Inspiration4 | Launch

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On Wednesday, September 15 at 8:02 p.m. EDT, 00:02 UTC on September 16, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 successfully launched the Inspiration4 mission – the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit – from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Approximately three days after liftoff, Dragon and the crew of Inspiration4 will splash down at one of several possible landing sites off the Florida coast. Follow Dragon’s journey in the tracker above as the Inspiration4 crew orbits Earth approximately every 90 minutes.

Inspiration4 is commanded by Jared Isaacman, founder and CEO of Shift4 Payments and an accomplished pilot and adventurer. Joining him are Medical Officer Hayley Arceneaux, a physician assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® and pediatric cancer survivor; Mission Specialist Chris Sembroski, an Air Force veteran and aerospace data engineer; and Mission Pilot Dr. Sian Proctor, a geoscientist, entrepreneur, and trained pilot.

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  1. Lewis John Bogdan

    Even if I missed last night’s launch, it was truly amazing to wake up for the good news and watch the replay 8 hours later. Such a Historic Moment! C’mon, SpaceX!

  2. Razvan Corcodel

    It’s incredible how milions of people shared this emotion , this historical event, a great story for kids in years to come

  3. Chirath Peiris

    I honestly believe by the time my generation (Z) enter our twilight years, humanity will be living amongst the stars…
    Godspeed Inspiration 4!


    I remember a time when Space craft launches were a rare thing, now It’s happening more often. So cool!

  5. Erik Barsingerhorn

    I realize I missed cheering a lot, it seemed like it was already normal for a privately funded company to bring people to space. Now that the cheering is back, the special feeling is back, very good Spacex congratulations!!

  6. DJ Control

    This moment in history took too long to happen, thank you Mr Musk and everyone at Spacex <3 this is a moment in history i thought I'd never see.

  7. MayuriK

    Really amazing and inspiring. This is so cool, I’m excited for them!

  8. Fishing Frenchy's

    Saw it in Hilton Head SC for like 5 minutes. Got to see separation and everything so clear. It was so amazing it gave me chills!! I’ve never seen it that well for that amount of time. My 8 yr old son was in awe. Just incredible

  9. rattlesnk18

    Idk why this makes me so emotional. People on frontier, doing big steps for all of us. I wish i could do this. Must be greate feeling, leading humanity in some way. God bless

  10. Marius Puiu

    Congratulations to everyone who made this possible!

  11. MacGyver

    Congratulations to everyone involved! Things finally start moving on the space front!

  12. Krish kawale

    One of the things to thrive for during the current times. Epic !!

  13. Crazy Diamond

    Congratulations to everyone who has been working on this!!

  14. a2

    So privileged to have watched history in the making live. Godspeed!

  15. j4d3 goat

    Awesome to see the super-sleek CrewDragon capsule being used again! Soooo much roomier than the Apollo capsules!

  16. Lifestyle4Dividends

    What a time to be alive!!! Massive congratulations to everyone involved 👍🏽 SPACEX to mars 🚀

  17. ArmaniXperience

    What a time to be a alive! Congrats to the entire Space X team and the Inspiration4 crew for an incredible milestone in space travel history!

  18. Jenna Lucia

    Absolutely amazing!! I can’t imagine doing this. I hold my breath just watching it!

  19. Vilius K

    Hayley Arceneaux smile is contagious, can’t stop smiling myself after looking to her.

  20. Jean Roch

    I’m think Jeff must be red with envy right about now.

  21. Cassandra Moreno

    It has been an honor in itself to be able to watch this live as it’s happening and witness such an importance advancement in history. Sending them nothing but positive thoughts and prayers

  22. Chester Allan Lang

    I’m always teary eyed in every stage of every space x flights. Such an awesome time to be alive witnessing their milestones.

  23. t3llmike

    Congrats for a successful launch and orbit insertion! Can’t wait to see all the footage from the Inspiration4 crew during the coming 3 days.🚀🌎

  24. RAINA. C

    After watching stories of I4 crews on Netflix, it’s so touching to be witness to the mission. You guys are so amazing!!!

  25. bcm10k

    This historic launch is literally out of the World, Congratulations!

  26. Yes*%

    So inspiring, this mission truly lives up to its name!

  27. MedZ

    Невозможно описать словами то что я дожил до момента такого! Как так то. Илон, ты прекрасен! Продолжай!

