able to take on challenges and for wanting to help many people. Thank you Inspiration4 crew and SpaceX!

    We will pray and cheer you on for a wonderful and successful journey!

  48. artoo45

    I am so in love with this crew and this mission. There’s so much strife and anxiety in the world, they’re a balm to me.

  49. catbertz

    Props to SpaceX for including NSF (nasaspaceflight) along with Tim Dodd (Everyday Astronaut) among the reporters!

  50. Karl Sloman

    Although I am an atheist, I wish the crew “God’speed”. You are making history. Bravo, and remember who was responsible for making this all happen… Thank you, Elon!!!

  51. Grizzly

    “When we recognize genius in others, the greatest revelation comes not in seeing theirs…but in seeing our own.” -GM

  52. Chad Crotts

    Benji didn’t even flinch; that guy knows his stuff and I’m calling him next time I have a question about runon sentences or whatever! Go Inspiration!!!

  53. Smita

    Awesome to speak to Michelle!! God Bless you all! Thank you 👼
    So excited to watch your journey!❤️

  54. ItzCaptainFridaee

    So excited to experience such a historic moment in humanity godspeed!!!

  55. Anorax

    A great Q&A and to top it off Tim Dodd at the end!

  56. Francis

    As someone who’s studying really hard to get in college with endeavour of aerospace engineering, this inspires me to continue and my hopes for the future are so big now. Thank you SpaceX and Elon for this.

  57. Adam Kaufman

    It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that the background is an actual view of the launch complex and not a screen. I am so incredibly excited for this mission.

  58. Anna Fraley

    W O W … This was very good and a lot of great information ℹ️ came out of this
    Plus getting to know the crew team much better ✅ Along with them, we can’t wait for tomorrow 😎👍

  59. James Shell

    Love me some Everyday Astronaut! Tim is a walking talking MeMoji. Very easy to identify him in a crowd even in a mask. Under that mask Tim has a giant smil on his face. Tim’s cupola is always half full.

  60. glentorn53

    Well done with your training, folks! We share your excitement on this great human adventure.

  61. Austin Zeckser

    When they say the mission is bad for the environment I think “watch the everyday astronaut you ignorant children”.

  62. Bob Dyer

    All the very best to everyone involved in this very important space project, especially to the intrepid crew of Inspiration4. May your journey be as safe and enjoyable as you make your way into our history books.

  63. Johnny Bravo

    I love NFT’s! & Space X.
    Good luck on tomorrows flight!
    We will be watching.

  64. Combi

    On my half a century birthday I will experience all this live. I’m hyped! Good luck to all of you that are involved and thank you for bringing us along. Greetings from Sweden ❤️

  65. Phil Jeavons

    I know this should go without a hitch but, I’m honestly nervous for them and excited at the same time.

  66. Gerre van der Meer

    58:19 the way he greeted Tim Dodd and recognized him in the end was like truly showing his enthusiasm and excitement like a young dog wiggling it’s tail. I mean, that says enough! Love it! Love you Tim Dodd and Godspeed Inspiration 4💪

  67. J Mauricio Parra

    Que bien que estén hablando Español……. Un abrazo desde Colombia……

  68. Casey Kaplan

    The spacex team has perfected reusable rockets and someday I want to fly to orbit on starship the 100 passenger fully reusable rocket!!

  69. Ken R Davis

    Awesome adventure! HISTORICAL!

  70. Lucian Alexandru Moţoc

    Chris is great. Just a guy, living his life with his family. And he just kinda gets chosen to go to space. Sure, he’s taking it seriously and doing all the trainings and such. But still, he’s just a regular guy. Going to space. I hope I’m not the only one who feels that that is inspirational.

  71. Protect Animals

    I’m so thankful for inspiration !! So desperately needed on this planet. Thank you Elon and all the people that make the world more fun.

  72. Blu Ribbon Reviews

    Love that I can see Tim and Chris in the media pool. So awesome YouTube journalists are respected for there hardwork!

