1. Adiravikumar Korada

    Hi bro i am doing stranggle from jun22
    Till date
    Capital point of view i ended same amount today
    Every week i am doing stranggle
    I have remain same capital
    I am not getting profit regylary

  2. neesh ant


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  4. Kusuma Yogi

    How they can survive 3 days? Did they take a bath or go to toilet!?


    HERE WE GO …! I want to go to the moon and build agricultural domes including housing for the miners, engineers and first scientist that will follow etc. we can send frozen blocks of ice there and recycle it through the agricultural domes … then we need to go under ground …

  6. ⚡Viresh⚡

    Why we are say I’m American, Indian, etc Why we are not say earthian. #Imearthian

  7. MNS_ TOP1

    Илон,ты грёбаный гений!

  8. Lieutenant Nomad

    0:00 Video starts
    3:12:32 Video ends

    You’re welcome.

  9. Dayyan Mohsen

    Yeah, Thank you Mr. Elon Musk for your contributions to this world, and all the crew and members of spacex.

  10. Mahdy Fouad

    2:48:53 T-15


    Nooooo i latee

  12. Rudra Isro

    I want a reply from elon about the mars planing

  13. Viveca Benoir

    So very excited for you all. Wishing you a very safe voyage and return home. Watching from the PNW.

  14. Rohit Shukla

    Har har Mahadev…. Go guys go 👍🏻

  15. Ch1ll

    Yoooo it’s actually public this time? 😳

  16. Rafael Carvalho


  17. 불안


  18. Rowdy Flyer1903

    We so need to see and feel something good and wonderful happening. Thank you Elon Musk for your contributions to humanity.

  19. Coenraad Loubser

    The message that I think could use some amplification… please help me get better wording: Space is incredibly hard… just creating the basics of the paradise we have on earth, is almost impossibly hard, yet we take it for granted. Having to create it yourself, intrinsically gives you appreciation for what we have on Earth, and helps put things in perspective, so that we can focus on things that matter more in the bigger scheme, so that we can build together on a much bigger picture.

  20. SteveGDubV

    Now let’s get to the point where this is as easy as jumping on a plane – minus the TSA of course 😂.

  21. Florent Leonard

    Goes on for the next travels, good luck

  22. حسن کریمی

    چرا صدا نیست؟

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  24. Braca Ganon

    Heard anything since the Cupola was opened??

  25. DEadlykissED


  26. Braca Ganon

    Hey hey

  27. Raider One

    This was awesome! History in the making.

  28. Roel Cyborg

    Congratulations SpaceX, Elon !*_*) what a fun ride 27 thousand Km H , is that a speed record ? Did somebody hit the 30thousand Km H yet ?

  29. James Bannerman

    I am so jealous, but also excited to see civilians flying a space craft. Good job everyone. Enjoy your 3 days of spectacular views.

  30. der Jakob

    Worst launch yet…

  31. Dika

    Why is the mission stream deleted or unlisted and not this?

  32. regret the past

    Удачного полёта!

  33. player

    This was amazing dude i loved the launch.

  34. ALrashdiSSM

    W O W !!!!!!!

  35. Azamat Ashenov

    I doubted before, but now I understand that Ilona Mask’s companies are indeed the most influential innovative companies in the world, including Tesla.

  36. Steven Senecal

    Well done SpaceX Team – God Speed Inspiration4! Enjoy your flight…

  37. Elite

    Good luck to the crew while they are up there, fantastic job on the launch!

  38. Jonny Gertmunger

    When is it taking off ?

  39. EL PATRON . YT

    ✨One giant leep for mars ✨

  40. Lieven M

    Inspiring inspiration 4! Wow wow wow!

  41. Mop Bop


  42. Matt Howard

    how i wish i had found this earlier – the commentary version is very poor – and the commentators add no value to the experience. I wish the main feed allowed us to mute the commentary and background feed.

  43. TreehouseExe

    I live in Orlando and got to see them shoot off into the atmosphere before my view was obstructed by some clouds😭😭

  44. Maria A


  45. Nix

    They mentioned some tracker on the SpaceX website, what link is it?

  46. João Alberto Dos Anjos Go


  47. Frank Benlin

    I’m throwing this out there again. Meco and Seco for twins names. Come on, new parents.

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  51. international videos


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  55. Frank Benlin

    Wow. Just wow.

  56. Socktt

    Comment gang

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  58. Sevro auBarca

    Great job

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  60. Quarter

    Go Haylee, Sian, Jared, and Chris!

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