  28. foto21com

    My father spent his entire lifetime working in aerospace at Boeing. He bought the NASA cable channel and watched the Mars Lander landings in the early 2000s wall to wall. I’m so glad I get to watch this for him, but pretty bummed he didn’t get to see this. He would’ve been so excited about it all, and so glad to see all the slow moving shuttle years were fully behind us!

  29. Skelter

    man I would take this over winning the lottery. how sick. great job everyone

  30. MrHogzor

    A new Era in spacetravel has began. <3

  31. Factnomenal

    What a time to be alive!! 👨‍🚀

  32. Nishad Kharade

    Now this is known as real civilian ASTRONAUTS in real SPACE and in O-R-B-I-T

  33. John Clamshell SP

    God’s speed and fly high to Jared, Sian, Hayley, and Christopher.

  34. Rolão Gomes

    Every launch gives me the chills. This is the most amazing thing ever.

  35. M3L V!N

    Can’t imagine the magnitude of human civilizations achievement when The Virgin collabs with The X…

  36. Халбина Ашынова

    Супер!!! Хорошего полёта и удачного возвращение домой!

  37. Jon Watkins

    Thank You Elon and all SpaceX workers for picking up from the 1960’s NASA successes and moving forward with Vision and Vigor! What power to solve the technical issues and simultaneously pull the immense mass of the ossified status quo forward.

  38. LogicZ

    We are watching history unfold! BIG Congrats to Hayley, Jared, Stan, and Christopher and everyone at SpaceX who made this possible! Welcome to the future everyone!!!

  39. Zack Kayuryuk

    Great job space x team on a flawless launch, and congratulations to Jared hayley sian and Christopher on a 1st ever civilian astronauts


    This is all just amazing. The new private sector space flights are definitely above and beyond. I’m just glad to finally see an all civilian crew going to SPACE. Now in 40 years I really never thought this was ever going to be. Amen to SPACE X for making this so.

    Way to go SPACE X, Inspiration 4 crew, All space X ground and flights teams, and to everyone that made this be.

  41. Jaison Jose

    Such a great milestone and a well-managed event! – True inspiration for generations!

  42. divinechimp

    It’s astonishing what the SpaceX team has accomplished in… no time! What, a few years? Elon Musk truly is a giant in history. We’re all witnessing something special.

    In other news, the immensity of space is terrifying!

  43. CR1181

    This is an amazing accomplishment. So then I have to ask- why did all major networks choose to hardly give this launch any attention all afternoon and evening and NOT provide live coverage of the launch? Too busy dividing the country talking about politics non-stop I suppose. This would be the first manned US launch that CNN has not covered live in its 41 years on air. And because it is the first with all civilians, it should’ve garnered more coverage than the usual mission. It’s sad what journalism is coming to.

  44. coc strategy

    Their engineers himself are at front whether it’s a new concept launch or its a live anchoring🥰🥰

  45. David Yurchuk

    It was just great hearing Huell Howser’s voice again. :)

  46. Jason Mayes

    Really incredible day. I hope we get to a point where the cost to do this is 100x cheaper in the not so distant future so more folk can go up. If I had to choose between a mortgage for a house or this, I would choose this, but 500k (rough price of a house) is still 100x less than what this currently costs I believe for this proper 3 day adventure in space. Good luck to Elon and team to get the economies of scale on this one many people’s dreams are with you! Thank you for taking the first steps to opening up space travel to more than gov agencies :-)

  47. Paul Chen

    Thanks to Gwen and Elon and all the engineers and staff of spacex to make future for humanity better!

  48. Missing Piece

    The simulation just got a whole lot more interesting.

  49. Polybit

    4:07:25 is T-600.
    This is a phenomenal space launch and the beginning for a new kind of space travel in human history.
    This is a crucial mission as well if we want civilians on Mars as well, so I’m proud of SpaceX for pushing their full effort into this.

  50. Black Owl

    Damn to day was made history and I nearly missed it. Congrats to the 4 and the whole team behind them!

  51. Alen Crow

    I could only imagine the emotions. The fear, anxiety, excitement, butterflies. That is an adrenaline dump I hope to feel at some point in my life

  52. Najah Lightfoot

    This is absolutely incredible, amazing and so inspiring! When I look up, I’m going to be thinking of them, along with the ISS, Hubble, Mars Rover and Voyager! A portal has been opened! Congratulations to the Crew!