  73. Joe Smith

    So glad to be able to watch grew up wanting to see this glad to know I can!

  74. jwb 281

    That thumbnail is an incredible shot, gorgeous.

  75. Alan C

    All civilians! Another historical milestone that seems neat now but will recorded in textbooks for generations.

  76. Brett Steele

    Is it me or does everything SpaceX makes looks freaking cooler than anything else being made?

  77. awe !!

    This is really inspiring… Jared tons of respects to you man and of course to entire team.

  78. Adina Gabriela Gruia

    I’m so excited for this mission, congrats!

  79. James Connolly

    Benji’s reaction to seeing Tim was my favourite thing ever!

  80. James F

    I absolutely loved Jared’s response to the environmental question, Elon’s companies do the most environmentally, however receive the harshest criticism

  81. Oort Cloud

    I cannot express how excited I am for tomorrow. It’s going to be really really indescribably amazing. Godspeed and good luck to Inspiration 4! Really glad we are living in this time.

    Edit: Its. actually. happening.

  82. GodFatherY2K Gaming

    Can not wait to see this great achievement, I will be excited from New Zealand to see this. You are doing a good thing for the USA, however, doing a great thing for the world.

  83. Jonathon Stillwell

    Three things that stood out for me.

    1. Everyone knows & obviously loves Tim Dodd
    2. Imagine turning up to a space breifing like this and asking about the impact SpaceX, essentilly Elon is having on the environment #
    3. An actual astronaught welcoming them to the family…. Jeff who? :D

    Cannot wait to see the launch!!

    Truly inspirational and a step towards civi space.

  84. basbekjenl

    Man I can’t wait to see this happen more often, most can only imagine what space is like and it will be reality for more and more people, from the single digit people to the tens of people to the hundereds and now on the way to a thousend we’re halfway there.

  85. Beth

    The cupola window was designed tested and made faster than the regular windows on the highbay at Boca Chica. :O

  86. Peter Riviera

    Compare this to Bezos’ stunt into almost space. Actually there is no comparison.
    Go SpaceX and Inspiration4!

  87. Andrew Renna

    can’t wait till tomorrow for launch, those views are going to be amazing

  88. Highfield

    Now THIS is REALLY inspiring. Should get attention Worldwide and Live. We are born as explorers.

  89. D L

    Best of luck to you all! You’re making history right now. I envy and am excited for each of you. Enjoy every minute of it. Elon is the Walt Disney of this generation. He is really bringing the magic with all the tech he’s bringing to all our lives. He’s a man who is really doing great things with his money and influence. Thank you all and safe travel.

  90. Diego

    Congratulations! Amazing interview, they saved the best for last with Tim.

  91. StarLord 578

    This is amazing and I love to see the enthusiastic, grateful and humble crew chosen for this. Ad Astra!

  92. Thiviyah Nathan

    We believe in the crew team & the mission. History in making. Glad that I get to witness this success to mankind.

  93. Jahi Smith

    SpaceX and Everyday Astronaut…you just can’t go wrong. Inspiration 4 standby to break the internet tomorrow!

  94. Architekt

    Waiting for inspiration100 for starship flight xD Best of luck to the inspiration4 team.

  95. Sage Akporherhe

    Wow, just finished watching Countdown and then I saw this on my Timeline. What an amazing journey these guys have been on. I am really rooting for them all.

  96. Kerbal Engineering System

    So excited for this mission! Godspeed Inspiration4! Ad Astra!

  97. Rusty96

    Go Inspiration 4! Go Falcon 9! Go Dragon! Go SpaceX! Go Humanity!

  98. iSurinox

    nice so a camera will be in the ship, that’s fcking awesome

  99. Harsh Sharma

    Watching Tim show up at the end was a real pleasant surprise.


  100. Jack Whitlock

    This crew is so inspirational!

    Godspeed Inspiration 4!

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