  53. DataSlam

    The sci fi fantasy of my childhood is finally reality and I can hardly believe it’s true, but it is. Chills upon chills.

  54. Esteban Molina

    the best countdown i ever heard 4:17:17

  55. Ramon Enéias

    We saw the beginning of a new era for the space science. For my “non-scientific” pov, the launch looked pretty smooth. Well done guys!!!

  56. Whack bag

    And with that Baby Blue is obsolete & currently trying to figure out how to sue all four of them.

  57. Matt Harden

    Love all the UFOs they ignored when they’re in space.

  58. Alan Levine

    Sian is a friend and colleague. I’ve heard her tell the stories of her Dad’s work on Apollo missions, and her dream to be an astronaut, coming so close in 2009. I could not be more proud to see her go into space. Go Sian, Go

  59. Thien Nguyen

    Congrats to Jared, Hayley, Chris and Sian. Go go go Crew Dragon!!! 🐲❤️

  60. Casi Zamudio

    With the chaos in this world going on, this was a breath of much needed fresh air. It was epic and magical, and I can only imagine how Hayley, Sian, Chris, and Jared feel. Godspeed to them, and I cannot wait to see their journey!

  61. Donald Dolan

    Amazon/Virgin: “We put civilians in space for MINUTES!” —- SpaceX: “Hold my beer and watch this!”

  62. Meadmaker 452

    I watched the launch from my back yard here in Florida. Most of the launches I see are during the day, so I see the first stage flight for a time, but then it’s soon lost in the bright blue sky. Tonight, with the sun down and a clear sky, I watched the first stage fly until the engines winked out, and then a moment later the second stage burst alight. It looked like a shooting star racing across the sky toward the horizon. I admit, I shed a few tears. Inspiration was definitely the right name for this mission. Godspeed to all those aboard.

  63. Uncle Ned

    Forget a few minutes of microgravity on one of those glorified bungee jumps, the age of Orbital tourism has officially begun. These four will have a once in a lifetime experience as they see our pale blue dot from a vantage point previously reserved for the few with “The right stuff” or obscene amounts of money and years of training. God, I wish I could be up there with them.

  64. FirehorseCreative

    WOW-WEE-WOW-WOW!!! Amazing, amazing achievement! Congrats to Elon Musk, the entire SpaceX organization and NASA! On a somber note I cannot help but think of Christa McCauliffe and the Challenger crew who were the first to ever attempt civilian spaceflight- may God Bless and keep them
    ✝️ 💟 ☮️ 🇺🇸 🚀

  65. Bill Hensley

    Congratulations to the crew and to SpaceX for a thrilling step into the future of space travel! And I must say that your coverage of this multi-hour event was excellent – as professional as any top-notch news channel, and much more informative. Y’all have really gotten good at live streaming launches.

  66. Dranoell

    This is insane!!! Can’t wait to see where this leads space flight in the future.

  67. Murray Savary

    I live in Daytona beach and I remember watching shuttle missions launched into space when I was a kid. Now tonight I was able to bring my 3 year old son out into the driveway and he watched his first manned rocket launch into space. This mission and this crew is making history and I’m thankful I am able to witness and have my son witness it with me. Godspeed Inspiration4

  68. KRAKZ

    I’m so glad I’m living in the ‘future’ right now. Thank you SPACEX and NASA :)

  69. Abraham

    I cried, you guys. Tears of joy and hope. That’s all I have to say. Go Inspiration4! Thank you.

  70. galaxy morty

    I myself was sweating watching them enter max q but it couldnt have gone any better. A very brave and literally inspirational group of people. Pushing the boundaries of space exploration, good job guys!

  71. Howard Palamarchuk

    As dicey as things are here, thank you for keeping hopes and dreams alive for a better future for all. You are all amazing!

  72. Monica Buruato

    Such an awe-inspiring and emotional moment! So happy for them and wish them all the luck and prayers during their trip! 👍❤️👩🏿‍🚀🧑‍🚀👩🏼‍🚀🧑‍🚀

  73. Peter Lickteig

    Congrats to the first true civilian astronauts! Jared, Hayley, Sian, and Chris! You are truly an Inspiration for everything that hopefully is to come!

  74. Khara Bardhi

    This was amazing to watch and looking forward to watching the rest of the mission. The future is now!

  75. PiDsMedia

    Interior Camera, all four looked like they were riding a bus, more chilled then a Merlin before launch!
    This is the way Space needs to be for the rest of us, no different in stress and comfort levels then a cruise down the street to the shops.
    Well done to all involved – you’re making the future in to our species new reality, one launch at a time.

  76. Sevdalinka Djevojka

    Congrats Hayley, Jared, Sian and Christopher! This is such a historic moment for space travel and togetherness of humanity. Have a safe and amazing space trip and home coming.

  77. J Shepard

    Meanwhile, another year passes with SLS still stuck on the ground.

  78. Oteng Kofi

    Congratulations Space X and all for making this dream possible. following from Ghana west Africa, current time 1:03am

  79. Robert

    Congrats to SpaceX and the crew of I4. It was absolutely incredible to watch this history making moment. So many of us have dreamed of this experience, so enjoy it for us all!

  80. Kristian Krekac

    Being a part of this is incredible for me, even just as a viewer. Thanks and congrats :)

  81. taketime0626

    It’s a dream come true just to have watched this live. This was worthy of a huge screen community watch party. So sad that so many don’t realize what a truly amazing event just occurred. I’m glad I was able to be a part of this, even just as a live viewer. Congrats to the whole team!!!!!!!! That was beautiful.

  82. Ch1ll

    I can’t believe i’m able to witness this transition in spaceflight.

  83. How Does it Really Work

    It is a great relief to see the first phase of the flight completing successfully. It looked like the crew really enjoyed the ride!

  84. Andrew Gremlich

    Other rich people launch into the edge of space for a brief moment…

    SpaceX launches normal people into space for the days…

  85. Wade Williamson

    These four will be an inspiration and heros for a very long time. Wish I knew them personally. Good job!


    The folks @ BLUE HORIZON have confirmed, the “Sobs of Jeff” are getting louder in the Ladies Room. 0.o 😆😂🤣

  87. Igwe Martins

    Jeff Bezos has sued gravity for allowing crew dragon escape it thereby becoming the first spacecraft to carry private citizens to orbit. Gravity has agree to assist Bezos reach orbit for the first time in the history of BO if he at least make an attempt instead of full time obsession with SpaceX.

  88. David Collier

    Elon musk, you my good sir are a freaking rock star ! I can’t wait to see what spacex is doing in 5 years!!!!

  89. Sebastian Blessing

    “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.”

    ~ Elon Musk🔥🙏

  90. Keith Pires

    Extraordinary feat of technology and engineering as well as human courage! Well done Elon Musk and the ENTIRE SpaceX team!

  91. Peter Lutz

    I consider this launch every bit as important of a “Human in Space” mile-stone as when Gagarin and Glenn (Watched Glenn’s flight on t.v.) made their orbital flights. Except this time it was an all civilian private endeavor. GO INSPIRATION-4!

  92. Boobletown Bobby

    You never get a hint of entitlement when SpaceX fly their missions… some of the other more recent civilian launches from other companies. From their awesome webcast to their amazing POV cameras. A true class act. They truly are the best at what they do and make it look easy, when in fact it’s incredibly difficult. Go SpaceX!

  93. Angry Irishman

    This is history unfolding like never before. Thank you Elon for being the guy who made it happen … every generation needs an Elon, Tesla, Washington Carvers, and Di Vincis. We pushed humanity to explore new distances and lands, and now the start of exploring new worlds and galaxies.

  94. Keyo Jack

    I’m so glad we get to experience this, space has another chance during our life times and this time it won’t stop.

  95. Mr.Mustache Man

    This is the moment a whole new era of space travel started.

  96. Mr.Mustache Man

    Congrats to Jared, Sian, Hayley, and Christopher. The new era of space travel has just begun!

  97. Space OdJobs

    Words cannot simply describe how flawless and routine this looks. From the suit up, checkouts, even layout of the live webcast, the presentation, the Futurama black/white interior and exterior of their facilities, their Tesla, even that editing with the music in the intro… SpaceX is truly the 21st century private space company doing the impossibles

  98. Regolith

    Jessie, Kate, Jon, and Andy all do a good job on their own but I really like the chemistry of them as a group.

  99. Banham

    AMAZING LAUNCH! Everyone had so much energy. Lots of excitement in the atmosphere! Godspeed Dragon & Inspiration4!

  100. Noswerl V.

    ¡Por el futuro de la humanidad en las estrellas! Hola a todos.

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